Emotional Moment When She Talks About Her Scars | First Dates

  • Published on Oct 31, 2018
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    This beauty guru becomes emotional when she reveals her keloid scars.
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  • Channel 4
    Channel 4  7 months ago +2

    Watch the full episode here: bit.ly/2OUPuwf

  • Elvis Tesham
    Elvis Tesham 15 days ago

    I got big keloid scars on my neck nobody wanna be my friend

  • E Nadine
    E Nadine Month ago

    She's beautiful. Some people can be so mean.

  • ash ash
    ash ash 3 months ago

    What a brave a beautiful young lady, I have the same, right at the back of my end which I believe started from a razor blade cut when I went to the barbers..
    Ever since then it's gotten bigger and bigger, to the point I absolutely dread leaving the house without a cap and a hat on.
    To the point I make sure I'm the last person in the barber shop to have my haircut, I couldn't dare go into a packed shop getting my haircut whilst I see others look and stare at this big horrible thing at the back off my head which is a keloid but to them, they think you have a disease and probably walk out the shop.
    My barber hasn't mentioned anything but I'm sure he must feel uneasy at times with me being there I don't know..
    This condition is horrible to have, luckily I have it only it one one place but it's big and it's noticeable and it has affected my confidence a lot and my mental health, whilst me and Bianca have the same condition I cant imagine or understand how she's going through I feel so sorry for her.
    All the best!

  • Gay Doll
    Gay Doll 3 months ago

    He wanted to laugh about the scars

  • tekuenertainment
    tekuenertainment 4 months ago

    Anybody get there names

  • Jake Dean
    Jake Dean 4 months ago

    They were cute together, both look great!

  • Ariel Summer
    Ariel Summer 4 months ago +1

    You are soooooooo pretty! And the guy is... hot great match! Updates please!

  • kayla imani
    kayla imani 4 months ago

    This is so cute she is so beautiful and he is so nice and cute lol

  • binky bailou
    binky bailou 4 months ago

    She's a beautiful girl!!! Really a georgious girl. Think they would make a swell couple. V attractive pair.

  • Meechie Moreno
    Meechie Moreno 4 months ago

    She’s beautiful

  • jrios662
    jrios662 5 months ago

    Yeah I would like to know the 7 a******'s that didn't like this video.... Heartless m************

  • jrios662
    jrios662 5 months ago +1

    Was it me Or was that girl absolutely gorgeous I mean who's gonna worry about scars when their pain attention to that beautiful smile I mean really......

  • Arian Afroozpanah
    Arian Afroozpanah 5 months ago

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmole mole mole mole mole Austin powers lmao

  • Megan026825
    Megan026825 5 months ago

    That’s so sad, poor girl, she doesn’t deserve it!

  • Louis Smith
    Louis Smith 5 months ago +1

    Literally crying rn

  • Egyptian American Patriot
    Egyptian American Patriot 5 months ago +11

    She is brave and has a great personality. He's really cool too

  • amber lynn
    amber lynn 6 months ago +2

    She’s so beautiful !

  • becky fab
    becky fab 7 months ago +2

    Poor girl . You are beautiful . Don't worry

  • Shazia
    Shazia 7 months ago +13

    She’s stunning. I hope she realises what a beautiful person inside and out he is. The guy seems nice too, it was good of him to share his own self-confidence issues and be open and honest. Wishing them both happiness.

  • Adam Weston
    Adam Weston 7 months ago +2

    Don't cry please, your a beautiful lady and if people can't see beyond those scars then they are not worth knowing. If I was younger then I would ask you for a date and I'd make sure that I got a second! 😉

  • Bailey de Ridder
    Bailey de Ridder 7 months ago +2

    I also did cut myself and I also feel like its a part of me now but I felt her so badly.. I love her!

  • TMK
    TMK 7 months ago +7

    I want her dm’s just to let her know that her scars are a part of her beauty❤️

  • Chris Lewars
    Chris Lewars 7 months ago +2

    She's very beautiful 😊

  • Tlade o
    Tlade o 7 months ago +2

    Awww they’re cute ❤️

  • Bianca Lawrence
    Bianca Lawrence 7 months ago +7

    Thank you all ❤️

  • Zakiry
    Zakiry 7 months ago +1

    I have urticaria what gets worse when I am stressed, also got anxiety so I understand what she mean when she says she feels like a dog constantly itching

  • Hi No
    Hi No 7 months ago +1

    Bless her

  • Ria Hossain
    Ria Hossain 7 months ago +4

    Oommggg da guy looks so cute when he was younger can’t even lieee❤️🌍✨💯

  • Charlie Marsek
    Charlie Marsek 7 months ago

    His eyes are well close hers are proper wide they’re kids would have normal eyes

  • Tothy TV
    Tothy TV 7 months ago +1

    Eeew just remove them

    • Tara S
      Tara S 3 months ago +2

      Stfu u nasty dog

    • Rosie Xxx
      Rosie Xxx 6 months ago +9

      Tothy TV if you’ve got a problem remove yourself from the video, you should be ashamed 👎🏽

  • Paul Fernando
    Paul Fernando 7 months ago +2

    She is absolutely beautiful and down to earth god bless her 😊🙏

  • Steph Daigle
    Steph Daigle 7 months ago +8

    Keloids are REAAAALLY easy to Remove... You don't go under anesthesia or anything .it's as easy as removing a mole... I wonder why she doesn't just remove them if they bring so much pain...:(

    • electra heart
      electra heart 4 months ago +4

      are you kidding? maybe if they're on your nose or ear or something from piercings. i have scars on my neck, chest, crotch, thighs, etc. they're not easy to get rid of at all. i've gotten some them surgically removed and some of them injected with steroids, but they just get worse and irritate skin more. they're stuck to you, it's apart of your skin. they bring me so much mental pain lol. they're itchy and uncomfortable but the worst part is having to look at them bc they make me very insecure.

    • Jake Dean
      Jake Dean 4 months ago +2

      Steph Daigle Maybe because they'll just grow back?

  • Christine Louise
    Christine Louise 7 months ago +18

    Two of the most beautiful people I have ever seen! Inside & Out, their circumstances caused them both to be humble, (or maybe they were raised that way), either case, being HUMBLE is such a beautiful trait in Humans, Humble Hearts... Nothing More Beautiful or Rewarding then loving a Humble Heart!

  • annu rajeev
    annu rajeev 7 months ago +9

    Please don't listen to negative people you are beautiful and strong women !!

  • So Intellectual
    So Intellectual 7 months ago +50

    She has nothing to be ashamed of, it takes a lot of courage to share something like that. She’s a very lovely person and she deserves the world

  • that_retro_ vibe
    that_retro_ vibe 7 months ago +13

    She’s gorgeous

  • kirsty Gunn
    kirsty Gunn 7 months ago +31

    She is a beautiful person inside and out

  • Kisse K
    Kisse K 7 months ago +67

    she looks like a bit black version of woah vicky

    • What Up
      What Up 7 months ago +7

      Kisu K but woah Vicky IS black...so you mean twins?

  • Paul Charles
    Paul Charles 7 months ago +11

    Very beautiful lady!!!

  • adrian webster
    adrian webster 7 months ago +5

    Shes amazing. Beautifull lady!!!

  • Cat Gilfillan
    Cat Gilfillan 7 months ago +77

    He's hilarious and she seems so lovely and down to earth. And the pair of them are both totally gorgeous!! I really hope they have a second date 😍

    • Cat Gilfillan
      Cat Gilfillan 7 months ago +2

      @Luis -Scent aw I see! Well, someone who seems so sweet and humble as her deserves to find love so I wish her the best on her journey and you as well sir.
      It's nice to get a reply online and have it be polite and kind rather than the normal hate filled internet nonsense for once! That's sweet of you to have filled me in.

    • Luis -Scent
      Luis -Scent 7 months ago +2

      +Cat Gilfillan ahaha I'm neither off this two ahahahah just a nice guy who cares and love true genuine people like she's since we meet at work,and built a good relationship so far!!😂😂😂 Bianca or Teza😂😂😂 ur funny 😂😂😂

    • Cat Gilfillan
      Cat Gilfillan 7 months ago

      @Luis -Scent are you Bianca or Teza? Something about the way you said just made me think you might be hehe

    • Cat Gilfillan
      Cat Gilfillan 7 months ago +3

      @Luis -Scent I'm crap at actually watching this on telly, I often only catch the clips on here. Well, I'm glad to hear they're pals at least, because they seemed good company to each other :) thx for letting me know! X

    • Luis -Scent
      Luis -Scent 7 months ago +3

      they're just friend and this episode was a year ago!!very nice off you 😉😉

  • Lucy Davey
    Lucy Davey 7 months ago +4

    i guess you didnt wanna use her name in the title or the description then?

    YEA BABY 7 months ago +4

    Не плач я люблю тебя ❤️❤️❤️

  • daveybaby10
    daveybaby10 7 months ago +120

    Bless her,she’s amazingly beautiful and a lovely soul...us proper men love a souls and not just the skin......sending her hugs

    • Luis -Scent
      Luis -Scent 7 months ago +2

      +daveybaby10 I will do so and thanks for your support cause she deserves all the bless from people like us!! Also I will tell her to read the comments and reply if possible!

    • daveybaby10
      daveybaby10 7 months ago +2

      A L G well said and please pass on my regards and tell her she’s amazing and she should be very proud of herself

    • Luis -Scent
      Luis -Scent 7 months ago +4

      She's so amazing, caring and good to person to know in real life I'm so glad I know her in person may God bless her.

  • Kwales66
    Kwales66 7 months ago +40

    What a lovely young woman.

    • Luis -Scent
      Luis -Scent 7 months ago +2

      She definitely good person cause I know her in person and I see her in daily basis

  • HappyandAtheist
    HappyandAtheist 7 months ago +4

    why do wanman think "feelings" are every thing. Most men do not give a toss.