Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom - SPOILER Review

  • Published on Jun 24, 2018
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    All right guys! This is my Spoiler Review for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom! I know its been a long time coming so I hope that you all enjoy! In this video I go into every detail I can on the plot, characters, novel inspired parts of the story, the Indoraptor, Rexy, Blue, Owen Grady, Claire Dearing, the Auction, JA Bayona and everything else! I also do a little comparison between Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom and Jurassic Park! Here it is! After 3 long years, this is the final result of Jurassic World 2! :D
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  • Diego R
    Diego R 9 months ago +390

    Pin me

    • ZaxReg64
      ZaxReg64 8 months ago

      Diego Roa that works?!

    • Luke Cage
      Luke Cage 8 months ago +1

      Diego Roa finally seen it!

    • Valentin Resendez
      Valentin Resendez 8 months ago

      Diego Roa 😑

    • John Brett
      John Brett 8 months ago

      Wow that was pathetically lazy.

    • Diego R
      Diego R 8 months ago

      dumb world of fnaf looped spoon hey

  • Delta Dan
    Delta Dan 4 days ago +1


  • Dylan Shramko
    Dylan Shramko 5 days ago

    I can recite your outro, is that bad?

  • Mattie
    Mattie 8 days ago

    7:41. Im still not over that 😭

  • Hiair
    Hiair 8 days ago

    "Gee, the lack of objectivity before what makes a good movie that’s being displayed here, uh… staggers me."
    The only movies this one should be compared should be movies within its own franchise and genre. Compared with "The Room" this is "Citizen Kane", but compared with "Jurassic Park" this is "The Room". If you insist in comparing it to the Indiana Jones franchise "The crystal Skull" is the most equivalent and appropriated candidate for that job.
    The fact that someone likes something does not mean that that something is a good thing. Remove your unhealthy fanboy glasses; not because everyone else agrees that this movie sucks that means that they have not solid reason to think it, specially when they are professional film critics and other hardcore fanboys exposing multiple, objective and very valid points of why it does. And by multiple points I mean several.
    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion even when they are wrong but when it comes to numbers the minority usually is.
    Nedry and Lex at least were likable and well acted. And that final scene of the girl sending humanity to doom for such a stupid reason was the final nail in the coffin of "bad ideas in the history of bad ideas" placed in this franchise. Had the hunter done it everyone would have boo him though fits more the action of a villain, but since it was the girl now it's suddenly "heroic."
    As another life time Jurassic fan from the other side of the coin I say, you can love the movie if you want but accept that it is bad, really bad, not so bad is good, more like Last Jedi bad. F-

  • solidmario64
    solidmario64 10 days ago

    In terms of character growth, Maisie freeing the animals is progression for her character yes. In terms of movie it was a dumb move to justify Jurassic World 3. I honestly didn't like the move personally, but at the same time I can't wait for Jurassic World 3. Bit of an oxymoron I guess.

  • BigKiy
    BigKiy 16 days ago

    You discuss all the flaws and compare them to the first to point out that it too has similar flaws... but it’s not flaws that break a movie. It’s the ability of a movie being so good that one overlooks the flaws which, sadly, this one isn’t.

  • de fesh king 57
    de fesh king 57 17 days ago +1

    Did you notice that when Clair went in mills office he was saying the blue was the SECOND most intelligent animal on the plant there for bringing the indo raptor into the equation as being the first and I quote FIRST most intelligent.

  • Pokemon115
    Pokemon115 19 days ago

    I love how people bas this film, but ignore the flaws of the first move, and the novels. Most people don't even mention the novels, and claim to be fans of this franchise, when they hate everything but the "flawless" first movie

  • Jordan Ricker
    Jordan Ricker Month ago

    So you're going to criticize the rex scene for the fact that it roared and noone heard it, and not for the fact that the T-Rex was fully awake and ripping that rinky dink trailor to shreds only to be COMPLETELY FORGOTTEN once the door was shut? Out of sight, out of mind right? And, excuse me, Sarah Connor transformation? Not even close. She's still ditzy and over-animated to a child like degree. You love the Jurassic series so much that you're willing to completely look past how terrible the Jurassic World movies are. I didn't hate Jurassic World when I first saw it, but only because given todays movie audience they really didn't have to try very hard to make a blockbuster. Rotten Tomatoes is right, this is a rotten stinking movie.

  • Typanoid
    Typanoid Month ago +1

    Thank you very much for your different opinion on this film. It was educational and sorely needed.

  • Christian milan
    Christian milan Month ago

    every movie after the lost world is cheap in my eyes

  • keriko suzuki
    keriko suzuki Month ago +2

    YAY you gave the movie an A so that's you agree that its good? NICE! I love this movie tho its thrilling, exciting, dramatic, and has some Surprisingly Dark Moments (the scene where Indoraptor was at the top of the mansion is probably the darkest one) and I hope "Jurassic World 3" would also made the scene on the novel to come to life on the big screen

  • Ogreboy1992
    Ogreboy1992 Month ago

    Wow this review made me appreciate Fallen Kingdom a little bit more than I already do

  • Dan's Corner
    Dan's Corner Month ago

    Thank you Klayton! I made a similar review on my channel and I agree. I loved the direction that fallen kingdom was taking.

  • Leonard Hughes
    Leonard Hughes Month ago

    I give this whole film an a plus was well worth the buying.even though some parts felt like a cartoon.

  • Ryan Rubalcaba
    Ryan Rubalcaba Month ago +1

    I love how you went back to the older movies i started laughing everytime I saw the thinking velociraptor 😂🤣

  • Ryan Rubalcaba
    Ryan Rubalcaba Month ago +1

    I love the movie one of my favorite parts was when the IndoRaptor acted as if it was knocked out to kill the mercenary when it like smiles as he tugged at his teeth

  • IMN666
    IMN666 Month ago +1

    i just rewatched this, paying close attention to the manor scenes. did you notice when the girl opens the door after jimmying the key form the lock, she sniffs and her pupils widen like an animal when they hunt. thats probably going to play a big part in the next movie

  • IMN666
    IMN666 Month ago

    recently found these videos. jurassic park has always had a place with me since it was the first movie i saw in theaters opening day, cause what 8 year old doesn't love dinosaurs. the ending of fallen kingdom gave me ideas for three possible scenarios for the franchise to become. something like either A: dinotopia, B: dino-riders (which would be AWESOME, but not for jurassic park), or C: dino crisis 2.
    either way it goes, you know the next film will take place 2 or 3 years after this one with a 5 minute montage of what has happened since then

  • The Dark Wolf Sif
    The Dark Wolf Sif 2 months ago +1

    Every single time you went back in time to Jurassic park with the “criticisms” I just laughed my ass off.

  • DK64Cubed
    DK64Cubed 2 months ago +3

    Technically we learn Lex is a hacker at the beginning of the film...but we may as well have not as it felt like a throwaway line until they used her later.

  • Nightmare AJ Bushey Someone's Yandere

    The cold open was the best in the series. I loved the spooky vibe similar to the original. That shot with the guy screaming and Rexy gives her bellow made me jump.
    Now the scene where the carno goes after Owen, only for the Queen of Nublar herself to take it down, wow. That was awesome.
    Don't get me started on the Brachiosaurus scene. I was fighting back tears and the entire theatre went quiet. Shows how powerful the scene was.
    Maise releasing the dinosaurs was very beautiful. I loved the dilemma. It was hard for me to watch at first. But I loved the way Bayona had the scene made.
    The part where Ian says "Welcome to Jurassic World" he meant it LITERALLY. It was LITERALLY a Jurassic World in the film by the end. I loved it.
    Now as much as I love Raiders Of The Lost Isla Nublar, I have to admit it is unfortunately inferior to the main theme by John Williams.
    I agree that I couldn't turn a blind eye to the original movie's flaws when I thought about this one. Fallen Kingdom is my 2nd favorite movie in the series, behind the original. Hopefully everything works out for JW3/JP6

  • Daggerman105 -
    Daggerman105 - 2 months ago

    This movie was shit

  • Oscar Zen
    Oscar Zen 2 months ago +1

    You feel so much more human in this video tbh

  • Elijah rideb
    Elijah rideb 2 months ago +2

    I hated it initially but I do have some liking to it after watching it a couple of times. I do address some of the nods to the novel though, especially the opening when rexy appeared and tried to bring down the chopper which was in the book

  • Kohdy Pierce
    Kohdy Pierce 2 months ago

    I love Jurassic Park, love Chris Pratt, and just love dino's in general. This movie is what it is, it a monster movie with a weak plot that really doesn't ever make sense. It exciting, has cool actions scenes, and has good production value. One thing that bothers me is that in my mind, in no way can you compare this to the original film maybe even the second film. Its not in the same ballpark as far as quality.

  • SwiftStar Games
    SwiftStar Games 2 months ago +1

    Idea of why ripper seems so interested in maisie: shes a clone shes not physically a human. She doesnt smell like one but looks like one and that makes ripper curious.

  • John Breakstar
    John Breakstar 2 months ago

    To be quite honest I was rather disappointed with fallen Kingdom it simply has almost nothing of the originals movies or even books it feels sadly just like a movie for kids (wich the original was surely not made for) and not like a thrilling dinosaur movie :/

  • Iwonttellmy nametoamachine

    heavily disagree. Hadn't seen any reviews before watching the movie. Still think it was on of the worst movies ever.

  • Caeric
    Caeric 2 months ago

    Well sure, the film isn't perfect, you'd be hard pressed to find a movie that is entirely flawless not to mention it being subjective to an extent but it certainly gets more flak than it deserves. As far as I'm concerned I'm considering it on par with the original or TLW is terms of how enjoyable it was

  • bigorange2082
    bigorange2082 2 months ago +4

    My son is seven years old. My son would have pushed that button in a heartbeat. If he saw the dinosaurs dying, he’d free them no matter what. Kids don’t have the reasoning to understand the consequences of their actions. It’s not bad writing. It’s a little silly to have it be a bright colorful button, with no way to close the door again. A kid would have pushed that button without a thought. That’s realistic.

  • Xadion
    Xadion 2 months ago

    Not prime movie material, but it does open up some interesting scenarios.
    That said... I didn't really get the role of Hammond's "partner" in setting up the dino cloning technology, nor I will ever understand how Hammond could just allow the park to be rebuilt and the Sorna dinos to be transfered to JW. (Well, he did turn from businessman to evironmentalist in just four years, who knows what was going on in his mind after).
    In any case I was expecting far worse to be honest. It has many of the flaws of contemporary movies (plot holes, some meh dialogue, some annoying character like the femvet) but it still wasn't a complete butchery of a previous setting like Disney is doing with SW.
    I am really wondering how the all "human-dino" cohexistence scenario is going to play out.

  • Gabe Minor
    Gabe Minor 2 months ago +1

    I don't get why this movie was hated.

  • munch631
    munch631 2 months ago

    Honestly, I didn't like Fallen Kingdom. There were definitely moments and scenes that were far above the Jurassic Park movies, for example the opening scene, and the blood theft on the boat, to name a few. But these amazing moments really don't bring the entire movie up for me, because as a whole I found the movie to be quite boring. I found none of the characters in this movie to be as fun and engaging as characters in previous installments, including the returning cast, they just didn't feel like they had the same pizzazz in this movie. The scenes between the amazing scenes just didn't resonate with me and just left me bored and wanting.
    And as a final note, I hate the Indoraptor, I want to see my favourite dinosaurs tearing apart humans, not another genetic chimera. Jurassic World worked using the genetically engineered abomination because it was the first one to do that. I just didn't feel invested with this new rehash of that idea.
    Saying that though, if you liked the movie then that is perfectly fine. I hope the next one does grab me like the original trilogy did, or even grab me like the first Jurassic World did. This one just missed the mark for me.

  • The Unknown
    The Unknown 2 months ago +2

    Finally a positive review

  • Bask3r
    Bask3r 2 months ago +1

    I really dont agree. I find this movie to be very disapointing and my main reason is that it feels very political. Another thing is that alot of the scenes feels just to much, sometimes less is more. I could make stronger and more developed point but I simply wont. If someone answers and disagrees I guess ill take the challenge.
    But I really like your channel tho, good job.

  • Mr. Catgrooves
    Mr. Catgrooves 2 months ago +2

    I loved it, I watched it twice.
    It's an amazing movie, and it makes no sense to criticize something that the original also did wrong.
    This movie has earned a well deserved A.

  • Marianna Lovegood
    Marianna Lovegood 2 months ago

    Lmfao, I can definitely see what you mean by some of your deflections to the criticisms in this movie, but, execution matters. And while the film is probably the best directed non Spielberg movies, comparing the terrible parts of this movie to the terrible parts of the other movies, is not a very good defense lol.
    The big reason why things like Nedry don't' get brought up as much as the problems in Fallen Kingdom, is that Fallen Kingdom has so little to fall back on, a problem that JP1 and Lost World do not suffer from. Pointing out how tropes can work, and and not work, is a vital aspect of film criticism, though the age of Cinema Sins would have you think that the mere existence of tropes is terrible.

  • Blue Hood
    Blue Hood 2 months ago +2

    1 brachiosaurus lived

  • The Dino Hunter
    The Dino Hunter 2 months ago

    The brachiosaurs time at least I don’t cry anymore

  • The Dino Hunter
    The Dino Hunter 2 months ago +1

    I teared up when I saw it in theaters

  • Joshua Desautels
    Joshua Desautels 2 months ago

    So then is Iris the "queen", or was Maisie's "mother"/original the "queen"?

  • Herpaderp Derp
    Herpaderp Derp 2 months ago

    mate its a shit film

  • Alex
    Alex 2 months ago +1

    Jrassic world 2 was pretty good

  • The Chosen Ones
    The Chosen Ones 3 months ago

    Haha this video is great! At first I mostly disliked Fallen Kingdom because it was dumb and boring, but when you pointed out all the things wrong and compared it to Jurassic Park, it reaffirmed that Jurassic Park is great in spite of its shortcomings, whereas Fallen Kingdom is only worsened by them. Imo.

  • ravenclawtom
    ravenclawtom 3 months ago

    I lije fallem kingdom but recognize its a sub par film.

  • Stephen Corbally
    Stephen Corbally 3 months ago +1

    You're so wrong at the 18 minute mark man, it was established early on in the movie that the girl was a hacker, way before they needed her to do hacker things. It wasn't a sudden character reveal in the third act.

  • Vegito Black
    Vegito Black 3 months ago

    How did the T-Rex fit inside that trailer. Pretty sure it's wider than a car. Hell, my Charger barely fit in one when I had it shipped

  • Ismael Correa
    Ismael Correa 3 months ago +3

    I rank the films as
    5. Jurassic Park 3: 7/10
    4. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom: 8.5/10
    3. Jurassic World: 9/10
    2. The Lost World: Jurassic Park 9.7/10
    1. Jurassic Park 10/10

  • Versipellis the rogue Changeling

    I’ve heard people say this film is the most faithful adaption of the JP novels

  • barry auguste
    barry auguste 3 months ago

    I just re-watched your review Klayton and don't feel you should be so apologetic about the rating you give for a franchise which you have invested in so heavily. It's entertainment, and should be viewed in such light. A few plot holes and a bit of sloppy scriptwriting can quite honestly be overlooked.
    Its not meant as historical documentary, or art-house serious study....it's our imaginations on steroids and "Up Your's" to all the detractors! I'm 60 and I don't care who thinks I should be past all this by now. I've loved dinosaurs since I was five and I'm damn-well not going to grow up at this point!
    So let's go down the dark path, into the rabbit-hole.....children and good characters need to be chomped on along with the baddies. So what if every last humped back whale is eaten by the mosasaur, it's what Malcolm is saying....we've compromised our whole ecosystem! Blue, and her kind, are the new apex predators, not man, and best of all, it was our greed, our avarice that brought her back.

  • Taylor Barbieri
    Taylor Barbieri 3 months ago

    And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why I don’t watch trailers.

  • Mr.Classified 600
    Mr.Classified 600 3 months ago

    I was worried that my macaroni and cheese dinner didn't have enough salt in it, but this video has me covered.

  • Katie M.
    Katie M. 3 months ago

    The only thing about this movie that really made me shake my head and go "Seriously? What were they thinking?!" is the fact that they apparently left Isla Nublar in the afternoon/evening and got to Northern California that night, by CARGO SHIP. I love this movie to death and I will fight people over it, but that part was very sloppily planned out. Someone really should've been plotting out a better timeline of events/maybe doing a quick google search on how far Costa Rica (the closest real world location we have to Isla Nublar) is from Cali.
    The math is simplified a bit, but I estimated that even if they stuck close to the mainland during the voyage, it'd be about 5000~ish miles (or 4344.881 nautical miles) to sail, with the average cargo ship traveling about 27.6 miles per hour, or 24 knots. Some simple division nets you about 7.5 days, so they would probably be arriving in the middle of the night, but their arrival date is off by about a week. And bear in mind, this is a very generous estimate of how many miles from point A to point B, and I assumed they were traveling insanely close to the mainland. In reality, the number of miles is probably quite a bit higher, maybe closer to 6500 (5648.346 nautical miles), which would extend the voyage to around 9.8 days, so about a week and a half.
    Unrealistic travel times aside, I still love this movie to pieces, flaws and all

  • Adam Machala
    Adam Machala 3 months ago

    Dude i love your videos! One thing i didn't agree on though is mentioning that a previous Jurassic movie did something doesn't prove your point it just shows more flaws in the originals. For example you cant give Maisie a pass on character development just because Lex didn't have great character development in the first movie, sure you can draw parallels but that can't be used to say "Well since Jurassic Park was so good and did this with Lex then they can do the same thing with Maisie". Though i look at the Maisie situation as an introduction to a character that will be bigger in Jw3 rather then her just given the release scene because it didn't make sense for Claire. Maisie, clone or not is a Lockwood after all and at this point that name definitely carries some weight with it. As far as cartooney villains go i do agree but i also try to be understanding because the "Villain" in the Jurassic franchise is just the person that helps catapult the Dinosaurs into the antagonist role, whether by greed or pure stupidity. I get it can be hard to establish full character Development in a movie supposed to be focused on so many things the Dinos and the characters you actually want to survive. For me the order of movies i prefer is Jurassic Park>Jurassic World>Lost World>Fallen Kingdom>Jurassic Park 3. Jurassic World and Lost world are honestly probably a tie, i enjoy them both a lot.

  • WolfThornn Holtzklau
    WolfThornn Holtzklau 3 months ago +1

    Loved this film.

  • Shawn O'Ryan
    Shawn O'Ryan 3 months ago

    the major thing that bothered me about this movie was them constantly re using scenes from the other movies it was less oh look a homage to the other films and more a huge distraction that took me out of it

  • Dallas Earle
    Dallas Earle 3 months ago

    Franklin and xia were awful and unnecessary. Their only purpose in the movie was to score points with certain political groups (xia in particular).
    I think fallen kingdoms biggest strengths are not really in the plot we saw in the movie but it’s implications made. The fact that the specimens in lockwoods manor are taxidermy and from previous InGen experiments is huge source of potential lore in itself.

  • Kimberlie Harris
    Kimberlie Harris 3 months ago +3

    i liked the movie in my opinion and also everone else....

    no bully me ok.

    DELIBRIUM 3 months ago

    this movie was terrible

  • Benjamin Drake
    Benjamin Drake 3 months ago

    I hated this movie
    It was painfully fucking stupid as shit
    Unfunny and really godamn too long
    I wanted it to end ehen they got the blood for the trex
    This movie is a piece of shit. And its fucking stupid in its logic
    Tell me how
    2 people (with a kid) who have been running around sweating and rolling in dirt dont reek answer is they do but THE FUCKING GENETICALLY IMPROVED RAPTOR HYBRID FUCKER CANT SMELL THEM FROM A STATUE CORNER EHAT HTE FUCK?? this movie id a piece of shit you literally cannot convince me otherwise

  • Godzilla fan1998 Mohamed
    Godzilla fan1998 Mohamed 3 months ago +1

    I give this movie a solid 9/10. The only flaws to me were that Owen somehow managed to survive a pyroclastic flow, which is ridiculously hot and speed that is close to Mach 1. Apart from that, the brachiosaurus scene scarred me. Awesome movie, definitely worth the money!!!!!!!!!

  • Big Jax
    Big Jax 3 months ago +2

    I was a little bit disappointed with the movie, but I still enjoyed it. Can't wait for the next!

  • elitebouncer49
    elitebouncer49 3 months ago +1

    I've become a recent subscriber of yours and finally watched this video and I have to agree with you 110% on this movie and Jurassic Park. Fallen Kingdom for me is almost my favorite in the entire series, but nothing beats seeing the dinos for the first time in the original. This movie, however, was definitely my favorite movie of the year and I find myself wanting to watch it every time I think about it.
    Love your channel and your vids dude you've inspired me to re-read the novel as well

  • Levi Nix
    Levi Nix 3 months ago +1

    You've honestly made the best Jurassic movie review I've ever seen. People are very biased to the original Jurassic Park compared to the sequels, including Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. I love the first film, but it's not flawless. Come to think of it really, no movie is flawless. There are some issues with Fallen Kingdom, but it's really good. This movie is awesome, despite what critics have said.

  • Ricki Joyner
    Ricki Joyner 3 months ago +1

    I have this feeling that Fallen Kingdom is going down the same path as The Lost World did as it's completely different from the first film so a majority of the audience hates it at first then as it ages more and more people enjoy it and grows in popularity. I really enjoyed Fallen Kingdom.

  • 1Way Road
    1Way Road 3 months ago

    I loved this movie aside from the ending. I think that the dinosaurs dying would have been a more powerful ending.

  • Nathan Nitkin
    Nathan Nitkin 4 months ago

    I love this review, it's so hilarious, I'm dying every time you address the "issues" everyone had

  • CinemaWiz 87
    CinemaWiz 87 4 months ago

    Dude, the way you did this spoiler review, cracked me up! I love these videos.

  • YouCanCallMeMich
    YouCanCallMeMich 4 months ago

    I'd rather watch JP3 10 times instead of this insult of a film to the JP franchise. they treat the audience like it's 3y/o. If you look at this movie as a movie critic, you notice soooo many flaws and plotholes I can't believe they actually greenlit this garbage. From the opening scene it starts with a guy apparently to dumb to acknowledge what the 'Come over here!' sign is. Rexy gets slower with each installment of this franchise as she nearly outrun a jeep in the first one, then couldnt keep up with a group of hunters in the second one, to not being able to catch up with this 1 fool in the yellow jacket. To the point where Rexy viciously pulls on the ladder of the heli but the guy hanging on doesn't give a shit and apparently has more strength in his body than Arnold did in his prime so he doesn't get shaken off...And that's only in the first scenes. Don't even start with the 'I had too, they are alive, like me' BS, yeah they are alive like you BUUUUT also they are about to eat a lot of little girls...which are alive....like you. Oh man, I've been a fan since as long as I can remember, I got obsessed with dinosaurs when I was still a kid because of this franchise, but as a fan I CANNOT blindly defend this garbage anymore. I die a little inside just saying this but this movie was god awful.

  • Dva loves you
    Dva loves you 4 months ago

    Lmao best review I've ever seen

  • Remnant Viscera
    Remnant Viscera 4 months ago

    You can’t defend poor writing with themes.
    Not that the version of this story you’ve made up in your head isn’t interesting. But it doesn’t make up for everything this film does wrong, sadly.
    The smugness isn’t amazingly helpful either. But it’s not something I can really criticise in terms of an opinion.
    You can like this movie. Everyone can, but don’t be disingenuous.
    That final quote, btw. Very telling given that this channel is about vindicating literally everything that has anything to do with jurassic park.
    Even if you can’t see and don’t want to see why people don’t like the movie, don’t start accusing people of things. Kind of a dick move.

  • wolf lord
    wolf lord 4 months ago

    By Klayton Fioriti

  • Connor Thompson
    Connor Thompson 4 months ago

    Here is the review done by The Nostagia Critic, who didn't like it. I honestly fall somewhere in between the polar extremes on this film. thexvid.com/video/bBAcq8z3nDY/video.html

  • solidmario64
    solidmario64 4 months ago

    I honestly found this movie entertainingly flawed. That ending was not the best either. Just a set up for the next one.

  • Junone King
    Junone King 4 months ago

    The only video of yours that I gave a dislike.
    Pointing out flaws in the original to make this one look good was cheap and lazy. And if anything it made me feel even more bitter towards Fallen Kingdom. Which btw I do not think its a bad movie. But I do rate it below JP3.

  • JurassicHero 3
    JurassicHero 3 4 months ago

    In my opinion, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom has some flaws and inaccuracies (dinosaurs don’t count because they’re genetically engineered animals), but I love it!

  • JurassicHero 3
    JurassicHero 3 4 months ago

    3:14 Wait a second! Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom rotten tomato ratings was 50% now 48%!? How’s that possible?

  • StefL
    StefL 4 months ago +1

    Well, i don't know .. trying to justify the unbelievable dumb script of Fallen Kingdom by pointing things out that where dumb in the old movies doesen't seem to do it any favors. Maybe that's just me though.

    THE JURASSIC KING 4 months ago

    Please make a video on the debate of is it right that the dinosaurs should be killed off?

  • Garrus Vakarian
    Garrus Vakarian 4 months ago +1

    It started good, but once they left the island it got as bad as JP 3. So you compare two death scenes of JP 1 and JW 2 and call them both cartoonish? Concerning the death of Dennis, animals sometimes play with their pray. Ever seen a cat hunting a bird or mouse? They play around with it a lot. Now you can argue that the I-Raptor is doing the same, but well no! It's in a cage playing dead, but moving its tail around and grinning. Come on, that's way too cringey! And both JW 1 and 2 are just plain ridiculous. Those designed fake dinosaurs don't fit at all into the Jurassic franchise.

    • Andrej 7775
      Andrej 7775 4 months ago

      Also almost everything is used i belive mansion scenes are pretty great and original

    • Andrej 7775
      Andrej 7775 4 months ago

      +Garrus Vakarian no

    • Garrus Vakarian
      Garrus Vakarian 4 months ago

      Andrej 7775 how can you call this pile of shit a good movie? You must be a ten years old kid that’s easy to impress

    • Andrej 7775
      Andrej 7775 4 months ago

      +Garrus Vakarian how can you even compare sharknado with this

    • Garrus Vakarian
      Garrus Vakarian 4 months ago

      +Andrej 7775 I agree, but then Sharknado is also a great one

  • CaptainX
    CaptainX 4 months ago +2

    JP: 8.5/10
    JP:LW: 7.5/10
    JP3: 6/10
    JW:FK: 8/10
    Just my thinking. I really diskliked Jurassic World, but I really really enjoyed Fallen kingdom. yeah there were issues, but nothing so glaring that it detracted from a solid story, and probably the best shots/imagery since JP.

    • Godzilla fan1998 Mohamed
      Godzilla fan1998 Mohamed 3 months ago

      CaptainX. Well, I liked all :W gets a 9/10, mainly because of that fight scene with I-Rex vs Rexy and Blue, JP3:a 8,5/10, TLW : a 9,5/10 JP:10/10 and JW:FK : a 9/10! :)

  • L.A. November 2019
    L.A. November 2019 4 months ago +1

    Wow! a reviewer that actually gets this movie - nice job.

  • Queen Fan
    Queen Fan 4 months ago

    they maybe heard that t rex roar but they are on a boat full of dinosaurs so they know that some dinosaurs would roar sometimes and that they would be not silence for 3 days

  • Queen Fan
    Queen Fan 4 months ago

    they maybe heard that t rex roar but they are on a boat full of dinosaurs so they know that some dinosaurs would roar sometimes and that they would be not silence for 3 days

  • Twerking Poro
    Twerking Poro 4 months ago

    Did you pick up on the fact that Lockwood’s death is the first deliberate murder in the JP series?

  • frank dizzle
    frank dizzle 4 months ago

    I agree with a lot of this. I loved the movie. It's tied for my second favorite with lost world. Although I did hate the smile. Thought it took away from the moment. I hated the clone thing too. get it but they could have had them released without going that direction. But i loved it. I would have changed 3 or 4 things but overall I was more than pleased. I saw it twice before it came out in theatres and I saw it 5 more times in theatres. This movie absolutely was better than Jurassic world and it blew up 3 out of the water. And the beach scene although ad!, Was one of the best moments of the series

  • Blackest Yang
    Blackest Yang 5 months ago

    I like this film more than Jurassic World. Because after the first act, it becomes a small scale horror film and I enjoyed it so much. Also, Indoraptor has a personality unlike the I-Rex, also Blue is best character

  • Dino King 1839
    Dino King 1839 5 months ago

    I think it’s cool that the Carno stole food from the T REX! It could (and probably has) made people
    want to learn more about the BEST (non-avian) dinosaur ever.

  • Emma Wright
    Emma Wright 5 months ago +2

    I’m so glad I wasn’t the only one who enjoyed that movie!

  • Joe Fly
    Joe Fly 5 months ago

    That scene where Indoraptor's face is superimposed over Maisie's face... I don't think we have seen the last of her.

  • Captiankirk games
    Captiankirk games 5 months ago

    I love watch it 3 times since got on DVD it’s best since 3 it’s putting the franchise in new Right Direction and making it scary with the dinosaurs been in the real world now characters are just great and now with clone humans amazing

  • Elijah Shells
    Elijah Shells 5 months ago

    Loving the comedic hypocrisy. 😆

  • Eric Marshall
    Eric Marshall 5 months ago

    Talking about how much of the movie they gave away in the trailers, that's what they did with Jurassic World! I didn't watch any of the trailers for fallen kingdom (Nor do I watch trailers for any movie I already plan on seeing nowadays) because if this "Jurassic World" effect of just putting the whole movin in the trailers.

  • Chris Minvielle
    Chris Minvielle 5 months ago +1

    Worst review I've ever seen, you're just fan boying over the Easter eggs that tie in to the original canon and make almost no attempt to comment on how the movie works as a movie. Go ahead and mention how a movie is lifted directly from source material sure, but then maybe also mention how half this movie actually has nothing to do with the plot and how the main characters motivations actually run contrary to the rest of the entire franchise... this movie as a story was absolutely brutal but you make it seem like this movie is cinematic genius just because you read the books and the director did too

  • Travis Cartee
    Travis Cartee 5 months ago

    Lego spoiled it for me.

  • chukwuemeka nwachi
    chukwuemeka nwachi 5 months ago

    Again another spot on review absolutely love those quotes right at the end as i believe its incredibly related to other issues but its awesome to see how you gave a very very balanced argument on each of the films.

  • Santos Pacheco
    Santos Pacheco 5 months ago

    Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is a rather terrible film, if I may be so bold sir.