Tony Harrison joins Inside PBC Boxing ahead of second fight with Jermell Charlo | INSIDE PBC BOXING

  • Published on Dec 15, 2019
  • Tony Harrison joins Shawn Porter, Abner Mares, and Kate Abdo ahead of his WBC Super Welterweight Title rematch with Jermell Charlo on December 21st.
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    Tony Harrison joins Inside PBC Boxing ahead of second fight with Jermell Charlo | INSIDE PBC BOXING
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Comments • 631

    PBC ON FOX  Month ago +25

    Tony Harrison vs Jermell Charlo - Who will win?

  • NativeTunge13
    NativeTunge13 11 days ago


  • Don Edouardo
    Don Edouardo 27 days ago

    Tonight,Jermell Charlo will make tony harrison headbutt the canvas by knocking him out iced out patek mark my words #LionsOnly #ANDSTILL👑🦁🇺🇲

  • Twin Lumar
    Twin Lumar 27 days ago

    From the way Shawn Porter is talking, it’s obvious that he also believes Charlo won the first fight. He’s keying Tony that he needs to control the fight more and questioning the power that he didn’t display in the first fight. He didn’t dictate the fight, was gun shy, and rarely threw any power punches; all he threw was jabs. If you watch the full fight highlights you can tell the commentators was in favor of Charlo & also felt as if he was winning/won. Anyone who felt differently either dislike Charlo, are blind, or they were Tony fans, friends, and family. Charlo was clearly robbed!!

  • leniee Mor
    leniee Mor 27 days ago

    First fight was s draw, but more money made giving charlo the loss. Pro wrestling.

  • jason smith
    jason smith 27 days ago

    Talked the talk.. going to have to walk the walk

    KING TONE 27 days ago +1

    Tony just having fun

    GWOPPING 27 days ago

    Shawn Porter dressed like Mr Roger the Rabit

  • Frank Gavaghan
    Frank Gavaghan 27 days ago

    Beat that MF to death Tony!!Both him and his brother NOTHING ,but,MOUTH

  • Reek Bean
    Reek Bean 28 days ago

    Harrison garbidge he talk the talk but he thought he lost💯

  • SAVAGE _ O.G
    SAVAGE _ O.G 28 days ago

    Hope we whoops charlo the drama queen

    BORICUA 4LIFE 28 days ago

    I hope tony knocks him out

  • ike9
    ike9 29 days ago

    I don’t even know who this guy is. All I know is he from Detroit and we always support our own! Detroit in the house!

  • Geno James
    Geno James 29 days ago

    If Charlo loses this fight there will be a suicide watch on this boy

  • M Nunez
    M Nunez 29 days ago +1

    It seems like every time I see this guy he always has a green hoodie on

  • noel huerta
    noel huerta 29 days ago

    Joaquin Phoenix works at Fox now

  • Antonio Tucker
    Antonio Tucker 29 days ago

    Toss up in my opinion it won't go twelve rounds 🙄🧐 🤗

  • A
    A 29 days ago

    this guy has really convinced himself that he decisively won the first fight.. i hope hes not counting on that confidence in the next fight... wouldnt call his win a gift, but normally, thats not how you take a champion's belt... Charlo seems emotionally invested and at the end of the day, this is still a fight.. if Charlo destroys Harrison in the rematch all this "im in his head talk is gona come back to bite him"

  • Chris Banjo
    Chris Banjo 29 days ago

    Frank Lucas wouldn’t approve of Shawn Porters suit.

    RE HYPHEN UPS.TV 29 days ago

    Harris getting knocked out he took a year to train 😂😂🤦🏾‍♂️ and claim a fake injury

  • mindovermatter 36
    mindovermatter 36 Month ago

    Shawn dressed like McDonald's 🍟

  • Mark Miller
    Mark Miller Month ago +1

    Has he only got one tracksuit😂

  • Cedric Randall
    Cedric Randall Month ago

    Charlotte wins!!!!

  • Chris Tyler
    Chris Tyler Month ago

    Lol Harrison it's time to come up off that strap home boy it's over.

  • C M
    C M Month ago

    Wow Shawn I swear you let me down every time possible who lets you dress this way on national TV.

  • Southern Smoke
    Southern Smoke Month ago

    Shawn must've dedicated this look to Pops off the Wayans Bros.... That suit Tacky as a muthafucka

  • True Boxing Kings
    True Boxing Kings Month ago

    This fight gonna be lit, I can't wait.

  • The Boxing Sciencetise

    Charlo said it's passion.But anytime a fighter cry its emotional.Charlo is a child traped in a man's body.Charlo should've learned from his lost and should have been humbled but he didn't.If or win Tony beats Charlo again.Charlo should be on suicide watch because he will not be able to live with his self after another lose.

  • steff Buga
    steff Buga Month ago

    Harrison, he work on his defence more, counter punches and power and Charlo 2 done

    DEE DUBZ Month ago


  • Arman
    Arman Month ago

    Harrison wearing that same green jumpsuit

    and tims untied no doubt

    • Arman
      Arman Month ago

      @Errordemn6 i figured
      but they coulda got 3 changes of clothes
      they got the loot

    • Errordemn6
      Errordemn6 Month ago

      This was all during the same day they did their media rounds.

  • Horace Blige
    Horace Blige Month ago

    Why you ask that you know he living rent free in the man head

  • Mr P
    Mr P Month ago +3

    Is it me, or does he wear that sweatsuit alllllllll the time.......

  • ACE81
    ACE81 Month ago

    I think charlo is abit too hyped up most the time
    But Harrison is knocked out cold by charlo
    Way too disrespectful and arrogant
    Truth is he got lucky due to an underperforming charlo

  • Christopher Miranda

    Dude looking like elf on the shelf

  • Dayton Kurtz
    Dayton Kurtz Month ago +2

    Tony lost the first time

  • Mr Miles
    Mr Miles Month ago

    Watch the first 5x

  • A. 1 S
    A. 1 S Month ago


  • NuAira Arts
    NuAira Arts Month ago +1

    His bald head is about to go to bed.

  • el negro
    el negro Month ago

    Shawn porter wanna be like NBA's great Frazier with them crazy "flashy " suits🤣

  • Malik Hawkins
    Malik Hawkins Month ago

    Tony Harrison only got one sweatsuit? Been wearing that joint the whole press run lls

  • Derek Stringer
    Derek Stringer Month ago

    Shawn porter looking like he needs to on a McDonald's happy meal box 😁😁😁😁😁😁😂😂😎

  • RealTalk NY
    RealTalk NY Month ago

    Tony is a major clown! He can not beat Charlo and he never could!

  • Young Petey385
    Young Petey385 Month ago

    What’s wrong with his eye or am I tripping?

  • Jim Stanley
    Jim Stanley Month ago +1

    Anyone that comes back after being KO'd by Hurd and then (after a few other fights) beats Charlo; all within the span of a few years, is someone to watch and look out for.

  • Jim Stanley
    Jim Stanley Month ago

    Porter's dress sense is off the wall.

    DA TRUTH Month ago +1

    This CORNBALL LOST THE 1ST FIGHT...he was surprised he WON!!!😂😭🤣

  • FARivera
    FARivera Month ago

    A Tiger will always beat a Lion!

  • B U
    B U Month ago

    Sean "wtf are you wearing" Porter

  • Ezel Grier
    Ezel Grier Month ago

    Tony Harris the winner champ

  • Nayden
    Nayden Month ago

    Hella good fight

  • Moises Radilla
    Moises Radilla Month ago

    Both are good quality fighters and that's why we're here for, the best fighting the best. Idc who wins really cause is a WIN WIN for fight fans

  • Johnny Doeboy
    Johnny Doeboy Month ago

    I need that hat

  • TheWarPrimeMinister

    Charlo’s two little mice 😂 babies

  • Tyler Ganskow
    Tyler Ganskow Month ago

    how does a person get one of those hats

  • Jay jay cruz
    Jay jay cruz Month ago +5

    This dude better make sure he wins if not he's going to end up like Andy Ruiz

  • KingRaza
    KingRaza Month ago


  • KingRaza
    KingRaza Month ago


  • Dominic Williams
    Dominic Williams Month ago

    Charlo going to make him eat all Dem jokes...

  • adon31997
    adon31997 Month ago +2

    Honestly he'll see a totally different boxer in Jermell! EXPLOSIVE!!!! PRECISE!

    • smh at u
      smh at u Month ago +1

      Harrison wins 10/10 times
      Like he said his style is Taylor made to beat charlo
      You can't knock everybody out