WTF is Mini-DTX? Checking Out the ASUS Crosshair VIII IMPACT!

  • Published on Sep 19, 2019
  • WTF is Mini-DTX? Checking Out the ASUS Crosshair VIII IMPACT!
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Comments • 837

  • Bloodstripe0351
    Bloodstripe0351 Day ago

    Why is this board about $200 more expensive than their X570-I? What is the difference between them that rates the additional price?

  • MairuFrost
    MairuFrost Day ago

    You complain about when they give you a DC. Remember when they didn't give us DC's and you complained too? Well I'm glad I have a offline solution. Am I the only one that relizeses how horrible it is to have only digital releases of things? They stop supporting it I will no later bger be able to get my driver's. Same with games. We have seen this happening now where they stop selling certain he's on steam and once uninstalled you can no longer download and play them.... Pual your being unreasonable and gravely dangouse with your mindset

  • Pc Master Wraith
    Pc Master Wraith 5 days ago

    why r people surprised at getting a cd with drivers? i have built many systems and have needed this disk because most of the time drivers for even the lan connection are not there and you cant even get online without them.


    NOT WORTH IT. you can buy a Z390 MINI ITX mothernboard for heck of a lot less money


    your price is wrong NEWEGG selling that motherboard $650.00

  • Robert Anthony Bermudez

    In your video, the question is not being answered?

  • Brian Howard
    Brian Howard 11 days ago

    Thanks Paul, great review. Love your attention to detail mate! Cheers from Australia

  • rbnhd1976
    rbnhd1976 15 days ago

    Wtf is a crosshair?

  • Tantakugames
    Tantakugames 15 days ago

    this motherboard is basically pointless, the big advantage of mdtx over mitx is having 2 pcie slots...

  • justinlau0129
    justinlau0129 23 days ago

    Will this board fit in the new Antec Striker case?

  • First Name Last Name
    First Name Last Name 23 days ago

    wait it has a laptop ram slot (i know its not wired up correctly but)? why don't we use laptop ram in a desk top? is there some sort of thing that makes the larger sticks better? use laptop size HDD in my computer and it has no issues.

  • BramSLI1
    BramSLI1 24 days ago

    Love Buildzoid! Well done on reaching out to him and getting his take on this board's VRM solution.

  • Roger Skagerström
    Roger Skagerström 24 days ago

    400 is a bit steep - but it IS an innovative product for once :P

  • Glenn S
    Glenn S 24 days ago

    Comes with cd AND coaster? Kind of redundant isn't it?
    Also... Just say "sodimm" like everyone else lol

  • Mindaugas Jocionis
    Mindaugas Jocionis 26 days ago

    i think it's logical size, if you use itx MB, gpu will cover 2 slots space anyway, so why not to use that space for MB components like 2x m.2 ssd's.

  • Tom Payne
    Tom Payne 26 days ago

    Now a nice Board. good to see something different and give us a small form mobo without loosing out much in features! expensive but not if you are building this with a 2080 and 3950x kinda level. Its super Gucci ; D

  • j blue
    j blue 26 days ago

    $400 for a mini say huh ?

  • Dominic Bouchier
    Dominic Bouchier 26 days ago

    So people on TheXvid get paid to recite technical specifications on boxes?

  • Billy Hamlin
    Billy Hamlin 26 days ago

    Technically two coasters, you didn't count the driver CD.

  • Ryan's Random Shop
    Ryan's Random Shop 26 days ago

    I was totally ready to plan on getting this board until i heard the price, $400 damn

  • Thomas Martin
    Thomas Martin 27 days ago

    when will we get thumb drives instead of cd's for drivers

  • Loki Heimdallr
    Loki Heimdallr 27 days ago +1

    Dooode can you sort the volume levels out on your advert, thanks!,, Great vid as always :)

  • H31MU7
    H31MU7 27 days ago

    400USD?! That's got to be the highest price ITX board in existence.

  • Kamen Minkov
    Kamen Minkov 27 days ago

    Does the software still suck?

  • Mvp-AngelOfGod
    Mvp-AngelOfGod 27 days ago

    Like how people are crying about price😂 ROG has always been expensive its a flex thing u poor nerds

    • Tb0n3
      Tb0n3 2 days ago

      What annoys me is that it's the only dtx/itx X570 board with a USB 3.1 header.

  • MoDRun
    MoDRun 27 days ago

    idk why but i just sat throught watching this even tho ill never buy this mobo ???

  • Louis Ouellet
    Louis Ouellet 27 days ago

    Hi Paul,
    To answer your question regarding fixed I/O shield. Many datacenters build servers using consumer grade hardware. Since consumer hardware is now (for the past couple of years) of much greater quality then it used to. This allow datacenters to save some money on some types of servers. Now most datacenters would usually use mainly 1U server cases of even Customs case made in house. Unfortunately, the I/O shield simply wont fit in 1U cases. Since datacenters are the biggest customers for PC manufacturers, manufacturers simply can't ignore them when designing their motherboard. I have seen this first end when I was working in a datacenter.

  • Rodovan Ra
    Rodovan Ra 27 days ago +1

    No tweezers or Swiss army knife with the motherboard ? I am disappointed.

    • Mortys
      Mortys 25 days ago

      But there's a table !

  • Booty Hole Man
    Booty Hole Man 27 days ago

    $400, hah no thanks

  • Jake Whitwell
    Jake Whitwell 28 days ago

    That looks like a really nice board, build something with it.

  • Ali-W7 Ananza
    Ali-W7 Ananza 28 days ago

    That board is 😩 sexual 👌400 is worth if you putting 16 cores. I wonder how compact of a system you could create with this beast.

  • Dylan
    Dylan 28 days ago

    @Paul's Hardware
    I like your videos for gaming desktops and am wondering what or who you might recommend if someone needed a computer that needed to be able to run big database software and some Active X controls that only work with the worst of all the browsers .... IE. That machine does not have to do any 3-D rendering or gaming, solely for business use, think warehousing and biobanking.

  • steve polychronopolis
    steve polychronopolis 28 days ago

    the ON/OFF switch is listed as a "Slow Mode" switch.

  • Anlushac11
    Anlushac11 28 days ago

    Very nice mobo but I think it would fit my Lian Li L-100 mini ITX case.

  • Coalition Gaming
    Coalition Gaming 28 days ago

    Hoping to get a hold of a TU150 case as well, to install my mini itx laptop CPU build into. It looks like such a fantastic case.

  • Brad Yelich
    Brad Yelich 28 days ago +1

    The Driver CD will have the name of the file needed for BIOS recovery: either use the supplied BIOS file, or, rename the BIOS you want to use to this file name. ASUS does provide a "Rename" tool, that will rename any BIOS file to the recovery BIOS file name.

  • xMPLR
    xMPLR 28 days ago

    Hey Paul, do you know the measurements for the backplate mounting holes on the mini-DTX board? I have a small Dell 9220m machine with an i5-4590T (LGA-1150) that I’m using as a Proxmox server, but having a hard time finding aftermarket CPU coolers to support the Dell proprietary board - I hand-measured the backplate mounting holes, and they come out to 85x42mm which looks the same as that mini-DTX board! Just wondering if you could measure that and let me know if you’ve found any CPU coolers that fit?
    Great video as usual :)

  • jacques jvr
    jacques jvr 28 days ago

    Why is the ad so much loader than the video?

  • Youllnever knowmeto
    Youllnever knowmeto 28 days ago

    no paul there is no excuse for a CD. They should include a non-programable flash drive

  • Professional Asshole
    Professional Asshole 28 days ago +1

    insanely expensive tiny board. Even if they say its Quality, this is like buying an overpriced iPhone paying 50% of the cash price for the brand.
    Pretty overpriced and it won't be long when this board becomes obsolete with new CPU's and Mobo's will come out in the future.

    this board is like £380 here new. Whilst you can get something like ASsRock B450M HDV R4.0 brand new for literally £35. And does the same thing. Nothing fancy and it works.

    The amount of money you can save with as example the ASrock one.... holy moly ASUS... get off your high horse...

    There are probably better boards out there that will cost way less than this but still have "Quality".

    ASUS quality is basically ripping your wallets off lmao

  • Nav B0T
    Nav B0T 28 days ago

    No Paul it's USB 3.2 Gen 2x2 Superspeed Megaultrasupergaynamexdxd

  • Justin Su
    Justin Su 28 days ago

    thanks for the vid, you're my new favorite youtuber, your voice is a lot of fun to listen to as well

  • Xander Vice
    Xander Vice 28 days ago

    Honestly, Asus should have just mounted the M.2 ports on the back. The SO.DIMM.2 cards are way too tall, and are just honestly ugly. Plus I don't entirely understand the concept of the back-plate, it's not a GPU, nobody will ever see that plate, and how much performance does that heat-padded heat-pipe add to cooling; mounting the M.2 back there would not only give us more ports, but would also use that space nicely.

    Plus if you water cool this system, that SO.DIMM.2 card is going to interfere with putting the CPU and GPU within the same loop, and with this being a small form-factor board, that's meant to go in small form-factor cases, I do not see anyone using a dual loop in a small case. Using Y fittings might work, for separating GPU and CPU loops but combining back into a single res and rad loop, but I'm skeptical about that functioning properly; plus you'd ideally have a pump per segmented loop, as you don't want one loop flowing back into the other loop. I guess you could use a couple of AIO loops, but then you're just wasting space doing that, when you could have a single open loop with a single radiator.

  • Robin Porter
    Robin Porter 28 days ago +2

    "Fitting comfortably is also somewhat important."
    That's what she said...

  • Arick Reifenstal
    Arick Reifenstal 28 days ago

    $400? wow! $200 hmm maybe, $100 definitely!

  • Stratos
    Stratos 28 days ago +1

    Yes. I missed mini-dtx for so long, although this one is still missing second pci-e connector.

  • Arctic Fox
    Arctic Fox 28 days ago

    why are motherboards shipping discs, wouldn't it be better if they started shipping usbs instead

  • Bryce Sweeney
    Bryce Sweeney 29 days ago

    Lian li water cooling upgraded build follow up?🤔

  • CowsGo Moo
    CowsGo Moo 29 days ago

    Hey Paul new sub, I'm looking to building a pc for a few sim games but would like to it as cost effectively as possible. Looking at an apu set up with a Ryzen 3 or an equivalent to a gtx450 Fx card ( recommended by the more graphics intensive game). Would this be a good motherboard for the AMD apu set up? Thanks for any help look forward to more vids.

  • BFGmaster
    BFGmaster 29 days ago

    Hey Paul ive been saving money for a gaming budget PC for around a year and the main components I need your opinion on is a 2400g and a gtx1650 I think the gfx card is either 4gb or 8gb. Is this a good combo for a budget build?

  • Scenic Idaho Daily Time Lapse

    Asinine over priced MB looking to solve a non-existent problem. 10 years from now this MB will be in computer hardware videos "remember when ASUS thought this would be a good idea"

  • Jossue Munoz
    Jossue Munoz 29 days ago +1

    Hey Paul! I've been waiting for this board and was wondering if the riser board for the m.2 drives gets in the way of using a be quiet! dark rock pro 4 cooler.

  • Skilled Loaf
    Skilled Loaf 29 days ago

    Can I buy just the coaster?
    lol, 2019 and they still send a CD

  • Jershwuh
    Jershwuh 29 days ago

    Dyslexia is a joy. Mini-DTF motherboards eh?

  • Willy Souza
    Willy Souza 29 days ago

    Sexy as fuck!

  • Rustolamite
    Rustolamite 29 days ago

    You made fun of the Mobo CD but if windows 10 doesn't have a default network driver how are you supposed to get online to download the drivers from Asus

  • Marc Concepcion
    Marc Concepcion 29 days ago

    Question: are we at a point in technological advancement where it's actually cheaper to throw in at least a USB2 thumb drive with the motherboard instead of a CD? Perhaps it's still cheaper to keep the CD stamping factories in operation than it would be to re-purpose those factories to just 3D print Flash cards?

    • Marc Concepcion
      Marc Concepcion 29 days ago

      And the follow-up question: while we're all about keeping things compact with mini-DTX hardware, wouldn't it just suit the theme of compactness to just throw in at least a full-size SDHC card, especially since a lot of modern cases come with a multi-card slot? I don't know...I'm assuming too much.

  • lestliness
    lestliness 29 days ago

    $400 bucks though. Why are all these boards with PCie 4 slots so damn expensive? I hope this is not the new norm.

  • lucas carter
    lucas carter 29 days ago

    Was really impressed... Until the price, made me choke on food. (lame m.2. too)

  • Erik Leknessund
    Erik Leknessund 29 days ago

    I love this video. Im learning a lot.