How Does Induction Heating Work in Welding?

  • Published on Sep 21, 2010
  • This introduction to induction heating in welding applications will explain how it works and what it is.
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  • casanovasky
    casanovasky 3 years ago +4

    Thanks. Good animation

  • Yinan Wang
    Yinan Wang 3 years ago +1

    There are so many types of stainless steel stock pot on the market. 304 grade, 430 grade, or 205grade.
    I'm choosing a big stainless steel stock pot to cook meat stew. I will be using it on an induction cooktop.
    Is it correct that one material conduct more heat than another material on induction cooktop? or as long as they are a little magnative, they all have the same cooking speed?
    I'm wondering if the iron content matters the speed.

  • reapzilla
    reapzilla 4 years ago +5

    i came here for science, i got no science... for shame

  • PiranhaFisher
    PiranhaFisher 4 years ago +1

    Inductions heating heats things because of hysteresis which is a thing
    ^ Makes more sense that what he actually said

  • guloguloguy
    guloguloguy 5 years ago

    ......[So, left out any references as to any equipment that Miller Welding Co., might offer that is suitable for such applications!]...."Doh!"....

  • MaeLSTRoM1997
    MaeLSTRoM1997 5 years ago

    Thanks for the simple explanation.

  • Guilherme Eduardo Carvalho

    Induction heating is amazing!

  • Miller Welders
    Miller Welders  6 years ago

    Yes, the cable has a cloth sleeve or cover, but it's not really insulation -- the cable itself does not heat up like a traditional heating element, it's the pipe underneath that does.

  • Ukie Geno
    Ukie Geno 6 years ago

    No it does not work with DC. A steady magnetic field that is produced in DC cannot be induced into another conductor. You need a changing magnetic field which only comes from AC. Read how transformers work. Its the same principle.

  • Mohamed El-Mogy
    Mohamed El-Mogy 7 years ago


  • German Bravo
    German Bravo 7 years ago

    is it only usefull for heating metals?

  • theapocilip
    theapocilip 7 years ago

    does it work with DC?

  • MysteriusBhoice
    MysteriusBhoice 8 years ago

    yeeeeeeeeeeeeees phew no more problem yeaaaaah i think