10 Disney Channel Stars Who Didn’t Get Along Off Set

  • Published on Aug 13, 2017
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    The Disney Channel likes to keep up the illusion that their stars are perfect little angels who can do no wrong. The teen actors on their hit TV shows don't swear, they definitely don't party, and they love everyone that they work with. But its impossible for everyone to always click and the Disney stars are definitely not immune to not getting along with one another. If you want to know which of your favorite actors are feuding, check out our video of 10 Disney Channel Stars Who Didn't Get Along Off Set.
    Rowan Blanchard plays the daughter of Cory and Topanga in the "Boy Meets World" spinoff series, "Girl Meets World." Shes only in her early teens, so you would think that she would get along with everyone, right? Wrong. Rowan cant stand her costar Uriah Shelton because of his insensitive world views. But youll have to watch the video to hear what really went down between these two.
    Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez have been in a feud over Nick Jonas for the past decade. Demi Lovato even admitted on “Carpool Karaoke,” with James Corden, that Nick juggled dating the twos girls at one point. Its no wonder that there’s some bad blood between these two starlets. But are they finally ready to put the past behind them? Let us know what you think in the comments below.
    Want to know why Ashley Tisdale, Emily Osment, Laura Marano, and Ross Lynch couldn't get along with their costars off set? Check out our video and keep watching until the end to see why Debby Ryan is feuding with someone who’s way younger than her.
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  • paige sharp
    paige sharp 17 hours ago

    Austin and ally dated irl lmfao

  • menino rosa
    menino rosa 2 days ago

    Mostly girls

  • spgemelli
    spgemelli 4 days ago

    Debby talk to Skai you two were my favorites in the SHOW

  • Rayne Brusky
    Rayne Brusky 4 days ago

    im glad debby is becoming one with emo bands, as she is dating josh dun

  • Irene
    Irene 8 days ago +1

    Girl meets world was boring af

  • Kevdawg Sutton III% Pro Gun-Rights Activist

    Being a actor as your own political stands will be hard for someone who don't get along one another.

  • Diabetus Johnson
    Diabetus Johnson 9 days ago +1

    Well that guy wasn’t wrong. The world really would be better off without 3rd wave feminism 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Kianna _Alex
    Kianna _Alex 11 days ago +2

    Lmaoo theyre not forced to beig perfect thats their job..

  • Tabatha Staples
    Tabatha Staples 11 days ago

    The Shepherd's Chapel !!!!!!! Pastor Murray is an Anointed Man of GOD who teaches the Word of GOD with Authority!!!!!!!

  • Sexclipse
    Sexclipse 11 days ago +1

    So in the first one, all he did was like a post and somehow that's an attack on women? And then you wonder why people make fun of feminists. It's that kind of sensitivity and over exaggeration that causes it.

  • Ashleigh Bailes
    Ashleigh Bailes 13 days ago

    Omg I love these ones

  • Francesca Bissanti
    Francesca Bissanti 14 days ago

    Stop trying to make GIRL MEETS WORLD *happen*

  • Felix Taylor
    Felix Taylor 17 days ago +7

    Laura and Ross ARE Friends they hang out all the time

  • Michaela Munn
    Michaela Munn 18 days ago


  • erin the egg
    erin the egg 18 days ago

    Austin and ally was GREAT

  • herminia withrow
    herminia withrow 18 days ago

    What is up with people unfollowing each other 😂

  • Hello Hi
    Hello Hi 18 days ago

    Every time I hear her say Rowan I feel weird because that’s my name 😂

  • Zanele Ndlovu
    Zanele Ndlovu 19 days ago +1

    Austin and Ally are dating

  • Iris Moichi
    Iris Moichi 19 days ago

    Why I don't want my friends to be actors lol they could be fake af

    Just a joke uwu

  • Karynna
    Karynna 19 days ago

    imagine ruining a friendship for Aaron Carter

  • Lilly Newsome
    Lilly Newsome 20 days ago

    we really dont need feminists NOW we did along time ago but not NOW i repet not NOW and you cant call me man pig cuz im a girl

  • India Sanders
    India Sanders 21 day ago

    I heard that the movie twilight talks about the movie supernatural to the movie Wolfman

    I’m in love with fantasies and supernaturals 😂 bless me 💜

  • j. sg
    j. sg 22 days ago

    u sound like a 12 year old child ... its annoying but funny

  • Esmeralda Peña
    Esmeralda Peña 23 days ago


  • Shake That
    Shake That 23 days ago

    Austin and ally? Are you serious!

  • Grace Carpenter
    Grace Carpenter 24 days ago

    I love zendaya sooo much!!!!!

  • Kinley Creamer
    Kinley Creamer 24 days ago +1


  • Jaden Peterson
    Jaden Peterson 25 days ago

    I used to love Barney and friends I had no idea that Selena and Demi were on that show

  • Chica
    Chica 25 days ago

    inconsiderate to woman? he literally just disagrees about modern day feminism how is that being "mean" to woman?

  • LaniLand
    LaniLand 26 days ago

    I think she said delina instead of Selena

  • eva watson
    eva watson 26 days ago

    wow congrats on 1M subscribers

  • Alexandra Acosta
    Alexandra Acosta 26 days ago

    I wonder doesnick Jonas have a brother

  • Abeer Kapoor
    Abeer Kapoor 26 days ago +1

    So does Miles Cyrus hate Priyanka Chopra?

  • Morgan Greene
    Morgan Greene 26 days ago


  • Random Girl
    Random Girl 27 days ago +1

    7 things Miley Sirus and 7 rings ariana grande coincidence ???????????????????????????????

  • Thorned Rose Royalty
    Thorned Rose Royalty 27 days ago

    The world really doesn’t need feminism, and it’s getting completely out of control in general it’s not insensitive and this is coming from a female. I’m all for women’s in power meant, but somethings should just stay for women and somethings should just stay for men.
    And most of this is just absolutely ridiculous, you guys are looking way into this stuff. Some of these actors still don’t like each other most put on a front just to deal with the public and people like this who looks too far into it and get something wrong.

  • Grace-Ann Quigley
    Grace-Ann Quigley 27 days ago

    Can’t be just me who thought Debby Ryan and Demi Lovato was the same person!

  • Ivy Hertzel
    Ivy Hertzel 28 days ago

    Thanks for ruining my childhood \:() 😥

  • TheCowerdly MidnightSoul
    TheCowerdly MidnightSoul 29 days ago +1

    I don't agree with rowan getting upset with him for liking a post about how the world doesn't need feminism. The current definition of feminism isn't truly feminism anymore. And even so, a difference in opinion isn't a reason to completely hate someone.

  • UntalentedPanda
    UntalentedPanda 29 days ago

    i used to have crush on nick jonas until now

  • Insert Witty Name
    Insert Witty Name Month ago

    I cant respect anyone who says that it's okay to not like someone just because of their views. I'm conservative and my two best friends are super far left and somewhere in the middle. But theres no reason for us not to like each other. How do people live like this? =_=

  • Denia M
    Denia M Month ago

    That's just a dummy who's saying all that dam questions and I'm only 7 years old😁😂

  • Long Hair, Don't Care

    Feminism is trash and is only for the trashy. I don't blame that guy for liking that post.

  • wiktoria kohman
    wiktoria kohman Month ago +1

    One thing I was hoping not to see Miley and Emily ;-;

  • Chris Potgieter
    Chris Potgieter Month ago

    Uriah is right tho.

  • Karime Valdovinos
    Karime Valdovinos Month ago

    i blame skai.

  • Zoe Blackwell
    Zoe Blackwell Month ago


  • Pooja Patel
    Pooja Patel Month ago

    Let me break down Girl Meets World for you:
    Season 1: it was ok I guess. It could have been more entertaining for the first season of a show
    Season 2: I really liked this season! It was so funny, and there was plot twist after plot twist! Definitely the best season of the show
    Season 3: I absolutely hated this season! It was super boring, the love triangle was basically the main point of this season and it got real boring real fast! Definitely the worst season of the show!

  • Captain Lit
    Captain Lit Month ago

    Feminism is inneeded , it’s become sexist against men

  • grandmasterwong dragOn

    How is Uriah not liking feminism offensive and inconsiderate lol? it's HIS opinion

  • sky jeffrey
    sky jeffrey Month ago +2

    okay but if women want equality... equal pay, no catcalling bUt no chivalry, split the bill, open your own door etc

    • Matthew Attacks You
      Matthew Attacks You 17 days ago

      I think women are plenty capable of opening their own door, buddy

  • Elika M
    Elika M Month ago

    1:11 isn’t that Alex from target? 😂😂😂

  • DatBoi420 ,
    DatBoi420 , Month ago

    Oh no, you don't agree with the feminist movement? How dare you have a different opinion!

  • Taelynn Wolff
    Taelynn Wolff Month ago

    Bella thorn and zendaya git along fine to my perspective go on instagram 👌

  • Harrison Krank
    Harrison Krank Month ago

    This video sucks

  • WirelessBrain1O
    WirelessBrain1O Month ago

    You dont need feminism nowedays

  • Gabi Perez
    Gabi Perez Month ago

    Am I the only one who finds the Debby/Skai feud to be pretty stupid??? Debby was practically an adult. Skai was a little kid. Whether the bullying rumors are true or not, Debby looked kinda dumb letting a little girl get to her and calling her “bitter” and “insecure” in a tumblr post... Who posts that’s about a child?

  • Todo Barot
    Todo Barot Month ago

    I hate this video

  • Lara Mc
    Lara Mc Month ago

    What about Tori Vega and Cat (Ariana Grande)

  • CBE Trap
    CBE Trap Month ago

    i swear Disney doesn't let their stars grow up or have their own free will that's probably why they end up on Drugs Becoming a Disney star is probably worse than becoming a kpop star

  • Gracie Gaffney
    Gracie Gaffney Month ago

    zuri and jessie got along so good I don't know how they are not getting along now.

  • Gaming with Rylee Dourm

    I was born in 2009

  • ragemonkey117
    ragemonkey117 Month ago

    You don't need to be a male femenist to be a good person.

  • Shane Sirowich
    Shane Sirowich Month ago

    When I heard Austin an ally I was like Noooooooo

  • Patrick Wentzell
    Patrick Wentzell Month ago +1

    Reality fueds among stars this is why Celebrity Deathmatch was made it brought on the Hate with each other oh it doesn't stop because in real life not everyone gets along so hate can lead to fighting and killing it never seems to go away.

  • Dayna Smith
    Dayna Smith Month ago

    so basically Aaron Carter was the problem between Hilary and Lindsay.

  • Masked Transcendence

    I don't agree with the dissing of Uriah. I mean, I disagree with his views, but you shouldn't hate someone because they disagree. That's petty. Not everyone has the same opinions. Am I saying he's right? No. But I am saying that everyone is entitled to their opinion and their freedom of speech. He simply liked a picture in Instagram. Maybe those Rowan fans shouldn't be watching his every move like a hawk. That's kind of creepy. Who cares that he liked a picture? He didn't ACTUALLY do or say anything offensive. He did what most of us hundreds of times a day. He liked a post he agreed with. I think he should be allowed to do that in peace. Freedom of speech and self expression is selective. It's a right everyone has in this country. It's a right that shall continue to be had. I don't know about you, but I want to respect that right as much as possible.

  • Phil Dabids
    Phil Dabids Month ago

    Nah we still don’t need feminism

  • Lane Girl
    Lane Girl Month ago

    Debby Ryan..
    Josh Dun..

  • A ballet gal
    A ballet gal 2 months ago

    Demi went to Timberline Knolls. I’ve heard she was really dramatic.

  • Koala Flavor
    Koala Flavor 2 months ago

    Girl meets world got canceled

  • Enkhjin Tumurbat
    Enkhjin Tumurbat 2 months ago

    Wooow this is so complicated between the singers

  • Typical naps
    Typical naps 2 months ago

    Well Nick and Miley shouldnt have anymore issues these days since theyre both married now 😂😂😂😂😂

  • mahendra mohanty
    mahendra mohanty 2 months ago

    Miles and Emily???😭😭😭😭

  • Endrit Haziri
    Endrit Haziri 2 months ago

    Wow Miley dislikes everyone

  • Ima Hufflepuff
    Ima Hufflepuff 2 months ago

    Selena is really forgiving ❤️

  • Faith Monroe
    Faith Monroe 2 months ago

    Skai jackson is a savage

  • Dillon Hansen
    Dillon Hansen 2 months ago

    Only women be fighting lol

  • Roman Guzman
    Roman Guzman 2 months ago

    I’m surprised Girl Meets World lasted for as long as it did. IT WAS AWFUL

  • Brandi Grogan
    Brandi Grogan 2 months ago


  • Lil YouTube
    Lil YouTube 2 months ago +2

    11:49 that hurt

  • Avey Basham
    Avey Basham 2 months ago

    Childhood out the window😑😑

  • Pretty Bitchy Bee
    Pretty Bitchy Bee 2 months ago +1

    Debby Ryan was so childish for doing that lmao , how old was skai back then??? 6?!!! lmao Debby Grow tf up.

  • Abby Dlouhy
    Abby Dlouhy 2 months ago

    My name is Bella lol 😂

  • What a Joke
    What a Joke 2 months ago

    The person voiceing over this is clearly feminist smh

  • Mallory Corley
    Mallory Corley 2 months ago

    I luv Bella Ryans Midnightsun

  • Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler 2 months ago

    Cant even make it past #1 without ironically having to listen to inconsiderate remarks against antifeminism. Give me a break

  • Diego Brando
    Diego Brando 2 months ago

    Society doesn't need feminism

  • cheese Is cool
    cheese Is cool 2 months ago

    Ok girl he legit just liked a rando post on Instagram.......plus he’s a teen??? I think the whole “ we don’t feel bad for him because of his insensitive actions towards women “ is a little over doing it???? Idk that just stuck with me

  • Illuminate The brain
    Illuminate The brain 2 months ago

    Honestly Demi Lovato is a much better singer than Ariana Grande

  • Laurens and Lacy
    Laurens and Lacy 2 months ago

    It’s kinda weird how a lot of these people are feminist when we could life would be better without feminism

    FLYNNZILLA 2 months ago +1

    I died when they talked about Austin & Ally

  • supershdow169xx
    supershdow169xx 2 months ago

    Mitchel a drugy I think I can see why they got along

  • Lps Star
    Lps Star 2 months ago

    My name is Rowan..

  • K J
    K J 2 months ago

    Women of America need to shut the hell up about feminism. I applaud the boy for liking that comment.

  • Michael Johnson
    Michael Johnson 2 months ago

    Wow! What a bounch of crying baby crapstains! If they were in 80s jr.or sr. high, they'd get knocked out every time they open their facehole!

  • B DOG
    B DOG 2 months ago

    This is such bullshit everyone thinks their feelings matter I mean seriously it's s job just play the role

  • your littlest secret
    your littlest secret 2 months ago

    she fegot soooo many like Ari and Victoria Justice

  • Ella Brennan
    Ella Brennan 2 months ago

    i dont believe this

  • Isabel Russell
    Isabel Russell 2 months ago +2

    I hate this channel so much! It’s soooo fake and they do not do their research