“You’re A Nasty, Little Virgin” | The Inbetweeners

  • Published on May 15, 2019
  • Charlotte finds out about what Will has been saying to his work experience colleagues.
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  • Philip Moore
    Philip Moore 8 days ago

    Will kind of deserved what he got there he shouldnt lie and say that he has a hot girlfriend and has had sex when he hasnt

  • jayslayernation666
    jayslayernation666 8 days ago

    I would love to hear Jim asking the questions on the phone to Charlotte 😂

  • Joe Owen
    Joe Owen 9 days ago

    She hasnt changed in 10 years

  • CW Productions
    CW Productions 10 days ago


  • Steph’s Vids
    Steph’s Vids 20 days ago

    Whyyyy do I think Charlotte and will would be cute 😂

  • Marc P
    Marc P Month ago

    The Inbetweeners got a lot of inspiration from American Pie

  • Niko Bellic
    Niko Bellic Month ago +8

    Wolfie is the definition of a brexit leave voter

  • Brandon WRUPTZ97
    Brandon WRUPTZ97 Month ago

    Man like wolf hahahaha

  • ACMA61
    ACMA61 Month ago +12

    I love this show, but Will gives me the shits sometimes.

  • TicTac
    TicTac Month ago +3

    never watched this scene before because i would always skip it cus of cringe

  • phucker tan
    phucker tan 2 months ago

    she's fucking ugly

  • HH_ Entertainment18
    HH_ Entertainment18 2 months ago +16

    The way Wolfie just casually said "See you Monday"😂😂😂

  • Frank Smith
    Frank Smith 2 months ago

    At this point guys could you not just upload full episodes?

  • Thomas Nicholls
    Thomas Nicholls 2 months ago +1

    "Black 4 baby"

    • Erick R.p
      Erick R.p 17 days ago

      @A smoking ChickenFish I think it was suppose to be "block 4 baby", stating they were in the #4 toilet waiting for him.

    • A smoking ChickenFish
      A smoking ChickenFish 2 months ago

      Yeah what the fuck does that mean

  • Football Fan AR
    Football Fan AR 2 months ago +1


  • Michael Keates
    Michael Keates 2 months ago +2

    Someone’s desperate for a Diet Coke 🤣

  • LuckyZevanns 88
    LuckyZevanns 88 3 months ago +1

    See ya Monday

  • Noakseyy
    Noakseyy 3 months ago


  • Mr Jockey
    Mr Jockey 3 months ago

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    CABAHAB 3 months ago +1

    Will you just say there was a mix up and you will make the best of it and it will be a nice and new experience to work and see a how the garage works.... don't have to be a ass and tell them there stupid just because they work with there hands he brings these situations on himself suppose that's why the shows funny there such fuck ups.....x x x 💓💛💙💜❤💚

  • Samar Iqbal
    Samar Iqbal 3 months ago +8

    Will: “Haha, please don’t!”😂

  • Joe
    Joe 3 months ago

    wolfie is a fat prick

  • Codzeedee
    Codzeedee 4 months ago

    kicked in the cock actually... bwahaha😂😂😂

  • Izzyzzo 11
    Izzyzzo 11 4 months ago +4

    *1:32** me on Friday to my teachers 😂😂*

  • Theo Jagger
    Theo Jagger 4 months ago

    I’ll start:
    “Wow someones desperate for a diet coke”

  • Name101
    Name101 4 months ago

    quick question, what did wolfies boss say to Charlotte on the phone? I know will offended them and got thrown in a river but that's the only extent on my knowledge.

    • lewis morrison
      lewis morrison 4 months ago

      Will was telling them all the stuff he got up to while fucking Charlotte (which was obviously bollocks) so the boss was repeating it all back to her to see if she would confirm it

  • Bob Bobinton
    Bob Bobinton 4 months ago +5

    Wolfie probaly would of helped will if he hadnt been a twat to them at the start of the work experience they seemed like sound lads

    • lewis morrison
      lewis morrison 4 months ago +5

      He wouldn't have been there if Will hadn't been such a twat

    LEYLAND GAMER 5 months ago

    You’re a nasty little virgin - Says the gays throwing Neil’s dad into a glory hole bar

  • Paul Lay
    Paul Lay 5 months ago

    0:59 Put your best phrase for this particular quote:
    Charlotte: “Wrong, you’re a nasty little virgin”

  • Fin Brown
    Fin Brown 5 months ago +32

    Will:I'm not the one working at the garage doing shitty manual labour for the rest of my life
    Wolfie: see you monday

  • Doom Marine
    Doom Marine 5 months ago +1

    one more...

  • hip2thabone
    hip2thabone 5 months ago +10

    Will: "Ignore everything he has to say. It is all total bollocks!"🤣

  • Jay Cartwright
    Jay Cartwright 6 months ago +4


  • Ironclaw XII
    Ironclaw XII 6 months ago +3

    I would have felt sorry for Will, but since he's one of those cunts who thinks there's something wrong with working in a garage, I don't.
    I don't care if people are shovelling shit, there is no shame in working.

    • Matt and Ros homemade videos
      Matt and Ros homemade videos 6 months ago

      Ironclaw XII amen to that my dude. I used to think like that too and it’s fuckin’ arrogant and dumb, had to apologise to a lot of people for havin that mindset.

  • guyverjay
    guyverjay 6 months ago +5

    Charlotte was never particularly good looking, a bit rough

    • Robatic
      Robatic 3 months ago

      @guyverjay lol you're insane

    • guyverjay
      guyverjay 4 months ago

      witch xoxo - if you like ropey looking chavs

    • bye bb
      bye bb 4 months ago

      shes gorgeous though...

    • Matt and Ros homemade videos
      Matt and Ros homemade videos 6 months ago +3

      RAMMSTEIN are my fav band that’s all that matters in school 😂

  • Liz Clegg
    Liz Clegg 6 months ago +7

    In fairness to Will, Charlotte could pass as a porn star, even though she is a bit of a dog.

  • TomSee
    TomSee 6 months ago +5

    Some of the comments on these clips is exactly why there won't be a series 4. Too many snowflakes 🙄😐

  • Dee U
    Dee U 6 months ago +92

    Wolfie and Neil would have been a great duo

    • nriab23
      nriab23 3 days ago

      yeah but conflict makes for the better humor.

  • Ainsley Harriott's Spicy Meat

    He saw her naked though.

  • Hare Brahs
    Hare Brahs 6 months ago +4

    this thumbnail made me crack

  • Austin Keith
    Austin Keith 6 months ago +7

    “See you Monday” 😂

  • statsonB
    statsonB 6 months ago +1


  • sj11791
    sj11791 6 months ago +12

    Love how Will's first excuse was still "I was working in a garage and you don't understand what it's like". Nasty of Wolfie to do that but still nasty of Will to say that again.

  • Mod 66
    Mod 66 6 months ago +1

    Should of knocked Wolfe out act the bar the fat fuck

  • Paul Whitworth
    Paul Whitworth 6 months ago +8

    Alright Chumley Warner! 😂😂😂😂

  • Aleph Null
    Aleph Null 6 months ago +1

    I'm guessing I'm the only one but I hate Wolfie so much.

  • Ciaran Eley
    Ciaran Eley 6 months ago +4

    See you Monday

  • Justice Gemini
    Justice Gemini 6 months ago +362

    I genuinely believe Wolfie would’ve helped him if Will wasn’t so condescending at the start of his work experience.

    • nriab23
      nriab23 3 days ago

      @Michal M he could have ended up there accidently, to meet a cousin for example and considering his age, he was allowed in.

    • Michal M
      Michal M 3 months ago +4

      He wouldn't have popped in to check out his missus in the first place

    • Robatic
      Robatic 3 months ago +6

      yeah thats the thing, will brought all this on himself.

    • lewis morrison
      lewis morrison 4 months ago +12

      Wolfie wouldn't have been there if Will hadn't been so condescending at the start of the work experience

    • Gunner Boy
      Gunner Boy 6 months ago +90

      Justice Gemini I suppose if anyone was in Will’s shoes, they’d use their brains & just say there was an accidental mix up rather than patronise them & say that people who work in garages are thick. Then again as a viewer watching this show, it’d have been boring if Will had been nice to them. Him being a twat to them made it entertaining.

  • BB1349
    BB1349 6 months ago +1

    If there was ever a porn parody of the Inbetweeners Alexis Texas would play Charlotte and Tommy Pistol would play Will.

  • Jay Cartwright
    Jay Cartwright 6 months ago +13

    I mean, she ain’t wrong

  • Scott Hotchkiss
    Scott Hotchkiss 6 months ago

    Would love to sniff her arse

  • Will Gisby
    Will Gisby 6 months ago +10

    Does anyone agree that Will isn't a very nice person?

    • guyverjay
      guyverjay 3 months ago

      Will Gisby - that’s just stereotypical “teenager” behaviour

    • Will Gisby
      Will Gisby 4 months ago

      @Glasgow Rangers 1872 treats his parents badly though

    • Glasgow Rangers 1872
      Glasgow Rangers 1872 4 months ago

      GNVS simon? can be a bit of a twat but genuinely a nice guy. Just gets run over by girls though.

    • Will Gisby
      Will Gisby 6 months ago +1

      @GNVS I completely agree

    • GNVS
      GNVS 6 months ago +23

      Nobody is in the Inbetweeners besides Neil and Big John

  • zehlzys
    zehlzys 6 months ago +5

    Charlotte isn’t even that fit 😂

  • Martin
    Martin 6 months ago +207

    Happy birthday Bret Clement, 15th of bloody May 1989

    NOCTURNAL_ARROW 6 months ago +6

    Lol this scene is great

  • Culze
    Culze 6 months ago +17

    see ya monday😂😂

    • ME
      ME 2 months ago

      Culze No you won’t!!!

  • Eurkel
    Eurkel 6 months ago +16

    1:43 what? Black 4 baby?

  • Niko Bellic
    Niko Bellic 6 months ago +49

    Not even the ice cold water she swilled him with could ease the pain of that burn. Poor Will.

  • Burak Çınar
    Burak Çınar 6 months ago +1

    4 dislikes Will, Simon, Jay & Neil

  • Oh Yeah Yeah
    Oh Yeah Yeah 6 months ago +1

    Charlotte big jugs 😍