Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom - SPOILER Review

  • Published on Jun 24, 2018
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    All right guys! This is my Spoiler Review for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom! I know its been a long time coming so I hope that you all enjoy! In this video I go into every detail I can on the plot, characters, novel inspired parts of the story, the Indoraptor, Rexy, Blue, Owen Grady, Claire Dearing, the Auction, JA Bayona and everything else! I also do a little comparison between Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom and Jurassic Park! Here it is! After 3 long years, this is the final result of Jurassic World 2! :D
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  • Diego Roa
    Diego Roa 21 day ago +273

    Pin me

  • Humuz
    Humuz 4 minutes ago +1

    This movie was worse than JP3. Its true name is Jurassic World: Home Alone Version

  • Markus Malice
    Markus Malice 2 hours ago

    I enjoyed Fallen Kingdom. There were a few small production and script niggles that I noticed in the cinema, but its still a very well shot film with some great bits of humour and and plenty of jump scares and tension. I'm giving it an A as well.
    Great review, Klayton :)

  • Culture and History Nerd

    Video: *mentions the Brachiosaurus scene*
    Me: *immediately mutes video just to not cry... at least tries to but ends up not muting vid, result is a sobbing mess*
    Also, I love how everytime he tries to say something to criticize about Fallen Kingdom, he immediately flashbacks to Jurassic Park and ends up lowering the rating everytime lol (yes, i know what he's doing is a joke)

  • Javi
    Javi 6 hours ago

    Just imagine if this guys graded your uni papers...you made a mistake, oh I guess you are going to lose a whole letter grade...fack me :( Still loved the review, I personally loved the movie, 8/10 for me...

  • Spencer Holden
    Spencer Holden 13 hours ago

    Somehow Chris Stuckman can’t see how all the nods to the old JP movies are amazing! In fact he barely mentioned half of this movie in his review.

  • Graterthan
    Graterthan 16 hours ago

    Yes you can have a problem with it because they didn’t learn from the mistakes of the past.

  • kurvos
    kurvos 17 hours ago

    Oh, so because so many people disagree with you about this movie, they must be the mindless tools just copying and pasting what others say without thinking about their opinions, while you are the enlightened one? You praised the first Jurassic World to the heavens too, and that movie is shit in my opinion. Has nothing to do with what others think. I don't deny the fact that a lot of people hate stuff without knowing why, but that doesn't mean you can just apply it to anything fitting with your own personal gain and agenda.

  • I Love Baguettes
    I Love Baguettes 17 hours ago

    I love dinos and no other dino movies gets as close as the Jurrasic Park/World, that's why i will always enjoy the movies.

  • Gabbie Ski
    Gabbie Ski 18 hours ago

    IMO I thought the plot of “we have to save the dinosaurs!” was dumb. I dunno, maybe just because these animals are (were) extinct. They don’t have a role in the environment anymore.

  • adcon00
    adcon00 20 hours ago

    I didn't care for the ending

  • osbaldo h
    osbaldo h 20 hours ago

    fuck you dead brain ape, this movie trash af

  • A7med 3wad
    A7med 3wad 22 hours ago

    8:45 music used please

  • Mark Schaub
    Mark Schaub 22 hours ago

    This was easily my second favorite installment in the series. Fantastic direction and bold new decisions have this series charting new territory. This movie also makes you think more than the others. I have trouble understanding why so many seem not to like it. But that's ok. Curious to see where they go from here.

  • Joe Bob
    Joe Bob 23 hours ago

    I’m watching this while takin a shit ❤️

  • Matthew Ryan
    Matthew Ryan 23 hours ago

    If Lockwood is the king, maisee is the princess, and the indoraptor is the dragon, does that make mills the treacherous usurper?

  • Zombie  Halo
    Zombie Halo 23 hours ago +1

    Saw this movie last weekend and it was amazing I loved every second of it

  • Shady Bacon
    Shady Bacon Day ago

    I looooved this movie but it has way too many plot holes.
    1. How did the mosasaur survive 3 years with no food? Assuming it fed exclusively on Pterasaurs, that’s still very little food for a giant animal
    2. What was an intact gyrosphere Doing there?
    3. How did they catch the Baryonx? It was trapped behind a closed door in a room filling with lava.
    4. How the HELL did they catch Rexy while she was still awake
    5. That concept where Blue would be a mother to the indoraptor was really cool. Why did it go nowhere?
    6. How does Blue know what gas smells like and how does she know to run from it?
    7. Why should we care that Maisy is a clone? Why does anyone care?
    8. Couldn’t they go get another indorex bone? Yes, the island is destroyed, but the mosasaur exhibit was a giant lagoon. It should be mostly undamaged.

  • Keyblademaster333

    I think there are a lot of problems with the film and it had more problems than the last movie. I like it more than 3, but its probably for me the second worst.
    Still enjoyed parts though.

  • Ivan Karamazov
    Ivan Karamazov Day ago

    It puts the lotion on the skin or else it gets the hose again!

  • Ellsworth Schirer

    9:16 There was a pack of Dilos. One spit at Nedry, while the other one was either getting in or had already gotten in the Jeep.

  • Noah Davis
    Noah Davis Day ago +4

    When Maisie pressed the button and released the dinosaurs, the line "They're alive. Like me." really touched me for some reason.

    • Noah Davis
      Noah Davis 2 hours ago

      Josh Shin
      I don't think there really was supposed to be an "arc." It's the last 10-20 minutes of the movie, not much of an arc can happen in that time.
      I think it was more or less just a way to show you just the reach of the technology and what Hammond's partner was willing to do.
      Speak for yourself and not "everyone else" lmao. I liked it, I thought it was interesting, and they're probably going to elaborate more on that in the next movie.

    • Josh Shin
      Josh Shin 4 hours ago

      I hated that part and the little girl clone arc.
      It didn't make me relate to her more being a human and a clone or sympathetic to the view she had.
      The choice to let them live or die was def a hard scene to watch but I think if the clone arc of the girl was dropped and her letting them free could be the same with minor tweaks to her dialogue.
      I and pretty much everyone watch these films for the dinosaurs. Adding a cloned human was just meh for us. I'd rather have seen more of Blue and Owens relationship or the like.

    • Noah Davis
      Noah Davis 14 hours ago

      Blue Skeptic
      Oh, absolutely. That's a lot to have dropped on someone in one night. (Not to mention the murder of her grandfather) She had to begin to find herself again. Rethink everything she knew about her and her "mother."
      I still took it the quote a couple of ways, including what you said, which was probably intended.

    • Blue Skeptic
      Blue Skeptic 14 hours ago +1

      Noah Davis
      I think Maisie said that as much to herself as she did to the others. I'm sure she was probably questioning her own worth after learning she's a clone.

  • Campsey Ziegler
    Campsey Ziegler Day ago +5

    I’m glad I skipped the trailers

  • RustyKoi
    RustyKoi Day ago +1

    The sassy debunking of that stupid Rex roar complaint made me pause the video to make sure I upvoted you. lol
    People are so knee-jerk about films right now. So ready to burn a witch that they don't take the trouble to really think it through, or even apply basic deductive reasoning.

  • Gameing Zilla123

    Gaming beaver talked a bout the indo rib

  • Haroon B
    Haroon B Day ago

    9:37 😂
    Anyways this movie surprised me in the sense that, it really wasn't what I was expecting. And yes this movie is supposed to take the series in a darker direction but the way the plot carries it out could be totally done better, 1 thing that annoyed me is the indoraptors anticlimactic, short sad reign of terror, like why? And I wonder if not releasing the Dinos would give it a really sad emotional moment which would only lead to more theories on how the 3rd will be, but no. That's too depressing

  • M4rk3r_G0d
    M4rk3r_G0d Day ago

    I know the video is a couple weeks old and it may not get any response but following your comparison to Macy and hacker girl, i found them to be similar yet different. Hacker girl purpose was to further advance the plot of the current story, Macy on the other hand, her purpose was advance the entire franchise that is Jurassic park. One could actually argue that this decision to let Macy push the button was in fact a business move decision because if she had let the dinosaurs die, then its highly probable the series would’ve ended right there. Im only stating a possibility, i do not know what the director was thinking at the time of filming

  • unclepatrick2
    unclepatrick2 Day ago

    I give Fallen Kingdom, A B+. I enjoyed it more then any but Park.

  • Kyle Beggs
    Kyle Beggs Day ago +1

    I thought the movie was pretty good. My only issue with movie sequles now days is they seem to just be set up movies. Pirates 2: Dead Man's Chest just set up At Worlds End. All these Avengers movies leading up to Infinity War just to have that movie set up Avengers 4. Last Jedi just set up Star Wars 9. And now this one seems to be there just to link it to the Next Jurassic World movie.
    I think they need to get making movies again that aren't set up movies for a final one years from now and trying to suck as much money out of a franchise as possible. This causes burn out on that franchise and when it's all said and done... most people are only going to the movies because they want the conclusion to the story.
    I like Pixar's methodology. Only make a movie when they feel there is a story that needs to be told. It's why it took so long to get a sequel to The Incredibles. They won't make a sequel to a movie unless they feel there is another story to be told. It's why their moveis are so good and popular.
    I feel like this movie really didn't do anything other than... Ok, the dinosaurs are on the mainland now. I feel like we could have done this at the beginning of the movie and accomplished so much more.
    Doesn't mean I didn't enjoy the movie though or that I thought it was bad.

  • LegitEliminator
    LegitEliminator Day ago +2

    Honestly, this review is one I most agree with! As matter of fact, I can say I completely respect the way you review JP/JW movies! Thanks for review!!

  • KillamriX98
    KillamriX98 Day ago

    My biggest issue with the movie that popped up repeatedly is that the vet girl (Zia?)'s personality was just... horrible. Nearly every time she opened her mouth I wanted to yell "shut up!" And I'm not normally a hypercritical person. She was just... ugh...
    Other than that I didn't have much in the way of major complaints with the movie. It was fun.

  • Maurice Middaugh

    Klayton fioriti do you hope/think they will make another movie after this me personally I hope they do

  • Gold'N'Green
    Gold'N'Green Day ago

    Absolutely amazing movie! And I agree with almost all of the things, if not everything, you said in here. It’s one of my favorite movies in the series, and for those exact points you said in here. And I love that quote by the end. Nice work as always!

  • James Botwright
    James Botwright Day ago

    Worst movie I’ve seen in 10 years. I love the other 4.

  • 7DragonEyes7
    7DragonEyes7 Day ago

    After seeing the movie (didn't watch any trailer) my first though was, it's not good, it's even worst than JP3 and I won't go see it again in the theater. I did see JW twice in the theater and though it was pretty good. But Fallen Kingdom is just not enjoyable for me I really hate the way the characters speak and the script. Characters feel like Marvel heroes. (I also doesn't like most of the marvel movies) JW had some issue but the general movie was enjoyable and I liked the way they talk about the park like it's Hollywood blockbuster movies need more teeth, need more action, to be successful and maybe the reason it took so much time to do a JP sequel after JP3. The magic of JP1 will never be recapture and it's fine but please don't remake existing films. JW is a remake of JP and Fallen Kingdom is a remake of Lost World (without the good part of LW).

  • SiRKingston X
    SiRKingston X Day ago +2

    “We’ve entered a new era, Welcome to Jurassic World” - Ian Malcom

  • Papau Reyes
    Papau Reyes Day ago

    Actual image...that killed me

  • Zachary Street
    Zachary Street 2 days ago

    For me it was a good movie but again for me when jurrasic park came out it had a different feeling and air about it that they did capture to an extent in jurrasic world which i loved as other JP films had failed in some way to do so. But at the end of the day thats my problem with this film, its not a Indiana Jones franchise with dinosaurs and yet I left feeling it was. The directing is awsome, the acting is pretty spot on, the script is pretty good but with moments like how they felt with the tranquilisation of Chris prat ruined it for me. Its a funny scene but here's my problem all the characters in previous films before JW1 no matter thier experience or knowledge didnt feel invisible they had a strange acceptance that if you corned by these beasts your more than likely going to bite the dust which you could feel however just like many films nowadays, there is too much emphasis on humour sarcasm and irony this playful way leads almost are aware they cant be beaten that they will win and with little to no help. Now dont get me wrong some characters in JW1 had the elements of character seen in the JP movies but honestly when it came to the leads they weren't heroes outright these people were survivors by the end not life gambling cheeky likeable guys and girls the certainly didnt have the qualities of Indiana Jones/ Han solo so why is it that have gone this route with JW2. My most believable character in this film was probably Claire a survivor that has some nerves and experience but by no means invincible. Overal is definitely suggest fans of both JP and JW to go watch this film in cinema and that out of the entire series is still one of the best instalments as a whole peace but in a weird way I'd relate the overal feel too much of a comparison to a monster movie with Indiana Jones saving the day 🤔 so not your usual outing 😎

  • BadZombie
    BadZombie 2 days ago

    My only real critique of the movie is I felt action fatigued. Otherwise, I really enjoyed the movie and thought it was well done. I think it's a solid B movie.

  • sosbigote
    sosbigote 2 days ago

    Well for me the movie is complete garbage, if as you said you make the same mistakes as the first one 25 years and 4 sequels later you deserve the critic. The plot of fallen kingdom is worse than jurassic park 3 and that´s quite an achivement.

  • SmashBrosBrawl
    SmashBrosBrawl 2 days ago

    Why are you so defensive over a movie that is mediocre at best? a 5/10 is a good score for this movie.
    And then trying to draw parallels to the previous movie was pretty dumb, the movie didn't get a mediocre score because cartoon villain, but because it had a mountain of issues with it. Apparently you can clone humans? That screws the the continuity of the entire series. Mercenaries want dinosaurs??? Wtf?!??? And the biggest issue with this movie is that no body listens to Ian Malcolm. It's like no one in the film has learned anything.
    At this point, replace dinosaur with whatever "monster" you want to. Dinosaurs are just a gimmick at this point. Shame on you for defending this lazy writing. This film only exists so they could have dinosaurs in mainland US and the director admitted it. So we are back to the lost World with Dinosaurs in the mainland. How great.

  • Mark Baber
    Mark Baber 2 days ago

    Ok, that's it. I almost made it through this review but I just couldn't take anymore of the snark... Jurassic Park had a cartoony villain, so now you can't criticize cartoony villains. Jurassic Park had some human/dino interactions that didn't make sense, so now you can't criticize any interaction between a human and a dinosaur that doesn't make sense... IT'S TIME TO STOP! The original Jurassic Park was a far superior movie to these reboots, and although I'm not an outright hater of the "World" series, I must admit that credulity has been pushed pretty damn far in comparison to the first film. Part of it is changing audience expectations, some of it is the fact that we've all grown up since the original film and are now more judgmental, but another and very serious component to the animosity launched at this film is a palpable DOWNGRADE in story telling and logical continuity... I know Dennis Nedry was buffoonish, but damn it he was trying to make money, not send raptors into fucking Afghanistan in place of drones... the entire weaponization of the dinosaurs plot these new movies have gone for is FUCKING STUPID! The movies are now asking me to suspend TOO MUCH disbelief in order to enjoy the good parts, which there are many of and still stand strong over all... but damn... this entire review is nothing but a catalogue of excuses.

  • sub pump
    sub pump 2 days ago

    Na this new one honsetly disappointed me. To much was shown in the trailers. The indo raptor didn't do it for me. The chase in the dark shouldn't have happened. Creature could smell them out In a sec. Being impaled isn't even close to the same lvl of awesome as a three way fight. All in all the movie didn't deliver on giving us a scary movie or a movie about dinosaurs on the main land. Kinda like what it advertised. I'm happy streamed this movie be4 going into the theaters for this. I'd also say only one of your little nod backs to JP in your film held any relation to fallen kingdom. The other two just there to make fallen kingdom look better.

  • Maan Elayda
    Maan Elayda 2 days ago

    I just noticed the deduction he did to Jurassic park are from Computer/Tech Geek's

  • Connor Thompson
    Connor Thompson 2 days ago

    You're right about all the counter arguments you sighted. I'd still say the first one uses story elements much better though, and doesn't feel as rushed. I would say this one was better than the last, but the original holds up as the best by far. I would say that the geek troupe, tough vet, and wriggling away from the lava felt awkward. But the Indiana Jones films were indeed pretty cheesy. I don't know if it's the nostalgia, or if these films just did better with their original look, feel, and context.

  • EmilyTophatfan 59
    EmilyTophatfan 59 2 days ago

    This is my new favorite JP movie, try to change my mind.

  • Aaron Degraff
    Aaron Degraff 2 days ago

    Loved this👌😂

  • Chris Lee
    Chris Lee 2 days ago

    I’m so glad I decided when I heard it was coming out to not watch any of the trailers

  • Metal Levite Alex
    Metal Levite Alex 2 days ago

    While not a flawless film, I very much enjoyed Fallen Kingdom. Really my main issues go down to some annoying characters (Franklin mostly) and the pyroclastic flow scene. I'm sorry but out of every silly moment in the series that's ever happened, Owen surviving unscathed from the heat and speed of the flow which would have both boiled and ripped him apart in a flash is something I cannot excuse. As for everything else I did quite enjoy Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard's performance and the dinosaurs especially stole the show. And I just loved the cinematography and atmosphere of the film. I've heard others complain about the villains being flat but honestly they've always been flat. Greedy idiots that go way over their heads and get chomped on for their hubris.

  • McSmacks
    McSmacks 2 days ago

    Sure, we can look back on the original JP and see some of the plot issues that we see in all other installments of the series. However, the reason JP was great was not because of those issues, but despite of them. JP was great because of the novelty of it, the groundbreaking effects, the interesting characters who had actual character arcs, the moral quandaries, the suspense, the ACTUAL horror, the scene development, the pacing, etc, etc.
    Fallen Kingdom had none of these things. THAT'S why it's not a great movie.

  • Nabuchodonosor McGalapàtràmanski

    Someone I know didn't like Jurassic World because because it was too similar to Jurassic Park. And they didn't like Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom because it was too different...

  • Lewis Jones
    Lewis Jones 3 days ago

    This movie kinda copied Get Out towards the climax

  • Shadowsnake 89
    Shadowsnake 89 3 days ago

    Yeah, I skipped all the trailers and unfortunately a lot of your videos to avoid spoilers for the movie. Sadly, I was on the disappointed end of the spectrum for this film.
    I'm actually sad that they gave Ted Levine such a lackluster role.

  • Salty Tattie
    Salty Tattie 3 days ago

    The roar not being noticed by the crew could be a result of them expecting roars but trusting in the strength of their containers. They probably just thought hey screw it so what if it roars it can't get out

  • Salty Tattie
    Salty Tattie 3 days ago

    There was a lot I didn't like from a critical standpoint, but in the end I enjoyed the film and as a viewer not a critic that is all that really matters.

  • Tyler Kirn
    Tyler Kirn 3 days ago

    I loved this movie! I think that film critics generally think it's fun to hate on the movie with dinosaurs in it, because they ironically can't see the depth. Even still, who doesn't love a dinosaur movie even if it hadn't had much depth?

  • Sylar (Gabriel Grey)

    I made sure that I only watched the first trailer before seeing the movie. I hate how many spoilers are given away in them! I wanted to go in with very little foreknowledge so that I could enjoy the surprise

  • Sparkly Spencer
    Sparkly Spencer 3 days ago

    I liked it as well, and I share your concerns, good review

  • wolfgirl j
    wolfgirl j 3 days ago

    I'm really surprised you didn't go into more depth over the indoraptor smiling. I mean, no other creature has been able to do that, let alone, comprehend the meaning of it, and make that connection between mind and facial muscle. Obviously because most do not have the muscles to form a smile. The closest we get is the raptors (Blue and the other three, mostly Blue) "snarling" and bearing teeth like a dog/wolf would.
    Part of it is definitely comedic, but more of it was nightmarish for me. A dinosaur, fictitious or not, would be unable to convey malicious glee through an obvious smile.
    Further notes:
    1. When Claire and Owen trick the indoraptor with the laser pointer on the glass roof, and it nearly falls, it gets up, and scowls at them (without roaring immediately) kinda like a: "How dare you" look. It conveyed a steady, thought out anger without just roaring and lunging like a 'normal' velociraptor
    2. When Mills brings up the indoraptor hologram, we get to see a quick look at the brain. It looked VERY HUMAN, or at least very mammalian. Call it some wild theory, but it still caught my eye.

  • Deathcoldan
    Deathcoldan 3 days ago

    I don`t agree with Michael`s second quote.

  • Deathcoldan
    Deathcoldan 3 days ago

    Most critics are sellout nostalgia pretensious fags

  • Nickaconda
    Nickaconda 3 days ago

    There was a deleted scene with that dino vet chick mentions that she was lesbian. I'm happy that it was deleted, but I'm even more pissed that it was even included in the first place. Why does Hollywood want to put LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ people into their movies? They ain't that common. And seriously man? It's nothing special. It also doesn't fucking matter unless it plays into the plot somehow.

  • Que aa
    Que aa 3 days ago

    I want them to make Zia gay in JW3 there was supposed to be a relationship development between her and Claire but it was cut due to “time restraints”. I can totally see Zia’s sexuality being revealed in the next movie

  • Clark Wilson
    Clark Wilson 3 days ago

    I have a couple easter eggs and a problem I would like to ask you about
    1.) the code for Blue in the beginning is D9... sounds a lot like Dienonychus which as you know the raptors are actually modeled after
    2.) In the movie Disney Dinosaur, Disney chose the Carno as the villain instead of a T-Rex because they thought that it would be more scary and that the T-Rex was already played out too much... could that be why the Rex makes the carno its bitch twice in this movie even though those scenes would have played out the same if it was Baryonyx or Allisaurus instead of the carno? Similar to the Rex breaking the Spinosaurus skeleton in the first movie
    3.) Brachiosaurs were known to go into water, why did the animal decide to burn alive in molten lava instead of jumping in the ocean and worrying about drowning or getting back on land afterwards?

  • Random Fox
    Random Fox 3 days ago

    I wonder if the next movie is gonna get cancelled.

  • tyler heerdt
    tyler heerdt 3 days ago


    Maybe I need to watch it again, but I left the theater feeling very unhappy... I know some people really liked it, and that's awesome, but in my opinion, this is my least favorite Jurassic Park movie... I guess I felt like there weren't as many dinosaurs in a sense. Like, there were dinosaurs throughout the movie, but it didn't FEEL like there were dinosaurs... I know that sounds dumb, and you'd be right. It is a very different movie from the others, and honestly, it felt more like a Resident Evil type story with the mansion, weird human experiments, and the Indoraptor. I'm super stoked for the next movie though (if they make one). Maybe it'll be set in a post apocalyptic future with all these dinosaurs roaming around. Instead of another zombie apocalypse film, we could have a dinosaur apocalypse movie. That'd be awesome. Anyway, the Jurassic Park movie franchise as a whole is still awesome, and I'll still watch them all, and still read the two novels, cause they're awesome. I'm glad that the film series was able to continue after 3! Jurassic World was pretty fun, and Fallen Kingdom is the only one I'm not super into. It's definitely not a bad movie at all, just didn't really do it for me, which has no bearing on whether it's a good film or not. The fact that other people love it is great, and I'm glad that the series is still going strong!

  • AaronBoi Playz
    AaronBoi Playz 3 days ago

    I already watched it sooooooooooo boop

  • andrexfucksomewhere
    andrexfucksomewhere 3 days ago

    8:46 probably wasnt paying attention, but how did they got the t-rex to sleep again?

  • Stewart Bates
    Stewart Bates 3 days ago

    Personally, Although I found Fallen Kingdom to be awesome (couldn't stop laughing at the Stygi treating the guards as bowling pins) there was some completely daft scenes - Like how the heck did the I-Rap know it was being shot with tranqs to know to pretend it was knocked out? Where is the basis for it? It would be better if there was some scene where it watched Wheatly shoot another dino to see it fall unconscious to give it reason to know what to do :/ People often mistake "Intelligence" for "Knowledge" - Being smart doesn't mean you know everything.

  • Chewbaccafruit
    Chewbaccafruit 3 days ago

    I think the reason that the original Jurassic Park got away with a lot of (let's be real here) corniness was that people, even critics, weren't watching for slip-ups in special effects or mediocre character writing. It was more "Holy shit, they made dinosaurs" than anything else. They said it best in Jurassic World: No one gets excited by a dinosaur anymore. Now that we all have seen them, people are more nitpicky. I would probably put JWFK right behind JP. One thing it definitely did a lot better than JW was selling the idea of the hybrid. Indominus was distinct and unique, but overall felt like just a dinosaur. Indoraptor was stealthy, intelligent, and almost twitchy like something was wrong with it. That mostly quadruped stance made it unlike any actual theropod, and reminded me of a xenomorph. Definitely felt more like a lab monster than the Indominus.

  • Supersai - Raptor
    Supersai - Raptor 4 days ago

    Thanks for your review man, I’ve notice that this movie got so much bashing....and to some degree I understand why but people tend to forget like you said that the first film had its issues too!
    Personally for me the lost world was my favorite in the series and I will stand by it no matter the criticism it got, no disrespect to any of the critics on TheXvid, but not every one has to jump on the bandwagon if they did like the movie but don’t want anyone else to know they do. I’ll be among the few as well to say I loved this shit out of this movie! And I had some issues too! But not enough to say it was horrible like some people, again not disrespect. But my point is, I know a lot of people liked it, and are well being kinda hypocritical by saying they didn’t and senselessly bashing this one when they could’ve very well have been directing that at the other films including the first!
    Anyway thanks for the review! This one is a solid B+ in my book! Can’t wait for the next one!

  • Randy Barber
    Randy Barber 4 days ago +1

    every movie gets heavily criticized now days... it is just the culture we live in.

  • Gewitsch86
    Gewitsch86 4 days ago

    Such a good video. Finally someone who not only has a vast knowledge of jurassic park, but is honest with the flaws.
    I very much enjoyed this film and think it is good way to a new story. Lets hope they create a fitting JW 3 to end this trilogy.

  • Iiro Palojärvi
    Iiro Palojärvi 4 days ago

    FINALLY!!!! Someone whit a positive review

  • DD7 gaming
    DD7 gaming 4 days ago

    What you said at the end of the video is very VERY true, I myself think the movies is great

  • SlapMeGaming
    SlapMeGaming 4 days ago

    Honestly this movie was just really cheesy. I miss the serious moments in the originals.
    I see chris pratt in too many movies. His character is starting to become boring.
    There was some bad cgi in this movie. Really noticeable and cringe worthy at moments.
    Most of the movie was spoiled through the trailer. It's like I've watched it twice by the time I seen it the first time. It's that bad.
    Movie was mostly boring. It felt lazy. It only had a couple cheap laughs and that was it. Worst movie in the series by far.

  • Till Hirte
    Till Hirte 4 days ago

    Don't get me wrong, I liked the movie. But I makes no sense once it leaves the island, because nobody should have gotten off that island. The reason is that there should have been huge tidal waves recking the dock and the ship. Also Owen is dead. Remember that scene where he is swallowed by the clowd of ashes and smoke? That's what happened to the people of Pompeii. And it's pretty fatal.

  • Steven Vo
    Steven Vo 4 days ago +1

    I had a decent time with Fallen Kingdom. I was excited solely because of director J. A. Bayona, and his direction didn’t disappoint. Also you can’t go wrong with a score by Michael Giacchino. It has great thrills, scares, action, cinematography and visuals. However, admittedly the direction is better than the screenplay. This one REALLY challenges your suspension of disbelief. But I still had a fun time with this movie. This one is on par with Jurassic World fore me. Both are fun and solid though not perfect (for similar and different reasons) that revive the Jurassic franchise back to life.

  • Hobrek Law
    Hobrek Law 4 days ago

    I enjoyed the movie but was left with one question: why not just get the dinosaurs from Site B, Isla Sorna. At 3:59 Klayton says that Site B is dead due to a number of reasons, one of them being the Spino and other genetically cloned species. Except the Spino alone wouldn't have wiped out the WHOLE island. In an earlier video Klayton explains where the Spino was during The Lost World, which was on a completely different part of the island. And the Spino, while fearsome, was never shown to have the desire for wanton destruction and death that Jurassic World did with the Indominus Rex. Sure the Spino was an alpha predator, but other than killing the adolescent Rex for being in it's territory, the Spino isn't the gleeful killer the Indominus is.
    I guess my question is there an actual canon explanation why Site B is dead? Is it actually dead in canon? I haven't been able to find anything that would confirm Klayton's assumption that Site B is dead. If there is a canon source for this, and not just speculation, please let me know.

  • Mongo Ventura
    Mongo Ventura 4 days ago

    How about having a discussion with some of this movie’s critics? Mauler made a video a while ago and I think you have a lot of great points in defense of this movie. Great job!

    BENNE BOOM 4 days ago

    I love your channel so much! Keep it up!! :D

  • Anonymous Mouse
    Anonymous Mouse 4 days ago

    The part where the brachiosaurus stood up on its hind legs took me right out of the movie. Why did it do that? It does that while it’s eating. Was it trying get sympathy from the ship crew, or was it trying to bring back nostalgia?

  • Hayden Weigel
    Hayden Weigel 4 days ago

    I think that a lot of the reviews were harsh on this movie rather than the original because film-making has evolved since then. The mistakes shared by both films seem less significant in the original jurassic park because film editing has improved and it was more difficult to create the dinosaurs back then.

  • The Imperium
    The Imperium 4 days ago

    did anyone notice during the hologram of the indoraptor scene that the Indo had a human brain

  • B Eazy
    B Eazy 4 days ago

    I enjoyed the movie overall but zia and franklin ruined the immersion for me at times; with Pratt as a lead do we really need more humor characters?

  • Melissa Aurelio
    Melissa Aurelio 4 days ago

    Just saw this yesterday and I love it. I only have two critiques, it went by too quickly and the British accent of Maisie sounded unnatural. Maybe if the film was 30mins longer and if Maisie just had an American accent, cuz honestly from the trailers it sounded like she did, would have nothing to say about this movie. Really hope that one day they make a prequel.

  • Will Bowling
    Will Bowling 4 days ago

    No klayton! Don't do it!!!!! Don't negate the previous scores!!!!!!!

    • Will Bowling
      Will Bowling 4 days ago

      Klayton you troll!!!!!!!! Well played sir

    • Will Bowling
      Will Bowling 4 days ago

      NOOOOOOOOOOOOO XD *broken heart is broken*

    • Will Bowling
      Will Bowling 4 days ago

      Please klayton!!!!! Don't do it!!!!!! XD

  • Nessa R
    Nessa R 4 days ago

    The trailers never bother me. The more they show of the movie, the more I'll know if I want to see it or not. Good video, thanks. 🌹

  • Ivanescu Alexandru
    Ivanescu Alexandru 4 days ago

    This movie was amazing for me! I experience many of the positive feelings I had with JP 1. I am very happy to see a real fan and someone who really knows what he's talking about (and knows how to present the info very well) coming up with this realistic and nice review! Thank you very much and keep up the great work! subscribed and rang the bell :)

  • YellowoboeThe
    YellowoboeThe 4 days ago

    Ah yes, my favorite Nedry quote. "Fetch the fuckin stick."

  • Memo Hernandez
    Memo Hernandez 4 days ago +3

    Fetch the Fking Stick!! hahaha Lost it xd

    • Will Bowling
      Will Bowling 4 days ago

      He's killing past reviews........this hurts so much xD

    • Will Bowling
      Will Bowling 4 days ago

      Memo Hernandez he's.......he's killing the review!!!!!

  • Jack Playz
    Jack Playz 4 days ago +3

    to me jurrasic park 1 and this movie are equal
    because the things you can criticize jurrasic world fallen kingdom are the same stuff you can criticize jurrasic park 1 for
    (exept for the trailers)

    • Anonymous Mouse
      Anonymous Mouse 4 days ago

      Jack Playz fallen kingdom has a terrible plot twist involving a child, a terrible extra comic relief character, and a stupid auction subplot.

  • Commander Rotal
    Commander Rotal 4 days ago

    ... Fallen Kingdom has a bad rep? How did i miss that? I mean yeah the ending kinda sucks but other than that...?

  • opfuster333
    opfuster333 5 days ago

    Loved this movie dont see how people cant love it

  • Godzilla
    Godzilla 5 days ago

    i think this is the worst Jurassic park sequel
    i think the movie would have been better if they were on the island more and not a stupid mansion

  • Richard Greening
    Richard Greening 5 days ago

    Take your ‘Jurassic tinted glasses’ off, this movie sucked!

  • Tim Asato
    Tim Asato 5 days ago

    I really respect your channel and work but.... this movie is awfull I lived in the home town of Bayona. And I actually was like super angry with the movie as well my friends, we hate it. And people actually leave the theater. And laugh at the cheap death of the braquio. And if you literally put a Dino in anything we are sold . And this one is like the least action Dino heavy part of the saga. Well even so love your channel and your opinion actullay make some points.... but I just hate this movie men. Continue the good work.

  • Bandthesword
    Bandthesword 5 days ago

    Your sarcasm is great man😂

  • M2Dv1
    M2Dv1 5 days ago

    I found the movie to be, okay. But your review just stinks of subjective fanboy. The condescending support of the horrible third act. Cmon man, youre better than that.

  • emma ahonen
    emma ahonen 5 days ago

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