AR Waifu Workouts, Analog/Digital Guitar Effects, & Glowing Block Puzzles

  • Published on Jun 5, 2019
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    Trinalog makes analog guitar effects that hook up to your devices allowing you to control them through a digital interface.
    Bilo is a glowing, interactive, block game where you solve puzzles using physical blocks.
    Momo Coach is an AR workout program for your mobile device. You just have to follow along with your waifu... you weeb.
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Comments • 13

  • StaySic4Ever
    StaySic4Ever 4 months ago

    Hah that coaching AR xD

  • Keith Roylance
    Keith Roylance 4 months ago

    You didn't demo the "Djent" module though.

  • RighteousBruce
    RighteousBruce 4 months ago

    I saw A R waifu and clicked. Gonna need one. lol

  • GhaV jGRite (jeaHAvee)
    GhaV jGRite (jeaHAvee) 4 months ago

    There's going to be an anime airing in the summer about the same thing basically.

  • jakey1995abc
    jakey1995abc 4 months ago

    I want Logan to be my personal workout coach ;)

  • Björn Brinkmann
    Björn Brinkmann 4 months ago +4

    Prince Valiant please get a haircut.

  • Jill M
    Jill M 4 months ago +1

    That Trinalog looks very cool.

  • Gisselle Lopez
    Gisselle Lopez 4 months ago

    I come here for tech reviews... Not weeaboo click bait!!!

  • DaTube1000
    DaTube1000 4 months ago +13

    You can chose the coach? Yes.
    You can chose a guy? No.
    Okay so how many girls? One...

  • FrostyDelights
    FrostyDelights 4 months ago

    I like the intro

  • Deon Spates
    Deon Spates 4 months ago +1


  • Tek Syndicate
    Tek Syndicate  4 months ago +6

    .... this thumbnail....

  • drmonstaa
    drmonstaa 4 months ago +5

    3:58 I don't think those squats are quite the proper depth, but since she's a cute anime girl its all good