Floating in a Real Sensory Deprivation Tank

  • Published on Dec 12, 2019
  • We tried to make a sensory deprivation chamber and failed miserably. Now... we go to the real deal. With 1500lbs of salt and a whole bunch of water, you'll float to!
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  • Harry Crier
    Harry Crier Hour ago


  • Riskay Raven
    Riskay Raven 7 hours ago

    I swear at the start of Ethan's turn he was trying to create a cult

  • ExinThri
    ExinThri 10 hours ago


  • David Hinderaker
    David Hinderaker 11 hours ago

    the longer you look at the thumbnail the worse it gets

  • i hate video games
    i hate video games 15 hours ago

    2:35 when you get coffe from your Keurig

  • Trip Over A Knife
    Trip Over A Knife 15 hours ago

    I honestly would have yelled, " I'M A PHYTOPLANKTON "

  • lukeario9000
    lukeario9000 15 hours ago

    my brother said this was retarded.....he don't know anything

  • ChubbyPanda Videos
    ChubbyPanda Videos 17 hours ago

    I don't need to make my own self deprecation chamber i have one and I call it my brain

  • Celatic
    Celatic 20 hours ago

    What will they do when the flood of re-uploads come?

  • JellyBelly 69
    JellyBelly 69 21 hour ago

    Dude I could grind stone on Mark’s torso

  • Hehehe Hahaha
    Hehehe Hahaha 22 hours ago

    No your the only strong man 😂

  • bob the killer
    bob the killer Day ago +1

    So I’m guessing Ethan can’t kill mark in this one?

  • Reddox chanKun
    Reddox chanKun Day ago

    why not

  • First Last
    First Last Day ago

    Adam and Eve they but the Apple and god said “fucking bitch”

  • Sir Jack
    Sir Jack Day ago

    Ethan Looks like a small little boy with six nipples

  • Unknown Person
    Unknown Person Day ago

    Sounds like winnie the pooh.

  • christine fitz
    christine fitz Day ago

    did anyone notice Ethan’s voice get lower at 4:33

  • ToxxicJack
    ToxxicJack Day ago

    I’ve never been in a sensory deprivation chamber, but I have been to lava hot springs when basically no one else was there. It was actually really relaxing and very floaty. And VERY hot.

  • Motsu
    Motsu Day ago

    Yo anyone realizing that there are things from other videos that are kinda linking some underlying thing behind all this

    • Motsu
      Motsu Day ago

      Maybe it's because I'm high but it's still kinda rubbed the wrong way with his content as of late

    • Motsu
      Motsu Day ago

      And is anyone realizing that some of the camera angles are slightly off giving me this uneasy feeling on top of the really deep and masked relationship between mark and Ethan and how they are kinda portraying themselves as flat characters but have a lot underneath

  • Christie and Nikki

    I'm a bit confused. Since I was a kid I've been able to float in pretty much any pool, lake, sea, as long as I lay on my back, but this video makes it seem like that isn't normal. My sister said it has to do with how much fat your body has, but even when I was a stick kid I could float.
    So why is it that this is special? I know some people can't float cause they didn't learn it, but is it seriously just a floating experience?

    • Mittob And maybe others
      Mittob And maybe others Day ago +1

      No, a sensory deprivation tank will quite literally cut off your senses. So they have to have it so that you will float (as if being in a void) otherwise some people would touch the bottom of the very shallow pool, undermining the entire experience.

  • rosie bilskie
    rosie bilskie Day ago

    Guys do a escape room again

  • CavemanOlive67 83

    When you get sucked into the filtration system

  • Skylar Handlogten
    Skylar Handlogten Day ago +2

    Who is grabbing Marks shoulder in the thumbnail If Ethan is in the tank...?

  • First Last
    First Last Day ago

    Get in the tub bitch

  • First Last
    First Last Day ago +1

    Ethan:“Just floating like I’m a turtle always watching”
    Mark:you know your supposed to be quiet in here

  • ZowywowyXD
    ZowywowyXD Day ago

    2:53 Why does this look like a scene from Outlast?

  • Corny Collins
    Corny Collins Day ago +1

    Ethan: "Can I use your robe?"
    Mark: "No don't touch me, get away from me, fucking freak. Fucking PEASANT. Alright times up bozo! Yeah times up get out."
    Edit: So cruel. So, so cruel. Careful Mark your Darkiplier is showing.

  • Alex Lee Elizabeth

    Who else clicked the video cuz if the picture xD

  • Oceanismyname
    Oceanismyname Day ago

    Why is nobody talking about when Ethan ate the mic?😂

  • Squid
    Squid 2 days ago

    Yo what's with the tattoo on Mark's neck in the thumbnail?

  • The Midnight Gamer
    The Midnight Gamer 2 days ago +1

    I don’t see anyone talking about Ethan having 6 nipples and mark having full body tattoos in the Thumbnail. There’s also just a straight up random hand on marks shoulder.

  • Red
    Red 2 days ago

    So are you guys the top 1% now?

  • Sleepwalker Sleeping

    Love the channel but nothing lasts forever

  • lara jonas
    lara jonas 2 days ago

    You breath in deeply
    *smacks the tub*
    YoU BReAtH iN DeEplY
    Now relax

  • O R
    O R 2 days ago

    Hmmm i see the neck tattoo in the thumbnail......I like it

  • Monster Pumpkin
    Monster Pumpkin 2 days ago +1

    This is why sensory deprevation tanks are normally closed off, so that your friends can't interfere by talking unendingly

  • Xx Asrecom xX
    Xx Asrecom xX 2 days ago

    Did any won think that Ethan sounded like weenie the Poh at the start, or was it just me?

  • Lily Billips
    Lily Billips 2 days ago

    the boys at 3;00am

  • super sauce
    super sauce 2 days ago

    ethan: sing to me

  • lemon grant
    lemon grant 2 days ago

    When he sings it looks like a satanic ritual

  • HONOR344456 6
    HONOR344456 6 2 days ago

    Did anyone else notice Mark's fake tattoo in the thumbnail

  • Virgil Dyson
    Virgil Dyson 2 days ago

    That’s not what normal ones do but okay

  • Arturo Montelongo
    Arturo Montelongo 2 days ago

    I wanna be in one of those.

  • Nickli Tress
    Nickli Tress 2 days ago


  • Stasia P.
    Stasia P. 2 days ago

    Me: ~sees they’re at a real sensory deprivation tank~ oh maybe they’ll like! Take it seriously id like to see how it effects them
    Ethan: I’m on my tummy! I’m a t urTle

  • Reaper Wolf
    Reaper Wolf 2 days ago

    I wanna know what is so bad that they already havent said that they cant say on youtube (comment pls)

  • EllieIsMental
    EllieIsMental 2 days ago

    I don’t know who wrote the description, but it’s “you’ll float too” not “you”all float to”. This is seriously bothering me.

  • SirHacksAlot 101
    SirHacksAlot 101 2 days ago

    This video was posted the day of my fathers death james when I came home from school and he passed some time mid after non when i was at school , just wanted to say thanks for uploading some content that makes me laugh all the time

  • Celeste Ekberg
    Celeste Ekberg 2 days ago

    9:58 I get panic of this..

  • AppRill
    AppRill 3 days ago +1

    In the thumbnail Mark has a hand on his shoulder and it is freaking me out

  • UnpopularAccordionGuy

    Mark and Ethan's relationship somewhat reminds me of Tony Stark and Peter Parker's in homecoming and shit

  • Big Smoke
    Big Smoke 3 days ago +1

    i love this self-lubrication chamber

  • Ben Ford
    Ben Ford 3 days ago

    I’m writing a comment down so it’s not here in a year

  • PunMasterPatton
    PunMasterPatton 3 days ago

    i’ve always wanted to try a sensory deprivation tank, but i’m terrified my own personal demons will find me

  • Fraya May
    Fraya May 3 days ago

    Unus annus

  • kaliru1
    kaliru1 3 days ago

    I really wanna try this. I think it would be good for my brain

  • Elise Hill
    Elise Hill 3 days ago

    why is nobody talking about how ethan has 6 nipples in the thumbnail

  • simply one hell of a neko

    That's not how the Bible tells it

  • anjelina figueroa
    anjelina figueroa 3 days ago

    I died when Ethan said, “Adam and Eve, bit the apple and god said “f*cking b*tch”

  • Kaoticz Melex
    Kaoticz Melex 3 days ago

    If their were fish added to the chamber, would the experience still be relaxing???