Geoguessr but only in WALES & everything is impossible to pronounce

  • Published on Sep 15, 2019
  • Geoguessr but only in WALES & everything is impossible to pronounce
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Comments • 1 131

  • Mini Muka
    Mini Muka Month ago +673

    I had food stuck in my teeth this whole video, you're welcome

  • Elizabeth Kisby
    Elizabeth Kisby 3 days ago

    There a place I’m wales called barry??

    Me: IM IN BARRY NOW!! lol

  • Elizabeth Kisby
    Elizabeth Kisby 3 days ago +1

    I Welsh and I pronounce all of theses.

  • Kitti Catto
    Kitti Catto 4 days ago

    Being Welsh and watching you trying to speak welsh and just try to do this makes me laugh

  • TheWildBranco
    TheWildBranco 4 days ago

    Why was this so funny xD

  • Karena
    Karena 6 days ago

    "there is a place in Wales called Barry?"
    have you never seen Gavin and Stacey???

  • JackDoes VR
    JackDoes VR 9 days ago

    Arab is pronounced ar av. I’m from wales and I’m extremely annoyed by all pronunciations. It’s kind of annoying but I’d like to talk to jack on discord or something and help him out, a lot.

  • Please sub Sub to me

    I'm a Welsh man I've lived in wales for 29 years I'm 29

  • Leo Games
    Leo Games 10 days ago

    WHY swansea

  • LightBrownWolf
    LightBrownWolf 10 days ago +1

    Being welsh makes this video 1000x funnier πŸ˜‚

  • LightBrownWolf
    LightBrownWolf 10 days ago +1

    Sees *Betws Y Coed*
    I’m cackling πŸ˜‚

  • tsg_ username
    tsg_ username 12 days ago

    My yr 6 teacher lives at the 3rd place

  • Garmon Jones
    Garmon Jones 12 days ago

    I know this was 2 weeks ago but you zoomed in on my grandmas house, I’m fan girling rn

  • Yexuse
    Yexuse 12 days ago

    Wales is the best, 26% of children r obese and our flag is a dragon SUCK IT ENGLAND

  • Ashleigh Gordon
    Ashleigh Gordon 12 days ago

    As a welsh person I’m TriGgErEd

  • TSM-Slappy
    TSM-Slappy 14 days ago

    Gee gee hdjehe jsjsjoe oolsgxysbjjjjd pasladama'm hola boom lamma

  • Not _Folf
    Not _Folf 15 days ago +1

    Any welsh squad?

  • dando 0
    dando 0 15 days ago

    Eyy I come from wrexham

  • Mini Roi
    Mini Roi 16 days ago

    You know, in my primary school we actually learned how to say the really long name and I still remember 3 years after.

  • Alfman2015
    Alfman2015 16 days ago

    He clicked on my house

  • Jade Heath
    Jade Heath 17 days ago

    12:13 I live in New Zealand! Well, in the north island.. I haven’t been to the South Island though (which is where it was, although I might be going to Milford sound :P)

    P.S if you wanna know I’m near Wellington :P

  • Megan Harris
    Megan Harris 17 days ago

    I'm Welsh and these pronunciations are just hilarious!

  • Kiedis _YT
    Kiedis _YT 18 days ago

    Wales is were I am from

  • JayTheJoke132
    JayTheJoke132 19 days ago

    This hurt

  • YesLad123
    YesLad123 19 days ago

    I’m from Wrexham

  • theStarClub
    theStarClub 19 days ago

    Ur welcome from nz

  • Caigw28
    Caigw28 20 days ago +1

    Where are my Welsh friends?

  • Callum Butler
    Callum Butler 20 days ago +3

    6:00 I live in that town! It's called Aberystwyth.

  • Izzy Spencer
    Izzy Spencer 23 days ago

    I’m glad I’m actually welsh lol, and btw it’s pronounced
    Usgol garnav

  • Floofity
    Floofity 23 days ago

    *This video will take hours upon hours to edit.*

  • The Funny Dudes Gaming
    The Funny Dudes Gaming 23 days ago +1

    I live in Deep Wales...

    Defiantly not south
    (I speak Welsh)

  • kavespider 04
    kavespider 04 23 days ago

    I am from wales soo reee

  • eddd412 Games
    eddd412 Games 23 days ago

    I was fucking wheezing when he guessed irleand

  • Mr Banananana
    Mr Banananana 23 days ago

    Literally i live in Wrexham lol

  • Jac Hero
    Jac Hero 24 days ago

    I can say all the Welsh names

  • Amazing Pikachu
    Amazing Pikachu 24 days ago

    1:14 who saw what it said me :This video is literally gonna take hours up on hours to edit

  • GalaxyGamerHD
    GalaxyGamerHD 24 days ago +1

    Im welsh and i was actually born in wrexham!!

  • Ioan Henry
    Ioan Henry 24 days ago

    Ah yes, llanpridtronmachynlidd

  • Mag C
    Mag C 24 days ago

    Bwlch y Sarnau / Gap of Sarnau

  • Mag C
    Mag C 24 days ago


  • Mag C
    Mag C 24 days ago

    Cymru / Wales

  • Mr Rono Yono
    Mr Rono Yono 25 days ago

    Go wales 🏴󠁧󠁒󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

  • vR W1ll
    vR W1ll 25 days ago

    I just realised Wrexham is close to stoke on Trent where I live

  • Vasare Summer
    Vasare Summer 25 days ago

    I wanna see a geoguessr video only focused on Cardiff

  • jackie roberts
    jackie roberts 25 days ago

    Wales land of the elves

  • Isaac Ayres
    Isaac Ayres 26 days ago

    ive been waiting for the moment a youtuber lands in my home town on geoguessr for years, the day has finally arrived. part 4 aberystwyth

  • LeahHolland2013
    LeahHolland2013 26 days ago

    is that lad scouse lmao

  • Julian Mierzejewski
    Julian Mierzejewski 26 days ago

    Clickbait. They never found llainfairpwyllgwyngyngyllwyndrobwythllantisillioggogogoch in the game

  • James C
    James C 26 days ago

    β€œDid you know there’s a place in wales called Barry?”
    *Uncultured* *Swine*

    • Ioan Henry
      Ioan Henry 24 days ago

      Barry island is an amazing place

  • Flying beast
    Flying beast 26 days ago

    Skeppy has more subs

  • Flying beast
    Flying beast 26 days ago

    Sleepy has more subs

  • Lurski Network
    Lurski Network 27 days ago

    i love how you had to use a green screen so you had to edit in your room for some bits

  • shiloh venom
    shiloh venom 27 days ago

    It’s pronounces yos-gol

  • can eater
    can eater 27 days ago +1

    The funny thing is that I live in wrexham so the first two I had a "good idea of the location

  • Intergalactic Potato
    Intergalactic Potato 27 days ago

    Roedd hwn yn hwyl iawn i wilio'r fideo yma!

  • Intergalactic Potato
    Intergalactic Potato 27 days ago

    I am Welsh.

  • Sisso 97
    Sisso 97 27 days ago

    Video idea πŸ’‘ Play geoguesser in deep wales with a fluent welsh speaker and mispronounce everything whilst they laugh horrendously at your pronunciation

  • Sisso 97
    Sisso 97 27 days ago

    I was meant to comment when the video was first released but I speak welsh and go to a welsh comprehensive school so this was absolutely hilarious. Btw ysgol gynradd is welsh for primary school, also f in welsh is pronounced like a v in english and a double f makes a f sound

  • MrDude
    MrDude 27 days ago

    I'm welsh

  • Kaysie
    Kaysie 27 days ago

    omg they cant even pronounce "Canolfen Hamdden"