Monster Hunter World: Iceborne - Alatreon Trailer

  • Alatreon approaches!! Confront the Blazing Black Dragon in #Iceborne this May 🔥❄️⚡️🐉


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  • JJD
    JJD 25 seconds ago

    I love how the hunter in these trailers is always wearing the basic starter gear so it’s literally a first day player vs fucking alatreon

  • headset man
    headset man 20 minutes ago

    I haven’t fought this thing in almost a decade

  • Zydrick Delima
    Zydrick Delima 44 minutes ago

    The chills...

  • SSGT Meatwad
    SSGT Meatwad 5 hours ago

    A Vaal Hazak Reskin how original...

  • Hobbes
    Hobbes 5 hours ago

    You crazy sons of bitches you did it

  • Luis Gogetto
    Luis Gogetto 5 hours ago

    Send word to the Guild master immediately, The Avatar has returned!!!!

  • A-
    A- 6 hours ago

    Alatreon's theme sounds amazing here.

  • Alec C.
    Alec C. 8 hours ago

    Guys just forget it... Nergigante will never beat Alatreon or any Black Dragon. :)

  • Theo
    Theo 9 hours ago +1

    My first mh game was MH3U and boy it took me like 49 minutes for me to solo with HH... Felt so good to finally kill it my first time though...

  • Der Reisende
    Der Reisende 11 hours ago

    the one and only

  • The Dark Soul
    The Dark Soul 11 hours ago +1

    Besides being hyped for the fight, anyone else hyped for the BGM reprise?

  • bilinas mini
    bilinas mini 11 hours ago

    Alatreon: Fire, Lightning, Ice, Dragon. Only the Avatar, the master of 4 eleme- Hunter: what about water? Alatreon: >:(

  • Andry Sugiarto
    Andry Sugiarto 12 hours ago

    Kono Dio DA!!!

  • Dragon Dreamer
    Dragon Dreamer 12 hours ago +1

    My first Black Dragon.

  • القاتل مشاري

    انا العربي الوحيد ولا

    • bilinas mini
      bilinas mini 11 hours ago

      First, there was Deviljho, the demonic dragon picke of hell that fucked many a hunt, but wasn’t horrifically difficult to beat. Then, there was Rajang, the batshit insane, punch

  • SuperNaruto170
    SuperNaruto170 19 hours ago

    Imagine artch tampered lol

  • ExtremeGamingVideos

    I sware if the Handler comes with us when we first spit Alatreon I hope she gets eaten by Alatreon that would make my day.

  • David Edosomwan
    David Edosomwan Day ago

    Can’t wait for them to add the Todoroki monster to world.

  • Multifandom Master

    Okay, give us the black dragon trio. Next will be Dire miralis and then the god Fatalis

  • Three K a day keep the Karui away!

    Alatreon is a "Black" dragon.
    He is ele"mentally" unstable.
    What did Capcom mean by this?

    • Alexandru Calciu
      Alexandru Calciu Day ago

      Black Dragon is the term that refers to dragons with the power to destroy eco-systems.
      Elementally unstable means unable to control the elements. You putting quotes on "mentally" is cherry picking.

  • Three K a day keep the Karui away!

    Alatreon is a "Black" dragon.
    He is ele"mentally" unstable.
    What did Capcom mean by this?

  • dragon king leonides1527

    Safi: I'm the strongest elder dragon
    Alatreon: *but you ain't no black~*
    Safi: ;-;

  • Chacobos
    Chacobos Day ago

    Wouldn't surprise me if in the story an Alatreon ran into a Fatalis(since we don't know where their natural habitat is so could very well be here in the new world) and for reasons not known had to flee and seeked refuge here where we defeated Safi. Then when we come it is still on alert and wants to defend its new territory and after we defeat it we question why it appeared seemingly out of the blue leading into an update where Fatalis gets added.

  • monika laosi
    monika laosi Day ago

    Lore behind alatreons multiple elements: God creating alatreon: “ dragon would be a neat element for an elder dragon” Alatreon with a gun: “another one”

  • Nayra Dharma
    Nayra Dharma Day ago

    Ah yes, Spyro is here

  • Enduroman 1
    Enduroman 1 Day ago +1

    Astral armor is gonna be the most useful thing for this guy lol

  • Know Know
    Know Know Day ago

    Yah another monster I can't go against cus it's in the BS range man when do people like me get a fun monster ... I... It's just... It just sucks to fight iceborne monsters. It might sound like I through this out there but this comes from the soul.

    • Sunbro Solaire
      Sunbro Solaire Day ago

      We all enjoy different fights more.

    • Lars Ulrich
      Lars Ulrich Day ago

      BS range? What are you struggling with?

    • Felon Melon
      Felon Melon Day ago +2

      Is there something you need to get off your chest?

  • Some guy With no name

    God damnit I wish I had iceborne

  • Yeet Em
    Yeet Em Day ago

    Fatalis next?

  • Qsdfgh
    Qsdfgh Day ago

    Nothing Aquashot can't beat.

  • BeanBoi0914
    BeanBoi0914 Day ago

    First, there was Deviljho, the demonic dragon picke of hell that fucked many a hunt, but wasn’t horrifically difficult to beat.
    Then, there was Rajang, the batshit insane, punch spamming, super saiyan, PTSD inducing monkey which I don’t like to discuss since my heart rate actually increases when I talk about him for too long.
    Now, we face the element spamming, blazing black dragon himself.
    Prepare your asses.

  • Akatsuki Puppychu
    Akatsuki Puppychu Day ago +1

    Alatreon: Mastered Fire, Ice, Thunder, and Dragon
    Master Xehanort: Mastered Fire, Ice, Thunder, and Darkness

  • Overlord
    Overlord Day ago +1

    It's always interesting reading the comments and learning about MH Lore. For example, I did not know that Elder Dragons were not Black Dragons.

    • Overlord
      Overlord Day ago

      @Sunbro Solaire That's what I meant, I just worded bad.
      I'm guessing Black Dragons are just the next level of Elder Dragons?

    • Eko Subandie
      Eko Subandie Day ago +1

      Black Dragons are still Elder Dragons
      What sets them apart from common Elders is their immense power and destructive cappability to local environment

    • Sunbro Solaire
      Sunbro Solaire Day ago +1

      All Black Dragons are Elder Dragons, but not all Elder Dragons are Black Dragons.

  • 4tktyler
    4tktyler Day ago

    This is coming out tomorrow because of the corona virus

  • Tiago Beltrão
    Tiago Beltrão Day ago

    Only one thing is missing


  • Andris Setyanang

    TDS team already prepared for fast speed run

  • Banakori
    Banakori Day ago

    Nice to know it’s pronounced “Ala-Trey-on”

  • Brian Dwi
    Brian Dwi Day ago

    Everyone is a gangster until ALA
    Show up

  • ChristOFF
    ChristOFF 2 days ago


  • Shauka Hodan
    Shauka Hodan 2 days ago

    Hunter: I manage my armor to counter a monsters element. Alatreon: Dying on the floor laughing

  • Eren7 Kruger12
    Eren7 Kruger12 2 days ago +1

    Anyone who dares to say or even think this guy is a reskin (truly happened) should be ashamed of themselves

    • Lars Ulrich
      Lars Ulrich Day ago +1

      There will always be a small minority of neckbeards to complain about everything but still play it and enjoy it at the end

  • Crimson
    Crimson 2 days ago

    you need to fix the game on pc

  • Joseph Williams
    Joseph Williams 2 days ago


    • Shauka Hodan
      Shauka Hodan 2 days ago

      registered in the assembly center IN PC

  • Michael Myers
    Michael Myers 2 days ago +2

    I love the subtle and easy to miss dialog that suggests that Nergi was just trying his best to prevent this from happening. Taxi'ing on Zora to try and find the source of the elder crossing that's been throwing things outta wack, then trying to find Shara to keep things from going further outta wack, then heading to the guiding lands to find Safi and stop things from going even further beyond wack. And at every turn, we interupted his efforts and/or injected ourselves as the true caretakers of the ecosystem which only furthered the imbalance. Now all the raw power and energy of the crossing, the songs that drew more creatures in, and the shifting of ecosystems to benefit a glutton have all only served to draw out a force unlike any other. Where Nergi was supposed to be the balance of the scales, we can and tipped them too far. Now Alatreon has come to equalize... But he will inevitably fail, his appearance bringing more powerful creatures like Gore and Valstrax undoubtedly, but in Alatreons defeat, something much worse will come.
    Prediction, final update will be one or all of the Fatalis', given the same treatment to gameplay and mechanics as these recent ones. Capcom has been flexing for a while now and the hype only climbs more...

    • Michael Myers
      Michael Myers Day ago

      @Felon Melon Its the same situation as in the game, the seeker mentions that Safi's presence attracted Stygian to the Guided lands. Where there is a truly powerful force, others will follow even if they aren't equaled to that force. Obviously Stygian isn't on Safi's level so of course that isn't what I was implying. Alatreon showing up will be enough on its own to attract other monsters to show up, too. But it's Alatreon's death that would likely attract something like Fatalis.
      That's why I stated "..his appearance bringing more powerful creatures" but that his death would bring worse. I said more powerful as in more monsters that are powerful, not that they'd be more powerful than him. Easy mistake to make.

    • Felon Melon
      Felon Melon Day ago

      @Lars Ulrich valstrax doesn't do anything but be cool

    • Lars Ulrich
      Lars Ulrich Day ago

      @Felon Melon i think he meant that alatreon's death will bring more monsters that are powerful and can bring imbalance to the ecosystem. Gore can definitely do that. But valstrax is not really a global threat he does its own thing

    • Felon Melon
      Felon Melon Day ago

      @Lars Ulrich ohhh in that case I need to reread it while having a stroke it's a tradition

    • Lars Ulrich
      Lars Ulrich Day ago

      @Felon Melon I think he simply poorly worded it.

  • michma121
    michma121 2 days ago

    Anyone else think his face reminds you of Grigori from Dragon's Dogma?
    Either way, in the drunken/wise words of Bender, "Well, we're boned!"

    • Sunbro Solaire
      Sunbro Solaire Day ago

      Does everything look like Grigori to you guys?

  • Vergil, the Architect

    Even as a scrub that hasn’t played the other games, I know that as soon as a BLACK DRAGON of all things shows up, well...
    “Ho man! I’m gonna die!” -Scout 2018

  • Luka Emmerson the Enigmatic UnEmpress

    Finally, Grillmaster can finally make it's T R U E return!

  • Demonic Gentleman
    Demonic Gentleman 2 days ago +2

    Bring Gore Magala and Shagalu Magala!!!!!

    • Qsdfgh
      Qsdfgh Day ago

      Gotta wait for MH6 at this rate.

  • Albert Lecter
    Albert Lecter 2 days ago

    Y’know while I haven’t actually fought THE Alatreon in MhTri and Mhgen just yet-- Just how aggressive is he?

    • Albert Lecter
      Albert Lecter Day ago

      Felon Melon Hmmmm I see I see well I at least have a clue on how much I’ll get carted by then Hahahahha this is gonna be fun (And stressful)

    • Felon Melon
      Felon Melon Day ago

      I'm pretty sure he's one of the most agressive black dragon quote me if I'm wrong

  • Crimson Sword
    Crimson Sword 2 days ago

    😳 dame holy fuck seems coooool 😅can’t wait to challenge this 1 I want to show that how to play Dragoon in MHW

  • Allester83
    Allester83 2 days ago

    Last mounth : What's this weird roar in the Ancient forest ?
    Now : Oh...

  • bilias hour
    bilias hour 2 days ago +1

    Rajang: I love making players scream in frustration. Alatreon: Hold my beer!

  • Donkilla28
    Donkilla28 2 days ago +1

    Me and my friends finally beat Behemoth(took us until Iceborne cause for 1. We weren't motivated to fight him as we didn't care about meta. 2. It's Behemoth, so we got bullied) after 2 years of him laughing at us:
    Alatreon: *Ready for round 2?*

  • архио
    архио 2 days ago

    Oh, thats violin, i hope hear it again in his theme

    • bilias hour
      bilias hour 2 days ago

      please make its horns breakable like shara ishvalda tenderplates (but with less health)

  • Jonathan Jackson
    Jonathan Jackson 2 days ago

    So the leaked list was true?! Can't wait for Avatar the dragon and (hopefully) Oroshi Kirin

  • Noah X17
    Noah X17 2 days ago

    So, it's time to stop farming for soon-to-be obsolete Safi weapons?

  • Agustin Santana
    Agustin Santana 2 days ago

    I guess White Fatalis isn’t coming back :(

  • A -
    A - 2 days ago +1

    In previous days there was a task called (Firebrick) and (the pursuit of light
    I did not find her at the event on the th platform
    Is it only for console devices?
    Although it is registered in the assembly center IN PC

  • Sleeping Sceptile
    Sleeping Sceptile 2 days ago

    He can breath fire, shoot lightning, freeze anything in his sight, and go super Saiyan with Dragon. Prepare thy anus hubter

  • Nigel Orbe
    Nigel Orbe 2 days ago

    0:39 That shot with the Dragon Lightning is giving me Zenith Doragyurosu vibes

  • Twelve Grill btw
    Twelve Grill btw 2 days ago

    *MH3U Flashbacks*

  • SleepyWolf
    SleepyWolf 2 days ago +3

    Why am I getting hyped? I don't even have this game.

  • Alpha Gale
    Alpha Gale 3 days ago

    I have ptsd from fighting him in mh3u g rank

  • Dino Rex
    Dino Rex 3 days ago

    Me: *sees Alatreon controlling all elements except for water*
    Also me: *looks at the Nulberry stash almost empty* ...
    Fuck Velkhana, fuck Namielle and fuck Ice and Water Blights...

  • TheSugarPig3695
    TheSugarPig3695 3 days ago

    The possibility of facing this and fatalis in the same quest at the same time just got a little real 😅 would be nearly as bad as having to hunt each fatalis variant at once in the elders recess.......

    • Felon Melon
      Felon Melon Day ago

      I'm pretty sure fatalis would get his own arena and if a fatalis and alatreon met they would fight as alatreon is really agressive

  • King Crimson
    King Crimson 3 days ago

    Escadora, we’ll meet again.

  • Snow Chan
    Snow Chan 3 days ago

    That is a beautiful roar
    This might just pull me back into the game!

  • Dragum Kirisute
    Dragum Kirisute 3 days ago

    Another excuse for you guys to not try the older games.... how lovely.

  • ivan suchanek àlvarez

    please make its horns breakable like shara ishvalda tenderplates (but with less health)

  • MekBoy
    MekBoy 3 days ago

    When you had to sleep this mf multiple times and bomb his head just for those rare skypiercers 😭

  • The Last Rook
    The Last Rook 3 days ago

    This looks quite exciting. I'm definitely getting my royal rose ready.

  • Quarante Cinq
    Quarante Cinq 3 days ago

    I want the Prowler Mode

  • Chopper Channel
    Chopper Channel 3 days ago

    WOW !!!!!

  • Iver Trionnic Flores Blazingwell

    I remember the time when i get my ass whooped up by this dragon many times just to complete its armor set and long sword in mh3rd. Those were the days man.

  • The Moonlit Spice
    The Moonlit Spice 3 days ago

    I want to see a turf war or a cutscene battle between Alatreon and Ruiner Nergigante now. Just think, Ruiner turns up like "Ah shit, here we go again. Another Elder Dragon to munch on..." and then Alatreon just shocks the shit out of him, melts all of his metal spikes instantly, turns him into an ice sculpture and then shatters that sculpture with a blast of Dragon element, just to flex his strength as a Black Dragon and let you know that what you're about to face makes all other challenges you've faced seem like a walk in the park. Now you face the Blazing Black Dragon and he's fresh out of mercy.

    • The Moonlit Spice
      The Moonlit Spice 3 days ago

      @Alexandru Calciu To be honest, it is a bit over the top and wouldn't even appear in a cutscene. I doubt it would appear in-game but it's fun to let your imagination run wild when you have a monster as over-the-top as one of the black dragons roaming around the New World

    • Alexandru Calciu
      Alexandru Calciu 3 days ago

      Yeah that's too flamboyant. Also, consider Alatreon is in this arena, which probabky means it won't appear in other areas; furthermore, turf wars are not made to kill.

  • Refrieddog
    Refrieddog 3 days ago +2

    They better make him super hard that people complain! That what i want to see

    • Dragum Kirisute
      Dragum Kirisute 3 days ago

      If they complain they will nerf the difficulty this has always happened.

  • EnvoyoftheRealm
    EnvoyoftheRealm 3 days ago

    Better not be a god damn seige hunt.

    • Nautilus
      Nautilus 18 hours ago

      Why would it be?

    • Logan W
      Logan W 3 days ago

      Yea...... I rather have a normal battle as well.

  • lurker_san 41
    lurker_san 41 3 days ago

    I will finally have my revenge

  • Ermumat
    Ermumat 3 days ago

    And, there goes another chance to be lagiacrus

    • Felon Melon
      Felon Melon Day ago

      Well seeing what happened to his model in world I bet we'll have to wait til gen6

  • Clément M
    Clément M 3 days ago

    Oh i remember fighting him 10 years ago on tri, was fun