Shawn Mendes - Song For No One (Live from Wonder: The Experience)

  • Published on Dec 5, 2020
  • “Wonder” the album out now
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    I wake up
    A little drunk
    Check my phone
    I'm all alone
    10 missed calls
    A couple texts
    None of them are who I'm looking for
    who I'm looking for yeah
    This is a song for no one
    This is a song for no one
    Get on a plane
    Fly to the most beautiful place you've ever been
    Close my eyes
    Things are better in my dreams
    Cause I'm with someone
    Someone I adore
    This is a song for no one
    I wrote this song for no one
    Yesterday I got pretty drunk
    Said some things that I shouldn't of
    Told you that I really love you
    You did not reciprocate those feelings
    But that's ok I'll be fine anyway
    Ohhh, yeaaaah
    I wrote this song for no one
    I wrote this song
    Whooo, Whooooo, Whooo, Whooooo
    No I wrote this song for no one yeah
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  • iwantchickennuggets
    iwantchickennuggets Year ago +1319

    Shawn is so underrated vocally. I don’t think people realize just how GOOD he is. He’s one of the best male vocalists we have.

    • iwantchickennuggets
      iwantchickennuggets 2 months ago

      @Mary Ann Muñoz I mean VOCALLY underrated. Shawn is not underrated in general. People don’t recognize him for his vocal skills enough. That’s what I mean when I say he’s vocally underrated.

    • Teaser
      Teaser 6 months ago


    • Sukii
      Sukii 7 months ago

      Eh he’s up there but I think brendon urie is

    • Grace S.
      Grace S. 8 months ago

      Best male vocalists in the world! 🌍✨

    • Destiny Youngquist
      Destiny Youngquist 8 months ago

      Agree perfection

  • shartluvr
    shartluvr Year ago +1689

    CAN WE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE TALK ABOUT HIS HIGH NOTES???? literal magic. this man was heaven sent. his talent is undeniable. i will never get over this performance.

    • Aanya Narwal
      Aanya Narwal 3 months ago

      @Flavia Moreira two songs can sound the same, as an immature songwriter I can confidently say that you'll always find similar songs

    • Flavia Moreira
      Flavia Moreira 8 months ago

      plagiarism. The real is admirável gado novo by Zé Ramalho.

    • cinthia ribeiro
      cinthia ribeiro 8 months ago

      Plágio vida de gado

    • audrina lily
      audrina lily Year ago +1

      Yesssssss he can hit them better than me and I'm a 1st soprano 😂

    • Lucero Amar
      Lucero Amar Year ago +3


  • dogie fortun
    dogie fortun Year ago +490

    Is no one gonna talk about how his range has increased since his last album. He used to strain and crack on high notes and here he is belting like no tomorrow. I’m so happy to see the growth emotionally, physically, and vocally.

    • Johnswat1233
      Johnswat1233 Month ago

      I can sing just as high, but yes he's definitely improved his range!

    • Multipurpose
      Multipurpose 3 months ago

      @dogie fortun shawn gives those old vibes. I know, it feels so good. Good ol'days

    • Multipurpose
      Multipurpose 3 months ago

      Incredibly increased

    • 65roses93
      65roses93 4 months ago +2

      Yes! Very much so. He nails those notes now!

  • Crumtrum
    Crumtrum Year ago +1577

    Fun fact : everyone is obsessed with shawn mendes at this point.

    • Multipurpose
      Multipurpose 2 months ago

      @sophiasamanthasteel not TERRIBLE, but yeah, there are many good ones out there

      I AM A HUMAN BEING 3 months ago

      Yeah exactly

    • Kriti Mathur
      Kriti Mathur 9 months ago

      True very true 👍 I love shawn Peter Raul mendes so much 💗

    • Kriti Mathur
      Kriti Mathur 9 months ago

      True very 👍 true

  • Julia Maria Vieira Sampaio

    Pelo amor de Deus, brasileiros, vcs também pensaram que ele ia começar a cantar "Admirável gado novo"? Kkkkkkkk
    Shawnzinho perfeito❤❤❤🇧🇷

    • joão vitor
      joão vitor 15 days ago

      @Pedro Heitor Selvani Santana??

    • Pedro Heitor Selvani Santana
      Pedro Heitor Selvani Santana 15 days ago

      @joão vitor falou o gado do admirável gado novo

      GABRIEL FREITAS 6 months ago

      @José Rodrigo maluco mal caráter kkkk mas se o Zé processa é causa ganha tem nem como negar

      GABRIEL FREITAS 6 months ago +1

      Isso plágio pô , Zé Ramalho ganha fácil o processo kkk

  • Hailey Luongo
    Hailey Luongo Year ago +641

    I can’t believe this is the same guy who sang Life of the party - he’s absolutely amazing

    • Emily Shi
      Emily Shi Year ago +12

      Life of the party is pre good tho

  • Daniel Churchill
    Daniel Churchill Year ago +207

    Shawn Mendes has literally become SO GOOD!!! The passion he has for music is so real!! Can we just take a moment and appreciate the note at 2:46 🤯

    • Yes Yes
      Yes Yes 6 months ago +1


    • Mame Birame Ndiaye
      Mame Birame Ndiaye 8 months ago +2

      Oh god I was having a goosebumps on that note

    • MCucu Zz
      MCucu Zz 10 months ago +2

      Omg ikr the high note 😳😳😳😳👌🏻👌🏻💞💞💞

  • Pierina
    Pierina Year ago +122

    the way the other pop boys COULD NEVER do his high notes or this song live, he's just in another level

    • Ren
      Ren 2 days ago

      @Pierina the netflix documentary/concert is also heavily enhanced, his falsetto is literally robotic in that concert and it isnt a bad thing lol 95% of music is heavily enhanced even while live, considering using auto tune or pitch correction live is really easy and subtle to the ears currently.
      Shawn can sing. He is a awesome singer. But coming to this, or to the netflix concert for his true vocals is just wrong, since both were heavily enhanced to sound "live" at the absolute best. His MTV Unplugged is also enhanced and fine tuned audio wise and other lives like John Mayer's where the light is (2007 btw) is also enhanced. There isnt something wrong about it, but there is a reason to why he hasnt performed this live, he cant hit all of those notes consistenly and its in all of his power to not perform this lol its a pretty stupid song vocally even excluding the high falsettos. He already was in danger with his voice condition back in the Illuminate tour so its all fine.

    • Pierina
      Pierina 2 days ago

      @Ren watch his live Netflix concert, he does more complicated vocals than here while being in constant movement and outsings all the pop boys from the moment but anyway

    • Ren
      Ren 2 days ago

      well of fucking course he cant perform this live either lol, this is very heavily enhanced to match studio quality

    • Sarina S
      Sarina S 4 months ago +1

      EXACTLY. Not only is he insanely talented but he's also so humble and kind, it's hard to believe he's real😭

    • Neil Patrick Mamiit
      Neil Patrick Mamiit Year ago

      yeah folklore for album of the year

  • Natalia Baena
    Natalia Baena Year ago +85

    I can't believe how sweet and strong is this song at the same time. My heart is melting slowly.

  • Rafael Tiburcio
    Rafael Tiburcio 8 months ago +17

    voces que fazem parte dessa massaaaa

  • jj
    jj Year ago +35

    the fact that this is 100x better than the studio version-

  • M
    M Year ago +52

    yall hearing those notes? people been sleeping on his voice forever, one of the best vocalists of our generation i know thats right.

  • Ana Morla
    Ana Morla Year ago +80

    They shot this so beautifully, like a movie ✨

  • Tamyres Rodrigues
    Tamyres Rodrigues Year ago +1

    minha favorita do álbum!!!

  • Jair Arruda
    Jair Arruda Year ago +19

    Shawn se inspirou em música brasileira nessa composição 🇧🇷

    • Letícia Miranda
      Letícia Miranda 5 months ago


    • Mariana Helena
      Mariana Helena 6 months ago

      @Marco Antonio Alves Onde esta que nao achei o nome dele....?

    • Marco Antonio Alves
      Marco Antonio Alves 7 months ago

      @Mayane L S so olhar na descrição que tem os créditos filhote

    • Mayane L S
      Mayane L S 8 months ago +1

      Inspirou para não dizer outra coisa...

    • Iasmin Naiara
      Iasmin Naiara 8 months ago +1

      Parece muito com uma música do Zé Ramalho 🤔

  • LourdesCostaLima Lima

    Amo essa 🎶 🎵 🎼💗🤗🌺voz de ninar🤗💕

  • jennette
    jennette Year ago +1434

    shawn has grown so much and i can’t express how proud i am of him 🥺 also ig i’m first for once

    • jennette
      jennette Year ago +1

      @Laasya S. huh

    • FruitSalad
      FruitSalad Year ago +1

      @Moi Hehe yess same!! except in 2015 I was 11 😂

    • Laasya S.
      Laasya S. Year ago

      Honey you were last

  • Abigail Ramírez Gaitan

    Diosss esto es arte puro.... aprecien que nacieron en el mismo siglo que Shawn, porque para mi esto si es bendición uwu

    • Abigail Ramírez Gaitan
      Abigail Ramírez Gaitan Year ago +1

      @Camila Castañeda Tienes mucha razón, este álbum es súper arte y si, tiene mucha vibra de esa música de antes y pues también de los Beatles ❤

    • Camila Castañeda
      Camila Castañeda Year ago +2

      Jajajajajajajaja yo no soy de la generación de Shawn, pero me encanta su música, en especial esta canción es tan bonita arte puro tiene una mezcla de sonidos que me recuerdan a la maravillosa música que oían mis papás en los 70s pero con su toque moderno me recuerda a un cantante de música romántica español y no se porque a los Beatles, es genial este álbum ♥️♥️♥️♥️😍😍😘

  • Matheus Cardoso
    Matheus Cardoso Month ago +1


  • Jonny Messele
    Jonny Messele Year ago +28

    To be honest, this is pretty much the best song on the planet. Especially this live version. FACT. I don't care what y'all say.

  • Victoria Gabrielle
    Victoria Gabrielle Year ago +1

    Que voz perfeita é essa? Aff, sou completamente apaixonada 🥺❤

  • Eva da mota
    Eva da mota Year ago +1

    OMG! 😭😍😍😍 Apaixonada nessa nova fase.

  • Carmen Machuca
    Carmen Machuca Year ago +3


    • Priyangshu Das
      Priyangshu Das Year ago

      Yes ! Hey I make covers if you'll pls be able to check them out ! I'll be ready delighted to hear your thoughts on it !

  • Jeas_ 088
    Jeas_ 088 Year ago +2

    Su sonrisa al final me da mil años de vida 💗🤧

  • I'm not angry, I'm lonely

    "I wrote this song for no one".. Wow!!
    I feel the passion and emotions in his words.. Shawn is one of the few that knows what real music is about..
    He talks about his feelings and struggles tryna let it all out instead of just making some beats and write some shit down to make money..
    Thank you Shawn Mendes for showing us the real you..

  • Victoria Galeón
    Victoria Galeón Year ago +3

    I loved this🖤

  • Candela Quinteros
    Candela Quinteros Year ago +2

    La mejor presentación lejooos!!!

  • Antonella Veron Correa

    Arte puro, es increíble ver todo lo que creció Shawn en este mundo de la música. Pero por favor APRECIEMOS ESAS VOCALS MÁGICAS!!!!!! Me explota la cabeza el poder de su voz ❤

  • Music Rewind
    Music Rewind Year ago +2

    I love it

  • Naomi Leyva
    Naomi Leyva Year ago +10

    Esta canción es muchísimo mejor en vivo, Shawn es puro arte

  • cinthiia 16
    cinthiia 16 Year ago +2


  • Marina Cardoso
    Marina Cardoso Year ago

    Sua voz toca meu coração.Lindeza!😍😃👏👏👏

  • Anderson Vilca Pimentel

    Como me encanta esta canción LPTM

  • Stella Lippincott
    Stella Lippincott Year ago +7

    Shawn, how can you sing that high !? I have shivers! IT IS BEAUTIFUL! Mendes you make me a happy person, thank you for that!

  • Dayana Costa
    Dayana Costa 8 months ago

    Meu Deus, que performance mais lindaaaa. Arrepiei. Quero muito ver ao vivo. 👏👏👏👏👏👏❤❤❤❤

  • Camila Franco
    Camila Franco Year ago +15

    Shawn es lo mejor que existe! Es talento puro, todos deberían escucharlo💘🤤
    Sobretodo ese falsete! Dios mío, es tan superior ❤️

  • Alice Vlasenko
    Alice Vlasenko Year ago +9

    This song should have more views :))

  • Sham Issa
    Sham Issa Year ago +177

    Shawn has such and angelic voice, like the type of voice I could spend days listening to and never get bored or sick of it

    • ellen
      ellen Year ago +1

      Right?! I love his voice😍

  • albarmy⁷
    albarmy⁷ Year ago +2

    Realmente amo tu voz, es tan hermosa, aquella nota alta que hiciste me dejó impactada ❤️

  • Nacho García
    Nacho García Year ago +2

    Me hizo erizar la piel.

  • Viraj Malhotra
    Viraj Malhotra Year ago +15

    2:46 now that actually gave me goosebumps!

    • eman
      eman Year ago +2


  • Madhusree Bose
    Madhusree Bose Year ago +19

    Wonder is like a fairytale... This guy with just a guitar and an absolute heavenly voice keeps doing wonder❤😫

  • Joe Lu
    Joe Lu Year ago +296

    So proud for Shawn’s growth in these years.

    • Dannielle Lackey
      Dannielle Lackey Year ago +2

      I'm proud of the human race. Ten years ago the internet was full of hate. Artists fan bases weren't budging on sharing the support and love. I used to not read comments because I just got sad. This past year has been rough but the internet has become more kind it seems. I never thought I'd see the day. I love seeing humans supporting other humans. People less concerned with one upping and more in tune with giving credit where it's due and giving yourself that same recognition. Shits beautiful. Sorry for the random comment. Lol. I've been scrolling through the sections and I see nothing but kindness and praise. Lol. Shit makes me happy.

    • Shawnie ßoy
      Shawnie ßoy Year ago +2

      Same here

  • Austin Henrickson
    Austin Henrickson Year ago +2

    Favorite song from the album. Hands down. 🙌🏽 Much respect.

  • Antonella Villacis

    Esta es otra canción increibleeeee!!!! Una de las mejores sin duda❤️❤️❤️

  • Gabriela Gonzalez Gryn

    No me canso de ver sus vídeos, sus canciones siento que como artista en este álbum....floreció,literal,mostrándonos al desnudo su arte a pleno ,en su estado más natural ,nos a entregado su alma en este álbum y nos ha hecho muy feliz ....

  • Mila Alves
    Mila Alves Year ago +3

    Que voz perfeita, a evolução magnífica.

  • Ay Gael
    Ay Gael Year ago +2

    My favorite song

  • Andressa Santos
    Andressa Santos Year ago +3

    I love this song SO MUCH. It's my fav from the album. Everytime I hear it, I just feel things man

  • Vitória Gomes
    Vitória Gomes Year ago +1

    eu sinto uma animação tão grande ouvindo a parte com mais instrumentais dessa música. e os vocais bicho, OS VOCAIS DE SHAWN MENDES CARALHO ESSE HOMEM É SURREAL

  • annebellesmells
    annebellesmells Year ago +6

    Why are people sleeping on this? Damn those vocals!

  • ՏᏆᎡᎬᏀᎪᎡ 91

    True fact: Everyone who listen to this song is getting healed.

    • castlenovelist97
      castlenovelist97 Year ago

      I don't really understand the point of the song? There's no meaning to it at all. Usually songs have some type of meaning.

    • Tessa Vd geest
      Tessa Vd geest Year ago

      Haha true😂♥️

    • some one
      some one Year ago

      I see the same comment everywhere

    • psycho junee
      psycho junee Year ago

      Yes , honestly that heals ,but this will make cry also..🥺

    • im daniiix
      im daniiix Year ago


  • Fernando Ezequiel
    Fernando Ezequiel Year ago +1

    Su registro vocal😱😍😍😍😍

  • Ophélia
    Ophélia Year ago +2

    Brillant ✨❤

  • LourdesCostaLima Lima
    LourdesCostaLima Lima 2 months ago

    Sua voz está linda nessa música/Como é suave e tranquilo🌺🥰💥👑💐🎹🎸🫂

  • Chelsea Calliste
    Chelsea Calliste Year ago +2

    Love this version even better as well as the whole album there's and sense of maturity and vulnerability that you don't see everyday,its truly inspiring Shawn is truly talented and it shows just by how genuine his emotions are when he's in an interview and while performing God sent and heaven bless .♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  • Nohelia Macias
    Nohelia Macias Year ago


  • MarÍa Eugenia Pico MerchÁn

    Amazing masterpiece

    • Davis Lucas
      Davis Lucas Year ago +1

      Thanks for your sincere compliment and love, I’m not complete without you as my Fan 🌹🎻 I have you to be most thankful for 🎻

  • hey aaa
    hey aaa Year ago +6

    His vocals man... He's so incredibly talented

  • Cami Miranda
    Cami Miranda Year ago +2

    Beautiful, perfect, incredible! speechless. This experience was really brilliant, very proud of you!!

  • Alessandra Fortunato
    Alessandra Fortunato 8 months ago +2

    I keep coming back to this album when I want to feel better. Feels like this is his best and most underrated album tho. I don't think people deserve this masterpiece.

  • Zoe lee
    Zoe lee Year ago +5

    He is Legend!!

  • Tamyres Rodrigues

    foi lindo demais!!!❤😭😭

  • albarmy⁷
    albarmy⁷ Year ago +3

    ¡Wow!, ¡Shawn tu voz es hermosas, simplemente perfecta!, Tus notas altas me encantaron, ¡amé esta canción!😲❤️

  • Naraya Starks
    Naraya Starks Year ago +99

    He should make an acoustic version of all the songs on the album and put them on Spotify as an acoustic album

    • Kaoutar Mr
      Kaoutar Mr Year ago +2

      @just a random girl lol yes he did

    • just a random girl lol
      just a random girl lol Year ago +4

      I think that's what he did , I'm not sure though, I think it's called Wonder Deluxe on Spotify

    • Shawnie ßoy
      Shawnie ßoy Year ago +2

      OMG yessss

  • •A U D R I N A•
    •A U D R I N A• Year ago +6

    I don't even know where to begin with this... well I'll start by saying that I listened to the whole album at least 20 times😂 and I just finished watching your documentary. I absolutely love your music so so so so much❤❤❤ you're the sweetest person I've ever seen and your probably not gonna even see this comment but ily💖. I grew up listening to John mayer and had the amazing opportunity to see him in concert at the forum in LA. I'm 13 and I've been listening to him literally since i was born, not even kidding lol. and when I found out he's one of your idols that made me fall in love with your music even more. I saw your live stream together and I still hum to that song he made about Camilla, you, Camilla mendes, and that one store for that game you played haha. My top 3 biggest dreams is to be a songwriter, meet you, and meet John mayer. My fave song from him is slow dancing in a burning room and I was freaking out when you and Camilla sang it in your documentary. I'm probably gonna put this exact comment on all your other videos bc your just that much of an idol to me but I really want you to know how much you and your music mean to me. Oh and 1 more thing! I love Tarzan! He's soooo cute! We just got a puppy too, he turned 7 months old yesterday. Ok I'll stop spamming you now lol. Have a great rest of your day if you see this💕💕💕💕

  • Santiago Rivera
    Santiago Rivera Year ago +4

    His voice is MAGIC! i love it!!!, this is a live like no other one, i'm obsessed

  • Nikita Sarkar
    Nikita Sarkar Year ago +3

    The musicians are as wonderful as shawn and all his songs🥺💕

  • José Rodrigo
    José Rodrigo 8 months ago +1

    "Vocês que fazem parte dessa massa!"
    Nada se cria, tudo se copia.

  • Jenny klarke
    Jenny klarke Year ago +3

    I just want to cry when he hits those high notes. He has a great voice naturally but the work he has put is shows. I get goosebumps

  • mah sccp
    mah sccp Year ago +3

    MEU DEUS DO CÉU! A palavra perfeição já é pouco pra definir esse homem! ❤❤❤

  • Cristina Costa
    Cristina Costa Year ago

    Há os génios e os génios, genialmente, geniais! Obra genial, parabéns.

  • Cinthya Rachel Firmino de Morais

    Vocês que fazem parte dessa massa 🎶

  • Sidney S.
    Sidney S. Year ago +2

    So much talent in this one. This album is a DREAM Shawn!!

  • Jaymieski c:
    Jaymieski c: Year ago +22

    My boyfriend predicted the brilliance of this album we haven’t been too into Shawn recently our idols list has seemed too busy to squeeze in anyone else but he got excited for this album and shit he was right. Might not be everyone’s thing but if you can respect the talent in both his vocals and his poetic lyrics then you have taste 😅

  • juliana
    juliana Year ago +1

    esta canción en vivo es otro nivel

  • luciana azevedo flor


  • Muskaan
    Muskaan Year ago +207

    Someone please give Shawn a Noble Peace Prize - He saved 2020

  • Julissa Encarnación H.

    Qué voz tan hermosa.

  • Valentine N
    Valentine N Year ago +5

    one thing about shawn is that he is going to give an entire performance! one of my favs from the album. i'm so happy he sang this live

  • Jason Amboy
    Jason Amboy Year ago +676

    International fans be like:
    - in bed
    - not in a fullscreen
    - reading comments

    • Sasi Reka
      Sasi Reka Year ago +1

      Yeah!!!! It's true!!!!!

    • katie
      katie Year ago

      @Demi Osinowo oh my gosh. Cooooollll. I would tell the whole house and then probably die from excitement😂 that's awesome for you bro. I love that you thought of me to tell haha

    • katie
      katie Year ago

      @Demi Osinowo oh no ur not disturbing me haha. I was replying to the original comment AND I was upset because I missed the premiere since I was at school. No hate towards you at all :)

    • Lucy Lowe-mains
      Lucy Lowe-mains Year ago


    • Shalini Vats
      Shalini Vats Year ago


  • shir bar on
    shir bar on Year ago +1

    Love this song

  • Samaira Thind
    Samaira Thind Year ago +37

    Shawn's content has been so WONDERful
    Like I genuinely feel for the people who haven't heard him sing♥️

    • 💙Justine Zylla💚
      💙Justine Zylla💚 Year ago +2

      I’m so glad I met my best friend so I could force her to love him!!!!

  • Amanda Karolina S. Dias


  • Sofia G
    Sofia G Year ago +4

    My favorite song on the album BY FAR and one of my favorites of him and of all times tbh

    • Davis Lucas
      Davis Lucas Year ago

      Thanks for your sincere compliment and love, I’m not complete without you as my Fan 🌹🎻 I have you to be most thankful for

  • K
    K Year ago +4

    i really want to hear this live. especially the last part omg.

  • Wanessa Torres
    Wanessa Torres Year ago

    Ele surpreende a gente de uma forma... tô feliz por ele!!

  • Abhishek Ganesh
    Abhishek Ganesh Year ago +3

    One of the finest artist out there right now. A great singer!

  • thefemale animator
    thefemale animator Year ago +2

    His voice in this song is....PERFECTION!!! ❤ Those high notes. Honestly, I enjoyed every minute of this song 🖤 Great job, Shawn 💙💙💙

  • Geoffrey Willemsen
    Geoffrey Willemsen Year ago +2

    This is awesome good job Shawn proud of you

  • Mia Morales
    Mia Morales Year ago +7


  • Gizeh Gonzalez Hernandez

    te amo shawn♥ gracias x existir

  • Lizzy MonGuire
    Lizzy MonGuire Year ago

    Mientras escucho esto me imagino lo que podría ser la gira con este nuevo álbum 😍🙌💙 sí quieroo👉👈 suena tan hermoso

  • Maryuri Ramirez
    Maryuri Ramirez Year ago +1

    Estoy obsesionada con esta canción ❤️

  • Milinakm
    Milinakm Year ago +1

    Beautiful song. Excellent performance. Thank you for sharing your talent!!! 💞

  • Maryanne Carpentieri

    Totally Awesome! I love your beautyful voice! 💙

  • Rachell Graitanabel
    Rachell Graitanabel Year ago +3

    the song and this live version deserve more recognition..

  • Valentine N
    Valentine N Year ago +9

    shawns range is insaaaane!! he has worked so much to perfect his craft for sure! we stan growth

  • Estefanía Mendes
    Estefanía Mendes Year ago +4

    Está canción en serio!! Es un TEMON
    Sin duda alguna shawn estuvo TREMENDO en este álbum. Ame Wonder

  • Rowena Quizon
    Rowena Quizon Year ago +1

    Goose bumps!!! Amazing rendition.