iOS 13.1 Beta 4 Released - What's New?

  • iOS 13.1 Beta 4 Released - What's New? | iOS 13.1 Beta 4 Features & Changes Review
    Apple released iOS 13.1 beta 4 to both registered developers and public beta testers, about a week after the release of iOS 13.1 beta 3.
    In this video, we discuss the new features/changes in iOS 13.1 beta 4, performance, battery life, bugs & whether you should update to iOS 13 tomorrow.
    iOS 13.2 - 8 Confirmed Features Coming:
    iOS 13.1 is MUCH Better than iOS 13 GM..:
    iOS 13 Release Date & How to Update From Beta:
    iOS 13 Public Beta Released - How to Install:
    iOS 13 - 30+ Best Hidden Features:
    iOS 13 - 70+ Best New Features & Changes:
    Wallpaper shown:
    What are your thoughts on iOS 13.1 beta 3 and 4?
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Comments • 80

  • Brandon Butch
    Brandon Butch  6 months ago +87

    Will you be updating to iOS 13 tomorrow? Or are you happily on iOS 13.1 beta?

    • F Lip
      F Lip 6 months ago

      I`m on 13.1 Beta 4 and battery life for me is awesome 10% for 1h 15min screen on time. someone has the same experience ?

    • OML 10
      OML 10 6 months ago

      How are you updating it?

    • OML 10
      OML 10 6 months ago

      It is probably need to be up still have 12.4. I wonder how he you got the 13.1. Please e know. Thanks

    • HALWG51
      HALWG51 6 months ago

      Happily on 13.1 It's been very good.

    • Aleksandr Mustonen
      Aleksandr Mustonen 6 months ago

      No, I will wait for iOS 13.1 because iOS 13 is still buggy!

  • CutieZap
    CutieZap 6 months ago

    Can I play the games now

  • Xavier Andrews
    Xavier Andrews 6 months ago

    I’m on the 11pro Maxx has anyone else noticed a break in auto brightness. If you adjust the brightness manually the phone no longer adjusts the brightness even though settings clearly says enabled

    • Xavier Andrews
      Xavier Andrews 6 months ago

      Hopefully it’s addressed in today’s update

  • AHMED Hosny
    AHMED Hosny 6 months ago

    Air drop not working ???

  • Shivam Chatak
    Shivam Chatak 6 months ago +1

    I need the wallpaper link

  • SpyCoolGal
    SpyCoolGal 6 months ago

    Can someone help me? I'm currently enrolled into the beta program and had this ios 13 beta 4 on my Iphone and for some reason I had to factory reset my phone. I'm still enrolled into the beta program but I cant install the beta 4. What do I fix this? (no i dont want to wait till the official comes out on the 30th) or am I on the Latest version of ios?

  • Insta Tech HD
    Insta Tech HD 6 months ago

    0:03 Mentions iOS and wants to shoot phone 😅

  • juku
    juku 6 months ago +1

    i can alrdy tell the battery life is better holy shidd

  • Christian Clark
    Christian Clark 6 months ago

    Will my iPhone X be update this Tuesday with the stable iOS 13.1. ????

  • Dwayne Brown
    Dwayne Brown 6 months ago +1

    Why does the keyboard not stick to the dark theme? When I use apps like WhatsApp that doesn't have Dark Mode it shows the white keyboard theme :(

    • Liverpool5563
      Liverpool5563 6 months ago

      It could be two things glitchy ios or glitchy whats app

  • Jacob Lizzadro
    Jacob Lizzadro 6 months ago

    I’m on public beta 3 now, can i get the official ios 13.1 update? So yes, when?

  • Dean Maguire
    Dean Maguire 6 months ago +1

    How did you get the background wallpaper?

  • Jacques Bolduc
    Jacques Bolduc 6 months ago

    Arcade is available in trial

  • Odity Islam
    Odity Islam 6 months ago

    What's about 3d touch older supported device?

  • Nik Hazwan
    Nik Hazwan 6 months ago

    If use this version, can change to normal mode which is ios13 ? Currently using ios13.1 dev beta 4

  • sahil chalke
    sahil chalke 6 months ago

    I'm on the ipadOS 13.1 beta 4, will i get the public stable release automatically or is there any other procedure for it?

  • Lonnie
    Lonnie 6 months ago

    I have iPhone X and my update didn’t come through yet.

  • tnbzgaming
    tnbzgaming 6 months ago

    Live wallpapers works on Xr now

  • Jack._.777
    Jack._.777 6 months ago

    So fucking stupid my device isn’t compatible, I just want to play with a PS4 controller

  • Sky
    Sky 6 months ago

    please help i cant remove this ios beta 4 =( ive already removw the BETA PROFILE on general settings then imalready reboot my phone and still i cant see the new software update =((

  • Elie Boutros
    Elie Boutros 6 months ago

    Mine was only 92.8 MB.

  • Chris Famia
    Chris Famia 6 months ago

    Who’s ready for the official release today ??

  • ntax
    ntax 6 months ago

    your folders make me anxious.....

  • cN *
    cN * 6 months ago +1

    How can i quit beta to the normal ios 13

    • cN *
      cN * 6 months ago

      I’m running ios 13.1 beta 3 currently

  • Naxo
    Naxo 6 months ago

    Does Snapchat work in the beta

  • DeeMzLGI
    DeeMzLGI 6 months ago

    Shoutout to you having the Chick Fil A app too lol

  • Beef Tec 77
    Beef Tec 77 6 months ago

    Through out all betas, I have not been able to connect to the App Store while on mobile data. That’s seems to be the only glitch for me as of now on iOS 13.1 beta 4.

  • MichaelC11
    MichaelC11 6 months ago +1

    Hopefully this beta is better. Betta 3 was terrible with battery life on my phone. Even having my phone on stand by for 2-3 hour my phone would lose 30%

  • Bogdan Roman
    Bogdan Roman 6 months ago +1

    anyone else having trouble with Apple Music not syncing playlists from icloud or not being able to add songs to new playlists? :(

    • Bogdan Roman
      Bogdan Roman 6 months ago

      Deisy B i actually fresh installed on both ipad and iPhone and still have this issue. Made me cancel my subscription and go on Spotify :)

    • Deisy B
      Deisy B 6 months ago +1

      Bogdan Roman same here

  • Clark Kent
    Clark Kent 6 months ago

    Does ANYONE know how to delete MULTIPLE photo attachments in the info section of a text message thread in iOS 13?

  • mohamed eltajouri
    mohamed eltajouri 6 months ago

    Thank you so much. 🌹☕️

  • Magnus Nilsen
    Magnus Nilsen 6 months ago

    I did not get iOS 13 on my iPhone SE

  • Moaaz Khalil
    Moaaz Khalil 6 months ago

    I now on iOS 13.1 beta 4
    If I want to get official iOS 13.1
    What should I do ?!

    • Moaaz Khalil
      Moaaz Khalil 6 months ago

      Anirudhh Raghavan so i should remove beta profile to get that official iOS 13.1 once launched , or I still can get it normally on setting with beta profile still installed on device ?!!

    • Anirudhh Raghavan
      Anirudhh Raghavan 6 months ago

      Moaaz Khalil wait. iOS 13.1 is not coming out till October. If you want the official iOS 13.0 firmware, use iTunes and restore your idevice

  • harmohit singh
    harmohit singh 6 months ago

    Hi Brandon Im on Ios 13.1 beta 4 can i delete my beta profile today and wait for Public release of 13.1 on 30 Sept so that i can leave beta program. Thanks

  • Darrell Harris
    Darrell Harris 6 months ago

    I’m on an iPhone X and didn’t get a firmware update. Still at 3.01.01

  • Naman Mahajan
    Naman Mahajan 6 months ago

    Issue: Set up an Image for a contact. Then lock and unlock the phone and the picture would be repositioned in the contact image. Please check!!!

  • Jon Minger
    Jon Minger 6 months ago

    I’m sorry. What do you mean when you say “GM”?

  • Drew Saslov
    Drew Saslov 6 months ago

    If im on the ios 13 GM, can I update from that to the final update on Thursday?

  • HyoBroYT
    HyoBroYT 6 months ago

    If i need to download ios 13 final, do i need to delete my ios 13.1? If so, how do i do it?

  • XXDavid98XX YT
    XXDavid98XX YT 6 months ago +1

    I am getting the iPhone XR this year 😃

    • XXDavid98XX YT
      XXDavid98XX YT 6 months ago +1

      Thanks man 👍🏻

    • baeni
      baeni 6 months ago

      XXDavid98XX YT I have this device & Im really happy with it. I hope you will enjoy it aswell!😎

  • XXDavid98XX YT
    XXDavid98XX YT 6 months ago

    Does the update still work with the iPhone 6splus

  • Awantha Nanayakkara
    Awantha Nanayakkara 6 months ago

    How can i update 13 Beta

  • Joey Noberini II
    Joey Noberini II 6 months ago

    I am running the public betas on my X. On Friday when I get the 11 pro, will I have no issue switching everything over from my X to my new 11 pro?

    • Joey Noberini II
      Joey Noberini II 6 months ago

      nicholas flynn thank you. Did it this morning and kept everything 🙌🏽

    • Joey Noberini II
      Joey Noberini II 6 months ago

      Chris Famia all set, did it this morning. Thank you.

    • Chris Famia
      Chris Famia 6 months ago +1

      Joey Noberini II if u need to have help down grading just call apple support

    • nicholas flynn
      nicholas flynn 6 months ago +1

      Joey Noberini II you need to downgrade to iOS 13 GM because the iPhone 11 Pro will come with that, the 13.1 betas won't be compatible until after the GM of that is released 9/30

  • OML 10
    OML 10 6 months ago

    I have iPhone 10 max. I see 0 update. It still 12.4.1. how I can make the changes? Thank you.

    • Bob Diddlebock
      Bob Diddlebock 6 months ago

      OML 10 screenshot your lock screen 3 times then restart your phone

  • Satwik V
    Satwik V 6 months ago

    Landscape mode doesn’t work on the home screen anymore on my iPhone 7 Plus! What the heck! I’m really pissed right now. They BETTER notice that feature...

  • Garrett W.
    Garrett W. 6 months ago +1

    jailbroken ios 12.4 > Ios 13

    • Casper The Trapper
      Casper The Trapper 5 months ago

      Garrett W. After using both, I’m happier with 13 on my XS Max. UnC0ver was insanely buggy and I rely on my phone daily so using a polished software was more important to me. Dark mode is nice

  • Bikes and Beats
    Bikes and Beats 6 months ago

    I have a 2019 Dodge Durango. Haven't had any issues with carplay, even going back to 13.0 beta 3 up to now.

    KJ4LIFE 6 months ago +1

    can someone answer ? when the update of ios 13 will come?!

  • Ansh K
    Ansh K 6 months ago +1

    Will iOS 13 be on iPad too?

    JESUS IS KING OF KINGS 6 months ago

    Jesus is KING

      JESUS IS KING OF KINGS 6 months ago

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      The author of the Quran is SATAN himself. Satan and Allah are ONE Devil in 2 bodies.
      Your religion even says if you practice Christianity you can never come back seems like Devil really is the author.
      My God is righteous and doesn’t allow sinners into heaven he sent his son to die for us.
      I can some contradictions in the Quran pretty easily.
      It says the Quran is VERY CLEAR ahhahhahahahahah does the sun set in murky waters???? Dr Naik had to make up something which wasn’t CLEAR at all. I can name more but you don’t care about them. All the Bible’s contractions have been addressed if you google it. The ones in Qurans have been twisted for an answer when it literally says it’s CLEAR which it isn’t.

    • Liverpool5563
      Liverpool5563 6 months ago

      @JESUS IS KING OF KINGS Some of the errors in the bible who a Christian scientist could not answer.

    • Liverpool5563
      Liverpool5563 6 months ago

      @JESUS IS KING OF KINGS Here watch this he debated against a scientist who lost a Christian scientist who admited he had no reply to the errors in the bible.

    • Liverpool5563
      Liverpool5563 6 months ago

      @JESUS IS KING OF KINGS Your to stupid to receive a reply I'll give you few verse from the long earier reply the bible book of samuel 2 21:8 says Michal has 5 sons. book of samuel 2 6:23 says Michal has no sons. Kings 8:26 says Ahaziah was 22 years old when he become king but in Chronicles 22:2, says 42 theres thousands more im not giving more references I remember them by heart just not verse number again the bible indicates that earth is flat it also says plants are eatable wrong some can kill the bible also says plants were here before sun the bible also says the earth will perish but also says will stay forever again there's thousands of mistakes in the bible 50,000

    • Liverpool5563
      Liverpool5563 6 months ago

      @JESUS IS KING OF KINGS You know nothing about your religion in fact I kniw more than you without having any religion.

  • Arsenio Ruiz TV
    Arsenio Ruiz TV 6 months ago +1

    iOS 13.1 beta 4 , on my iPhone7+ so far is so stable. Battery wise ? Super Good. TY
    Waiting for Official Release..

  • MC FLY
    MC FLY 6 months ago

    ‘What’s new’ nothing

    • MC FLY
      MC FLY 6 months ago

      Joseph well everything was fine on my end , and was that a known issue for a lot of people or just you?

  • Matt Matt
    Matt Matt 6 months ago +9

    Anyone else who can’t update their phone but watching anyways?
    I’m on iPhone 6😣

    • Erick Mendoza
      Erick Mendoza 6 months ago

      iPhone 6 is no longer supported. Only iPhone SE, 6s and 6s Plus and above

    • Kirtan Magan
      Kirtan Magan 6 months ago +1

      Yeah 😥

    • bluefrisky
      bluefrisky 6 months ago +3

      My dude you can easily find 2nd hand iPhone XR’s now for under $400, worth the upgrade

  • prejudice juice
    prejudice juice 6 months ago +17

    How the hell do you change the font?! Thats all I wanna know.

  • Jorge Cocompech
    Jorge Cocompech 6 months ago

    Hipstamatic (at last) finally update to iOS 13

  • Julian Robinson
    Julian Robinson 6 months ago

    What’s up with the Sign In with Apple

  • honeysuckle - Piano
    honeysuckle - Piano 6 months ago

    What time tomorrow is it coming

  • Unclejerry50th
    Unclejerry50th 6 months ago +9

    It seems like switching from wifi to LTE is getting worse.

  • Finesse
    Finesse 6 months ago

    How can I dowloand it?

  • Sum_Vibes
    Sum_Vibes 6 months ago

    *when it’s the 19th of September but your Aussie so iOS 13 isn’t officially released yet and you’ll have to wait on a video on how to downgrade* : Oof.

    • Chris Famia
      Chris Famia 6 months ago

      Sum_Vibes if u need help just call apple support

    • Chris Famia
      Chris Famia 6 months ago

      Sum_Vibes u can downgrade, like using a computer and iTunes and recovery modes and everything. I went from a beta a couple weeks ago to 12.4.1

  • transam
    transam 6 months ago

    Great video, so will we be able to restore a backup to the new iPhones tomorrow if we are on a beta?

    • Chris Famia
      Chris Famia 6 months ago

      transam if u need help going back to public version 12.4.1 just call apple support

    • Brandon Butch
      Brandon Butch  6 months ago

      I will make a video on this

  • Top Shelf Innovations
    Top Shelf Innovations 6 months ago +2

    I don’t like how you have to update all your apps in iOS13. I liked it before where I could refresh and see all the updates or get a forced refresh. I havent found a way to do that yet on the way updates are done currently. Its been driving me nuts!
    Also i hate how when you click on the pictures deal to send one in a text it opens the camera. Just waiting for the day while taking a shit & accidental sending of a pic of bathroom floor because I’m trying to send a pic of a car or whatever.
    Otherwise iOS 13 has been pretty solid!

    • Top Shelf Innovations
      Top Shelf Innovations 6 months ago +1

      Joseph I’m running beta on 3 devices. It’s same way on all of them. I’m guessing you are not following what I’m getting at. You used to be able to swipe down to refresh apps that needed updated. Now you can’t

    • Top Shelf Innovations
      Top Shelf Innovations 6 months ago

      Joseph yes and no. Even with auto updates on at any given time you can go into app store and it will have multiple apps there to update. So previously you could do a forced refresh where it checks all your apps to make sure you have all the updates. And everytime it would bring back multiple apps that need updates too. So once you did that you could hit update all. And done.
      Now all you can do is see the ones it has updates ready for and you click to download them. Its a huge pain in the ass because you may have an app that needs updated and you don’t know it.
      Hopefully this all makes sense. If you don’t use a bunch of apps that update constantly you won’t really care.

  • Tinky D
    Tinky D 6 months ago

    On iPhone 7+ was 1GB

  • B3LIEVE 13
    B3LIEVE 13 6 months ago +59

    100+ new features

  • Vicky Gomez
    Vicky Gomez 6 months ago

    I can wait to update my phone tomorrow

  • Jason Stevenson
    Jason Stevenson 6 months ago +1

    Can’t wait to upgrade to iOS 13. On 12.4.1

    • Chris Famia
      Chris Famia 6 months ago

      Jason Stevenson awesome. I’m so psyched

    • Jason Stevenson
      Jason Stevenson 6 months ago

      Chris Famia that’s correct.

    • Chris Famia
      Chris Famia 6 months ago

      Jason Stevenson it’s coming later today right??

  • Joe Aviksis
    Joe Aviksis 6 months ago

    Brandon can u say GOAT?

  • Joe Aviksis
    Joe Aviksis 6 months ago +3

    Can I use my watch tomorrow on watch OS 6 when it’s released I’m on 13.1?

  • Gabe O
    Gabe O 6 months ago

    waiting for everythingapplepro to find everything

  • Dominic Bazile
    Dominic Bazile 6 months ago +1

    No mention of Apple Arcade being available?!?!

    • Brandon Butch
      Brandon Butch  6 months ago

      I mentioned that days ago

    • Robert
      Robert 6 months ago +2

      it's been available for iphone for a few days already

  • gary cummings
    gary cummings 6 months ago +1

    THANKS, Brandon for the update relating to ios 13.1 beta 4

  • Bevan Gachett
    Bevan Gachett 6 months ago +1

    Does anyone know what software version will be on my 11 Pro on launch day? Because if I leave iOS 13 GM I won’t be able to recover from my iCloud back up when I get my phone Friday. Unless it launch’s with 13.1 or something...

    • Zach
      Zach 6 months ago

      Bevan Gachett It will launch with iOS 13.0

  • Olufemi Ojeyemi
    Olufemi Ojeyemi 6 months ago

    Please what time on the 19th is the iOS 13 coming out??

  • simon simon
    simon simon 6 months ago


  • tao707
    tao707 6 months ago +1

    iMovie got an update. It made me re download after going to beta 4. The download was over 500mb

    • baeni
      baeni 6 months ago


    • tao707
      tao707 6 months ago

      Whoops. MB. I meant

    • Nathan Luquin
      Nathan Luquin 6 months ago +1

      milligrams? lmao

  • Anish Ghimire
    Anish Ghimire 6 months ago

    final review 😁

  • Brenan Davis
    Brenan Davis 6 months ago +1

    74 th comment 😂 iPhone over Samsung all the way if you use Samsung your trash

  • Code Red
    Code Red 6 months ago

    Anybody else having RAM issues on iOS 13.1 beta 3?

      ITZ ADRIX 6 months ago

      Facts its terrible 2 apps open and its already having trouble keeping up

    • Mazzy Styles
      Mazzy Styles 6 months ago

      Code Red i felt so but I’m on beta 4 now so I’ll check whether they solved it yet

  • Shadab Hussain
    Shadab Hussain 6 months ago +6

    I didnt get this update on my iphone 7. Im still on ios13.1 beta 3

  • Gary Gregorio
    Gary Gregorio 6 months ago

    Mine comes to 232 MB hmmmm.