The real reason Boeing's new plane crashed twice

  • Published on Apr 15, 2019
  • This isn’t just a computer bug. It’s a scandal.
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    Two Boeing airplanes have fallen out of the air and crashed in the past six months. On the surface, this is a technical failure. But the real story is about a company's desire to beat their rival.
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Comments • 20 172

  • DsM
    DsM Hour ago +1

    REST IN PIECE anyone on that flight. You will be REMEMBERED.🙏

  • Sherry Marshall
    Sherry Marshall 2 hours ago

    737 MAX-8: grounded
    Concord: welcome to my life.

  • if_flyer 2017
    if_flyer 2017 4 hours ago

    This is why delta now prefers airbus for now

  • James’ Snap Circuits and Electronics

    They could’ve raised it up like the a320neo.

  • amyloidse fibrose
    amyloidse fibrose 7 hours ago


  • frank2398
    frank2398 18 hours ago +2

    Would you consider flight 447 as a continual failure of Airbus?

  • Golden State
    Golden State 20 hours ago

    People are dying over nonsense this just irritated my soul 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Theocharis Vouros
    Theocharis Vouros 22 hours ago

    It is like a car relying solely on its ESP to not roll over in sharp turns. (Like the first ever made Mercedes A-Class).

  • Jay See
    Jay See Day ago +3

    Boeing got greedy and farmed the computer programming out to
    $9 per hour dotheads.

  • Melt
    Melt Day ago

    Ohhh, I get it now

  • djfritz2001
    djfritz2001 Day ago

    I wish I could go back in time and record all the high fives and and booyahs that went around the executive board room at Boeing when Mr. Bair, head of product development, announced: "Nah all the engineers are wrong, we can slap another engine on these puppies no problem! Don't worry about what some underling with some kind of degree says..."

  • Oirfault Ourfix
    Oirfault Ourfix Day ago

    Look does no one get your self hating. Boeing is a top job here. My husband is an engineer there. I know they do care that everything is perfect. If we buy American and build America there is no competition. Your so black and white. Like gelette. All you did was distroy American jobs and loose billions to china. Why dont you think for one minute.

  • Stewart W.
    Stewart W. Day ago

    A total integrity failure, brought about through those responsible at Boeing being inexpert in aviation matters and failing to understand what piloting an aircraft demands.
    It does not demand software that removes any part of control from the pilot beyond simple assistance when demanded by the pilot and that assistance under his/her full control at all times!
    The Boeing company, the engineers and managers concerned should be summoned to a court hearing and prosecuted for manslaughter (negligent homicide I believe in the USA).

  • Lostcreek 1
    Lostcreek 1 Day ago

    Pilot Error!

  • parco lam
    parco lam Day ago

    we never say single isle's narrow body aircraft

  • Hakan Giant Ibrahim

    Pilot : "Lets fly" 🛫
    Mcas: "im in bad mood, i think not this time" 🛬
    Pilot : "ahaha not funny!! Cmon" 🛫
    Mcas: "no, im serious!!" 🛬

  • Gabriel 2003
    Gabriel 2003 Day ago

    The 737 is just not made for those useless huge engines. Come on let's stick to the old engines.

  • Yasira Osiris
    Yasira Osiris Day ago

    Air bus and the airlines are as bad - Airlines stop training pilots on how to pilot the planes manually and the MCAS on the airbus nearly cause s fatal accident on a Quantas fly

  • Kyiv
    Kyiv Day ago +1

    The switching off of MCAS does not add too much to safety, quite the opposite?!?!... while MCAS is working incorrectly. The plane is becoming unstable without MCAS because of its engines are placed too high. It is a trap which Boeing prepared for the pilots. They knew this from the beginning as they already received complains from pilots before first and second crashes. Let us see if justice is applied to highest placed officials the same way as to ordinary people. It is a mass killing for money. Boeing intentionally killed hundreds of people to gain more money...

  • Dustin Currie
    Dustin Currie Day ago

    Sorta seems like the certification process should start with: 'Does it fly normal if humans are controlling it manually?' then move on to 'Cool, what software do you have to make the humans job less boring and error prone?'

  • D R
    D R Day ago

    it's all about the money they don't care about people's life

  • Commander Tomcat

    Boeing did a terrible job in training the pilots with MCAS, or perhaps no training at all with the MCAS.

  • Paulo Maldini
    Paulo Maldini Day ago

    Shame on you boeing i was a big fan of your 737's and now you do this guess il never go in a 737 goos thing my next flight is 767

  • Marc MyWords
    Marc MyWords 2 days ago +4

    You can not use a computer to compensate for a design flaw.

  • Marc MyWords
    Marc MyWords 2 days ago

    The designer's thought we will make this non- flight worthy plane. flyable with a computer program to to compensate for its air unworthiness.

  • Marc MyWords
    Marc MyWords 2 days ago

    This plane should never fly. Why you say?. This plane is non-air airworthy in design. It can not fly as designed. And must have the Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System too fly.

  • Search Seven
    Search Seven 2 days ago

    This was more about ego and reputation than simply money. That makes it worse.

  • OOF
    OOF 2 days ago

    It’s so frustrating because the people who’s lives were taken and their families will never get compensation and nobody will ever take the blame for it so it’s like the crashes happened just because it happened

  • Walter 1775
    Walter 1775 2 days ago

    Boeing should discontinue the 737 series and try to have the 797 fill the role once it is developed.

  • Ftz WrongZ
    Ftz WrongZ 2 days ago

    Airbus probably laughing their butts off rn in the lunch room with their co-workers

  • 2monsterhairuglythe
    2monsterhairuglythe 2 days ago

    They we are, money over people AGAIN.

  • Selenielka
    Selenielka 2 days ago

    the cost of lies.

  • Raju Sundar
    Raju Sundar 2 days ago

    Boeing Murdered Almost 500 people in two crashes people lost their loved once and Boeing has done nothing much to help their families IATA has to take action and they have to be answerable

  • cccetomacrogol
    cccetomacrogol 2 days ago

    Only 2 out of 387 crashed

  • Darrell Patton
    Darrell Patton 2 days ago

    Good video. Simple explanation of the problem, and what led to it.

  • Byron Black
    Byron Black 2 days ago +1

    Ah, their solution: add more complexity with yet ANOTHER computer to figure out how to correct an inherent imbalance. Yep, that should work. Until it doesn't.

    Max 8 is toast. Even if the airlines and the pilots grin and bear it, the flying public won't. Bad juju.

  • coolinspire funnybook

    the problem is not about the change to compete.but the lack of test flight for the boeing pilot to know about the side effect of the change.

  • Horatio Moonraker
    Horatio Moonraker 2 days ago

    The real reason Boeing's new plane crashed twice.

    I heard you the first time,

  • Fire alarm 8
    Fire alarm 8 2 days ago

    And yet boeing still does not want to take full responsibility.....

  • Ice Cube
    Ice Cube 2 days ago

    Don't buy American products

  • L Henderson
    L Henderson 2 days ago

    so sad

  • Concerned Citizen
    Concerned Citizen 3 days ago +1

    Boeing's upper management should be made to pay for their crimes against Humanity with their own lives.

  • Miles Morales
    Miles Morales 3 days ago

    Lives, mums, dads, teenagers, children, babies, elderly, PEOPLES LIVES < business competition for the sake of being better than a competitor everywhere despite their optimum markets being different

  • Devika Majumder
    Devika Majumder 3 days ago

    i never wanna fly a b737 at ALL

  • asdsdjf asdjxajiosdqw
    asdsdjf asdjxajiosdqw 3 days ago +2

    If these ever take off again, it will only be in the US. No way European regulators will let this disgusting mistake fly again. As opposed to the Yanks, our regulators and watchdogs are not in the pocket of the very people they need to hold to account.

  • Laura Bongaardt
    Laura Bongaardt 3 days ago

    They wouldn't have sent the aircraft out if they didn't think it was ready. Even if for no other reason than that crashes are bad for business. Problem was they were wrong and the FAA apparently didn't catch it either. I'm confident the ensuing lawsuits and loss of money will ensure they will reassess their methods.

  • Juve Zhang
    Juve Zhang 3 days ago

    Even 737 max changes name who want to test flight with new MCAS? No one wants to be the passenger anymore? should be totally abandoned,never be operated again.grounded forever.

  • DaBriars
    DaBriars 3 days ago

    Than you for uploading and explaining MCAS

  • Danny
    Danny 3 days ago

    MCAS designed and build by apple needs constant updates that change nothing

  • Fung Chi Leung
    Fung Chi Leung 3 days ago

    Too sad and too bad ! It should never happen ! Thanks for sharing !

  • Lord Zuko
    Lord Zuko 3 days ago

    How did Boeing manage to escape unscathed? I havent seen any news that says boeing is getting punished for this. Correct me if I am wrong.

    • Lord Zuko
      Lord Zuko 3 days ago +1

      Laura Bongaardt glad to hear that. It is extremely disgusting to see hundreds of people dying so that someone can fill his pockets.
      Boeing needs to pay for this, dearly.

    • Laura Bongaardt
      Laura Bongaardt 3 days ago +1

      O, there are plenty of lawsuits. I've read somewhere it's over 100. Just type Google. They're going to pay dearly for this. Should be a good lesson for carelessness and greed.

  • Michael Hope
    Michael Hope 3 days ago +1

    MCAS : May Crash Any Second

  • Rudolf Goldenbaum
    Rudolf Goldenbaum 3 days ago +1

    Because Joseph Joestar was on both flights

  • Logan Speight
    Logan Speight 4 days ago

    Who woulda thought cutting corners on an aircraft would end in disaster?
    Oh wait

  • sgtcrab1
    sgtcrab1 4 days ago

    No Chinese engineers!

  • Psycho Killer
    Psycho Killer 4 days ago

    How aircraft safety design evolves: a field of coffins at a time.

  • maxer qusai
    maxer qusai 4 days ago

    Airbus: im the safest plane in the world
    Boeing: hold my 737 max
    also Boeing: ah s**t

  • bejin vijin
    bejin vijin 4 days ago

    Air bus is a good saife flight

  • bejin vijin
    bejin vijin 4 days ago

    Don't travel boeing 737 max

  • martin crespo
    martin crespo 4 days ago

    Profits before people...nothing new here

  • r Negoro
    r Negoro 4 days ago +1

    Okay so why dont they increase the height of the plane instead to make room for the engine ? The fix isnt that amazing honestly.

    • Laura Bongaardt
      Laura Bongaardt 2 days ago

      I assume that would have made the plane too different from its predecessor. A big selling point was that pilots wouldn't need additional training, which is very expensive. It wasn't needed for the Neo, so the new Boeing couldn't either.

  • Splatterson Gamer
    Splatterson Gamer 4 days ago


  • rocketomega11
    rocketomega11 4 days ago

    It is made in USA

  • Nouman Hossain
    Nouman Hossain 4 days ago

    Boeing has to take responsibilities for both the crashes

  • Elliott E
    Elliott E 4 days ago

    An unbalanced software .... sensors... Dont these people learn anything from past crashes ??

  • Muhudin Ahmed
    Muhudin Ahmed 4 days ago +2

    I don't convince the software but better to remove mcas.
    The pilot should have the control of the plane.

    • Muhudin Ahmed
      Muhudin Ahmed Day ago

      @Swiss Guy thanks, technology comes with to make our work easier but my concern related the control of the aircraft during something goes wrong such as horizontal,, stabilize and, fuel efficiency.
      I am not a pilot but I am technology management graduate.

    • Swiss Guy
      Swiss Guy Day ago +1

      Well, more complex than that.
      A safe commercial aircraft should have a natural / aerodynamic stable design.
      When the pilot doesn't touch any commands, it should go back to its initial position straight ahead and horizontally.
      The reason why Boeing had to install this "flight envelop" software is because of the new generations of engines that are larger to be more efficient, and because the B737 is too low to be installed at the same place as it was with previous generations, they had to take the engine forward. With the engine in its new position, the B737 MAX becomes unstable when the angle of attack is important (therefore during take off), and it is prone to stalling. And an aircraft that can stall shouldn't be allowed to fly with todays' standards.
      This is the result of an overused design, and improper appreciation of the risks. Proof of that is that the MCAS wasn't considered important enough to double the input of sensors to the system in case of a faulty reading.

  • Tconcept 2001
    Tconcept 2001 5 days ago

    It is sheer folley to keep producing an aircraft with known (and unknown) faults. If the max needs hardware changes (which I suspect it might, given that we are fast approaching September and the "software fix" updates have gone very quiet), boeing would have alot of work to do retro fitting all the parked up planes. It may not even be financially viable or physically possible to re-engineer the max, what would boeing do then? It's a little late to start designing a new plane. Would they approach Airbus and build the Neo under licence in a new era of "collaboration"?

  • DanaGaming
    DanaGaming 5 days ago

    Lets do the math oh how capitalist thinks, keep in mind that this is in no way shape or form factual, this is just satire.
    AirPlane sells at 121milj dollars, with ofc discount, so lets round up the plain cost to 100milj for sake of ease.
    Manufacturing costs should be around 50% of the price so we end up of profit of 50milj per plane
    Development costs lets say 5000milj or 5bilj.
    Plane sold +350 unites
    50milj * 350 = 17500milj or 17,5bilj of profits
    17,5bilj - 5bilj = 12,5bilj in profits
    victims 350, each family gaining +800k which will be 280milj in loses
    Airplane being grounded on airports estimated cost 6bilj in total to various companies (local newspaper count).
    12,5bilj - 280milj - 6bilj = 6,22bilj in profits
    So after all the s**t storm Boeing made a killing, pun intended.

  • Big bio QQ
    Big bio QQ 5 days ago

    Mcas: may I dive

  • Vikalp Paul
    Vikalp Paul 5 days ago

    So now the business, the money is more important than human lives. Shame on you Boeing. Just to compete with your rival, you rolled out an unstable technology that resulted in tremendous human loss. Disgusting!!

  • Manuel Bencomo
    Manuel Bencomo 5 days ago

    They need to be in prison for life


    Yeah when i heard the news of lion air (because i live in jakarta) i thought it was good and its show crash to the sea and thats why i fear of lion air when using Boeing

  • John White
    John White 5 days ago +2

    panorama BBC (best broadcaster in the world!) did a great documentary on this but I don't live UK so I can't upload it ? anyone able to do that ?

    • John White
      John White Day ago

      @pedroSilesia really Pedro ? tell me why such an extreme reaction (assuming you're not being ironic)

    • pedroSilesia
      pedroSilesia 4 days ago

      you called BBC the best broadcaster in the world? You are clearly mentally ill.

  • ibrahim sher
    ibrahim sher 5 days ago

    Their attempt to saving money has ended up costing them alot more money (and peoples lives)

  • António Margalho
    António Margalho 5 days ago

    An app, basically ... they used an app. This is not a RC plane, these are lives ... hundreds of lives. Let's just see if anyone at all goes to jail.