Youtuber Faked His Death

  • Published on Jan 14, 2022
  • This is the greatest big prank of All Time
    I stream every day
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  • William Thornton-Grimes
    William Thornton-Grimes 4 months ago +23046

    what a cool and fun prank nothing can ever go wrong doing stuff like this

    • CoreyVGC
      CoreyVGC 5 days ago

      @Mbita Acoustic Guitar L + Ratio

    • BlueRipper15
      BlueRipper15 3 months ago

      Next thing you know fans in the comments saying they'll be joining him

    • The Sensational Skater
      The Sensational Skater 3 months ago

      @Queef Chief kinda rude

    • Soren Jensen
      Soren Jensen 3 months ago

      @The Sensational Skater maybe think on it a bit more, you might figure it out...

    • Maxwell Peter
      Maxwell Peter 3 months ago

      @William Thornton-Grimes I sense sarcasm within you sir

  • freakyanimegal8
    freakyanimegal8 Month ago +100

    This actually did me some good, I struggle with suicidal thoughts and this was so insulting in going to stay alive out of spite

    • Joseph Smith
      Joseph Smith 8 days ago +12

      I hope you're doing well and know that people care about you

  • gylfi
    gylfi 4 months ago +931

    See faking a death is one thing, but the real crime here is the acting.

  • carnivault
    carnivault 4 months ago +1887

    the camera guy having to explain what being dead means while Lucus calmly suggests checking Marcus’ room is such a compelling scene. the cognitive dissonance really displays his immediate shock and denial. i was on the edge of my seat.

    • Orange Is My Favorite Color
      Orange Is My Favorite Color Month ago +4

      @P K “The state of having inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes, especially as relating to behavioral decisions and attitude change.”

    • ThatOneRobloxGuy
      ThatOneRobloxGuy 2 months ago +1

      Same bro.

    • •That's Rough Buddy•
      •That's Rough Buddy• 2 months ago +1

      @P K Google it.

    • P K
      P K 3 months ago +2

      what does cognitive dissonance mean pls tell me

    • Macaw Web
      Macaw Web 3 months ago +5

      i’m glad a fellow intellectual understands

  • madi renae
    madi renae 3 months ago +383

    I lost my older sister due to suicide and seeing this boils my blood and this is genuinely so disgusting what made them think this is ok?

    • josebalto omarnilson
      josebalto omarnilson 24 days ago +3

      yeah, i lost my best friend the same way and i actually feel so fucking angry watching this video, its something you never really get over

    • Shreayyy
      Shreayyy 3 months ago +31

      I’m so sorry for your loss. And you’re right, these people are downplaying the seriousness of mental issues

  • Orb1tx
    Orb1tx 4 months ago +9559

    Whenever you feel bad about yourself just remember that there are people like these out there

    • Jason Xie
      Jason Xie 3 months ago

      It’s not even a good act remotely.

    • johnny cage
      johnny cage 3 months ago


    • Ian Flanders
      Ian Flanders 4 months ago

      @Silveres Silver It's not really about being smart. It's about being willing to sell your soul for Internet clout.


      And making millions of dollars yearly

    • blacc_swan28
      blacc_swan28 4 months ago

      thank you for this 😭

  • Glen Coco
    Glen Coco 4 months ago +503

    the fact they were willing to do this not only for ‘views’ but scare their genuinely caring audience of children makes me so angry. they way they’ve literally just gone back to regular ‘content creating’ is fucked up

    • Ian Flanders
      Ian Flanders 4 months ago +26

      Can it really be called "content" when there's no substance to it?

  • Erik Sanchez
    Erik Sanchez 3 months ago +228

    “How do you write a letter if he’s dead?” This man needs to become a detective, because that is some God teir deductive powers right there

  • Use your mouth if you wanna clean it

    Makes me infuriated. You know how many mothers a day go “lemme see if he’s in his room” and see their kid Fucking hanging from their ceiling? And they’re using that for views.

  • MonarchsFactory
    MonarchsFactory 4 months ago +68

    "What up? I'm Jared, I'm 19, and I never fuckin learned how to read" but if it was the Blair Witch Project

  • XarXar69
    XarXar69 4 months ago +5356

    My brother attempted suicide and i remember when i read his note i was so frantic in finding him and my heart felt like it was gonna explode, losing your family member to something like this is no joke, its not a prank, the pain is very real and seeing them take it so lightly makes me sick

    • Chad Luis
      Chad Luis Day ago

      Deadass. Death really is no joke not even something to just look over. It’s easy to not feel anything when it’s not a friend or loved one, but bro.. when you have ppl going through suicide it’s some serious shit. Weighs heavy on your soul. I would know because I had a friend, she was suicidal. Got her thru it. But shit makes me sad she even thought of doing that and the shit she tried made me sick as well. Smh

    • Renoia
      Renoia 6 days ago

      Sorry you had to go through that. I hope you were able to show him how much he means to you and help him find the strength to continue this life.

    • AnimeWeeb
      AnimeWeeb 17 days ago +1

      Same,faking that is evil,it’s very serious,hope you guys are doing better

    • MassivePonyFan
      MassivePonyFan 23 days ago +1

      Many a time I have thought about suicide. I guess I never really thought about who'd find me.

    • Pokichu
      Pokichu Month ago

      I’m sorry

  • Squirrel
    Squirrel 4 months ago +121

    The way those guys read, act, and speak infuriates me. These are the kids in school who flunked on everything, had an easy school life, and are now having an easy adult life, just cause they understood the algorithm.

    • Squirrel
      Squirrel 24 days ago

      @Fireball Flareblitz don't doubt yourself, mate

    • Fireball Flareblitz
      Fireball Flareblitz 24 days ago +1

      @Squirrel Again, sadly, only marginally more mature

    • Squirrel
      Squirrel 25 days ago +1

      @Fireball Flareblitz I have this gut feeling that you're infinitely more mature than your sibling

    • Fireball Flareblitz
      Fireball Flareblitz 25 days ago +1

      Sadly, that's my own brother

  • Rachel Crites
    Rachel Crites 3 months ago +26

    It blows my mind that they filmed this entire thing, watched it back, edited it, and then still said "yeah, this is the content we need on our channel"

  • itachi solos
    itachi solos 13 days ago +3

    as someone who lost a near and dear friend of mine to suicide 2 years ago, i still fail to understand what one can profit off of pretending someone died. sickening fr

  • Richen
    Richen 3 months ago +32

    Imagine being a parent and walking in on your little child crying their heart out in front of the screen and when you ask them what’s wrong they tell you “it was just a suicide prank” I’d light every screen in the house on fire

  • Qwaysadilla
    Qwaysadilla 4 months ago +22

    I've had two friends take their own lives and the emotions that come along with losing someone you love, especially to something like that, are indescribable. For someone to think "Ah, sick, this will get me so many views," they have to be so fucking detatched from reality. Sometimes I think that society doesn't surprise me anymore, but then shit like this keeps happening.

  • GippyHappy
    GippyHappy 4 months ago +28

    It’s kind of creepy that he can’t draw on any emotion whatsoever. Like I joke with my friends “what would you say for my eulogy?” They get upset and are like “don’t say that, I’m gonna cry!”
    Yet this dude is straight up reading a fake suicide note for his TWIN BROTHER and appears to be…bored. He’s so bad at acting he can’t even be a little sad on accident.

  • izzzy
    izzzy 4 months ago +73

    the only way they can entertain their audience is by literally dying. I think that says a lot on its own lmao

  • Michelle Marie
    Michelle Marie 3 months ago +15

    how delusional and out of place do you have to be to genuinely believe there’s nothing wrong with joking about taking your own life, it’s not even something of “i lost someone i love so i know it’s not ok” type situation, it’s common decency and basic respect. absolutely disgusting.

  • DigbyTheGoat
    DigbyTheGoat 4 months ago +8221

    Was getting ready to see which dead youtuber was about to come back to life

  • Anje Tait
    Anje Tait Month ago +6

    Imagine actually going through this scenario, losing a loved one due to suicide and going through all of that pain and loss. Then watching a video where someone uses suicide to make money. Disgusting.

  • Aidan Lawson
    Aidan Lawson 4 months ago +32

    9:22 I love how that dude is just smiling as if he has been waiting for his death for years, and now he may finally usurp the throne.

  • BaileyJ
    BaileyJ 4 months ago +21

    This is just so unbelievably messed up. I have a twin and just thinking about something like this happening irl makes me a bit upset. Truly disgusting that these morons think that this is good content

  • beastontheblock
    beastontheblock 3 months ago +12

    I couldn’t stop laughing at how bad they are at reading😂😂

  • Combustible Lemon
    Combustible Lemon 4 months ago +2886

    I'm 100% convinced that these kinds of people are cloned in a massive facility and shipped out to the public. Don't tell me it's just a coincidence that they all look, act, and think the same.

    • Ms. Keke
      Ms. Keke 6 days ago

      Humanity in a nutshell lmfao

    • M D
      M D 11 days ago

      It's easier to clone medications in a mass facility and ship those pills out to the public and turn them all into these. You save SO MUCH on shipping.

    • Keren Pooh
      Keren Pooh 2 months ago

      Good point

    • Xirnatts
      Xirnatts 2 months ago +2

      @Demon Slayer TikTok is the answer you're looking from. You become very much alike when you consume the same content for 4 hours straight every single day.

    • RazbearRae
      RazbearRae 2 months ago

      @UJustGotGamed They spawn and their opening sentence is “Oh, man! I think it’s time we commit today!”

  • BinterWinterBoyII
    BinterWinterBoyII 4 months ago +5

    As an older brother struggling with severe depression the palpable raw emotions seeping from Lucas (?) is breathtaking, really brings it all into perspective and the bravery in these children for taking on such deep subject matter with such sensitivity honestly gives me such hope for humanity
    (This was legit a trend? What the fuck)

  • Syd Rain
    Syd Rain 4 months ago +10

    My good friend committed in 2017 when we were only 15. I know this is some dumb video but when he was “looking for” his brother, I was so ready for him to find his body in his room or something. Just out of sheer trauma from my friend being found in her room dead. Not only is this content beyond cancerous, but it’s also disturbing and distasteful. Ick.

  • Karuken
    Karuken 3 months ago +5

    I remember watching Etika's final livestream as it happened. It's such a shame this shit happens - really spits in the face of genuine people that need help.

  • niddg viiut
    niddg viiut 4 months ago +11

    I started choking on my quesadilla when the Backyard Surprise was revealed. I think we should give these guys' big brains a chance, they're clearly comedic geniuses.

  • piratequeen
    piratequeen 4 months ago +13

    Real people have gone through this tragedy and people who think "how fking funny would it be to trick people into thinking this happened" have something wrong with them.

  • Captain Cunt
    Captain Cunt 3 months ago +2

    As somebody who actually lost the best older brother life could’ve given, this is fucking sickening. I hate this with every fiber of my being.

  • ok
    ok 3 months ago +6

    I have literally had to untie someone down from the ceiling to save them and in a different instance frantically look around for a family member who nearly ended it.
    i think suicide jokes are fine but when it comes to suicide pranks that shit is just traumatising

  • The epic Gamer
    The epic Gamer 4 months ago +1

    I couldn't stop crying, I spilled milk all over my dipper. I was so afraid Marcus got banished to the shadow realm. "while shaking my first to the sky" Give him back God, we need Marcus on this earth.
    Damn they really got me, best pranksters.

  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    Perfect evidence right here that so many content creators are willing to do such scummy things to get people to click on their stuff, and aren't being punished for it

    • hales
      hales Month ago +1

      Yeah it's real disturbing tbh

    • Phil Carpenter
      Phil Carpenter 2 months ago

      The only punishment is to stop clicking lmao

    • polarbearwilliam
      polarbearwilliam 2 months ago


    • Goessy
      Goessy 2 months ago

      For real

  • Roxyy
    Roxyy 3 months ago +6

    one of my bestfriends is in a battle with depression, they have tried suicide 3 times in 6 months. Seeing shitty people who would use these cases for clout enfuriates me the most. I hope nothing but peace to the poor souls who died too soon.

  • B
    B 3 months ago +3

    I lost one of my father figure to suicide. Seeing this video makes me extremely upset, I’m very disappoint in thid… This is scummy bullshit 🙁

  • Graeme Stone
    Graeme Stone 8 days ago +2

    there was kid who suicided at my school even though i didnt know him just the fact that someone there was never coming back was terrible for those who didnt even know him it is incredibly inapropriate for the dobre brothers to do this i honestly dont understand why they havent been canceled.

  • I can't wait
    I can't wait 4 months ago +2

    I have been missing these videos when you take us through the cringe part of youtube. I love it and I wish you would do it more often! :)

  • SM135
    SM135 4 months ago +4187

    This literally feels like a parody of how far creators will go for content, just, wow.

    • ThatOneWhiteGirl
      ThatOneWhiteGirl 3 months ago

      @Bangedurmom I didn't put them there, I simply got it off the internet and found it adorable

    • MF
      MF 4 months ago

      Logan Paul really set the bar high but at this point, i'm not surprised at this point

    • Micah Cook
      Micah Cook 4 months ago

      Not to mention, 5-8 year olds watch them lol

    • deadpool
      deadpool 4 months ago

      @Jed Haydney in that sentence, when they say that they're referring to how strong the feeling is, otherwise it would be "This is literally a parody"

  • JohnnyTheN!ggã
    JohnnyTheN!ggã 4 months ago +7

    I love how Charlie is acting like a master detective after playing L.A Noire

  • Heteri
    Heteri 4 months ago +3

    As a person who has attempted suicide, this makes me sick to my stomach that people can be this disgusting and still have supporters.

    • Main
      Main 4 months ago

      I'm incredibly sorry to hear that, hope you're doing better💚

  • Zara Cruse
    Zara Cruse 4 months ago +1

    Your commentary is just amazing 💙

  • puntin princess
    puntin princess 5 hours ago

    I just wanted to prank my family that love me and care about me, i thought itvwould be HILARIOUS if i made them think i committed suicide, became that is such a huge joking matter....lmao! WTF IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE WITH FAKING DEATH, KARMA IS GONNA GET THEM BAD!

  • Ruka Sakura
    Ruka Sakura 4 months ago +7535

    Come on. Faking a death is low, but faking someone ending their own life is absolutely abhorrent.
    It spits in the face of people who actually suffer from these things.

      TERRI JOHNSON 4 months ago +1

      Right. Lost a sibling to this 4 months ago. Luckily this didn’t trigger me too badly but I’m still furious. Like this is not a joke despite disgusting losers making light of it. It hurts!

    • LocalExtremist
      LocalExtremist 4 months ago

      I did the first thing and i feel so horrible for doing it to get away from shit. I regret losing my best friend due to me faking my death

    • Tweeny ゆうたお Twinkies
      Tweeny ゆうたお Twinkies 4 months ago

      @Milton Lopez suicide is someone taking THEIR OWN life either from mental illness or from pressure of issues they had in their life.
      Someone dying can be of old age, sickness or factors that aren’t in their choice.
      Its not easy convincing your own brains self preservation that you have to harm yourself, thats the severity of suicide.

  • Coast
    Coast 2 months ago +1

    This was already sick and the filming, the tombstone.. everything about this makes me want to slam my head into a wall

  • XChara
    XChara Month ago +3

    *Seriously though, who the fuck would joke about these things? This is a real and major problem, can't believe idiots would use it for views- disgusting*

  • I wanted to know their names... now I'm an ARMY

    I used to watch their vids when i was like really young but somehow drifted away from their channel, which I am happy about now since it is NOT ok to make a joke of someone committing suicide bc it's something not to mess around with since people have done it and it's sad.

  • no face
    no face 3 months ago +3

    To be fair to the kids who believed it, I could have been convinced this was real, this two have no emotional capacity and their audience knows it. If one of them DID commit a non-alive, I bet that's exactly how it would go down

  • Thelema
    Thelema 4 months ago +7565

    It's incredible how detached from reality some people actually are.

    • I wanted to know their names... now I'm an ARMY
      I wanted to know their names... now I'm an ARMY 4 months ago

      @mydogeatspuke ha thats true😭

    • mydogeatspuke
      mydogeatspuke 4 months ago

      @I wanted to know their names... now I'm an ARMY why? They're rich, and I suppose good-looking by society's standards. You definitely don't need to be smart or even able to read to get a girlfriend lol

    • I wanted to know their names... now I'm an ARMY
      I wanted to know their names... now I'm an ARMY 4 months ago

      im suprised they got gfriends

    • mydogeatspuke
      mydogeatspuke 4 months ago

      @LordTourettes anything under 25 is a kid. Developmentally. The law allowing kids to vote doesn't mean they're not still kids.

    • GoHabs 89
      GoHabs 89 4 months ago +1

      @LordTourettes Hopefully your L doesn’t affect you too much. Sorry for your loss, thoughts and prayers 🙏

  • Ryan Nehse
    Ryan Nehse 4 months ago +1

    Despicable stuff, really, but the most painful part is listening to these guys read. Wow, just wow.

  • kal_skata
    kal_skata 3 months ago +1

    as someone who has actually had to go through stuff this this with both myself and multiple friends, this type of shit enrages me so much. it’s so insensitive towards suicide survivors/people who have actually dealt with suicidal thoughts, and to anyone who has actually had to go through the pain of someone they love committing. the fact that kids channels like this actually make this kind of content, and the fact that people watch these videos and enjoy them, is so disgusting to me. clickbaiting such a serious topic is so rude. i genuinely don’t understand why anyone would ever think of making a video like this, but sadly here we are.

  • Kazzie Bolaños
    Kazzie Bolaños 3 months ago +6

    I've never seen their content before but for writing the letter themselves, he reads it so fucking slowly

  • Lola Taiwo
    Lola Taiwo 4 months ago +1

    I love you charlie and your videos but I couldn't finish this video, not because of you but because of these mf's who think it's funny to joke about death and suicide. I have friends who've struggled with depression and suicide and to even think about this makes me so sick let alone joke about it.

  • Emma Flora
    Emma Flora 4 months ago +6080

    As a person who had their twin commit suicide almost 18 years ago, this boils my blood so fucking much.

    • net
      net 3 months ago

      @DKOI what is this, fifth grade? I have more friends than you! No I have more friends than you

    • DKOI
      DKOI 3 months ago +1

      @net I can tell you don't have many friends.

    • Alex Rüger
      Alex Rüger 3 months ago +1

      @Camping Comrade i do

    • net
      net 3 months ago

      @Megan Branum if in the 49% chance you don't kick the bucket in the next few years I will help you find it

    • Megan Branum
      Megan Branum 3 months ago +3

      @net Aww, that’s cute.., but I can’t seem to find the fuck that I give…

  • justin tyme
    justin tyme 3 months ago +3

    I'm suprised he didn't start helping them looking for himself and they still not know what happened to him

  • SevenIsALetter
    SevenIsALetter 4 months ago +2

    on the edge of my seat the whole video, wow, round of applause!

  • bronxgirl712
    bronxgirl712 3 days ago

    Boy reads like he's remedial, bless him 😂

  • Me like Doggos
    Me like Doggos 3 months ago

    The way they read the sucide note from Marcus sounds exactly how I read when I'm force to read in class. This shit is fucking bonkers. This is what people should focus on when "cancelling" someone. Not shit people have done or said in the past. Content creators who are currently doing shit like this for clicks and views

  • brian sanchez
    brian sanchez 4 months ago +7563

    These guys prove that you don't need a single drop of personality or characharacter to get big. Even Patrick's pet rock can become a big youtuber

    • J
      J 3 months ago

      You don’t

    • Normal Human
      Normal Human 3 months ago

      I want to see Rocky’s TheXvid channel

    • Have a great Day
      Have a great Day 4 months ago

      Or looks.

    • Javarius javar Lamarius Lamar
      Javarius javar Lamarius Lamar 4 months ago

      no Patrick’s rock slander will be tolerated

    • SilverSoulKen
      SilverSoulKen 4 months ago

      Last time I checked Patrick’s rock won a whole snail race, fuck these guys ever done compared to that? 😤

  • Aynimator
    Aynimator 4 months ago +1

    Just imagine if a kid saw that video and decided to pull such a wonderful and well thought "prank".
    "But mom my idol, Marcus, did it!!!"
    Wonderful influence.

  • alevtina dul
    alevtina dul 4 months ago +4

    as someone who struggles with unaliving lol this is really cringy to watch

  • Ketchum’s Shop
    Ketchum’s Shop 29 days ago +1

    10:00 “If my brother left me, I’d be freaking out” Definitely doesn’t sound like he is misspeaking! That’s definitely not his bro. Lol I thought the same shit! Lol.

  • Natacha Costa
    Natacha Costa 3 months ago

    i like how he already looks devastated from the beggining of the video when supposedly they dont know whats going on

  • Blue Jay Jenna
    Blue Jay Jenna 4 months ago +2049

    These guys have clearly never lost a loved one to suicide. Really shows how ignorant and sheltered they are

    • Punishment and Warcrime are the same
      Punishment and Warcrime are the same 4 months ago +1

      I have children under the age of 20 ages 16, 17 and 19 and I don't want them to watch the dobre brothers anymore!!!

    • Ombric Shalazar
      Ombric Shalazar 4 months ago

      perhaps we can change that

      TERRI JOHNSON 4 months ago +1

      They’ve probably never lost anyone. So easy for people to make this a joke when you have all your loved ones.

    • Canned Can
      Canned Can 4 months ago +2

      I mean most people haven't, but we can still have empathy and realize this is not funny and absolutely deplorable, they are just absolute scumbags.

    • Ashley
      Ashley 4 months ago

      I've never seen any of their content before but from these clips they don't strike me as people who would really be affected if they lost a loved one like this. They'd probably be struggling to hid their glee because they'd just be seeing how much sympathy and likes they'd get.

  • I am Toast
    I am Toast 3 months ago +1

    i actually attempted a few weeks ago and got some pretty serious brain damage from it. i’m so glad to hear about this lovely money grab

  • Elliot ._.
    Elliot ._. 4 months ago +2

    As someone who has actually experienced a prank like this. I did cry aswell. And the other person got dragged into it against their will. Asshole…
    And this just. Makes me so mad that people still do this till this day

  • Lorenzo Hide
    Lorenzo Hide 3 months ago +1

    i normally think it’s really cruel to say describe something as “brain dead”. but i literally can’t think of a better adjective for their content. i understand their fans might have other interests but charlie’s right they have a young fan base. it’s just worrying that they’re regularly watching these mindless, droning kids

  • Bluewulf
    Bluewulf 4 months ago +4

    Dammit Charlie you are like commercials in a movie of this cinematic masterpiece. You are interrupting my experience.

  • Twiejk
    Twiejk 4 months ago

    I'm so glad we cant see the dislikes on this video. imagine scumbags being exposed before people watch it. CROINNNGE

  • Étienne Doré
    Étienne Doré Month ago +1

    They’re such incredible detectives they should be called the Scooby Doobrey Brothers

  • Bologna
    Bologna 3 months ago

    As someone who hasn’t lost anyone close yet, even I’m sane enough to know not to fuck around like this.

  • -
    - 4 months ago +3

    i’m sry but the pan to the party city gravestone half-heartedly stuck into the ground got me 😭

  • NoFleepash
    NoFleepash 4 months ago +10396

    I like how Charlie used the shadow realm joke just to flex his biceps. Sneaky.

    • alissa 420
      alissa 420 Month ago


    • SentinalSlice
      SentinalSlice Month ago

      I was looking for it after this comment.

    • Brownie
      Brownie Month ago

      Yea dude he looks skinny asf but when he flexes he actually does have some meaty biceps

    • absolutelyuseless
      absolutelyuseless Month ago

      All he does is bicep curls lmao

    • Ray Preseau
      Ray Preseau Month ago

      @leonardo lavado some people are born that way. Cut to pieces, and havent lifted anything heavier than a backpack full of star wars guys in their lives.

  • Hecate Aurelia
    Hecate Aurelia 4 months ago +2

    Damn. And I used to watch them too. Seriously enraging considering they did this and so many people have lost family and friends due to suicide, and the fact that this also hit home is personally awful.

    • Hecate Aurelia
      Hecate Aurelia 4 months ago

      @Heelspurr and I said used to. As in a long time ago when they were just a page for backflips and gymnastics

    • Hecate Aurelia
      Hecate Aurelia 4 months ago

      @Heelspurr uhh dude I'm 15

    • Heelspurr
      Heelspurr 4 months ago

      You look too grown to be watching their content… are you ok?

  • emma wells
    emma wells 2 months ago

    as someone who has known people who have taken their lives, and someone who has been in very dark spots, this video makes me so fucking sick. i always knew those kids were goofy content creators, but i thought they were just kinda weird, nothing else to it. but no, they are truly evil and this is vile

  • On The Stage
    On The Stage 3 months ago +1

    If you actually watch their content it’s overly obvious it was a prank ☹️

  • Alex Turners Microphone
    Alex Turners Microphone  4 months ago +3

    “How can he write a letter if he’s dead?”
    *dear god*

  • Bill Pickle The Cat
    Bill Pickle The Cat 4 months ago +4879

    My brother took his life a few years ago. Nothing will be able to take that guilt and grief away from me. The fact that anybody would stretch things so far to receive clout is disgusting

    • Unknown
      Unknown Month ago

      I'm sorry to hear that, stay strong❤️

    • Elyse Goyette
      Elyse Goyette Month ago

      Much love to you ❤

    • Yes
      Yes Month ago

      @Lemony Water start with dimethyl mercury. I say no more

    • Lemony Water
      Lemony Water Month ago

      @Yes Could you elaborate? I've never heard anything about this. What compounds are you talking about?

  • Tristan Dons
    Tristan Dons 4 months ago

    The fact you’ve watched so many videos and we’re not the ones mourning you is truly a miracle

  • Myst_ Desendant
    Myst_ Desendant 4 months ago

    He deserves an award for the wonderful acting

  • Rimuru-sama
    Rimuru-sama 4 months ago

    I suffer from alot of depression but I couldn't stop laughing at how absurd this is😂 mostly cause people thought it was real😭 I've seen better acting in most porn😂

  • Pauline Fontilara
    Pauline Fontilara 4 months ago +2

    When we look back at this, it looks completly fake and cringe💀

  • Jordan Pera
    Jordan Pera 4 months ago +3745

    THIS MAN DID NOT JUST SAY "How did he write a letter if he's dead?" BRO THAT SHIT HAD ME DEAD OMFG

    • Chunk Stanley
      Chunk Stanley 3 months ago

      @SensationStars no shit

    • SensationStars
      SensationStars 3 months ago

      @Chunk Stanley No, the person writes the letters and then does the "thing".

    • DynoGamerGurl
      DynoGamerGurl 3 months ago

      Ikr like wtf 🤣🤣

  • Azazel
    Azazel Month ago +2

    Omg what if some kids replicated the joke, think about their parents' stress

  • Mo-hammad Abunaser
    Mo-hammad Abunaser 4 months ago +1

    I like how this dude has 4+ billion views, more than double the Dobre brothers, but he seems to be living a way more humble lifestyle to stay relatable

  • LonesomeZekrom
    LonesomeZekrom 4 months ago

    This is why Charlie is an actor, a freaking Legend

  • AdultOnEdge
    AdultOnEdge 4 months ago

    is it just me or is charlie really showing how well he's doing working out cause look at those guns bro! Charile is looking more alpha, maybe its from defeating the other Moist and absorbed their energy

  • 420TimeToBlazeIT
    420TimeToBlazeIT 4 months ago +7303

    Every single time I see Charlie make fun of these goofy goobers I feel so much better about myself

    • deadpool
      deadpool 4 months ago

      @Quandale Dingle yep, big brain time

    • Quandale Dingle
      Quandale Dingle 4 months ago

      @deadpool 😐

    • Thegreenberretwearingbrony gaming
      Thegreenberretwearingbrony gaming 4 months ago

      @Mbita Acoustic Guitar stop begging ffs

    • deadpool
      deadpool 4 months ago

      @Xx_SomeSceneCath0lic_xX porn industry evil? Literally every other industry in the world has it evil side, stop crying about it

  • Liamking
    Liamking 3 months ago +3

    0:55 nah how’s he just flexing his muscle

  • Turglayfopa
    Turglayfopa 4 months ago +5

    "If it was my brother I'd be freaking out"
    "I know, I am" *continues to try to figure out how feelings looks like*

  • Devin Den Adel
    Devin Den Adel 3 months ago +2

    All around 8:54 I was laughing so hard lmao

  • Khanabis420
    Khanabis420 4 months ago +1

    as someone whos attempted suicide before and battles thoughts daily, wow. ppl will literally do ANYTHING for clout. this is fukd man wowowow

  • The Caustic Gamer
    The Caustic Gamer 4 months ago +5760

    It is *genuinely impressive* that Charlie has more emotion and charisma than Lucas, who is reading a _suicide_ letter...

    • kaylee marie
      kaylee marie 3 months ago

      @Existential Crisis wdym

    • Existential Crisis
      Existential Crisis 3 months ago +1

      Wtf even is this comments section?

    • A Cat
      A Cat 3 months ago +1

      @Khamerien Gibson i thought you tagged me lol

    • ObjectivelyLonely
      ObjectivelyLonely 3 months ago +2

      @Freedom Of Content,KillUrselfCommunist,DeathToEvil wdym ban movies where actors pretend to suicide? The only movies that normally do that where the character is pretending to die are action movies which such impressionable people shouldn't be watching anyway. Also banning things from movies because people might do them is one of the dumbest things I've heard. Its the parents jobs to make sure their kid doesn't seen things they might get influenced by not the movie industry

    • SlyHikari03
      SlyHikari03 4 months ago

      @What’s it To Ya? yeah.
      I kinda miss that.

  • LShane
    LShane 3 months ago +4

    3:59 my man almost slipped and said
    "I will see you soon"

  • Cyrus K
    Cyrus K 3 months ago +2

    Do you know how difficult it is to *actually* fake your death?

  • Worlds worst animations

    Bro Charlie with that impression was probably the best thing I’ve seen all day

  • M B
    M B 4 months ago +7

    There is no such thing as a “death prank”. There is only a Death LIE. Only in this country are kids so entitled that death is viewed entertainment content. Feels sinful af.

  • BuzzyProton
    BuzzyProton 4 months ago +1384

    Even if it is staged, filming someone reading a sucide note is fucked up

      SERGHOST_ PH 4 months ago

      @Zaid Syed no one cares 8 year old

    • BuzzyProton
      BuzzyProton 4 months ago

      @Dayve Stewert why is that relevant?

    • The Glorious Lobster Emperor
      The Glorious Lobster Emperor 4 months ago +1

      I mean at least they try and provide some narrative consistency by saying "Oh it says to put this on TheXvid..." or some shit.

    • Quandale Dingle
      Quandale Dingle 4 months ago

      @Sonya Kowalewska ratio

    • Quandale Dingle
      Quandale Dingle 4 months ago

      @JOVANKA--------👇💋 ratio

  • Ayylien
    Ayylien 4 months ago +1

    Stone age acting skills lol, why pay to watch a comedy when you can just watch these cavemen 😆

  • Ian Flanders
    Ian Flanders 4 months ago +5

    The fact that every single one of these sort of TheXvidrs lives in a luxurious mansion shows just how lucrative this sort of formulaic kids' content is. A boring person with absolutely nothing original to say or contribute can make a killing by just making the same trite video over and over, shamelessly exploiting the algorithm, and targeting dumb kids who don't know what entertainment is because all they've seen is shitty TikTok videos and their Millennial parents are too busy working three jobs to put food on the table to actually raise them.