10 vs 1: Daughter Finds A Date For Her Mom

  • Published on Aug 23, 2019
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Comments • 8 837

  • Jubilee
    Jubilee  25 days ago +7530

    Kaliya! ❤️She came prepared with some hard hitting questions for these men! Hit the “Thumbs Up” if you thought Kaliya was super sweet!
    We hope you enjoy this episode of Vs. 1!

    • Marcus gomez
      Marcus gomez 5 days ago

      So did they go on a date

    • Ok Oof
      Ok Oof 6 days ago

      Jubilee can we do this with my mom? She needs a date

    • Uncharted Steppes
      Uncharted Steppes 6 days ago

      V. V. Oakley you won’t be saying this when this exact demographic fucks up our planet in 15 years.

    • Veronica Vecellio
      Veronica Vecellio 6 days ago

      My mom’s divorced sooo when,she likes a guy I don’t like imma be like:GET HIM OUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT

      Me saying like counter:102030495960847447475748838382828339402928184843828828338

    • Jubilee Ma
      Jubilee Ma 9 days ago


  • Rukia Alsawaier
    Rukia Alsawaier 20 minutes ago

    I can't tell if the guy was being sarcastic when he told the mom that her daughter was very confident

  • Ethan Schouest
    Ethan Schouest 41 minute ago

    Pay ur respects for Dav. He would have been the best step dad ever!!

  • rebeca satiro
    rebeca satiro 45 minutes ago

    somebody knows eian's ig?

  • Jadden
    Jadden Hour ago +1

    The mother is beautiful, lucky daughter haha the mother is lucky as well. Aaron is a cool guy! I thought he would’ve won :(

  • Biggest Fangirl
    Biggest Fangirl Hour ago

    NOOO sir Dav should have I mean come on my man had the Batman beanie and not only that he was cool let me go to lego land with him not the damn farmers market.

  • Timiah Jackson
    Timiah Jackson 2 hours ago

    they’re so pretty

  • yee yee
    yee yee 3 hours ago

    Her mom is actually so pretty and I’m jealous.

  • arya baratheon
    arya baratheon 4 hours ago

    I hope her mom got the Oregon guys number

  • arya baratheon
    arya baratheon 4 hours ago

    Her final choice wasn’t the Asian guy but the musician nooo we-

  • Nandini Mehta
    Nandini Mehta 5 hours ago

    “Can we take him home”

  • Jeaxin
    Jeaxin 7 hours ago

    I loved the chinese with the cute hat so much :(

  • sea salt
    sea salt 7 hours ago


  • Mouna Kss
    Mouna Kss 7 hours ago +1

    Can I date the Asian guy ??

  • K1. ARS
    K1. ARS 7 hours ago +1

    "She always begs for a step-dad"


  • Iver Lagesen Samuelsen

    Dav looks like a pretty chill person

  • JungkookIsWoah
    JungkookIsWoah 8 hours ago +1

    Man i thought nick had a chance

  • Jocelyn Cross
    Jocelyn Cross 8 hours ago

    And I like his hair😂

  • Bester3 AJ
    Bester3 AJ 9 hours ago


  • Alysha Webster
    Alysha Webster 9 hours ago

    Did they go on a date though

  • Andrea Enriquez
    Andrea Enriquez 9 hours ago

    I love TikTok

  • Tori Brown
    Tori Brown 9 hours ago

    There’s nothing wrong with being shy. I was very shy as a kid. But for the purpose of this video, I think their execution of this idea would have went way better if they chose a more extroverted kid.

  • Steve Smith
    Steve Smith 10 hours ago +1

    Why does Nick remind me of Garland green from Con air

  • Hugh Janus
    Hugh Janus 11 hours ago

    look at that womans eyes holy crap

  • princessslayer53 o.o
    princessslayer53 o.o 11 hours ago

    Need updates

  • Blind Squid
    Blind Squid 11 hours ago

    This is ridiculous. A single muther is a liability from the jump. This is pushing the feminazi's agenda & simpanzee mantra just a bit to hard.

  • Kitty Klan Chan
    Kitty Klan Chan 12 hours ago

    Kaliyah and her mom just slapped me and called me an ugly troll

  • c.p1114
    c.p1114 12 hours ago

    Maybe she saw Sherlock Holmes Series and Nick reminded her of Moriarti...... (and freaked out a little XD)

  • Leah Dummer
    Leah Dummer 13 hours ago

    Literally sobbing at the fact that the little girl asks for a step dad as her birthday wish every year. 😭💕

  • Flynn Forest
    Flynn Forest 13 hours ago

    She probably chose him bcos he looks like a tik toker lol

  • Music house
    Music house 14 hours ago

    Oh, I remember that Dav dude that has an auto tuned voice.

  • o0f o0f
    o0f o0f 15 hours ago

    Aww I do Tik Tok to

  • I’m stupid but
    I’m stupid but 19 hours ago +1

    It’s a very real possibility that she mixed up the two floppy haired guys

  • Pri Cozart
    Pri Cozart 21 hour ago

    She is very pretty! Her daughter looks just like her!

  • Nadiya Alaiya
    Nadiya Alaiya 22 hours ago

    They are so beautiful omg

  • Shelby Thompson.
    Shelby Thompson. 22 hours ago

    What band is he in!!!!!’

  • HeatEnd
    HeatEnd 23 hours ago

    The mom looks like a useless bimbo. no wonder the dad left

  • tiddy
    tiddy 23 hours ago

    damn the mothers smokin.. defs wanna get in them pants

  • Kelly Tush
    Kelly Tush 23 hours ago

    Why do I feel like I’ve seen this girl somewhere before???

  • RYO
    RYO Day ago

    the asian guy said he liked making videos? does he have a yt channel bc he is the cutest 🥺

  • Mist R
    Mist R Day ago +2

    The bass player finally getting a girl. Applause

  • King Of Leone
    King Of Leone Day ago

    Bruh her skin is glowing.

  • Eve Fanton
    Eve Fanton Day ago

    The ending photos were so cute and pure 😇

  • Zai Par
    Zai Par Day ago +1

    The Asian guy is lowkey cute😍😍🥰🥰

  • Arimaripari P
    Arimaripari P Day ago +1

    if Cavali’s mom is single u need to get him on this show ASAP

  • Kayra Alvarez
    Kayra Alvarez Day ago

    Damn she really hated NICK

  • AceOfSpades
    AceOfSpades Day ago

    bruh talking about milfs these days damn....

  • Ceileigh Mcallister

    eians kinda cute tho....?!?!?!?!



  • Galactic Zap
    Galactic Zap Day ago

    Guy: "I think universal, I went there when I was a kid."
    Girl: "I've never gone."
    Guy: "Let's go!"
    ***In the girl's head: This guy is the winner. He 'bout to take me to universal.***


    Guy #2: "When I was your age my FAVORITE place was Legoland. Have you been to Legoland before?"
    Girl: "No."
    Guy #2: "I'd definitely take you to Legoland."
    ***In the girl's head: Oh, no. I got another person talking about another fun place. How will I ever choose?***

    Me: I think the universal guy, Legoland guy, or the dog beach guy will win.

    *Even later... (spoiler)*

    ***Girl eliminates universal guy.***

    Me: Whaaaat!!!???

    Guy #2: "I like making videos."
    Girl: "I like making videos!"
    Guy #2: "Yeah."
    Mom: "What kind of videos do you make?"
    Girl: "I do TikTok videos."
    Guy #2: "You like TikTok videos!? Can you teach me? I'm trying to get on TikTok."
    ***Girl smiles.***
    Girl: "Okay."

    Me: It's either this guy who wants to take her to Legoland or the guy who wants to take her to the dog beach that will win.

    ***Girl eliminates the Legoland dude first thing.***

    Me: Whaaaaaat!!!!????

    ***Girl eliminates the dog beach guy.***

    Me: Whaaat!!!!??? I thought of all people that would win would be the dog beach guy. If it were me I would choose him. There's just something about the dog beach guy that makes me want to choose him. Maybe it's because he likes dogs and I could have a bunch of dogs? (my old dogs died so I currently don't have any dogs) Maybe it's because he was just really nice? Or maybe it's because he's really good with kids? I don't know. There's just something about the dog beach guy.

    ***Girl eliminates more people and then after that the guy who plays instruments wins.***

    Me: I didn't think he would win but he is still a good choice. He seems really nice and talented.

    *Sorry for all of the "dude"s and "guy"s instead of their names. I didn't feel like going back into the video for their names.*

  • elainelovesthighhighs

    I’m just here to say I vote for Nick and her mother

  • elainelovesthighhighs

    Bunch of koreaboos in the comment section.

  • Fadil Raji
    Fadil Raji Day ago

    I have a little bear my self names scooter
    While his face looks like this 🤡

  • robert Zimmerle
    robert Zimmerle Day ago +3

    I'm pretty sure most of those guys are gay...just sayin

  • Rebecca Winklerfelt

    Marcc was soooo handsome😍😍

  • Maisie Killeen
    Maisie Killeen Day ago

    Omg a nine year old on tik tok

  • blue floyd
    blue floyd Day ago

    I dont mean to judge, obviously i don’t know how old she is or what conditions she has, but i feel like she was acting younger than her age? sorry 😂

  • Ddok
    Ddok Day ago +1

    "I like to make tiktok videos" poor child....

  • R M
    R M Day ago +1

    not to be rude or anything but this kid is gonna be ten and she's acting like a 5-year-old toddler...

  • Miriampergerson
    Miriampergerson Day ago