• Published on Dec 31, 2017
  • I got so many free tablets - its time to give some of them to you. Who wants to win a tablet? All the rules:
    1) Subscribe to
    2) Make sure you’re subscribed to this channel (itsalexclark)
    3) Turn on notifications and click like for this video
    4) Make a one minute video explaining why you need or want this tablet. It can be anything. A poem, a short story, a good joke, a bad joke, A video of your goldfish. Make it good and upload it to youtube.
    5) Title your video ALEX CLARK TABLET GIVEAWAY
    (If you are a Patreon backer - check Patreon for your secret way to enter)
    5A) Make sure the video is posted as a PUBLIC video (unlisted or private videos will not be considered)
    6) All videos are due by January 8th at 11 am PST - but I am only going to watch them until I have 5 entries that I love. So work fast but make it good. Videos that have no thought put into them or are junky will not be chosen.
    7). January 14th the top 10 entries (5 from patreon and 5 from regular viewers) will post to and the audience will vote on their favorite. The top 1 in each category will win the tablet.
    GOOD LUCK! I can’t wait to see how talented you all are and I am positive something epic will win.
    P.S. Please don’t DM or email submissions - this does not help at all - and will disqualify you.

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  • XxGolden PerfectxX
    XxGolden PerfectxX 6 days ago

    I want to have one but I don't know my own address name😭

  • wolf boyy
    wolf boyy Month ago

    Me pls

  • cookie icecream
    cookie icecream 2 months ago

    I love you

  • AUBREY du wolf
    AUBREY du wolf 6 months ago

    iv allready missed it but i realy need a drawing tablit i have to animate with a freaken mouse it herts

  • Zachary Joshua Jao
    Zachary Joshua Jao 10 months ago

    I hope this is still available cause im too late to upload a video. I just really loong for a graphic tablet

  • Aviv Grinberg
    Aviv Grinberg 10 months ago

    I need one because i want to become an animator

  • Cloudy Clips
    Cloudy Clips Year ago


  • Endercrafter11
    Endercrafter11 Year ago

    Can i have one please

  • Viktorija Dz
    Viktorija Dz Year ago

    i wanna enter…i subbed and liked

  • nephidal aurvae vurnevo

    I need this tablet to help me with my drawing. I am a drawing lover and I wish to be able to draw smoothly on PC's. All my friends have one and it helps them draw better. If you would be so kind to give one of your tablets away that'd be nice!

  • Casual_Ice_Consumer
    Casual_Ice_Consumer Year ago +1

    You are giving me it according to the thumbnail.
    Therefore everyone who sees the thumbnail gets a tablet.
    Or you are a filthy liar.

  • Shock Trooper Productions

    Awesome. You got me into drawing animations. Thanks!

  • ChaseRPG123
    ChaseRPG123 Year ago

    Wish I could get one but I’m too late

  • Jana Alabdullah
    Jana Alabdullah Year ago

    sorry I waited so long I just want to tell you I'm a poor homeless ho her dad bout her a laptop and want to be more like you making cartoon figures and I only no how to write because I got a free scholarship

  • -_Blackbird 13_-
    -_Blackbird 13_- Year ago

    Santa skipped Christmas for me that year

  • Darkdrill Animations

    I want to make animations but I can’t

  • ChaseRPG123
    ChaseRPG123 Year ago

    I wish I could have it but I’m too late😫😫

  • TechNorms
    TechNorms Year ago

    Dang, missed my chance,

  • Doux- amer
    Doux- amer Year ago

    I rlly want a display tablet but my familly don't have conditions to afford one to me...

  • Team RS
    Team RS Year ago

    Is this still continuing

  • Jaden Rumpf
    Jaden Rumpf Year ago

    i need it so i can start animation

  • Jaden Rumpf
    Jaden Rumpf Year ago

    can I please get a drawing tablet its my birthday

  • Jøseph Rubik
    Jøseph Rubik Year ago


  • Jøseph Rubik
    Jøseph Rubik Year ago

    Give to Cubeorithms already

  • Jøseph Rubik
    Jøseph Rubik Year ago

    Cubeorithms please

  • Joseph Nader
    Joseph Nader Year ago


  • Joseph Nader
    Joseph Nader Year ago

    Cubeorithms plz

  • Joseph Nader
    Joseph Nader Year ago

    Give it to,my boy cubeorithms

  • Joseph Nader
    Joseph Nader Year ago


  • Anderson Ramos
    Anderson Ramos Year ago +1

    I have a 345 dollars for my tablet

  • Warded Thorn
    Warded Thorn Year ago

    Awwwwww man I so badly want this! I've been wanting to do digital art for years, but I don't have the skill to use a mouse, AT ALL. Even though I love drawing.

  • PPTX. Creative Studios

    the thing that spins in my mind right now:
    *Alex Clark Live*


    Oh my gosh iv always wanted a tablet I'm subscribed please enter me

  • Bed Ridden
    Bed Ridden Year ago

    Probably not going to win...

  • Rabeel Hormez
    Rabeel Hormez Year ago +1

    I wish i could have it

  • Jamal Duval
    Jamal Duval Year ago

    so i can tell about my life to my family and friends

  • luna dragon
    luna dragon Year ago

    I love to do art and animations they're my two favorite things of Art plus 3D art is amazing and fun I can draw anime Lego figures and 2D art and I love music too

  • Nickolay 7
    Nickolay 7 Year ago

    i need that,i don't have any money

  • Jacob Crawford
    Jacob Crawford Year ago

    I have bean looking for a dawing tablet so that I could even be as good as you

  • thegigglygamer
    thegigglygamer Year ago

    I don't have a You tube channel so I did it in the comments

  • thegigglygamer
    thegigglygamer Year ago

    I m into art

  • FluX
    FluX Year ago

    Oh mah imma die! Why did i not enter D;

  • Smilz00 playz
    Smilz00 playz Year ago

    It would to be great

  • Joshskywalker
    Joshskywalker Year ago

    I've been subscribed for some reason yt kept this from me I could have used these so bad for the change in gonna start up for animation oh well : (

  • iHearGreen 31
    iHearGreen 31 Year ago

    I missed my chance, my one dam chance

  • Nyxed Capricorn
    Nyxed Capricorn Year ago

    1 month ago D':

  • survival snipez
    survival snipez Year ago

    I'm a supper beginner and really love art and for me to win would be amazing but I won't cause I have e very bad luck so pls let me win

  • NDT _vlogs
    NDT _vlogs Year ago

    😔 wish I could have seen this before the due date that could really help my TheXvid channel

  • Clover• •.x편집

    I got $2 socks for Christmas

  • Gtboy20
    Gtboy20 Year ago

    Can u give it to my friend spotted panda shark because she needs it

  • J Nelson
    J Nelson Year ago

    Can you give me a tablet please my daughter is so lonely without a tab

  • Jaden Bellevue
    Jaden Bellevue Year ago

    2: 13, that's me proof in the profile pic

  • Microwave Animations !!

    Congrats for the 2M sub’s :D

  • turtletube hi
    turtletube hi Year ago

    dats so money

  • Yeti 9230
    Yeti 9230 Year ago

    Where is the tablet vid it is January 18 but still no vid when it was supposed to be out January 9

  • Angel Caban
    Angel Caban Year ago

    Nice, keep up the awsome work

  • James Smith 14
    James Smith 14 Year ago

    I made a video on my channel called this is the reason why I want to use a 3D art tablet

  • Chav Boi
    Chav Boi Year ago

    I’m jewish

  • Ignore this
    Ignore this Year ago

    Man i realy won it

  • Eric Ceballos
    Eric Ceballos Year ago

    I wanted a tablet to draw and make youtube videos dedicated to my little brother with cancer