Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom - SPOILER Review

  • Published on Jun 24, 2018
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    All right guys! This is my Spoiler Review for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom! I know its been a long time coming so I hope that you all enjoy! In this video I go into every detail I can on the plot, characters, novel inspired parts of the story, the Indoraptor, Rexy, Blue, Owen Grady, Claire Dearing, the Auction, JA Bayona and everything else! I also do a little comparison between Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom and Jurassic Park! Here it is! After 3 long years, this is the final result of Jurassic World 2! :D
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  • Diego Roa
    Diego Roa 3 months ago +358

    Pin me

  • J.T Porach
    J.T Porach Day ago

    Universal:ok how we want to flood the earth how do we
    Writers:make the brachiosaurus that died the first one we saw in Jurassic park
    News:Breaking news the world has flooded

  • Blake Hawkins
    Blake Hawkins Day ago

    Was I the only one who didn’t like the final act very much? The action scenes were really good, but I didn’t like the scene when Claire has to decide whether she should let the the dinosaurs live and be all over the world which would be bad for humanity, or let them all die to keep the rest of humanity safe was an important part of her growth as a character, but then Maisie has to push the button anyway giving Claire no actual choice.

  • Popp Culture
    Popp Culture Day ago

    I was expecting the grade for Jurassic Park to be brought down to an F, with Hammond saying "I really hate that man."

  • William Hiers
    William Hiers Day ago

    "He wants Maisie to come with her." Come with HIM, I assume you mean. Great review, though. :D

  • Dominic Nevile
    Dominic Nevile Day ago

    I love this move I watched all the move and i am a girl

  • Corruptinator
    Corruptinator Day ago


    Couldn't help but chuckle for the moment you looked back into JP1 and downgraded it not once, or twice, but three times during the Spoiler Review, which nonetheless was for purposes of a joke. The first time you did it however when you hear John Hammond's angerous line from A+ to B+ really made me laugh. Kudos for that. But in all honesty, the original Jurassic Park is still a legendary classic and I will say for the fact that Fallen Kingdom has rightfully earned its place as a rival, yet enjoyable medium next to JP.
    (P.S. Just for fun fact, "SPOILERT" as in Spoiler Alert! Little inspiration for if another review someday.)

  • starwolf1987
    starwolf1987 2 days ago

    Klayton I love your vids but that movie was terrible at this point its clear Universal is just milking the franchise for what its worth. I found it enjoyable but it was combination of nostalgia and fanboyism that makes a person believe the movie was good. I found it annoying that Ben Lockwood was never once mentioned in any of the previous movies at all. I understand your rebuttal about one dimensional characters but the basis of that argument goes back to the best movie in the franchise Fallen Kingdom isnt Jurassic Park fortunately.

  • Gaby George
    Gaby George 2 days ago

    I was actually wondering why the male indoraptor retained the fringes of the ones shown in JP3, until I realized that we never actually SAW any male raptors prior to JP3; as only the nests of broken eggs and tiny footprints leading away from the nest were ever any indication in the films (until JP3) of male raptors

  • Jason Meskimen
    Jason Meskimen 3 days ago


  • nwjennings
    nwjennings 3 days ago

    I’m sorry, but I did not like the whole cloning of a human. And another thing I didn’t like was Benjamin Lockwood. No character development at all. We are just told to believe that him and Hammond did all that stuff. No mention in prior films at all. Now I am one of the hugest Jurassic fans. They shaped who I was as a kid. I feel like I’ve grown with the films. But this one kinda scared me because I don’t want the 3rd to end a great franchise in a sour way.

  • TurtleBurger
    TurtleBurger 3 days ago

    I love all the movies and thought Jurassic World was seriously overrated, it was talked about and hyped so much and I still don't understand why, its a good movie and I think the only reason its so hyped is because its the first Jurassic Park movie in 12 years... in pretty much every way I think Jurassic World 2 is superior to the first one.

  • Trent Doss
    Trent Doss 4 days ago

    I think we unfairly judge sequels of great movies to the nostalgia we feel for the original. We’re looking for the new movie to recapture that feeling, that sense of awe, and it simply can’t be done.

  • GojiBro Davidson
    GojiBro Davidson 5 days ago

    Been on my mind for a few months now and I think I finally have gotten to a conclusion as to how I feel towards this film. I'm personally putting it in the B-/C+ range. I found some of the dialog and comedic relief to be a bit too corny, and the idea that these dinosaurs would be that much of a threat roaming free I find silly given the National guard and such. I also have to agree with a comment bringing up that a sequel should work to improve on the problems of its predecessors, not repeat them. Then again one must always pose the question, “What if the others didn't exist?" Otherwise, I had fun and I still found it better than 3. I disagree with Mauler and Wolf on this one in terms of it being awful, but I can't enjoy it as much as you have.

  • DudeFromEndor
    DudeFromEndor 5 days ago

    I loved the twist with the little girl Maisie and Benjamin Lockwood.

  • DiddleDorp
    DiddleDorp 7 days ago

    I agree with you. It's wrong for people to have double standards. You can't give one thing or person a pass and hate on someone who is very similar

  • Mad Shadow
    Mad Shadow 7 days ago

    I'm pretty sure (Correct me if I'm wrong) But I'm pretty sure that we have actually seen someone flat out murdered in the actual movie. Sure Sarah Harding pushes Lewis Dodson out to the T-rex in the book, but not the movies. Let me think.
    1st Movie: Umm... No.
    2nd Movie: Yeah people were pushing each other to escape the T-rex, but that was more fight or flight. Not really murder.
    3rd Movie: I forgot anyone even died in that movie.
    4th Movie: No.
    Yeah. First movie with straight up murder.

  • Shaheeda Khan
    Shaheeda Khan 7 days ago

    The opening.wow

  • Mark Gasto
    Mark Gasto 9 days ago

    Your clearly are good reviewer man, especially to pointing out the hypocrisy in the criticism of this film to that of the first movie. I feel like critics are not as good as reviewing these days as they were back Robert Egbart era, most just seem to jump the bandwangon of some other profile critics and just copy rather than actually do the w themselves and see if they have there own opinions, With that i am not 100% sure to subscribe to you, you guys are true JP fans :)

    • Mark Gasto
      Mark Gasto 7 days ago

      Well i tend to disagree, i can agree it is not the best as the first film, i dont think any sequel can every be as good as the first film but it is still not as bad. however if u dont like it thats alright but i still think it is good in its own way.

    • 5thejurassic
      5thejurassic 7 days ago

      There is no hypocrisy, this film just sucks compared to the first film, I've seen all the movies and read both books but this was the worst of them all.

  • mrpotatohead1227
    mrpotatohead1227 10 days ago

    I thought this was a darker installment of the series, and it shared a lot of similarities with The Lost World, and not only because they're both the 2nd installments of their trilogies. But Fallen Kingdom was also filmed with a darker image (I mean literal image) and then it brings in the concepts of murder, extinction, and the philosophical debate of cloning out of grief.
    That's why I have very similar opinions of both movies. Is that fair? I think so, but it might not be. Just my opinion.

  • CMmoosePUNK gaming
    CMmoosePUNK gaming 11 days ago

    I give the moive a C because it was good moive don't get me wrong but they showen way to much before it came out and I felt like it was introducing the next moive. The moive really didn't meet my expectations like my favorite flim from the series which is THE LOST WORLD. But don't get me wrong it was a good flim it was just too kinda less exciting

  • gamerx956
    gamerx956 11 days ago

    You deflect every flaw with,”it was in previous movies so it’s ok!”... no... no it’s not... just because it was in a previous movie does mean this new one can’t be better then the previous movies. This movie isn’t perfect... far from it. It was good, not as good as your painting it though

  • De'Andre Pace
    De'Andre Pace 13 days ago

    I'm probably the biggest Jurassic park fan and watch the movies almost 5 times a month but this one is by far my least favorite. Everything about the movie just feels off. And it feels short. The biggest issue is it feels unrealistic. We have a dino as a main villian rather than a force of nature and a dino as a hero rather than an act of nature. And then the indoraptor stalking the humans makes no sense with so many others there. At least with the indominus it was because they were hunting it and it was retaliatory but this creature is always going for the girl and climbs the house to get here when there were easier targets just make no sense. This movie just has a lot a flaws. I grade it as a C 6/10. This should have been the movie that was most about the dinos. We got a lot of fan favs but they amount to just cameos. This whole movie should have taken place on Isla nublar for roughly one hour then shifted to the mansion for the climax and finish.

  • Kathy Mesker
    Kathy Mesker 13 days ago

    I give it ab A+

  • PencilManTV
    PencilManTV 13 days ago

    I went to see this movie with my mom and she thought it was great. So do i.

  • Player 10
    Player 10 13 days ago

    Best movie review!

  • Annie
    Annie 13 days ago

    Things that I HATE about Fallen Kingdom.
    1. The horrible comedy from Franklin.
    2. Lack of Owen and Blue teamwork
    2. No Dilophosaurus!!!!
    4. ZERO mention of Alan Grant and Ellie Sattler or any continuity of the other movies
    5. Not much of the Indoraptor's capabilities
    6. Constant Deja Vu and fanservice (style over substance)
    7. The Maise plot twist going nowhere and made for shock value
    8. That pointless post-credits scene with the Pteranodons at Las Vegas
    9. Lack of Dr. Ian Malcolm
    10. Owen and Claire not being as strong as they once were...
    But to balance out the negativity, they're things I really liked.
    1. The practical effects and CGI lookin' SUPERB
    2. Cinematography
    3. Blue's big scene
    4. The opening scene
    5. THAT Brachiosaurus scene
    6. References to the books
    7. The music
    8. Indoraptor's design
    9. Zia Rodriguez
    10. J.A Bayona's direction
    It wasn’t the WORST in the franchise but it’s close. Jurassic Park III is still the bottom of the barrel.
    1. Jurassic Park
    2. The Lost World: Jurassic Park
    3. Jurassic World
    4.Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom
    5.Jurassic Park III
    That’s my hot take.

  • Indoraptor Unstopable
    Indoraptor Unstopable 13 days ago

    Get an A-

  • C Pitts
    C Pitts 14 days ago

    It sounds like your review is more a hit piece on the reviewers that didn’t like the movie as opposed to a pure review. The movie was good, it wasn’t great and that’s ok.

  • Jorge Hernandez
    Jorge Hernandez 14 days ago

    I just hate how all of a sudden Jurassic Park turned into Resident Evil.

  • Blue ink-22
    Blue ink-22 15 days ago

    I just imagine you doing a stewwie head tilt 😂every time you talk like that 18:03

  • Anthony Clemente
    Anthony Clemente 15 days ago

    I like to think the indoraptor found joy from live prey
    As they do have human dna don’t they?
    It could be like sociopathic, sounds too complex for a dinosaurs mine
    But the scene essentially has him playing with him
    Taunting his tail up just to fuck with him

  • Blade_des
    Blade_des 15 days ago

    man, this video... now I finally know exactly what brown-nosing looks like. huh, the more you know.
    I'm sorry this movie is objectively not good and we (the audience) deserve so much better than this. Its the exact same movie from the previous film and after all that hype from Wu for the Indo Raptor, it's no match for the last modified Rex.
    There's so much the movie could've done to make this actually good and stand out from the previous movies. But the director/writers have no idea what they're doing (or just didn't watch the previous movie to see that this movie is no different) or the higher ups at WB just care about money and don't give a rats-ass about the franchise.

  • Paulo Roberto
    Paulo Roberto 16 days ago

    I just watched and its fucking bad, we really need another Dinossaur ip, JP is done.

  • Cap.Commander Shunsui
    Cap.Commander Shunsui 18 days ago

    There’s no parallel you could draw to the original and the cheesiness of the dinosaur version of PETA in the film. It didn’t connect with the audience because dinosaurs don’t exist in our world and we’re not THAT invested in the JP universe to feel empathy for those whiney college students that had (at the time) never even met a dinosaur. My audience was legit laughing out loud at these scenes. To me the film jump back and forth between being great and being ridiculously cheesy. I like the previous film better.

  • Webster _
    Webster _ 18 days ago

    I agree that this film -- more than maybe any of the other sequels -- really captures the crux of Crichton's musings in the novels; Unpredictability and inevitability of the worst possible outcomes.
    However, I feel there is a tendency to always do this Dino v. Dino "sword fighting" that doesn't seem so fun, anymore. Some of the nods to the JP and The Lost World were nice, but sometimes it was a bit too "on the nose."
    Also, to my original point, I think they could have done a bit more with the testimony Malcom was giving as well as overall fleshing out some of the darker themes of these animals being sold off. I would have taken 1/3 less of the Indo-Raptor and whatnot just to get more of this.
    Overall, I definitely rate it on par with the first two installments.

  • Little Goat Child
    Little Goat Child 18 days ago

    The reviews hurt my soul, some argumments don't make any sense. A dumb plot? Man, this movie took the franchise more far than the other ones together! Even the novels say about the problem of dinosaurs on main land, and we got this! The Indoraptor is so much better than Indominus Rex, he's smart and imprevisible... The musics... THE MUSICS! THAT COIR HAHA! I GET GOOSE BUMPS LISTEN THEM!

  • Kevin Ernest
    Kevin Ernest 18 days ago

    I couldn’t agree more with you. I thought the first Jurassic World was absolute trash and that’s the reason why I didn’t want to see the movie in the first case. But I’m as much of a Jurassic fan as you, so eventually I had to check it out. And I completely agree with you that is was a great decision to do something completely different this time. And some of the cutscenes are epic! The opening of the movie is indeed maybe the best of the franchise. The scene with the Baryonyx is so tense. Even though I hate hybrid dinosaurs, this one was great and it gave us some of the most thrilling scenes of the franchise. Even the acting was pretty much on par. Like you said, this is what the series needed. I’m actually excited for the next one and I didn’t expect that. Keep up the great work Klayton! You have an awesome channel!

  • Focus Entertainment
    Focus Entertainment 18 days ago

    I LOVE the callout in there haha. Most critics are dicks with zero ability to appreciate film, they just look to who's slippin' em the dollars and say what they want em' to say.

  • darb27 K
    darb27 K 19 days ago

    I ove your sarcasm and your revie!

  • darb27 K
    darb27 K 19 days ago

    This movie felt like a Resident Evil movie with Dinosaurs. Though my wife and I both really enjoyed the movie. It was a fun movie. Did it have its problems sure but I would call it a good popcorn and pop flick.

  • The Den
    The Den 21 day ago

    I thought it was pretty bad. Not The Last Jedi-tier horrible and lore destroying, but full of really stupid scenes and contrivances, and it didn't leave enough of an impact.

  • Sepulphagist
    Sepulphagist 22 days ago

    Your closing notes are spot on. Great job man

  • Little Baby
    Little Baby 22 days ago

    Remember when you said that the spino was killing everything on sorna? Although it's not as deadly, the ceratosaurus might have also been a problem.

  • Monster Hanna
    Monster Hanna 24 days ago

    I really enjoyed Mills' death scene because of the nostalgia and jump-scares that it prevented. I agree that when it first starts happening that you think he's gonna die like Dieter did in TLW, but then it turns into more of an Eddie Carr death when he's ripped apart. That scene was great and both me and my dad were very happy to see him die.

  • Monster Hanna
    Monster Hanna 24 days ago

    "Fetch the fucking stick." 😂

  • Casper Enkelaar
    Casper Enkelaar 25 days ago

    Sorry but comparing jwfk shortcomings with jp “shortcomings” is terrible. Nedry isn’t comparable to the “villains” of jwfk because nedry isn’t a villain. He is not even a bad guy. He gets offered a deal and he believes that it honestly won’t hurt anyone besides ingen itself. He doesn’t care about ingen since he feels he isn’t getting paid enough (to be fair he made jurassic park operational all by himself so he should be one of the highest paid staff). Nedry never intended anyone to get hurt because of his actions. The fact that jwfk made actual “villains” is so bad. Jurassic park was about chaos and how everything could spiral out of control while in jwfk people literally create dino monster weapons because “mankind will always have wars”. That is literally the most childish cartoonish idea anyone could have with this series. The dinosaurs weren’t even the most important part of this movie and what the hell not even the humans were. Claire was the only one with character development. The dinosaurs were in a basement for half of the film. And the movie also wasn’t really about the indoraptor like jw was about the indominus. The movie was all over the place and the introduction of villains in a jurassic park/world movie is terrible. I may sound like I hate the entire movie but I actually liked some parts a lot. Loved the carnotaurus since it looked so real. I was hoping it would camouflage tho. like it did in the lost world novel.

    • PKMN_Trainer_Chito
      PKMN_Trainer_Chito 18 days ago

      Casper Enkelaar he’s a computer nerd. He knew shutting down security will affect the visitors and remaining staff. The fat dickhead even installed a hack to cover his evil tracks. He’s greedy af.

  • Alexis
    Alexis 25 days ago

    To be honest, Fallen Kingdom second best movie in the series (Jurassic Park always going to be number one)

  • Randy H
    Randy H 25 days ago

    B+ “DAMN!” 😂😂😂

  • Penny Man
    Penny Man 25 days ago

    I really love the jurassic world two movies

  • Rainbow Racer studios
    Rainbow Racer studios 26 days ago

    12:32 long live the king
    LION KING references!!!!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • RumAndPancakes
    RumAndPancakes 26 days ago

    Don't forget that when Dennis falls down the hill in the rain that they play a cartoon slipping sound xD

  • Bannana Joe
    Bannana Joe 29 days ago

    Here's my problem with the movie I think it's Strays from the original message of Jurassic Park they turn a message about how man shouldn't be playing God into an environmentalist message how every animal deserves to exist. I just feel turned it back on everything the first few movie standed for.

  • Skaroosh
    Skaroosh 29 days ago

    I'm not sure I can comprehend how the t-rex in the cage scene could be so confusingly defended. The boat was chock full of guards, I mean just seconds ago two of them walked by to close the doors!
    You can actually both be a fan of the series and critical of the new movie, as you were trying to touch on with the original. To me, Fallen Kingdom was poorly directed, poorly paced, had paper-thin characters, and I just couldn't suspend my disbelief enough to enjoy watching it. It felt like a bunch of boardroom ideas were strung together for 2 hours. Jurassic Park wasn't flawless( no movie is), but it was made 25 years ago and will be remembered for much longer than this movie will.

  • Dakota C
    Dakota C 29 days ago

    I think just except so much from these movies, like they just want them to always top and crush the original. I personally love both of the world movies, and really likes this one. The nostalgia of scenes from the other movies and seeing Ian really made this good. I never go into these thinking they will top the first one because that movie is just amazing ,but these are good ,and I think people need to give credit at them for trying and brining the nostalgia back. I was honestly blown away with this movie and truly loved it and thought they did a good job, sure it got a little weird but I still loved it.

  • CollinSextonSZN
    CollinSextonSZN 29 days ago

    I f*cking love this movie

  • Crunchy Cookie
    Crunchy Cookie Month ago

    Well at least they didn't show unexpecting deaths in the trailer.

  • Jack Playz
    Jack Playz Month ago


  • Ragnarok Official
    Ragnarok Official Month ago

    I’m gonna say something super controversial. I personally thought Fallen Kingdom was as good as Jurassic Park.

  • Power House Prodigy

    I can’t believe you just compared the Dilophosaurus scene from JP to the blood transfusion scene from JW2...the first was done for comedic effect, the second was done because this movie didn’t have a plot.... Honestly comparing this movie to the original in any way is an insult to Micheal Chrichton himself. In the original movie Nedry is regularly used as a form of comedic release. He’s a fairly one dimensional character, yes, but he’s not your by-the-books antagonist unlike these morons. He’s an inadequate Hawaiian shirt wearing computer nerd looking to make a quick buck, meanwhile these guys are poorly written bond villains, that weren’t written for the sake of any comedic value. I’ll actually give you that last comparison. It was super convenient that Lex just so happened to know how to hack, BUT that was based off of a scene from the book in which Timmy (who is the older sibling in the book) just so happened to know enough about computers due to his age that he was able to figure out how to get the systems back online.
    Sorry. I just really hated this movie with all my heart and soul, meanwhile the OG JP is my favorite movie of all time. I just don’t think that the “errors” you pointed out in JP are really valid since much of it was based off of an even better book that had more content than could be reasonably fit into a single movie.

  • Brandon Wheeler
    Brandon Wheeler Month ago

    Honestly I loved the movie. I want to see it again. I have more issues with JW than this. I think its probably my second favorite to that of the original.

  • Mrkittycat 2.8
    Mrkittycat 2.8 Month ago

    I actually didn't see the trailers before the movie, I just remembered the Jurassic World and Park series and instantly wanted to see it.

  • Logan Redding
    Logan Redding Month ago

    Are you sure it should get that rating because the writing is bad

  • KTSP
    KTSP Month ago

    What was the piano music at 9:22

  • mohamed zohir
    mohamed zohir Month ago +1

    that was the best scene in this video

  • Sir HighRoller
    Sir HighRoller Month ago

    Ill give it a solid B i enjoyed the movie i just thought they could have done a lot more for what they had i did like all the easter eggs and call backs they did for the original movie though

  • Alleign The Fox216
    Alleign The Fox216 Month ago

    Ever since i saw that one specific part (brachiosaurus's death), every time I see or hear about the brachiosaurus standing up to eat the leaves or the one where it is engulfed by the pyroclastic flow gives me chills every time

  • David Riley
    David Riley Month ago

    I really liked this movie. I think JW was a tough act to follow. I do wish they had kept Isla Sorna still around though. If I had to Rank these films.
    1. Jurasic Park
    2. Jurasic World
    3. Jurasic Park 3 (Yes it has flaws, but I really like certain parts of the film.)
    4. Jurassic World 2 (Pretty much what I wanted and expected to be in the film)
    5. Lost Word

  • Rancord123
    Rancord123 Month ago

    Nice video Klayton

  • Prehistoric Matt
    Prehistoric Matt Month ago

    That clone kid is correct when she thinks they deserve to live. Better than other films where creatures are created than made antagonists than the people are heroes for slaughtering it. And never learn a lesson

  • Prehistoric Matt
    Prehistoric Matt Month ago

    I also dont like how the smaller dinosaurs have really big feet and heads

  • Prehistoric Matt
    Prehistoric Matt Month ago

    I think it's a meh. It's at least a simple plot. BUT I hate the black kid so much. All he does is whine. Than randomly hes brave enough to fucking...uhg

  • Jacob Arnold
    Jacob Arnold Month ago +1

    Honestly This is one of the best reviews for fallen kingdom I’ve ever seen it’s way better then the piece of crap reviews made by mauler and dishonored wolf and you actually address real problems and actually praise the good things instead of nit picking unlike the reviews made by mauler and dishonored wolf and I also love how you destroy annoying nit pickers any way great review hope you keep making them.👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • Geronimo Vita
    Geronimo Vita Month ago

    Review is more based on the shiny camera effects then story or plot line progression. Sorry lost some points for all the justifications of horrible plot line decisions versus how good a scene looked. Jurassic world might be its own thing, but it's not the jurassic park style we all know and love. Making it just a gimmick using the franchise title. Plenty of other reviews hammer how bad this movie progressed and you selectively skipped past all that. Not once did you mention sudden clone child to justify releasing "fellow" clone dinos or hammond 2.0 never mentioned anywhere in the franchise prior. I enjoyed all the little JP1 ques in the movie, but alas you did not mention those either. This review feels more like an attempt to buffer how poorly written the movie was, as clearly the world noticed.
    The movie fell to the same problem as JP2, it ditched the interesting island exploration/survival and went back to the clique of throwing the old into the modern "civilization". I enjoyed the first half until the island blew up, then the movie became stupid. Thus why it earned its poor rating.

  • Claire AwesomeSauce

    9:00 I believe there where two dilophosaurus. As Nedry was confronted by the one that we first see, the other enters into the vehicle, possibly out of curiosity. The usual patterns of aggression of the first may have been due to its attempt to defend its sister, of whom Nedry is eventually killed by out of fear for its own life when it was 'attacked' by him.

  • Madchimpz
    Madchimpz Month ago

    I liked this movie, I think it was well made. It's just the plot that's depressing to me which would make my opinion entirely subjective. It invalidates the happy endings of every other Jurassic Park movie where they were left live on their very own dinosaur islands, because they're pretty much all dead now aside from a dozen or two dinosaurs in a mansion. There's only a single, aged T-Rex because the 6 or 7 other Rexes only Isla Sorna are likely all dead. A lot of species of dinosaurs are back to being extinct. Almost every dinosaur left alive in the series were all in the same room. It makes you lose that sense of wonder.

  • Brad Walston
    Brad Walston Month ago

    I really Liked Fallen kingdom. It was a fun movie and I loved the stalking scene in the castle.

  • Brooklyn Michelle
    Brooklyn Michelle Month ago

    I loved this movie. I see a lot of people saying Maisie wasnt a good character and the clone thing was under-developed/thrown in half-assed. Granted it was revealed at the end of the movie, sure. But it was also kind of built up throughout the movie so going from "you're her [your mother's] spitting image" to "shes a clone of her mother" i was like i like that shit. Also shes way better than Zack or Grey in the first Jurassic World; they were just kind of annoying and genuinely didn't do much to the plot except get themselves into shit and taser the raptor in the back of the van

  • Connor West Games, horror movies & Etc

    I love the Jurassic Park Franchise and I love Rexy and Blue which they are awesome when they’re working together attacking the indominous Rex and the way blue kills the Indoraptor it’s just like Rexy when she was younger

  • nickybabalas
    nickybabalas Month ago

    Big JP fan but this just felt very poorly written and stupid at times. There are call backs which are great, however I feel as if this 2nd JW film was made just to make a 3rd one on mainland. The military aspect of dinosaurs is fucking stupid and why not just move the animals to the other island if you wanted a sanctuary. Many plot holes. Stupid writing. Love JP but honestly was disappointed in this. JP3 apparently suffered from many rewrites and behind the scenes issues. But even that at least was something different. This was a shitty lost world. Ian Malcolm basically says in the beginning what should be done which even draws the same narrative of the first only to have a bunch of cartoonish villains. Sorry love JP but I don't like where they went with this. Chris Pratt's character has not grown in either film and Claire is a hypocrite and almost bipolar in her decision making. The screaming kid computer guy was annoying and was not necessary. You have Chris Pratt. The guy is funny . utilize that aspect.. Like your channel. Keep up the good work but dude was this a disappointment. Opening scene was great. Rest was painful and felt like a 2012 disaster film with shit loads of dinos and characters that lack substance. Malcolm honestly improved the film just from his monologue alone. Just my thoughts. Great channel boet.

  • Oleg Babitch
    Oleg Babitch Month ago

    Im so happy I have never watched the trailer before I watched the movie

  • Nick Boy
    Nick Boy Month ago +1

    I didn’t watch one trailer for this movie no regrets

  • Antoniozilla
    Antoniozilla Month ago

    Hey Klayton, I really love this video and your opinion on the movie! And I would like to share with you some of my my alternate ideas for some of the scenes in Fallen Kingdom. Don’t get me wrong this movie is spectacular but there are some things that could have been better. Also I am not hating on anything of any sort! I am just improving some elements from the movie, so here are some of my ideas:
    So first of all IMO the time of day In The movie should have been switched, so all the island scenes are night and the mansion scenes are early morning/dawn. The Nublar scenes would look a lot more cinematic of it was night and there was fog and a bright red glow coming from everywhere on the island (which would be lava flows) and a lot of emebers floating around in the air would also have looked a lot cooler at night.
    And the island scene should have been ALOT longer, I felt like we said goodbye to Nublar a little to quickly I mean, way too quickly actually! so it would have been better if the island sequence was 50-60 minutes instead of the 30-40 minutes that we got, expanding this scene would make the movie a nice long movie at 2 hours and 30-40 ish minutes and the mansion scenes could be the same thing. Also when I heard that Juan Antonio Bayona was directing this and it was gonna be very scary, I imagined a violent and disturbing horror movie type style but we ended up with a action movie type style with hints of horror however there are some exceptions though, for example the amazing opening scene, some scenes with indoraptor also the T. rex waking up scene and the Baryonyx tunnel scene. But the rest is just action and thriller type scenes that are amazing but not scary, if I were directing and I was thinking scary.. I would have elements in the movie such as a upclose shot of the Indoraptor eating a human with blood splattering everywhere while he is struggling to get up, another example could be a scene where they are on the island (while it’s night) trying to find Rexy and this one ACU Mercenary sees two amber eyes in a big bush, he lifts up his tranqulizer towards the eyes then Rexy pops out out of nowhere and eats him, while that’s happening all the other ACU soilders are shooting at Rexy attempting to sedate her and she is forced into this pen with a mouthful of blood from that one ACU soilder and as lava bombs start to fall everywhere one fragment from an impact of a lava bomb lands on Rexy and she screams In pain and the soilders are still tranquilizing her which is hurting her even more! There also could have been a river attack scene with a suchomimus! So some ACU soilders and Owen have a tracking device that is tracking blue and she is close to the river, so they get on a old medium sized boat and then the sucho Attacks them! The sucho is frightened by the beeping from the tracking device and goes berserk on the soilder holding the device, the suchomimus picks him up and throws his leg-less torso onto the shore just a couple of feet away, the boat is then flipped over!! Then as it sinks twenty feet down, owen and the others are trapped under the boat in a little air pocket and they start to hear a big THUMP on one side of the boat, it was the sucho trying to break into the boat!! With its crocodile like snout it bursts a hole into the boat and manages to get its head inside, it is snapping at everybody and beheads someone in the process! Right when it went for another kill a lava bomb took it out, owen and the others squeezed out of the hole and they run as fast as they can to the shore and Owen quickly takes the tracking device out of the lifeless body of the halved soilder and catches up with everybody. Then that is when he reunited with blue in the same way as the movie with the soilders turning their backs to him and sedating him and stealing blue with the other dinosaurs!
    And it would be cool if we got to see the flashback scenes of the Indoraptor growing up and how it spent its whole life in its cage and it was always abused and tranquilized all the time and would be just always mad at humans. and there would be a really cool version of the shot of indoraptor climbing the roof and its head would turn to the sun slowly rising into the sky! It would turn its head in curiosity since it had lived in a cage his whole life and he had never seen the sun before..
    Overall, I think the movie should have been a lot slower

  • Sasuke Uchiha
    Sasuke Uchiha Month ago

    This is an amazing film, and This is a review, I am SO happy to hear. I'm tired of the constant hate. Klayton, THANK YOU! I needed to know if there was someone besides me, and my mom who loved it.

  • matthew buffington
    matthew buffington Month ago

    The dialouge that bothered me the most was the villian's reveal of Maisie's Clonehood. It felt lazy and too on the nose. The film had done a great job of letting Maisie learn it for her self, and the audience was given lots of hints. That exposition was completely pointless and actually kind of grating.

  • redMStoast
    redMStoast Month ago +1

    Why pin him when u pin me

  • spymaine89
    spymaine89 Month ago

    agree, humans are all ego , no wit. the average species , earth history last about 3 million years, humans as a type, are about 3 million years old. ........ good riddance. .

  • Kristopher James
    Kristopher James Month ago

    Watched like 30 videos of yours from beginning to end. Awesome theories, and more, especially with the book comparisons and how the writers used the books through the film adaptations. I spent most of my wandering through your videos wondering what you thought of Fallen Kingdom. I totally agree, JP and The Lost World and Fallen Kingdom are the best. Your humors well placed. Subscribed.

  • Dark Alphadron
    Dark Alphadron Month ago

    Personally, I've enjoyed the movie's action - it's shot amazingly well, the flow of action never feels either too slowed down or artificially sped up, and as far as the deeper themes in it go, they're done well and not smacked all over our heads with blunt exposition - which is something that Jurassic Park did well, and this movie emulated that in a major way. But not everything is stellar in the movie. Far from it.
    The "child is a clone" reveal was done out of nowhere, and yet wasn't at all surprising. This is where the subtlety failed, and instead of a hint, we've been given a dead giveaway by Lockwood, when the girl asks if she looks like her mother. From that moment on, I knew she is the clone, I knew that's why Hammond parted ways with his business partner, and I knew that when Claire failed to push the "free all dinosaurs" button, Maisie would do it instead. Predictability isn't a good thing.
    What also isn't a good thing is the thickness of plot armour surrounding the main heroes. For example, Owen's survival of a cloud of volcanic ash is plain ridiculous, especially combined with the fact that a brachiosaurus is consumed by those mere minutes later. This isn't new (All of the previous movies had that as well, especially the infamous third one), but that doesn't absolve the writers - repeating the same mistakes all over again shouldn't be waved off just because the original did it too. Quite the contrary, it should be pointed out and criticised. This is where I disagree about the intermissions in your video (although it was hillarious, I admit) - the fact Jurassic Park made a few errors in characters does not mean that making those same errors in Fallen Kingdom shouldn't impact it's reception. Who doesn't evolve, falls behind. This is why one dimensional villains, comedic demise of some of them and a deus ex exemplar dinosaur saviour *should* have an impact on the movie's final score, albeit not to the point of thrashing it mercilessly just for those mistakes alone.
    And then there comes the issue of the Indoraptor.
    It. Was. Not. Necessary.
    There were plenty of badass dinosaurs they could've used in it's stead. There was an allosaurus. There was a baryonyx. There was, finally, a carnotaurus. Why not use them instead of making up yet another genetic hybrid? I get the idea of trying to pull across the point of man playing God (and the Adam and Eve parallell, but IMO, the message would do just as well without it), but isn't this what making dinosaur clones is in first place? All of the above mentioned dinosaurs could warrant a huge role in the movie, particularly the Baryonyx, which was teased and promised from the very first trailers - and amounted to one scene (illogical scene - why not just open the hatch in the first place, like they did to escape from it, rather than a remote sewer grate on an island full of carnivores?). It deserved better. Indoraptor is clever, relentless, deadly and unstoppable - or so it is supposed to be, since after eating the hunter and a few auctionees in the elevator, he suddenly turns into a bumbling idiot, who cannot catch a little girl fleeing from it alone. Then it gets it's hide tanned by a regular velociraptor. A bit underwhelming.
    Same underusage is seen in the character of Ian Malcolm. The speech he gave at the beginning and the end is great - but for all the hype that was made about this character, I expected more than a glorified cameo. This is probably the biggest issue of the movie - the hype it incited. It simply didn't live up to it, it had no chance to live up to it, and now it's paying the price.

  • Hugh
    Hugh Month ago

    This was a fascinating review, you have changed my mind on the writing of this film but I think this movie lacked the suspense of the original, with characters facing green screen dinos instead of animatronic there was no sense of reality and it all came across as one dimensional and predictable, I saw JP1 as a child so it is hard to compare the wow factor but I don't think many kids today will be frightened or anywhere near as engaged with fallen kingdom and I don't think they did a very good job illustrating all the wonderful points you raised. If they cut back on a few retarded action set pieces and a few more scenes building suspense and explaining it would have been a massively better movie everything just felt so one dimensional and a cash grab but your review has me excited that it was crighton's vision unfolding. I think these movies are fun to pick apart because its like you want them to do well I just wish theyd stop throwing money at computer animators and make something with substance, maybe it was all one dimensional from the beginning and I should just read the books, the whole series seems like it had so much more potential and they keep underselling themselves

  • Jacob Arnold
    Jacob Arnold Month ago +1

    Great review 10/10

  • Jacob Arnold
    Jacob Arnold Month ago

    Nan gunner ever sol is actually the only cartoon villain Eli mills is actually very realistic

  • Jacob Arnold
    Jacob Arnold Month ago +1

    Hey klayton can you respond to negative reviews made by internet critics

  • freddie cattini
    freddie cattini Month ago

    I loved this movie

  • Connor Q
    Connor Q Month ago +1

    I really liked this movie

  • Corey Sandy
    Corey Sandy Month ago +1

    I am wondering how the mosasaurus survived in the years leading up to Fallen Kingdom? It is stuck in a presumably saltwater enclosure with what one could assume limited access to prey. I'm sure some dinosaurs throughout the years have wondered close enough for the mosasaurus to prey on, but I can't imagine enough come near the enclosure for a steady food source. Reason being the salt water would not be a viable drinking source for the animals so I just don't see enough going near the tank for the mosasaurus to have a steady food source. Perhaps it could have feed on birds and pterosaurs that could have flown near the surface of the pool? A possible answer to my question could be that the mosasaurus could have similar metabolism to a crocodile, and likely could survive off fat storage in its tail. Most crocodiles eat about 50 meals a year, they can survive a whole year, and sometimes even two years without eating anything. Crocodiles also can slow there heart rate to a few beats per minute to help conserve energy. Also being cold blooded crocadiles dont need to spend a bunch of energy keeping their body heat at constant temperature. So in theory if the mosasaurus shares traits with a crocodile this could explain how it has survived so long in its enclosure without the park workers there to feed it.

  • EmeraldGameZ
    EmeraldGameZ Month ago

    I watch this because I want to know what this movie is about without watching
    But then I barely understand anything...

  • Sebastian Bjørnskov

    I think it's one of those movies you either love or hate, I loved it.

  • oliver wall
    oliver wall Month ago

    I loved fallen kingdom but maybe cos I am bias. Ahh well.

  • The Gaming Dinosaur 10

    Yay a real review!!!!!!!