We Tried Instagram Toilet Paper Lips (feat. Candace Lowry)

  • Published on Jun 29, 2017
  • Candace and I test out instagram toilet paper lip art! We saw a lot of articles telling us that toilet paper lip art was the next instagram makeup trend, so we had to try it for ourselves! If it's good enough for those charmin bears, it's good enough for us. What do you guys think?
    All inspo and lip art image credit to Greta Agazzi: instagram.com/greta_ag/
    Safiya's Nextbeat: nextbeat.co/u/safiya
    IG: instagram.com/safiyany/
    Twitter: twitter.com/safiyajn
    Facebook: facebook.com/safnygaard/
    Candace's Channel: thexvid.com/channel/uc9cqtzr7sgbawlrjltbrgka
    IG: instagram.com/candylowry/
    Twitter: twitter.com/thecandacelowry
    Assistant Editor: Emily Linden
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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  Year ago +4345

    HELLO FRIENDS! thanks for coming by! comment below 👽 if u got a notif, and 🚽 if u would try this trend, hehe. love u guys! happy hump day!!

    • Horse Lover
      Horse Lover 2 days ago

      Safiya Nygaard 🚽

    • Jodie Bedore
      Jodie Bedore 20 days ago


    • Diana's Animations
      Diana's Animations Month ago

      Saf's toletpaper lips look better tbh

    • megan wood
      megan wood Month ago

      Safiya Nygaard I think it would look nice if u used the colours on ur lips without toilet paper 😁

    • Cadence Zoeller
      Cadence Zoeller Month ago

      Safiya Nygaard Hi I love your videos, this is an older one but one I enjoy a lot. By the way you were at my favorite Californian mall, the Glendale Galleria/Americana. I love you and your videos so much, Cadi.

  • Choir Family
    Choir Family 17 days ago

    Dies anyone else think she looks pregnant when she gets up to get the tiny baby scissors

  • Ashley Bryant
    Ashley Bryant 18 days ago

    Im addicted to your chanel😍😍

  • Chloe Stewart
    Chloe Stewart 20 days ago

    I gagged as you pulled it off 😂😂😂😂😂 id do it I'd also get my best friend involved

  • Kawaii Peanut
    Kawaii Peanut 20 days ago

    10:00 that girl is scared of you without the lips
    good job.

  • Anneliese Fuller-Matthews

    I use toilet paper to do special effects makeup

  • Candy Cook
    Candy Cook 21 day ago

    anyone notice the fancy feast cat food on the ad looks alot like tp lips?

  • OP 1000
    OP 1000 22 days ago

    Eeew, you let people touch you lips!

  • Mini Fish Studios
    Mini Fish Studios 25 days ago

    Dab, dab, dab make your lips look fab

  • Ellxsandra Nora Tora
    Ellxsandra Nora Tora 25 days ago

    I got a add for tolet paper

  • Sandra Hernandez
    Sandra Hernandez 28 days ago +1


  • Joy Harnes
    Joy Harnes 28 days ago

    Yasssss central perk f.r.i.e.n.d.s

  • Merina Cortes
    Merina Cortes Month ago

    👽🚽 lol

  • CarolAnn Taylor
    CarolAnn Taylor Month ago

    LMAO it feels like and looks like I ate a Smurf!!!!! God it is worth watching and laughing!!! I'm so glad I'm too old for this trend bah hahaha!

  • Kaelin J
    Kaelin J Month ago +1

    The 1.4k dislikes r the ppl who have no soul 😂😂😂

  • Aarushi v.
    Aarushi v. Month ago

    Saf's really good

  • Georgia Ceravolo
    Georgia Ceravolo Month ago

    Cristine would love that #simplynailogical

  • Erick Barraza
    Erick Barraza Month ago

    Tyler looks hot AF on that shirt

  • Marnie Kilbourne
    Marnie Kilbourne Month ago

    Seems like a lip plumper and a metallic lipstick would get the same look just without the unnecessary texture. Metallic lips show enough texture as it is.

  • Marnie Kilbourne
    Marnie Kilbourne Month ago

    This look should cover that "butthole" no problem! LMAO!

  • Abiha Shahid
    Abiha Shahid Month ago +2

    8:07 Tyler’s face expression looks so weirded out from Safia’s lips

  • Katie Nutt
    Katie Nutt Month ago

    “I had fun, but I also had a fanny pack on, so?” 😂

  • Eliza Lambert
    Eliza Lambert Month ago


  • Sarah Elizabeth
    Sarah Elizabeth Month ago

    I can't stop watching all of your videos and I don't think I will 😅 I'm oddly obsessed, love your Saf!!!!! ❤️

  • Karen Short
    Karen Short Month ago

    Why would anyone want to toilet paper on their lips? That’s toilet paper. Gross

  • Kirsty Hill
    Kirsty Hill Month ago

    09:59 hahah she recognised you in the back

  • Limabeanjellybean
    Limabeanjellybean Month ago


  • HolographicSweater
    HolographicSweater Month ago

    1:32 "for teh sake of art" wow i'm surprised she didn't try to claim that this was a form of science

  • Allison B
    Allison B Month ago

    Toilet paper can only cover one buthole

  • Shwathi Victoria
    Shwathi Victoria Month ago +3

    4:04 " I can't smile, all the way".
    "A day without laughter ,
    Is a day wasted " - CHARLIE CHAPLAIN

  • Ashley harper
    Ashley harper Month ago

    Call it tissue

  • kringe_king_ hey
    kringe_king_ hey Month ago

    I love the girls Central Perk shirt

  • Meriem Alaoui
    Meriem Alaoui Month ago

    This means your mouth is an ass hole. Think deep.

  • Gacha Girl
    Gacha Girl Month ago

    2:30 can I get this on itunes 🎶tiny baby scissors🎶

  • Madison Shannen
    Madison Shannen Month ago

    Թαմςε αϯ 9:48

  • Rakhi Agrawal
    Rakhi Agrawal Month ago

    Where is Candace's sweater from?

  • Neodymium144
    Neodymium144 Month ago

    Santa and his famous toilet paper covered lips!

  • April Showers
    April Showers Month ago

    Although I KNOW this video is older.... Can someone plz tell me WHAT they're eating and where its from!?!
    This may go bad cause I'm in a very small province in a very small city... And I say it's going to go bad BCUZ the odds of having this food place local to me is PROBABLY going to be LESS THEN NIL... :-(

  • YouObviously LoveOreos

    Its new year's eveeeeee✨🎇🎆

  • Fariha Tabassum
    Fariha Tabassum Month ago

    I love you safiya. You're the best youtuber… xoxo 💋

  • chipmunk forever
    chipmunk forever Month ago


  • Molly Wright
    Molly Wright Month ago

    We tried Instagram toilet paper lips(FEAT. Cadence Lowry) feat? *FEAT* what do lips haves to do with feat? (What does *feat* mean?!)

  • Kelsi Kenney
    Kelsi Kenney Month ago

    Tyler’s shirt is the same print as the pants he got at the thrift store 😀

  • Hayley Robertson
    Hayley Robertson Month ago

    omg am i the only one that is watching this in 2018 and looked at when it was posted and saw that this came out just before the "peel off lip challenge".........

  • Tattooed Gamer Girl
    Tattooed Gamer Girl 2 months ago

    And then there are cosplayers who use toilet paper all over their bodies lol. I've used it beside my mouth before.

  • Yusuke Kitagawa
    Yusuke Kitagawa 2 months ago

    Sometimes art is just meant for pleasing the eye despite being unwearable.

  • Miranda Paige
    Miranda Paige 2 months ago

    This looks like the end result of one of those "hundred layers of liquid lipstick" challenges.

  • Slightly Disconnected
    Slightly Disconnected 2 months ago

    Was i supposed to get a Charmin add before this video

  • Cassidy Norton
    Cassidy Norton 2 months ago

    Cant believe chapped lips became a look

  • Dreaming Stars
    Dreaming Stars 2 months ago


  • Hazel The dog
    Hazel The dog 2 months ago

    I had an ad for tp on this vid lol

  • caitlin baker
    caitlin baker 2 months ago

    I wish i bought a palate of toilet paper also... I could do with alot of toilet paper

  • Briana Thomas
    Briana Thomas 2 months ago

    9:59 that person checking back to see if that was Safiya

  • Jasvinder Jit
    Jasvinder Jit 2 months ago

    What's your fabric iscrem flavor????

  • Literally  Sadie
    Literally Sadie 2 months ago

    I guess you could call this a “butthole lip”

  • Ariel L
    Ariel L 2 months ago

    Great attempt but omg that looks terrible lol

  • Xyrabelle Perocho
    Xyrabelle Perocho 2 months ago

    When I saw it,I thought of the result after 100 layers of lipstick

  • Jenny Pai
    Jenny Pai 2 months ago

    maybe you need toilet paper that's less feathery, less soft, and and is actually rougher and harsher

  • hero health
    hero health 2 months ago

    Decopauge lips

  • Nekomata
    Nekomata 2 months ago

    theyre not trends lmao, no one is doing this irl its just some instagram lip art hoes trying to one up each other

  • Anneliese Da meow meow
    Anneliese Da meow meow 2 months ago

    It justify looks great really dry lips..

  • Mc Canu
    Mc Canu 2 months ago +1

    Coming back to this. Safiya is now thicc

  • AngryHippie
    AngryHippie 2 months ago

    Those smiles 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Flour Power
    Flour Power 2 months ago


    Sans GET DUNKED ON 2 months ago

    It looked like your lips are very dry and cracked lol but good job😀

  • Thelykkepigen
    Thelykkepigen 2 months ago


  • Shay Prater
    Shay Prater 2 months ago

    9:47 sister saf got a beard?

  • izzy_kkcool yt
    izzy_kkcool yt 2 months ago

    8:50 simplynailogical is shook 😂

  • Heather B
    Heather B 2 months ago

    Safiya’s looks like lipstick, the other girl’s looks like clown makeup. I don’t know if she didn’t trim it enough or if it’s just the color or what.

  • Sunburn Gaming
    Sunburn Gaming 2 months ago

    I wasted 11 minutes of my life that I will never get back because I watched people put toilet paper on there mouth

  • You're my taeniverse
    You're my taeniverse 2 months ago

    You could cut up tiny pieces then use the glue to put it on your lips???

  • Crazy fo Candy
    Crazy fo Candy 2 months ago

    Like in pixels "don't tell any one I ate a smurf"

  • HarpAngel999
    HarpAngel999 2 months ago

    So, several years ago, I did a zombie costume for Halloween, and did my own make up.
    I learned how from watching videos on TheXvid.
    To get it to look like you had injuries with like... layers and semi-shallow wounds and the skin flaking off a bit, or... skin flaps, I suppose, you also used toilet paper.
    The trick they used was to start with totally clean and dry skin, apply liquid latex, and then apply some of that super cheap toilet paper. You laid it flat, let it dry, and repeated it as desired- then picked holes in it where you wanted "injuries".
    My point in this story is that I wondered if this would work better with liquid latex as your base?

  • It's Kayla
    It's Kayla 3 months ago

    Anything is a trend if Rihanna does it 😂

  • It's Kayla
    It's Kayla 3 months ago

    I read candace as Canada

  • Cassi
    Cassi 3 months ago

    10:00 You've been noticed in the back round by some girls lol

  • Gingerninja 1010
    Gingerninja 1010 3 months ago


  • Gingerninja 1010
    Gingerninja 1010 3 months ago

    I quite like safiya lips better! They did so well

  • Nicko Cox
    Nicko Cox 3 months ago

    Candace Lowry watches simply nailogical

  • Emily Holin
    Emily Holin 3 months ago

    Toilet paper is now used on both "buttholes" 😁

  • Indu Seethanathan
    Indu Seethanathan 3 months ago

    That peel wud have made simplynailogical proud! 😍

  • Lady Bathory
    Lady Bathory 3 months ago

    You put on your liquid lipstick, fall over and hit the paper roll.... "wops... ooh... this is a look!" *walks out the door and owns it*

  • HeYy StOb It! !
    HeYy StOb It! ! 3 months ago

    I believe toilet paper is used to wipe yourself and clean yourself after you use the toilet, but I'm not a beauty guru, so I wouldn't know.

  • Laruenzside ‘
    Laruenzside ‘ 3 months ago

    You are so cookie crazy I love it u remind me of myself

  • Maddie
    Maddie 3 months ago

    How can you talk without your mouth moving??

  • Izzie Stanton
    Izzie Stanton 3 months ago

    Love it a little weird though

  • Zachary Brown
    Zachary Brown 3 months ago

    I really like yours safiya

  • Niko Lirosuve
    Niko Lirosuve 3 months ago +2


  • Awesome dudes 123
    Awesome dudes 123 3 months ago +2

    i smashed the like button! xD

  • Monica Munoz
    Monica Munoz 3 months ago

    I feel like it would feel so uncomfortable and weird feeling

  • Fujoshimeme •_•
    Fujoshimeme •_• 3 months ago

    The finish look would make a gud poloraoid pic🤣...I'm serious thought😑💕💕❤️❤️❤️

  • Liv
    Liv 3 months ago

    That is some top notch peel porn

  • Kirah Kawaii
    Kirah Kawaii 3 months ago

    The toilet roll goes on ur other butthole 😂😂😂

  • Abby Siewert
    Abby Siewert 3 months ago

    Hmmmmm......I hope this gets pinned

  • Shannon King
    Shannon King 3 months ago

    But letting your friend walk out after the peel with mermaids moustache..... not cool.

  • Geanna B
    Geanna B 3 months ago

    why wouldnt u tell ur friend that the lipstick wasnt all the way off at the end

  • Blue_Gacha317
    Blue_Gacha317 3 months ago

    We got some Christine Peel Pr0n over here

  • Schuy Reign
    Schuy Reign 3 months ago


  • Astro Wolvez
    Astro Wolvez 4 months ago

    In this video stranger touch my lips with their bare hands!

  • Erica White
    Erica White 4 months ago

    Melanie's eyebrows are perfect