Robert Downey Jr. is the COOLEST Man ALIVE || Most SAVAGE moments

  • Published on Sep 14, 2018
  • Robert downey jr. is the best.
    Funniest and coolest moments of everyone's favourite Robert downey jr. are here.
    WATCH TILL END and you'll how he is the best
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  • Ashley Carranza
    Ashley Carranza 12 hours ago

    The ☝️ next 😳time ⏰ im 🙇‍♀️not ❌asked 🗣 the 👄first 👀question 🌚 , I’m 😎going 💅 to ✌️fucking 😠walk 🚶‍♂️out 👋😤

  • Pawan Yashwantkar

    No one would have thought then that this drug addict is going to make the biggest movie franchise.

  • Rishabh Sharma
    Rishabh Sharma 2 days ago

    Which song is in the end?

  • Marco Obando
    Marco Obando 2 days ago

    isnt elizabeth cute ¡????

  • de mi
    de mi 3 days ago

    I can't imagine if Tony Stark not RDJ and captain America not Chris Evans

  • Lois Loves Cheese
    Lois Loves Cheese 3 days ago

    this video is inverted

  • Emily Cusick
    Emily Cusick 3 days ago

    Robert: *blinks*
    People: *start laughing and clapping*

  • Karime Nuza
    Karime Nuza 3 days ago

    Someone have the pic of the 6:35?

  • the mysterious
    the mysterious 3 days ago +1

    I feel like this guy can play ironman

  • Amardev Prajapati
    Amardev Prajapati 3 days ago +1

    We all love you 3000 times RDJ

  • Holy Soul Emerge
    Holy Soul Emerge 4 days ago

    Rdj is real iron man

  • Olfrac Gaming
    Olfrac Gaming 6 days ago

    Robert Downey Junior is Tony Stark. Change my mind.

  • Aditya Gooptu
    Aditya Gooptu 6 days ago +2

    Interviewer: So, what did you do?
    Robert: We rented out an airplane hangar.
    Interviewer: Wow. And?
    (Doctor Strange: You wanted more?!)
    Robert(being Robert): And then we paid the bill!
    😂😂😂😂😂 I live for this!😂😂😂😂

  • Bruce lee
    Bruce lee 6 days ago

    Imagine RDJ and Johnny Depp in a room together!!!

  • leo saunders
    leo saunders 7 days ago

    many comedians arent even as quick as he is. very smart guy

  • leo saunders
    leo saunders 7 days ago

    im so glad he did due date (2010) with zach galifianakis after iron man.

  • Raghul Suresh Kumar
    Raghul Suresh Kumar 7 days ago

    1:50 aliens in area 51 after me and my boys rescue them

  • sagar chamlagai
    sagar chamlagai 7 days ago

    Yeah he did everything 😎

  • Wajahat Shah
    Wajahat Shah 8 days ago

    Governer or MARVEL

  • Human U
    Human U 9 days ago +1

    1:38 lol I was just watching Michael jackson funny moments

  • Darth Mortem
    Darth Mortem 9 days ago +1

    I honestly only see tony stark ... ☺️

  • TheDimondBow// TLB
    TheDimondBow// TLB 9 days ago +1


  • CyberNonymous G
    CyberNonymous G 9 days ago +3

    I hate Jimmy kimmel, the other one is better

  • Anwaar Khan
    Anwaar Khan 9 days ago +1

    Why do you flip the screen ??

  • Bethany The panda GIRL

    He’s dead

  • Jack Frost
    Jack Frost 10 days ago +1

    He is iron man

  • Trap King
    Trap King 11 days ago +1

    MCU fans🖤🖤

  • Cajun Mariposa
    Cajun Mariposa 12 days ago +1

    6:40 when he can’t find the guy asking the question is hilarious 😆

  • Quang Nguyen
    Quang Nguyen 14 days ago +1

    there are many different version of spider men and batmen ,but there will only be 1 iron man only

  • Maximilian Andersson
    Maximilian Andersson 15 days ago +2

    I love Robert

  • kirby griffin
    kirby griffin 17 days ago +2

    I’m stuff

  • Josh Hulsey
    Josh Hulsey 17 days ago +3

    Robert Downey Jr is literally iron man in real life

  • MOHD
    MOHD 17 days ago +1

    Some people say that he only plays one character and that he isn't that versatile of an actor and I say to these people.. FUCK OFF.

  • Arceus Lee
    Arceus Lee 17 days ago +1

    Without Him MCU Is Completely Flop!!!

  • Unicorn Puppy
    Unicorn Puppy 17 days ago +2

    I want shwarma

  • Lateefah Sanni
    Lateefah Sanni 17 days ago +1

    😂😂😂😂... Omg be it RDJ OR Tony, they are just damn savage... And I really love it when Chris and RDJ are together.. ❤️❤️

  • Londyn Love
    Londyn Love 18 days ago +1

    that awkward moment when Robert became Tony

  • Korbin Devaney
    Korbin Devaney 18 days ago +1

    My favorite avenger😣

  • Nuno Santos
    Nuno Santos 18 days ago +1

    2:53 favorite part

  • Jonte Nichols
    Jonte Nichols 19 days ago +1

    He really is Tony Stark! Like Ryan Reynolds is Deadpool

  • Miguel Jean
    Miguel Jean 19 days ago +1

    RDJ and Tony Stark...... is the same person.
    No one can be Tony except for Downey

  • Delaney Richardson
    Delaney Richardson 19 days ago

    Can we just talk about the fact that when he’s playing Tony Stark he’s *literally just being himself as he says his lines*

  • Ilsaah Shaheen
    Ilsaah Shaheen 20 days ago

    Genius billionaire playboy philanthropist

  • Gordon Freeman
    Gordon Freeman 21 day ago

    1:37 thought he put his Mark V suit on :D

  • Stefan Brouwer
    Stefan Brouwer 21 day ago

    I love rdj and he will be missed. I dont know for the rest with evans but when hr starts laughing i automatically laugh as well

  • Unstoppable Girl
    Unstoppable Girl 21 day ago

    7.19 to 7.24 he is cutie his expressions 😘😘😘😘

  • Unstoppable Girl
    Unstoppable Girl 21 day ago

    5.34 to 5.39 his laugh😍😍😍😍 love you 3000🔥

  • ᴊ. ɢ
    ᴊ. ɢ 23 days ago +5

    I cant tell when he's iron man or RDJ and i love that

  • Raghav Sharma
    Raghav Sharma 23 days ago

    I don't like mcu now after the endgame. Avengers endgame was literally the endgame for me.

  • PBR Street Gang
    PBR Street Gang 23 days ago +1

    How many delusional maniacs are walking around thinking they possess the same charisma as Robert Downey Jr?

  • t r i s t e
    t r i s t e 23 days ago +1

    *see mom he’s still alive*

  • Christopher Cruz
    Christopher Cruz 24 days ago


  • directorjacob
    directorjacob 24 days ago

    What happened to the pranks?

  • Hedgy Spiker
    Hedgy Spiker 24 days ago +3

    "Ok, so no things flying at you at your will"


  • Parth Kandwal
    Parth Kandwal 25 days ago

    Love your work RDJ

  • iforgotit 46
    iforgotit 46 26 days ago

    he would love the title of this

  • Tesseract Entertainment

    It's true there is no marvel without him

  • Lucky Louie Luciano
    Lucky Louie Luciano 26 days ago

    Spoiler alert!!

    He comes out as gay in End Game

  • Alex Torres
    Alex Torres 27 days ago

    He’s the coolest

  • MacKenzie Akari
    MacKenzie Akari 27 days ago

    RDJ is my new uncle and no one can tell me otherwise

  • Sparky Marie
    Sparky Marie 27 days ago

    I love him 3000

  • UselessMatter Gamez
    UselessMatter Gamez 27 days ago +2

    6:26 anybody else realize that Robert's shoe looks like a steak

  • lpalmer159
    lpalmer159 27 days ago +1

    Whoever cast Iron Man as Robert Downey Jr. did a great job

  • Aneesa Parvin
    Aneesa Parvin 27 days ago

    Where is RDJ? I just see Tony Stark. 💁‍♀️

  • Alex P
    Alex P 28 days ago +1

    Marvel just isn’t the same RDJ for ever

  • Aakash Gupta
    Aakash Gupta 28 days ago

    Where is RDJ to click bait in thumbnail this is Tony not RDJ

  • Alessandra Minniti
    Alessandra Minniti 28 days ago


  • Shushi 204
    Shushi 204 29 days ago

    No one will replace him no spiderman no one

  • Joshua Jackson
    Joshua Jackson 29 days ago +2

    I feel that tony and RDJ is like one person sometimes

  • Noobee Production
    Noobee Production Month ago +1

    His name should be Robert Tony Jr.

  • Jayla and Lena
    Jayla and Lena Month ago +1

    I can’t tell the difference between Tony Stark and RDJ. He acts exactly the same off and on camera 😂❤️

  • MisterPaulGGFTW
    MisterPaulGGFTW Month ago

    *Keanu Reeves left the chat*

    ECKS DEE Month ago +3

    He is exactly like himself in the movies

  • OBB KaiGD
    OBB KaiGD Month ago

    there’s no McU without me

  • Lavar's Balls
    Lavar's Balls Month ago

    Tony Stark playing as Robert Downey Jr