Why Belarus is Constantly Attacking Europe

  • Published on Dec 13, 2021
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  • 「Iberis」
    「Iberis」 5 months ago +9456

    Lukashenko referred to himself as _"Europe's last dictator"._ So full of himself, its like a title, a good brand for him.

  • Kiaušinių Kova
    Kiaušinių Kova 4 months ago +778

    Stay strong, brothers! Love from Lithuania, do not ever think that we hate Belarus, we want freedom for you guys. Hoping that one day you will have legitimate government, my hometown is 10 km away from border to Belarus and I hope one day to go there safely. Stay strong, you will have your freedom

    • Chubby Chubs
      Chubby Chubs Month ago

      I'm for u from UK

    • Jeff
      Jeff 2 months ago +1

      As an American whose great grandparents fled Eastern Europe during the pograms, I follow Eastern European affairs very closely. My great grandparents were from Memel, Lithiana; Bialystok, Poland; and Minsk, Belarus.

  • Christian
    Christian Month ago +2

    That sponsorship transition was disgusting

  • Gregor Adler
    Gregor Adler Month ago +2

    1:28 how that aged rapidly.

  • Hoovie Doovie
    Hoovie Doovie Month ago +2

    That was a very diminishing and insensitive transition to the ting plug at the end of the video.

  • Crazee Lazee
    Crazee Lazee 5 months ago +7291

    A very important detail that wasn't mentioned is the Dublin convention, which basically states that deported refugees are to be returned to the first EU country they entered. The reason why Germany has such an open border policy is because they can choose who they accept and then send the rest back to whichever Eu country they first entered from. So the argument that they're simply trying to cross Poland becomes irrelevant. Sure, the migrants are simply trying to get to Germany but Poland knows that Germany is going to pick the "best ones" and then send the rest to Poland, who at that point will be Poland's problem to deal with.

    • ABNHT
      ABNHT 7 days ago

      ​​@Dominik Pizzarro if getting away from war is the reason you left it doesn't f*cking matter where you end up it doesn't change th reason you left. but don't worry we'll see how you cope when Europe gets engulfed in another world war. I'm sure your perspective would change drastically where you in the same position.

    • Tastingo117
      Tastingo117 9 days ago

      Its also important to note that Germany takes like 3 years to send these migrants back because they can just file an objection and are then allowed to stay until the process is resolved. They are given free tax payer money throughout that time. When they are then sent across the border it is common practice to change their name on paper and come back with a different ID. My gf has been working for an attourney handling these processes in 2015 and it was a disgusting ordeal.

    • Joao Omega
      Joao Omega 11 days ago

      @Fjuriøs Karen Merkel invited them over so they should. Causing the issue and then should we clap for you know fixing the problem they cause?

  • AJ 🥊
    AJ 🥊 Month ago +1

    Belarus needs to be a annexed into Ukraine

  • Mma123
    Mma123 Month ago +1

    It’s funny because so many polish migrate to the uk 😂

    • nigga
      nigga Month ago

      Most polish are in americas

  • Marc Pell
    Marc Pell 2 months ago +1

    Like we can’t tell he’s bold from the front… lol

  • Iskaid
    Iskaid 2 months ago +1

    Since 2020, every time I typed brb, it suggested I type "Belarus" next. My keyboard was trying to tell me about this and I only found this out now.

  • Hunk
    Hunk 5 months ago +4873

    As a Pole, it all looks very bad and I feel sorry for Belarussian citizens, but I kinda find this crisis neccessary in order to abolish their dictatorship. Before hijacking the plane and causing immigration floods hardly anyone from the EU or NATO payed attention to how dangerrous and irrational Lukashenko is and even now I'm not really sure if there are serious actions in order to cease the bad situation their mad drunker is causing.

    • Big Dick Rick
      Big Dick Rick 26 days ago

      @Hat67 Even more ironic is that we fucking despise our Government

    • O W
      O W Month ago

      @leon ljubojevic amigo, bielorrusia es la ultima dictadura oficial en europa

    • O W
      O W Month ago

      im polish too and its disgusting what lukashenko is doing

  • Colin McMahon
    Colin McMahon 2 months ago +1

    This aged well

  • Tedger
    Tedger 3 months ago +1

    Oh well.. next week after Lukashenko is named God President / Governor of Belarus it will be joined to Russia.

  • Jack RoyalTea
    Jack RoyalTea 3 months ago +1

    I stand with Poland.

  • Shonn Morris
    Shonn Morris 3 months ago +1


  • cat3crazy
    cat3crazy 5 months ago +4651

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    • Florian Wendelborn
      Florian Wendelborn 20 days ago

      > I'm not going to purchase a phone in order to have them as my ISP
      I'll never take an indirect loan for a phone through a ISP contract. It's supposed to be my device and my right what ISP I chose to use with it

    • Reefed  🇺🇦
      Reefed 🇺🇦 24 days ago

      @Pieter-Bas Hoogsteen cluster

    • Three Random Words
      Three Random Words 2 months ago

      I switched from Verizon's most basic plan to Xfinity's most basic, now it's bundled with my internet fees. Xfin uses the same cell towers that Verizon uses. *I pay $15.* now for the cell phone portion. It's enough for my texting, streaming needs. Most of my screen time is on my desktop anyway.

  • Paul
    Paul 3 months ago +1

    "Welcoming" or Welfare States?

  • Fire Water
    Fire Water 3 months ago +1

    What is the difference between dictators, and gangsters.

  • Poland
    Poland 3 months ago +1

    Belarus is like russia but not strong

  • Vladof Putler Official
    Vladof Putler Official 4 months ago +1

    0:31 Why Iran is there?

  • ivaneurope
    ivaneurope 5 months ago +2940

    Lukashenko's grip on Belarus will keep on going as long as he has Russia as its closest ally. It's known for a while that Russia and the EU aren't best of friends ever since the crisis in Ukraine, the annexation of Crimea by Russia and the ongoing conflict in Donetsk and Luhansk. Russian president Vladimir Putin has barred planes bypassing Belarussian airspace and he has even said (which was during the case of the Malaysian Airlines Flight 17, which was revealed to be shot down over Donetsk airspace) that he can close the entire Russian airspace for any nation that closes its airspace for Russian planes and airlines, but the reason why he hadn't done it is that it'll hurt Russia itself as well (it has to do with the transit tarrifs Russia receives for crossing its airspace). Back to Belarus - Putin essentially guarantees Lukashenko's grip, but once even he cuts ties with him, it'll be game over

    • Ozymandias Nullifidian
      Ozymandias Nullifidian 4 months ago

      @Slovenski Slav Many Albanians don't love that moon deity. But, you had nice profit in Yugoslavia too, you were buying products from other republics and you were making that juice that was expensive. You even went to such a degree to patent "Ayvar"??? You had a big tradition in making that condiment? It is your business if you liked to be in Yugoslavia or not, I don't care, I am just saying that you are not exactly an innocent flower, too.

    • Slovenski Slav
      Slovenski Slav 4 months ago

      @Ozymandias Nullifidian yeah beacuse of the Serbs taking all of our money and buisseneses making any state almost go bankrupt just to make their “Greater Serbia”
      A thing also a lot of older people love and like Tito because he brought development and money when he ruled over Yugoslavia Slovenia had a booming economy in Yugoslavia saying that Slovenes don’t like Tito is like saying that Albanians don’t like Alah

    • Ozymandias Nullifidian
      Ozymandias Nullifidian 4 months ago

      @Slovenski Slav You are Slovenian? And yet, you like Yugoslavia and Tito? Well, that is a rarity, as far as I know, the dissolution of Yugoslavia started there, in Slovenia.

  • BatMax
    BatMax 4 months ago +1

    Long tme ago present-day Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland and Ukraine were one powerful country under one king and one parliament and they weren't any borders between them.... That country was powerful enough to stand and win agains Moscow or Ottomans...

  • gaguy1967
    gaguy1967 2 months ago +2

    regarding Belarus forcing down the Ryan Air jet. USA did worse. It made Austria force down the President of Ecuador's plane and searched it for Edward Snowden. That is even worse than what Belarus did

  • Al_Orthodox
    Al_Orthodox 2 months ago +1

    Lukashenko if you see this you are the best. You have my support 🇦🇱❤️🇧🇾

  • Turceno, Arthur Jamil
    Turceno, Arthur Jamil 4 months ago +1

    Looks like this country needs some freedom eyh, UN and NATO must take actions now, this country is slowly becoming a North Korea of Europe

  • Paulina
    Paulina 5 months ago +3161

    Thank you for bringing this up. As a Belarusian myself, we are tired and frustrated of everything that's happening here. Basically the country is at war with its abusive government. Hundreds of political prisoners, police brutality, violence and abuse of basic human rights. People there need to be seen and heard and deserve to be free. But the world is silent.

    • Max Naughton
      Max Naughton Day ago

      WOW that is wild

    • Ozymandias Nullifidian
      Ozymandias Nullifidian 2 days ago

      @Sam Corrityne Really? Where will they find guns? The police and army will subdue them in a matter of minutes. Besides, why don't you do that in your country tho show how that is done? Or you live in some perfect democracy? I don't know of such, even if you live in an EU country.

  • Penguin
    Penguin 2 months ago +450

    Let’s take the moment to appreciate how much effort RealLifeLore puts into his content for us. Great job

    • Dan Danita
      Dan Danita 7 days ago +1

      yeah nice propaganda shyte

    • mitchell wargel
      mitchell wargel Month ago +1

      He needs to stop the damn bias

    • Dan
      Dan  2 months ago

      Haha. "....much effort". Maybe that is valid to say only if you are completely ignorant on the reality what is going on in the world. ....or the problem is just that you are murican....??? There was nothing outside what you could get from basic news broadcasts. The video does not even answer it's own heading "...why Belarus is attacking Europe". There were a number of flaws and weird inconsistencies in the video. What is going on in this part of the world is a serious problem, but this video isn't much to be impressed by.

    • Praise Jesus, Repent or Likewise Perish
      Praise Jesus, Repent or Likewise Perish 2 months ago +1

      Repent to Jesus Christ
      “Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful.”
      ‭‭Colossians‬ ‭4:2‬ ‭NIV‬‬

  • 10The_Doctor10
    10The_Doctor10 2 days ago

    Good for Poland and the Baltic States. A country without scure borders is no country at all.

  • M Z
    M Z Month ago

    I had NO idea! Thankyou for getting this info out there!

  • Kenneth Roy
    Kenneth Roy Month ago

    What you hope to gain🤔nothing

  • Heinrich Himmler
    Heinrich Himmler Month ago

    The way he says belarus

  • prince747
    prince747 Month ago

    That's not how you pronounce Belarus?

  • Fs0c1ety_BS
    Fs0c1ety_BS Month ago

    what a great leader covid its a myth

  • Webblz 900
    Webblz 900 Month ago


  • Santexnik
    Santexnik 5 months ago +460

    Hello, Belarusian migrant in Poland here, in general this video is correct from my POV, minor notes that i noticed and are thought to mention in regards to this video:
    1) 5000 deaths from covid is probably not correct, but any semblance of statistics except official is banned, and we have no idea what the actual number is
    2) There were other leaders in belarusian protest, none of their fates are particularly bright for now, we hope that changes soon
    3) August crackdown was not even just against the protestors, it was against, well... anyone unlucky enough to be in the wrong place and time, often this place and time being literally outside your workplace or home. Brutal torture and beatdowns by police, etc.
    4) The situation in Belarus is worse then ever, with hungreds of thousands (no reliable statistic, estimates) belarusian immigrants leaving the country. A lot of them are migrating or fleeing to Poland as well. There is some controversy to that - today its much easier to get additional protection and legal status in Poland for belarusian then for anyone else. Even then, there is much nuiance to that situation, so its hard to compare a belarusian migrant to other migrants in Poland, but it is still controversy fuel.

    Thank you for a quite good explanation of the belarusian proxy migrant attack.
    Жыве Беларусь

    • Myron Helton
      Myron Helton 2 months ago

      Are you calling hundreds of thousands of Belarians that live in their own Belarus country immigrants, Are you saying that anyone that wants to help a migrant to move to a different country for a better life to escape oppression, is sick.

    • Myron Helton
      Myron Helton 2 months ago

      Are you saying that anyone that wants to help a migrant to move to a different country for a better life to escape oppression, is sick.

    • JJ Barajas
      JJ Barajas 2 months ago

      What is the situation for the people there now?

    • Alexander Rose
      Alexander Rose 3 months ago +1

      @RezlieTheScout than some “suspicious people”
      Do you mean black people and Jews? Just a guess based on the polish people I’ve known

    • Santexnik
      Santexnik 3 months ago +2

      @the overmind can't really tell cause I've not experienced much of Poland, as replied previously, also visiting as a tourist and trying to make a new home and living in survival mode mentally are very different things sooo i don't think it'll be of any help to you. Thanks for the support though

  • B I
    B I Month ago

    He won no? ...let me hear all the reasons no, it's hard to lose

    • B I
      B I Month ago

      I don't agree w the regime... But let's be a little smarter about counter arguments. At the end of the day it's sad. West not doing enough ( to be fair Ukrain shoulda joined NATO earlier). This is the consequences...

  • D E
    D E 2 months ago

    5:40 dont talk like Belarus is only country to do this, complete ignorance. And its okay for Poland to build a wall but trump cant on the Mexican border? The hypocrisy is disgusting.

  • charles magnus
    charles magnus 2 months ago

    3:47 just cool it with the homophobic, misogynistic and antisemetic remarks

  • A F
    A F 2 months ago

    because belarus is russia

  • Pianek
    Pianek 5 months ago +2674

    as a Pole thanks for taking this subject, it's good that you educate people in a fair and truthful way.
    The worst part is that Łukaszenko blaming Poland for the migration crysis, while he brought these people here, on our border, lying right in their eyes that work in EU is waiting for them

    • O W
      O W Month ago

      @Mar Cello i think you dont see media bc some belarusian forces were trying to cross the border

  • Reconciliation
    Reconciliation 2 months ago

    Good policy by Poland, not so much for the other party.

  • tzimiz zyo
    tzimiz zyo 2 months ago

    You, yes you, did you ever care for anyone? Did you ever help anyone, ever.....

  • Brady
    Brady 2 months ago


  • MrFrank107
    MrFrank107 2 months ago

    Bela (beautiful) Rus (Russia).

    • Hans Maier
      Hans Maier 2 months ago


  • Henry Larson
    Henry Larson 5 months ago +573

    My geography teacher told my class a story about how a year after Belarus gained independence he was traveling from Russia to Poland. He called the US embassy in Belarus to see if he needed a visa or anything and they just said "if they try to get you, stand your ground". At night Belarussian officials came into the train and said "you, come with us," and he was lucky enough to actually get away with refusing to go. They just left and he made it to Poland

    • erati
      erati 3 months ago +1

      @Fitrian Hidayat fact he tells this story about a person travelling in a country wondering if he needs a visa and automatically assumes that anyone gives a shit about any of this is a massive clue he's American.

    • Good
      Good 4 months ago

      @LA DSD what do you mean

    • LA DSD
      LA DSD 4 months ago

      @Good it’s not your country

    • Stefan Schleps
      Stefan Schleps 4 months ago +1

      Is this where the trolls meet?

    • Vyacheslav Brodov
      Vyacheslav Brodov 4 months ago +6

      @Deep Toot I am Belarusian myself and I don't understand the meaning of the story. Why they would even bother none citizen

  • Dorian Cross
    Dorian Cross 3 months ago


    YUSUF DIALLO 3 months ago

    North Korea 🇰🇵

  • Jj
    Jj 3 months ago

    please make a sequel to this vid: 'Why Muscovites-Russia have been attacking everybody for the past 800 years'.

  • Fabian St
    Fabian St 3 months ago

    I tak ma byc kurwa

  • Kenneth Freke
    Kenneth Freke 5 months ago +1654

    I read they reduced the flights because Belarus were renting European passenger jets to bring refugees to Belarus.
    Since the EU didn't like that so much they brought back their jets to the EU. If the EU didn't ask their plans back there would be a lot more refugees near the border.
    lukashenko is a sick, cruel man

    • Gabe Robison
      Gabe Robison Month ago +2

      But Poland is just as guilty. They are preventing refugees from accessing rights granted to them by EU law. It seems that true guilt therefore lies in Poland and that regime change in both Belarus and Poland should be considered

    • Myron Helton
      Myron Helton Month ago +1

      @Majk They like Poland jobs better than Belarus. I see your point. I am neutral. If I can understand Kenneth Freke's comment I will let u know what I think. Sounds wild to me. Kenneth Freke says: I read they reduced the flights because Belarus were renting European passenger jets to bring refugees to Belarus.
      Since the EU didn't like that so much they brought back their jets to the EU. If the EU didn't ask their plans back there would be a lot more refugees near the border.

    • Majk
      Majk Month ago

      @Myron Helton how is dumping them at a border of a different country to fend for themselves help at all? If lukashenko wants to help them so bad he can keep them in Belarus

  • Ryan M
    Ryan M 3 months ago

    Western shill lol

  • ethan carter
    ethan carter 3 months ago

    Why isn’t this all over media?!?! This is insane!

  • Matanica
    Matanica 4 months ago

    The Cockroach will go down!

  • Vlad - Alexandru Iancu
    Vlad - Alexandru Iancu 4 months ago

    That thumbnail is thick clickbait

  • Britt
    Britt 5 months ago +2296

    Very good video and sums everything up relatively quickly. Only a couple of things I noticed that were slightly off was
    1. The olympic runner refused to run in an event she hadn't prepared for and was sent home early from the Olympics. At the airport she straight up ran away from her handlers taking her back to Belarus for punishment and begged the Tokyo police to help her and protect her. Luckily, they did. Her freedom was already in danger, and for running away from her handlers.. now her life was in danger.
    2. Germany has straight up said, "no more migrants" and now the refugees were sent back home. They paid anywhere from $2.500 to $15,000 to get to Belarus (yes, the money went directly to Lukashenko) and as soon as they got off the plane they were forced to the Polish border. Once Germany said, "no refugees will be accepted" the migrants were now forced home.
    3. No one has complained about the drugs flooding Europe lol
    But the amazing thing is that the migrant crisis is all because he's angry he got in trouble for staging the RyanAir hijacking. He doubled down on a problem he caused.
    The Belarusian people are beautiful, and amazing. Belarus deserves true independence for once in its history

    • Padoru
      Padoru 5 months ago

      @Jones Affrou Thanks

    • Jones Affrou
      Jones Affrou 5 months ago

      @Padoru I actually don't! Nice catch.

    • Padoru
      Padoru 5 months ago

      @Quantum Passport No

    • Padoru
      Padoru 5 months ago

      @Christian Weibrecht It can tho

  • Exilty -
    Exilty - 4 months ago

    I approve this this is a chad move

  • Keertana S.
    Keertana S. 4 months ago

    Correct ur India map mister no part of kasmir is given to pakistan.. follow with correct map.

  • caesar rome
    caesar rome 4 months ago

    What's music theme name?

  • Jason Schoonmaker
    Jason Schoonmaker 11 days ago

    Sounds like Poland is the problem by not open border wow Poland lol

  • West Explains Best
    West Explains Best 5 months ago +465

    One thing I appreciate about this channel are the very informative and easy to follow graphics and maps! Great job!

    • Adriatical
      Adriatical 5 months ago

      @The Quantum Alchemist nice tinfoilhat you got there buddy

    • Pierce Cowley
      Pierce Cowley 5 months ago

      Ahh yes, easy to follow maps: shows courland as an independent country

    • The Quantum Alchemist
      The Quantum Alchemist 5 months ago +2

      @Cap'n Cake Brain checked out completely in your case it seems. But the day I see a CIA paid t roll with brains is the day I would see flying pigs too.

  • michaelvli
    michaelvli 2 months ago

    Lukashenko sounds just like Donald Trump.

  • Tokomi
    Tokomi 2 months ago

    damn didn't know realifelore was a left biased shill 😂. Thought he was neutral in giving facts

  • Kevin Schaefer
    Kevin Schaefer 2 months ago

    Sounds like Lukashinko took lessons from U.S. dems on 2020 election strategy.

  • Savvas Kyriacou
    Savvas Kyriacou 2 months ago +20

    Can we also talk about Turkey, who has also been employing the same techniques against EU with blackmailing and the same type of massive migrant invasions on the border with Greece? Can we hold Turkey at the same level of accountability as Russia and Belarus?

    • Jonathan Odude
      Jonathan Odude Month ago

      turkey is trying to join the eu...

    • O W
      O W Month ago +5

      @Noire Kuroraigami Bro you know that NATO only bombed yugoslavia in order to avoid an "ethnic cleansing" against the Albanian population of Kosovo. Maybe we should talk about how russia destroyed chechenya, transnitria - moldova, georgia, etc?

    • 3rdman
      3rdman Month ago +3

      You're not allowed to criticize Muslim people, only bash Christians please, including those "refugees", which basically means "I want free stuff people", but you're not allowed to say that about Muslim people.

    • Tomko Olchowy
      Tomko Olchowy Month ago +4

      @Noire Kuroraigami ummm, what homes did Nato destroyed, could you give a single example?....

    • Noire Kuroraigami
      Noire Kuroraigami Month ago +4

      Well NATO destroyed their homes, so NATO countries should host them

  • MrKockabilly
    MrKockabilly 3 months ago +88

    Hijacking a plane is a crime that is outright condemnable by the international community. And that luring thousands of immigrants for vindictive reasons is sooo evil.

    • Stefan
      Stefan Month ago

      @Its Hawkeye and i guess you think that you live in a proper democracy?

    • Jack Hanke
      Jack Hanke 2 months ago +1

      @List Okay. I won’t let the US invade Belarus.

    • Its Hawkeye
      Its Hawkeye 3 months ago +2

      @Randy yeah US is pretty bad too, but what does that have to do with Belarus situation? There's no doubt that lukashenko is a literal thug. If you live in a proper democracy you can really relate to the absurdness of actions being taken by him, well only if you live in a democracy, otherwise further discussion is meaningless.

  • WafflingMean44
    WafflingMean44 2 months ago +149

    Hopefully Lukashenko's involvement with the invasion of Ukraine, and the likelihood of Belarus joining in with their own military, will give the EU and US enough grounds to sanction Belarus into oblivion, making it impossible for Lukashenko to hold onto power. Although, given how he has already welcomed the Russian military within his own borders, this could have the unintended consequence of just handing the country over to Russia. If Putin uh... expires within the next couple of years, the West could take the opportunity to topple Belarus' corrupt dictatorship with Russia distracted. Although, Lukashenko is old. It could be best to go easy on Belarus after the war in Ukraine, and place financial backing behind a potential democratic candidate to replace him when he passes away.

    • Faglerwagen
      Faglerwagen 17 hours ago

      For people like Lukashenko we don't use the phrase "passes away" but rather "finally dies"

    • Writeous0ne
      Writeous0ne Month ago +1

      @O W the gdp isnt rock bottom, it was worse in 2014 and they werent even in a war. the high prices of oil will counterbalance the sanctions. Most political scientists predict a Russian victory. They used about 1% of their active army to get what they have, now they are just shelling Ukraines biggest cities until they give up and make concessions... Russia is untouched and had minimal losses, this is the reality of it.... Ukraine is in ruins, Russias choice to just sit around the cities and strike them is more to limit losses on Ukraines side, they could easily just send 1 million troops in and 50,000 vehicles and wipe everythign out... this is the reality.

    • O W
      O W Month ago

      @Writeous0ne the ruble is rock bottom and the gdp too, if finland or sweden decides to join NATO it could not have two open fronts, in addition to the fact that the russian military capacity to attack with tanks or soldiers is very low that is why they tend to launch missiles, add the sanctions. With that there can be a withdrawal or invade only Luhansk and Donetsk

    • O W
      O W Month ago

      @Joanna Falkowska and he is 27 years in power

  • Darian G
    Darian G 2 months ago +52

    Great video. It's disgusting that he's manufacturing a refugee crisis, and making Poland and other border countries to deal with it.
    Thank you for putting your ads at the end of your video. It's youtubers like you that I exclude from my ad block. I don't mind watching an ad from someone who respects their audience and doesn't interrupt the flow of the video to shove a sponsor down my throat.

    • skytron22
      skytron22 Month ago

      @Tanel Amansey yeah, to fight the communists in Afghanistan. If ussr hadn’t gone and brazenly invaded Afghanistan and raped and pillaged the people, the us wouldn’t have aided the mujihadeen. Ussr, and now Russian, empire aspirations have caused nothing but trouble. Granted US “interventions” don’t make things better, but the impact the us has had on global politics has a net positive compared to Russia. The us is more likely to make the world a better place when compared to Russia. Put simply, Russia has had 800 years to hone the brutality the Mongols taught them, and they’ve carried out their bloodlust on its own people and neighbors since the 1200s.

    • Tanel Amansey
      Tanel Amansey Month ago

      @skytron22 how many rapes and civilian murders were performed? and where? pull out some facts please not just ALOT and EVERYWHERE

    • Tanel Amansey
      Tanel Amansey Month ago +1

      @skytron22 actually usa armed ,trained and funded mujahideen to fight USSR, those later turned out to be al-kaida:)
      now they support n a z i in ukraine....

  • Egregius
    Egregius Month ago +14

    It's funny that Belarus in the past 3 months has become more notable for *not* attacking its neighbouring country. Not because of Lukashenko, but because of it's heroic railway workers, and probably a few generals saying 'No'.

  • Hole With Air
    Hole With Air 5 months ago +1372

    That transition from "the crisis has no end in sight" to "how you can save money" had me laughing so fucking hard

    • Arthur Boxington
      Arthur Boxington 3 months ago +5

      I thought it was utterly tasteless and cheap. It made me press the unsub button, that I had subbed to just minutes earlier. Don't like TheXvidrs that make light of serious suffering, just to earn a few bucks from tacky sponsorship.

    • Hole With Air
      Hole With Air 3 months ago

      @Testing this name you can try

    • wyrazowfkp
      wyrazowfkp 3 months ago +1

      @Padoru Yes, they did. Over 1 milion of Ukraine people work & live in Poland, some from Donbas and Lugansk - which was attacked by Russia in 2014. You can see them very often in Poland.

    • Hole With Air
      Hole With Air 4 months ago +1

      @Testing this name that's not... you can't just... Sure

  • Jason Aquarius
    Jason Aquarius Month ago +22

    I love how incompetent the country is at invasion, as they showed the world their invasion plan after Ukraine. As PKA said "He's surrounded by too many Yes Men"

  • Prog47
    Prog47 3 months ago +33

    The problem with Belarus is the moment there's a revolution to overthrow Lukashenko then Russia will inevitably intervene. They will absolutely not let a democratic EU member form so close to Moscow. Ukraine is now invaded and it's one of the main reasons why. Very tough for Belarus people because it's the last ally of Russia to the west protecting them from direct conflict with nato and eu

    • Dario Montero
      Dario Montero Day ago

      @rice art The difference Is that the baltics are the baltics

    • sydney martin
      sydney martin 2 months ago

      @rice art Because I say so Do you think I am so stupid?

    • Kwame Stanciel
      Kwame Stanciel 2 months ago

      There's no way they're pushing Luka out of power.

  • Chopped Liver
    Chopped Liver 2 months ago +14

    i didn't know that belarus did this when it comes to the mass immigration, which to me as an swedish person is horrific.
    I now about what is happening in the US but my news aren't telling me this, the things i should hve way better information about.

  • prawny12009
    prawny12009 2 months ago +4

    I feel for the former soviet states that border Europe, most declared independence in the hopes of gaining autonomy but left themselves in no mans land politically, as a buffer zone they are forced to align with opposing outside regimes for stability.

  • Not Fiction
    Not Fiction 4 months ago +523

    This is the most messed up story I’ve ever heard. It disgusts me that real flesh and blood people are being used as pawns in one mans sick game driven by an obsessive thirst for power (is this the definition of psychopathy?). Even more unsettling is the feeling that no one, least of all me, can do much about it.

    • Vuwan Rai
      Vuwan Rai 15 days ago

      Real flesh and blood people used as pawns... as in the USA?

    • vinnie
      vinnie Month ago

      @Asep Kurnia no those countries didnt substain such losses.although asad tried and used bio weapons on his own population.but i doubt it was millions.but anyway they died needlessly all for different reasons.saddam too used mustart gas on his own people

  • Cottage Industry
    Cottage Industry 4 months ago +43

    It's pronounced "Bell-Arr-Oos" not "Bella-Rus"!!!!
    It's a beautiful country with great people, good food, amazing architecture, but a really lousy government. I spent time in Belarus in the mid-1990s and it boggles my mind that Lukashenko is still there!

    • Cottage Industry
      Cottage Industry Month ago

      @Dara Harvey Thanks! Personally, I'm not offended by his mispronunciation. It's just wrong and I wanted to point that out. I just think that if you are going to make a TheXvid video about a country as if you are an expert on that country, the least you can do is learn how to pronounce it's name correctly!

    • Dara Harvey
      Dara Harvey 2 months ago +2

      @Cottage IndustryI’m a little tired of people claiming to be offended these days. But I find his pronunciation both distracting and annoying. Glad to see I’m not the only one.

    • Dara Harvey
      Dara Harvey 2 months ago +2

      @Mister Arledge Cottage Industry is right.
      And it’s Wooster-sher. Not that difficult even for an American like me to say correctly. Neither is Belarus. The guy making a video about Belarus can learn to pronounce it properly as well.

    • Cottage Industry
      Cottage Industry 2 months ago +1

      @ThelastTiger Yes it matters! He made a video presenting himself as an expert on this country, but he doesn't even know how to pronounce the name of this country. It also matters because mispronouncing the name of a country usually offends people from that country.

    • Mister Arledge
      Mister Arledge 2 months ago +1

      bet you can't pronounce Worcestershire correctly

  • Too Many Opinions
    Too Many Opinions Month ago +1

    Would love to see an update on this regarding Poland now letting in Ukrainian refugees and how that effects this situation.

  • Hotdog Embargo
    Hotdog Embargo 2 months ago +46

    "europes last great dictator" putin would like a word...

    • Anonymous User
      Anonymous User 2 months ago +3

      He doesn't consider himself as Russian or European. I believe. Lol. Otherwise, 100% agree

  • KapetanIzBureta
    KapetanIzBureta Day ago

    Idk how good or how bad Lukashenko is, but this guy is a genius. Without sanctions or even one bullet he showed that you shouldn't mess with Belarus.

  • Ben Bock
    Ben Bock 5 months ago +1803

    Huge respect to Belarusian people (not government) ✊⚪️🔴⚪️

    • TheCatintheFedora
      TheCatintheFedora 3 months ago

      @jjQlL lLq! god I almost typed out an entire paragraph of sources backing my claims before I realized you were joking-

    • jjQlL lLq!
      jjQlL lLq! 3 months ago

      @TheCatintheFedora amusing. In Indonesian, "bela" means "to support/rally for". So "Belarusia" means "supporting Russia". :')

    • Eragon en Français
      Eragon en Français 3 months ago

      @ReddGames 🇧🇾🇧🇾🇧🇾

    • ReddGames
      ReddGames 3 months ago

      @Eragon en Français wait you can't do that no

    • Jaūhen Žen
      Jaūhen Žen 4 months ago

      Thank you from Belarusian people ⚪❤️⚪

  • Eto Demerzel
    Eto Demerzel 2 months ago +2

    5:54 As far as I remember, Tsikhanouskaya didn't flee the country she was physically kicked out by the FSB/KGB agents. They tried to do the same to Maria Kalesnikava (you can see her at 3:19), but she managed to tear her passport into pieces before the agents could push her cross the border.

  • HowardRoark5150
    HowardRoark5150 4 months ago +289

    Poland, Lithuania, and Latvia have every right to refuse entry to the migrants. It is Belarus’ problem. Period.

    • O W
      O W Month ago

      @Mctoob YT A refugee is the person who flies to the first country that is safe, then they become economic immigrants.

    • Gediminas Morkys
      Gediminas Morkys Month ago

      @Chris Louis you don't want to get involved because it is not easy to switch from Russian gas. And there is still that nice buffer of countries between you and Russia.

    • O W
      O W Month ago +1

      @Mctoob YT i see that you dont know the meaning of refugee and economic migrant

  • Mahmoud
    Mahmoud 2 months ago +5

    This video gives a bit of insight into what is happening in these times, with Belarus assisting Russia. Never knew anything about Lukashenko until today. Very interesting, great video. Slava Ukrayini!

  • Roman Dawydiak
    Roman Dawydiak 4 months ago +5

    Alyaksandr Ryhoravich Lukashenka (Note: This is the proper transliteration of his name from the Belarusian language), in his typically absurd and highly pompous fashion, has claimed to be "Europe's last dictator". However, that claim is technically incorrect. Vladimir Putin is Europe's last dictator while Lukashenka is Europe's last tinpot dictator. And, on one final note, in terms of "political correctness", anyone who would be proud of either description would be best described as being mentally challenged to the nth degree.

  • Mammoth Chats
    Mammoth Chats 5 months ago +326

    To visit Belarus in the 90s my Scouts leader had to go to Sweden, then to Latvia and then on a plane to Belarus, this was because their planes were so pollutant that they were only allowed to travel small distances.

    • salgis
      salgis 5 months ago +1

      not pollutant but did not meet EU noise standards

    • Steve Oh
      Steve Oh 5 months ago +14

      Who tf would want to visit Belarus?

    • Mammoth Chats
      Mammoth Chats 5 months ago +16

      @Johan Öhgren England I should’ve said

    • Johan Öhgren
      Johan Öhgren 5 months ago

      What's your country?

  • antwan1357
    antwan1357 3 months ago +2

    THIS is why having a leadership limit of at least ten years is so important. As all elections have a chance of corruption at the highest levels.

  • Caspar Nigell
    Caspar Nigell 3 months ago +3

    I feel sorry for Belarus - even the way the name of the country is pronounced here makes me want to cry.

  • Jaclyn C
    Jaclyn C 3 months ago +2

    This story is LITERALLY Season 2 of the Amazon Prime show Jack Ryan (John Krasinski) except it took place in Venezuela. Down to the husband being arrested, his wife running for president, the closing of the polls early and announcing the current dictator the winner. WOW! The movie writers in 2018 totally called this!!

  • istrumguitars
    istrumguitars 3 months ago +5

    More takes on Ukraine crisis please. You’re one of the only channels I can trust for objective analysis.

  • Pan SANS The Commenter
    Pan SANS The Commenter 5 months ago +485

    I feel bad for the Belarus people for being manipulated so much. I hope this hole situacion will finally end

    • false
      false 4 months ago

      @NKillBruh well you think wrong, it's belarusian

    • Felino Gaming
      Felino Gaming 4 months ago

      @Ivan Sam Interesting...

    • Ivan Sam
      Ivan Sam 4 months ago

      @Felino Gaming Is too complicated to be explained in one comment... Let just say not every society is ready for democracy, terrorist and extremists(backed by US and Turkey) hijacked revolution in early phase.. Territory held by dictator is the place of biggest ethnic and religion diversity in Syria... They had big Christmas celebration in Aleppo and Damascus while in rebell teritory you had Al Nusra (Al Kaida) flags.

    • Felino Gaming
      Felino Gaming 4 months ago +1

      @Ivan Sam They were not terrorists. It was the people rising up against a dictatorship.

  • Sol-ution
    Sol-ution 15 days ago +1

    There needs to be agreements with Poland and other countries that would allow other countries to take in refugees. There needs to be busses that would go from the Belarus border through Poland and into other countries. Each bus would only be able to travel specific route sand make specific stops. The people on the bus would already be approved as refugees to specific countries. The busses could have Polish military escorts to ensure the rules are obeyed.

  • The Feign
    The Feign 4 months ago

    Imagine if it weren't Belarus doing this themselves, but a third party sponsoring flights into their country to pit the two powers against each other.
    Now imagine that Belarus and Poland instead share a hot desert northern/southern border.
    Now imagine it's actually a situation I can't safely talk about on TheXvid.
    That sure would be *crazy,* wouldn't it?

  • Chris Kowalski
    Chris Kowalski Month ago +14

    Good video, but your political bias is showing badly. Despite Poland's "bad policy",their actions on the borders were supported by the EU. And even if that wasn't the case, it's not simply a bad policy. Oversimplifying a nuanced topic for the sake of ideological convenience is a bad look

  • Lucas kincanyon
    Lucas kincanyon 2 months ago

    Oh my gosh. It’s insane that I’ve never heard of this. This makes me hate Belarus’ government even more.

  • Zaxst
    Zaxst 5 months ago +423

    I'm Polish and tbh i dont have really grounded opinion about this situation. It's of course a great tragedy for people at the border but solving this crisis is not that easy... Lukashenka openly talked about passing drugs by a border, and while he talked about drugs, there may be other threats. Like imagine you are dictator which wants to make a damage for the EU in financial way and political way, you just want to make a mess and make EU accept that you are president of Belarus and accept that voting fraud wasn't fraud, and in action show EU that gas pipes which are going through Belarus are going through dangerous terretoriy and Belarus might just cut Russian gas deliveres, which is essencial for EU energetic system, and it will be even more essencial since Germany plans to shift it's energy sources to gas (I tbh hate idea of gas power stations, i'm nuke&renewable team). You might ask why gas pipes are such important right now, it's great question, but highly propablable is that they want to force EU to use North Stream 2, this pipe isnt going through Ukraine or other countries, it will be going straight to Germany, and i cant tell why (at least previous government) Germany is pushing this pipe so much, i simply dont understand how in other than finacial way its good idea. It not only will be a great tool for forcing EU to anything by treating that they will cut gas deliveries, but it's also not going through ukraine or belarus which means that Russia will be able to cut gas deliveries to Ukraine, but still sell gas to EU. Not even mentioning that Lukashenko surely knows ways to transfer terrorists to EU. Passing migrants also would mean that we as a EU accept this act of creating humanitarian and political crisis as insignificant. In short, if terrorist(in this case Lukashenko) threatens you to pay, you just have to say no.

    • Alexander Hamilton
      Alexander Hamilton 4 months ago

      Nuclear energy in Germany should be viewed with caution. Electricity is subject of some degree of volatility on regards of demand. Shutting down or increasing production is not something you do on a nuclear plant. Except for maintenance, you're always 100%. Building a nuclear power plant is expensive and it's controversial among a share of the population. While gas pollutes more, it's cheaper and faster to build, you can build it anywhere (which cuts down transmission costs) and you can just turn on and off turbines to match demand at will. Moreover, some politicians seem to expect some foreign company to develop new technologies to help with solar and eolic to be more common 10 to 15 years from now on.

  • Cia Laisvis
    Cia Laisvis 2 months ago +7

    As Lithuanian, I can only add that at first we did had some humanitarian camps which accommodated couple thousand of immigrants which resulted in rather high costs of government funding. I guess those are the few lucky ones who managed to come to Eu but got sent back eventually. Overall, this kind of attack only Lukashenko could think or rather a 3rd grade child

  • realm
    realm 2 months ago

    Ive lived in the EU my entire life and have never known any of this. What a disgrace. What an insecure little man that guy is.

  • Ragael
    Ragael 3 months ago +1

    guess i've been living under a rock. never did i think possible for a dictator to still be in power on european soil. my country had one, we spilled a lot of blood to remove him from power. not a scenario i wish on anyone. i hope all this will be resolved soon :(

  • Habibi Lee
    Habibi Lee 2 months ago +1

    Watching this video makes me appreciate more our country and our freedom.

  • Ahmed Muawia
    Ahmed Muawia 5 months ago +666

    Don't know if it matters much but gonna mention it anyhow,
    Those trying to enter the EU through Balrus are called "Refuge Seekers" instead of "Refugees", especially in local media.
    Since there is a big distinction between someone forced by war to relocate to a different location (refugee or displaced) and someone wanting to relocate to a different place due to circumstance of their own country (not physically forced) other wise known as Refuge Seeker.

    • Viet Ta
      Viet Ta 3 months ago

      @Jay You see 5 (or more) dies before they can even reach the age of 7, so that's why.

    • Ahmed Muawia
      Ahmed Muawia 4 months ago

      @Carmine mallozzi workers jobs there especially for Arab workers pay several times better than in other Arab countries.
      For example I remember reading somewhere that a Bodyguard in Kuawit gets paid three times as much as a Professor in Egypt.
      Of course someone doesn't get rich over night by going there, there are living expenses/wage depressions like everywhere else.
      Everywhere else exactly like the west, and considering Migrants in general tend to work Jobs no one wants to work for Prices no one native is willing to pay (inadvertently causing cheap laborers to compete with those forigen workers) the West itself is far from a heaven.
      But there is not as Much competion for most jobs because the population is not as Large as in the gulf states, and the Gulf Folks generally don't care about a Large chunk of their Population being Forigen workers, because most don't have the citizenship, and it's incredibly hard to get a living Permit unless you are already well off.

    • Carmine mallozzi
      Carmine mallozzi 4 months ago +1

      @Ahmed Muawia I mean Qatar is known for high capital because it's full of oil and a lot of arab oil lords. It's not like normal impoverished people will just cross the border and become millionaires

    • Ahmed Muawia
      Ahmed Muawia 4 months ago

      @Jānis Ošiņš least salty Zionist ^

  • Redstree's Apple
    Redstree's Apple 2 months ago +37

    2months later: Russia is invading Ukraine with Belarus