I Trained Like A Professional Skier 🚡🎿⛷️

  • Published on Mar 11, 2018
  • THIS WAS AMONG THE SCARIEST THINGS I’VE EVER DONE. Thank you so much to Greyhound for sponsoring this video! Visit their site to get tickets for your own next adventure :) bit.ly/2p8jgxI
    Also special thanks to Steamboat Resort for the warm welcome! The best snow experience I’ve ever had! Check them out if you’re looking for a place to stay next time you go skiing! bit.ly/27rC0se
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  • Michelle Khare
    Michelle Khare  Year ago +259

    AYYYY notification squad!! what did you guys think of this crazy challenge??
    p.s. If you see this comment ⛷ on my latest instagram... :)

    • Green Gay
      Green Gay 4 months ago

      I did the same exact thing you just did the past 3 weeks except first day I had no instructor so I was just freehanding it

    • Marc G
      Marc G 7 months ago

      Michelle, she was a terrible instructor because she did not teach you how to turn parallel you were still in snow plow, they key is to bring the inside leg out and always parallel, even better it leads the turn. in 4 days skiing i was already skiing offtrail and very steep, but i am an athlete with multi sport experience

    • Piper Wiklund
      Piper Wiklund 8 months ago

      You.should definitely try snowboarding

    • QRB
      QRB 8 months ago

      It's funny cause I'm used to these hills

    • Suction
      Suction 8 months ago

      Michelle Khare this shit doodoo u high key dogshit

    DJ YOUTUBE 9 days ago

    please tell me how to flip in the air when you jump on skis
    I am good at speed but never jumped more than 10cm so i’m scared to jump of a ramp and flip in the air
    cause i dont think im going to be able to land my jumps and flips

  • mike d.
    mike d. 10 days ago

    why would anybody watch this crap- her instructor is not even an instructor and why would anybody want to watch this air head

  • Fdhh Chd
    Fdhh Chd 10 days ago


  • star47981
    star47981 12 days ago

    I’m 11 and I can do dubble black dimonds

  • Scamp Dones
    Scamp Dones 14 days ago

    Yikes lol

  • JonnhyB3Good
    JonnhyB3Good 16 days ago

    Try that on a snowboard

  • I Make Everything
    I Make Everything 16 days ago

    Who else thought it was funny

  • Luke Heyes
    Luke Heyes 29 days ago

    I’ve skied down reds harder than that

  • Kahlia Blake
    Kahlia Blake Month ago

    I went skiiing for the first (and only time) in 5th grade for a school camp. We only had one day on the slopes and a 30 minute lesson before they sent us off on our own. I remember it was just this other girl and myself together hitting the difficult slopes by ourselves because we didn't want to hang out with the rest of the group who were too scared to even try the baby slopes (we were only 10 years old! No idea how we got away with it and it definitely wouldn't be allowed now haha!). And the funnest part was just falling over. Because it didn't hurt at all, so I knew no matter how many times I stuffed up and fell it would be okay! Except for one time where my ski got caught in a hole as I was sliding down a slope on my side after falling - My leg stayed there but I kept going and I could feel my knee bend like it was about to break. Luckily the ski snapped off my boot before my knee did! And another time I got stuck in a HUGE hole around a pole or a tree or something. It was deeper than I was tall and my friend and I were both struggling to get out. We didn't even have the pole things to help us up as we found it easier to skii without them. Those two falls were scary. But the whole day overall was one of the funnest days I've ever had!

  • Leonid Feldman
    Leonid Feldman Month ago

    I misunderstand what is your goal?You trying to bring people to black diamond for what reason? this is not skiing ! This is surviving! This person will never come back to you! You have create skills instead to get down on steeper terrain !!! It is just her good luck that she did not get injured!!!

  • Liam Carr
    Liam Carr Month ago

    The blues so scary!!*lil kid passes

  • Emma Pearson
    Emma Pearson Month ago

    Omg Michelle, I've been to steamboat and skied on all of the same slopes that you did. I'm so glad you liked it!

  • Brayden New
    Brayden New Month ago

    I would count myself as a good skier I mean I can race and stuff but I don’t think I ever did a black IN 3 DAYS

  • Olym Pia
    Olym Pia Month ago

    You should try nordic skiing it is faster and is harder completely diffrent experience!

  • Lil Cactus
    Lil Cactus Month ago

    Michelle trying her best not to fall, meanwhile in the background a guy casually skiing while holding a camera and filming 5:59 lmao

  • Zszen John
    Zszen John Month ago


  • XaMeLeoN PlaY
    XaMeLeoN PlaY Month ago

    I’m very sorry but black slope there is similar to easy red or hard blue slope

  • JB91710
    JB91710 Month ago

    0:12 STOP!!! "Do Not Think About Turning!!!" If you stand in front o0 your computer and I say, Turn to the left without lifting your feet, what will you do? You will turn and lean your upper body to the left. That will Not make your feet go to the left. Same with your car. You don't lean or rotate your body, you just sit their and do what you are supposed to do to allow the car to turn as designed. Turn the steering wheel.

    What is the steer in wheel or what you are supposed to do on skis? Face down the hill in the general direction you want to go and take your weight off one foot and balance on the arch of the other. The skis are Designed to turn just like a car. All you have to do is balance on the arch of one and then the other. You will go down the hill but the skis will go across the hill. Momentum and gravity combined with you balancing on one arch and the design of the ski equals Skiing. Yep! It IS that EZY!
    From the Wedge to Racing you only have to think of two things.
    1. You are standing on the pedals of a bike with your hands on the handlebars with the front tire pointed down the hill. You remove your weight from one foot and then the other and balance on your arch.
    2. To carve a turn or race, you imagine you are standing between two Barstools with your hands on the brass rail. You want to rest against one of the Barstools so you take your weight off your Right foot, lift your Right cheek and set it on the edge of the Right Barstool. Look at the angle of your legs. That cheek is getting sore so you put your right foot back on the floor, take you weight off the Left foot, lift your Left cheek and set it on the edge of the Left Barstool. When you lift your cheek, that forces your upper body to stay vertical so you are always in a position to be balanced on either arch.
    Notice I never said anything about turning. You do these things and you will be doing what the skis need in order to turn.

  • Dally White
    Dally White Month ago

    the most fun way to ski is to bring a friend along or to listen to music

  • Eilidh AINDOW
    Eilidh AINDOW Month ago +1

    You did better on the chair lift than I do 😂

  • grant simpson
    grant simpson Month ago

    what gyms even help you doing skiing . you needs started basic and get lessons so on . You’re technique is all wrong . That’s is not a black run . It’s a blue /green run . If you ski a black run you would seriously injured or lead to death ..

  • airs2k
    airs2k 2 months ago

    It is very scary being on a steep slope....skiing is not easy and I am a beginner still learning and hope to go skiing more this next season so I can progress to green

  • GTL .KWB
    GTL .KWB 2 months ago

    this video is so white despite you not being white

  • Elsa Fletcher
    Elsa Fletcher 2 months ago +1

    I have competed att Åre.Ther the world cup was 2019

  • Anjali Paravasthu
    Anjali Paravasthu 2 months ago +2

    Teacher: “what do u want to be when you grow up?
    Michelle: 😏 “everything!”

  • Gigi Falconer
    Gigi Falconer 2 months ago

    The black runs where I ski are pretty hard and it’s basically skiing on ice because the snow is sometimes so terrible on my mountain.

  • b jl
    b jl 2 months ago

    please train for cirque du soleil

  • X X
    X X 2 months ago

    Ummmmm, no you didn’t

  • Norah Millner
    Norah Millner 2 months ago

    im thirteen and i’ve been skiing since i was 4 and i know that for a beginner it can be pretty scary to go on a black diamond

  • Kenneth Phillips
    Kenneth Phillips 2 months ago

    Cute Michelle

  • Tj haze
    Tj haze 3 months ago

    Oh word so if thats a black I can do that high as a kite on a skimboard

  • Henry Slade
    Henry Slade 3 months ago

    That is the worst skier Ive ever seen

  • SadWise
    SadWise 4 months ago

    What a noob

  • Camila Chaves
    Camila Chaves 4 months ago

    when she's excited about the leather seats but then says she loves to be environmentally friendly. In case you didn't know, factory farming is the leading cause of global warming, climate change, ocean dead zones, and rainforest deforestation..

  • Johanna Kim
    Johanna Kim 4 months ago

    How you ever tried snowboarding?

  • Saturated
    Saturated 4 months ago

    Surfing, snowboarding, and/or skateboarding?

  • Zx Pingu
    Zx Pingu 4 months ago

    Gotta love how they missed out the whole period of learning snow plough and turning

  • Itz_Kristina_Avery
    Itz_Kristina_Avery 4 months ago

    It bothers me how much she crosses her skies. Like sis ur just asking to go tumbling down the black at 70mph

  • Artificial Lift
    Artificial Lift 4 months ago +5

    The music playing make it sound like she just survived a war.

  • Paul Thomas
    Paul Thomas 4 months ago

    lets hope you dont drive like you ski.....have a nice day california

  • Courtney AG
    Courtney AG 4 months ago

    Don’t forget pizza style skiing ⛷

  • Courtney AG
    Courtney AG 4 months ago +1

    You should try snowboarding 🏂

  • Asian_Albert
    Asian_Albert 4 months ago

    Should've taught her to parallel turn than snowplough before going on a steep slope.

  • Ging
    Ging 4 months ago

    New Hampshire has better skiing

    LEILA 4 months ago

    Good job to you, but that black easily could have passed as a green. Hell I've seen harder greens with actual moguls.

  • Green Gay
    Green Gay 4 months ago

    I went skiing 3 weeks in a row. First week absolute hell, no instructor went down a blue slope, and got stuck for an hour or so. 2nd week, has a lesson got prettty good. 3rd week, went on a ski trip with 3 school friends, and one who snowboards went with me on our first black diamond run. It was basically the easiest black diamond on Mt. Hood, but still feel pretty accomplished.

  • TC NY
    TC NY 5 months ago

    Me being a ski racer is getting triggered by her tuck

  • Benj Doe
    Benj Doe 5 months ago +1

    Someone please tell me the name of the song at the end.

  • Queen Star
    Queen Star 5 months ago

    That was me when I couldn’t snowboard. I wanted to give up just because I went rolling down the mountain but then I got this energy that told me keep going don’t give up soo I did and this happened three days ago and I don’t know why but I went to black diamond and I made it down without falling and I told my friends that I made it and I hope this winter and next spring break I go snowboarding again

  • Isabel Müller
    Isabel Müller 5 months ago

    U should try snow board ! :D

  • Brendan Mac
    Brendan Mac 5 months ago

    I don’t think she understands the meaning of jerry, it means handicapped lmaoo

  • Zeke Wright
    Zeke Wright 5 months ago

    That Black looks like a green compared to the Blacks on baldi

  • Madison Rucinski
    Madison Rucinski 5 months ago

    My sisters first time skiing she went on a black diamond within 5 hours... And I still can’t even do a medium one and I have skied about 5 times..

  • Maxbuttle10
    Maxbuttle10 5 months ago

    Are they at tinges

  • Gasper Kopac
    Gasper Kopac 5 months ago

    This black is eeeezzzzzz

  • Brooke Walters
    Brooke Walters 5 months ago

    Well that was a waste of 15 minutes of my life... that “black run” was a green run. Where were the moguls??

  • Håkon Wikdahl
    Håkon Wikdahl 5 months ago

    Bruh this is why boys are more watched in sport. I brought my friend to my vacation hut in the mountains. He have only tryied snowboarding once before. And after a hour we went off pist and he nailed it so easy. And that track were like ten times harder than that shit.

  • Faloocansa
    Faloocansa 5 months ago

    Fam you ain’t training like a professional skier you just learning how to ski

  • Alyssa Aislin
    Alyssa Aislin 5 months ago

    Being a snowboarder and then switching to skiing is by far the hardest thing I've done on the mountain. Michelle was much better than I was when I first started!