🚀 Dreaming of S-400s: Russia Shows Saudis What They Are Missing!😏

  • Published on Sep 19, 2019
  • Russia showcases new capabilities
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Comments • 704

  • Chon Mongkol
    Chon Mongkol 2 months ago


  • Leonidas the Greek
    Leonidas the Greek 3 months ago

    Dont mess with Russia

  • singh Putin Negi
    singh Putin Negi 3 months ago

    This type of action waste money

  • singh Putin Negi
    singh Putin Negi 3 months ago

    How much u earn from that vedio

  • singh Putin Negi
    singh Putin Negi 3 months ago

    This is loss if money means mine

  • singh Putin Negi
    singh Putin Negi 3 months ago


    ASLAM BHATTI 3 months ago


  • Israel Barrera
    Israel Barrera 3 months ago

    Israel past those Russian defenses already. What a joke

  • Austin Lee
    Austin Lee 3 months ago

    Which means "No fly zone anywhere there's Russian S400

  • Austin Lee
    Austin Lee 3 months ago

    Saudi Arabia is really missing S400

  • Romulo Valisno Jr.
    Romulo Valisno Jr. 3 months ago

    Patriot missiles are junks compared to S-400 by Russia

  • faizi awan
    faizi awan 3 months ago

    Russian technology better then american technology

  • faizi awan
    faizi awan 3 months ago

    Wao superb s400

  • Saurav Sriwastava
    Saurav Sriwastava 3 months ago +3

    India 🇮🇳is also buying this undefeated beast, long live india 🇮🇳 Russia brotherhood💪💪💪💪

  • Good Day
    Good Day 3 months ago

    Trash f 35i proved it

  • conom
    conom 3 months ago +1

    What Saudi is Missing? A belief that a Shia Muslim is more believer than any christian and a belief that Islam is truth while christianity is falsehood.

    • conom
      conom 3 months ago +1

      I am A Muslim and if i have the opportunity to kill Putin, i'll do it since i believe that ALLAH can forgive a murder of a disbeliever.

  • Benny Benny
    Benny Benny 3 months ago

    Russian junk

  • 日の丸日本
    日の丸日本 3 months ago


  • Ynneb Benny
    Ynneb Benny 3 months ago


  • Little Timmy
    Little Timmy 3 months ago

    Israeli f35's flew right by these lol

  • Jahangir Malik
    Jahangir Malik 3 months ago

    Emperor Putin trolling Saudi Arabia again 😂😂😂

  • Muhammad Rameez
    Muhammad Rameez 3 months ago

    Every Person in this world is missing Peace not weapons. All Weapon Manufacturing consider this. Money is not everything. Prosperity and peace of this world is everything. If there is no peace in this world all money is useless.

  • pulkit verma
    pulkit verma 3 months ago

    Everyone is waiting for S500 now..... Russia my love.... Give us more 😍

  • uphill248 uphill248
    uphill248 uphill248 3 months ago

    Putin should refuse to sell to Saudi Arabia unless Saudi Arabia tells Americans get the fuck out. But they’re too scared to say that.

  • Average Joe78
    Average Joe78 4 months ago

    Russia has a long history of hyping up subpar weapons and even parading outdated technology. Without Chinese $ & technology Russia is weak & ancient and now is the debt slave to it's 🇨🇳 Master

  • Benjamín Guzmán
    Benjamín Guzmán 4 months ago

    S 400 asesino del f35

  • Portgas D Ace
    Portgas D Ace 4 months ago

    Russia still dreaming about getting money from Saudi Arabia 😂😂

    ELEMENTAL MSTAR 4 months ago +3

    there was a time in Syria where C.I.A gave isis drones to attack Russian base ..the drones were controlled by a U.s airborne command ..but they failed ..they were short down and some were disabled..... that was a test of Russia air defense system it passed with flying colors .... now here we come 2019 a test of american air defense system ...and it failed with falling colors

  • Michael King
    Michael King 4 months ago

    F 35s flown over s 300 and s 400 so basically its useless who will buy not india

  • hungry worm
    hungry worm 4 months ago


  • David Soltai
    David Soltai 4 months ago

    Better and MUCH cheaper

  • Nytmstr
    Nytmstr 4 months ago

    Gospodi pomiluj +++

  • ViezeTurk
    ViezeTurk 4 months ago

    Soon israeli jets will begin to drop

  • joey smith
    joey smith 4 months ago

    S400 and S500 is only good for shooting down Russian military jets. Israel has been attacking targets inside Syria but it seems that the s400 and s500 are only good for decorations cause it can't shoot down Israeli fighter jets.

  • Ahm S
    Ahm S 4 months ago

    West is destroyed and is bound too coz all inhuman ideas, practices and ways are practiced. God dooms all those who goes against the laws of Him.

  • Humphrey Mhada
    Humphrey Mhada 4 months ago

    If that is the case then . it is true Iran did not attack Saudis but Russia may be behind through attacks

  • Jorge Rivera
    Jorge Rivera 4 months ago

    Not missing nothing they are easy target to destroy. To big to hide.

  • Antman4656
    Antman4656 4 months ago

    Would love to see an s400 actually taking down another missile seems all we ever see is them just being fired.

  • 394pjo
    394pjo 4 months ago

    If I may suggest the music to this video should be changed to 'Rock the Casbah' by the Clash.

  • Salmanul faris
    Salmanul faris 4 months ago

    Only power Allah...Islamic idiology

  • packard0001
    packard0001 4 months ago

    Fu*k usa in the Ass

  • Abandon Gold
    Abandon Gold 4 months ago +1

    Iran Bavar 373 is a good choice too. Iran didn't used Bavar 373 in hunting RQ-4A Global Hawk, They Shoot down the RQ-4A Global Hawk with an old air defense system called Sevom Khordad that Iran introduced it 5 years ago.

  • Elmo Gjoni
    Elmo Gjoni 4 months ago

    I was thinking more along these lines - Muhammad Abdul dickhead calls Bin Laden Netanyahu and they agree to execute this drone attack on Saudi refineries.
    Why ?- because Aramco will have its IPO soon , and they desperately need high oil prices.
    The Israhellis need Iran outta the way.
    Being the Jewish whores they usually are , that is being afraid of anyone who could pose a threat to their dominance of the Middle East they need to fight Iran to the last drop of American blood.
    Anyway :
    Those were guided munitions. Israeli drones have the capability to deliver them.
    Saudi weapons systems are more than adequate to intercept those drones ( assuming ya turn them on to begin with)
    Iran has nothing to gain attacking the Wahhabi thugs of Sau- Sushi Arabia.
    Russia is trying to profit from this situation which is just normal taking into consideration that the United States has done a cluster fuck after another for the last 20 years.
    The Russians are simply trying to make a buck out of it.

  • J K
    J K 4 months ago

    German Flak88 of ww2 is more effective than the american patriots shit

  • Felipe Muñoz C
    Felipe Muñoz C 4 months ago +1

    In fact, no. The experience in Syria has demonstrated that S-300s, S-400s, are not well suited for anti-cruise missile/anti-drones missions. The first reason, missiles... and then, radars. S-400s (as well as their predecesor, the S-300) were conceived to fend off enemy aircraft (from fighters to bombers), and possibly (in the case of the S-400) ballistic missiles. The latest attacks were done with cruise missiles and loitering drones, not ballistic missiles nor aircraft of any kind. Possibly, the best choice (if we talk about russian weapons) are the latest series of Tor and Pantsir SAMs. Best suited for fast reaction against multiple low-flying, hard-to-detect threats (like exactly, cruise missiles and armed drones). They aren't perfect either, but by far the best option. And the US by now, has not developed such a solution yet.

  • Zeev D
    Zeev D 4 months ago

    At least they hit the air.

    RAJPUT NITISH RANA 4 months ago +3

    India bought S-400 from Russia❤❤
    And will receive within year😎😎
    Long-Live India&Russia Friendship
    #70 years of Brotherhood completed💪💪

  • Syfa Delgado
    Syfa Delgado 4 months ago

    I want one for Christmas 😁

  • Erik Gut
    Erik Gut 4 months ago

    I'm wondering how.many missiles this has actually intercepted in real combat situation?? I mean missiles that aren't Russian used for Target practice.. real foreign unknown missiles not like shooting skeet.or passenger airliners..where it's ez to know exactly where it's going to program a firing solution based on tech data that already in their data base.

  • Tom Nikolaisen
    Tom Nikolaisen 4 months ago

    How could the S-400 stop the saudis from attacking themselves?

  • Jai Sai
    Jai Sai 4 months ago

    Russians are not consistent here like Americans.
    They need to understand Saudi Arabia is the biggest epicenter of islamic jehad.

    islam is not a religion, its a political , radical imperialistic tool to loot and murder non muslims world.
    No country is safe even Russia.
    If Russians don't understand this basic common sense.
    Then entire world is stupid.

  • chad nelson
    chad nelson 4 months ago

    This is funny. Israel flew 2 F35’s through Syria to bomb Iran military in Syria and the S300 and S400 didn’t even track it. The S400 is good, but it can’t track stealth at all

  • InTRudER VI
    InTRudER VI 4 months ago

    Of course they will going to show you the pretty side. But those anti defense systems are not tested with a real threat.. so it's a propaganda only for sales purposes

  • Lauram Flores
    Lauram Flores 4 months ago


  • Kerry Butler
    Kerry Butler 4 months ago

    How cool!

  • 024generation
    024generation 4 months ago

    Well s-300 and s-400 are not good. They do not recognize F35 from israel above syria. Bad quality weapon system. Not good for the future. Israeli F35 is invisible for the s-300 and s-400.

  • The Ghost of Mr P
    The Ghost of Mr P 4 months ago

    Russian junk

  • Ari G.
    Ari G. 4 months ago

    Funny... I saw missiles launch, but I didn't see them hit anything... THE POINT is to HIT something, not ability to leave the rocket silo 👎😉

  • Solid Snake
    Solid Snake 4 months ago

    Putin is trolling on a whole different level.

  • lilf
    lilf 4 months ago

    Seen better firework displays.