• Published on Oct 22, 2019
  • FIFA 20 Ultimate Team
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Comments • 347

  • Aqdass Salman
    Aqdass Salman Month ago +1

    I watched Ajax vs Chelsea
    0---- 1

  • Chris Morley
    Chris Morley Month ago +1

    Anybody else just getting bloody blues

  • Kaleb Watt
    Kaleb Watt Month ago

    Can u pack blues in 2 player packs?

  • Burt Hollobaugh
    Burt Hollobaugh Month ago

    My guess is that new milestones will get added when season 2 starts

  • Two Natal Yods
    Two Natal Yods Month ago

    I did these and packed IF Gundogan so Im happy. These price fixers should be removed from the game.

  • Burt Hollobaugh
    Burt Hollobaugh Month ago

    What are the point of these cards? I skipped FIFA last year so I'm not really familiar. They look like they have the exact same stats as the regular cards

  • Dee Sauce
    Dee Sauce Month ago

    thexvid.com/video/KbKfWdOB0OQ/video.html 👨‍💻

  • Joe Harris
    Joe Harris Month ago +1

    Why has blue Robertson got price limit of 20k?!?!

  • Aqdass Salman
    Aqdass Salman Month ago

    I watched galatasary vs Real Madrid

  • Aqdass Salman
    Aqdass Salman Month ago +1

    Hi nepentheZ
    I love ur videos

  • Adil Farooq
    Adil Farooq Month ago

    I packed Icon dalglieshhh out the marquee matchups!!!

  • David Roberts
    David Roberts Month ago

    I got mane

  • EvoXXX Bih
    EvoXXX Bih Month ago

    Under the spotlight i got mbappe

  • Georgio Minas
    Georgio Minas Month ago

    Got Kante in my rare ucl player pack

  • 44aran
    44aran Month ago

    Nep on trending, big up

  • Joe Pidgeon
    Joe Pidgeon Month ago

    Yep, i got 2 x 75 rated full backs...gonna be a long while trying to score with them :)

  • Leo Tomz
    Leo Tomz Month ago

    I got 2 GK to do the challenge 😭😭

  • Gavin Wock
    Gavin Wock Month ago

    The ucl cards rarity is based on how much money EA want to make from pack buying.

  • Eden Winney
    Eden Winney Month ago

    I got scream muller out of the Chelsea vs Ajax segment

  • xBEAST
    xBEAST Month ago

    I mean you get 2 ucl cards for scoring 6 goals, not exactly difficult lol

  • Mr Blend
    Mr Blend Month ago

    Just noticed that you only get one inform player from all the promo packs on EA. Once you get one don’t continue even if it’s your first opening. The rest is just useless packs.

  • Louis Gould
    Louis Gould Month ago

    Hopefully they upgrade these ucl cards throughout the tournament instead of bringing out loads of useless new cards

    • Frank Daniele
      Frank Daniele Month ago

      lmao I prefer them to bring out 'loads of useless new cards' than to look at this ugly card design in my team lol.

  • Luke Meakins
    Luke Meakins Month ago

    I packed Griezmann

  • Louis Upson
    Louis Upson Month ago

    Should I buy vertonghen and alderwield in defence or get Anderson and a good Brazil LB like Marcelo cause I got around 40k rn

    • Louis Upson
      Louis Upson Month ago

      So far both my defenders are 83 and 84 rated but I have Lucas digne in LB and Lemar at LM

  • Google Google
    Google Google Month ago


  • Matigungun
    Matigungun Month ago +1

    I packed de bruyne ucl

  • Alejandro Paz
    Alejandro Paz Month ago

    I packed from marque matchup Reus I sold him for 235k 😭

  • beth rixon
    beth rixon Month ago

    I packed ucl sterling

  • Peter Belsager
    Peter Belsager Month ago

    I packed ucl Alisson from the rare gold pack

  • J Lea
    J Lea Month ago

    Big surprise

  • Lordorcmaster
    Lordorcmaster Month ago

    So I got lucky, packed the regular Virgil van Dijk today, was happy off course, till I found out a couple hours later, I could have gotten the blue one:P Not complaining tho, still happy with regular one :D

  • Sk Fan
    Sk Fan Month ago +1

    I just packed normal van dijk even though his ucl card is out, not complaining but still 🤷‍♂️

  • Luke B
    Luke B Month ago

    This moron looks at the objectives at the start of the video which shows you can earn 2 UCL players very easily but proceeds to slate the SBC'S for requiring 2 UCL players. This dude is literally brain dead

  • Daniel Sinding
    Daniel Sinding Month ago

    I got like four blue players, a gold semedo and william carvalho scream card in the ucl season objectivs

  • Aston11
    Aston11 Month ago +1

    Look at my recent vid and like the vid and this comment to show ea how bad their servers are

  • Nathan Warren
    Nathan Warren Month ago

    Got one blue tiago Mendes out of like 20 packs

    E.DWARD Month ago

    I packed untradeable blue suarez

  • Nonceboi69
    Nonceboi69 Month ago

    are the big flares when you pack someone who has had a special card or something?

  • 1 2
    1 2 Month ago

    Im not suprised that he got a ucl walkout with all the money he spends on fifa points

  • Securifyz
    Securifyz Month ago

    u should stream u playing a fans fut champs games , u can play mine for it if u want it’ll be a good stream😂🤷🏻‍♂️

  • SvR Gaming
    SvR Gaming Month ago

    You dont need to buy them just do the UCL objective, it eazy did it then use the UCL player in the SBC and get Walker RB 😋👍🏻

  • Shammle
    Shammle Month ago

    wtf have they done

  • I0I R A S E I0I
    I0I R A S E I0I Month ago +1

    I got Mertens and I have an untradeable in my team so 100k profit 💷

  • DillDuck Von Duckpie

    I got moura

  • A. L.
    A. L. Month ago

    Why same rating as the golds. Now these shitty cards are going to appear in the transfer search bar under special cards. Anoying for sniping

  • Kdb 133
    Kdb 133 Month ago

    What do you meannnnnnnn??!??

  • Turks Fruit
    Turks Fruit Month ago +1

    Neppo didn't notice he used coins for his last promo pack :)

  • James Reeve
    James Reeve Month ago +1

    Is it possible for you to comment on the glitch in the 4-3-1-2 formation where the central cm drifts out to right mid when you're defending, leaving you with just the remaining 2 centre mids when defending. It's well annoying and i've tried contacting ea and got nothing back. Please bring it to attention.

  • V10 - Vernon
    V10 - Vernon Month ago

    Should just score 6 goals in rivals and save 10k per UCL player that’s tradeable and use the two common ones you get Nep, nice video again man 🤙🏼👍🏼 I know you don’t need the coins like haha

    • Buzzerrrrrr
      Buzzerrrrrr Month ago +1

      We are the only smart people here

  • Leyton Falconer
    Leyton Falconer Month ago +1

    Anyone wanna game on Xbox ?

    EXE VIDEOS Month ago

    I bought silver real Madrid players for 300 ea. Sold them today at 1500 ea... before the event.. they might be 3k + now arent they?

  • ah. shahz
    ah. shahz Month ago

    I packed ucl ter stegen 😁

  • Ruben Marques
    Ruben Marques Month ago +1

    packed UCL mbappe out of a 15k pack lol

  • Jens Nilsson
    Jens Nilsson Month ago

    i packt dembele shod i keep hem and look if he will get an upgrade or sell?

  • Fut Berg
    Fut Berg Month ago

    the UCL cards dont get a boost this year as last year they rendered inform upgrades pointless

    • Fut Berg
      Fut Berg Month ago

      @Richard Smith fair enough mate

    • Richard Smith
      Richard Smith Month ago

      Thought I clicked on someone elses

    • Richard Smith
      Richard Smith Month ago

      Fut Berg I didn’t mean to write no to ur comment

    • Fut Berg
      Fut Berg Month ago

      @Richard Smith well YES, that is the reason

    • Richard Smith
      Richard Smith Month ago

      Fut Berg no

  • #streetsafe 4all
    #streetsafe 4all Month ago

    I got bonnuci and that rare UCL pack

  • frank unodostres
    frank unodostres Month ago +2

    let's go sheffield!

  • Rudtube 123
    Rudtube 123 Month ago

    This promo is stupid I hate it like it’s just an excuse for walkouts to be 85 now ea are scum no other way of putting it

  • Flares HD
    Flares HD Month ago

    Guardiola or Fabinho?

  • Lewis Gaming
    Lewis Gaming Month ago

    Yo I packed ter stegan out of ucl group stages and scream cb in Italian leage