Half in the Bag Episode 152: 2018 Catch-Up (part 2 of 2)

  • Published on Sep 8, 2018
  • (0:18) Director's Cut
    (3:52) Please Stand By
    (6:18) Unsane
    (7:38) The Strangers: Prey at Night
    (11:28) Isle of Dogs
    (13:43) Game Night
    (17:47) Upgrade
    (23:12) Summer of '84
    (30:34) Puppet Master
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  • Ken martell
    Ken martell 3 days ago

    We need a Mike and Jay movie called escape from Milwaukee where you are being targeted by a gang of George lucas supporters and you have to go on an adventure to get out

  • Max Isola
    Max Isola 13 days ago


  • The Scythe Tv
    The Scythe Tv Month ago


  • Joe Hopp
    Joe Hopp 2 months ago

    Jay fucking hates Troma, what a sellout!

  • Butt Munchly
    Butt Munchly 2 months ago

    I'm also from Wisconsin. I firmly believe that Mike has punched some drunk at a bar. We all have.

  • Tree Vs. House
    Tree Vs. House 2 months ago

    what synthwave do you like jay

  • Cinema Gulp
    Cinema Gulp 2 months ago

    Love these catch ups........part twooooooooo!!!!

  • Ziru322
    Ziru322 2 months ago

    Isle of Dogs was awesome.

  • Corey Holt
    Corey Holt 2 months ago

    17:36 its also the plot of An Extremely Goofy Movie

  • Nikki Rathbun
    Nikki Rathbun 3 months ago

    Impressive albedo on those Wisconsin legs.

  • Benjamin mole
    Benjamin mole 3 months ago

    I'd like to hear you guys opinions of You're Next.

  • New England Dynasty
    New England Dynasty 3 months ago

    Holy shit! I just saw bone tomahawk, literally jaw dropping scene.

  • MadJack122
    MadJack122 3 months ago

    Talking about Jesse Plemons without referencing his performancing in Black Mirror... in the Star Trek episodes as well. Mike have you never seen that Black Mirror episode???

  • Zefo No
    Zefo No 4 months ago

    I TOTALLY agree with Jay, it's been 80s nostalgia since the 97 and it's been going on for too long.
    We've even done Post Punk Revival Revival back in the mid 00s.
    But i do like Synthwave, New Retro Wave and whatever is left of Vaporwave soooo.

  • Todd Doherty
    Todd Doherty 4 months ago

    4:18 I would hope that with a Star Trek script contest, we would finally see "The Negron Complex" surface

  • MunkeyChips
    MunkeyChips 4 months ago

    29:34 LOL! Listening to Synthwave right now. Must keep the synthwave comin'

  • Adrijana Radosevic
    Adrijana Radosevic 4 months ago

    Wow I.. .saw Bone Tomahawk and as an avid horror fan... I was deathly bored. Seriously, I'm just leaving this here as a warning to horror fans: it's utterly boring. It tries something different but it goes the wrong way and doesn't add the "good". If you want an interesting horror...ish movie set in the cowboys and indians era, try Ravenous.

  • John Spence
    John Spence 4 months ago +1

    I used to watch Siskel and Ebert, in the free television days when they werent paid off, and loved the depth that they covered a movie, and gave non hollywood movies a chance, and tried their hardest to be reflective on the values of the movies. I always wanted to start a show, just like you've done here. Now I hate myself because your show is really well done and shows a love of movies. Fuck you half in the bag !

  • Saba Hussain
    Saba Hussain 4 months ago

    Oh come on !
    Fantastic Mr. Fox was much better...

  • Daniel McHugh
    Daniel McHugh 4 months ago

    β€œI just like the sound” yeah right jay

  • Christoph Zeit
    Christoph Zeit 4 months ago

    Jay: "I saw a film ..."

  • sgtcojonez
    sgtcojonez 4 months ago

    Mike is been constantly Gorilla Interrupted by Jay.

    FLYINGTHOR 5 months ago

    "Starring Rich Evans"
    He's a hard guy to miss....where was he?

  • rikuzi00007
    rikuzi00007 5 months ago

    What the hell is this praise for Bone Tomahawk? I didn't like it and the whole movie was just slow boring mess with no good characters. Why do people like it? I really would like to know.

  • NotxDeadxYet
    NotxDeadxYet 5 months ago

    I know this video is old by now but I thought the main actor in Upgrade was Tom Hardy. Which is why I thought it was weird he came out with two major films (Venom) in one year.

  • DBZD
    DBZD 5 months ago

    You guys have to do Venom! Please!

  • roger veldman
    roger veldman 5 months ago

    You guys really have to see First Reformed if you haven't seen it!

  • Christoph Zeit
    Christoph Zeit 5 months ago

    "... It doesn't really speak about Star Trek all that much." Mike's standard review of everything ever.

  • wtfsattawtf
    wtfsattawtf 5 months ago +1


  • Captain Canada
    Captain Canada 5 months ago

    After the amazing Ghostbusters(2016) review RLM did, I was hoping they'd at least spend a couple minutes shitting on "Ocean's 8" in the catch-up episode. Oh well, to be fair, it's really not even worth their time.

  • Dakota Lustick
    Dakota Lustick 5 months ago +2

    80s was 50s, 90s was 60s, 00s was 70s, 10s was 80s, 20s will be 90s... Its a 30 years stylistic cycle.

  • Nome
    Nome 5 months ago

    Summer of '84 it's not god, a waste of time, Turbokid it's very good

  • EXbob
    EXbob 5 months ago

    People dont go to see comedies as much these days because most of them a bad improv for two hours

  • Jennings Collins
    Jennings Collins 6 months ago

    Nobody saw Upgrade because I would've had to drive a hundred miles to see it, and I assume that was the case for a lot of people.

  • Richard Short
    Richard Short 6 months ago

    The reality of the 80's. You are going to get kidnapped and they will make you do drugs. Unless you learn the word "No".

  • Best Bout Gaming
    Best Bout Gaming 6 months ago

    Confirmed: Jay gets Upgrade more than Mike does

  • RecluseAllKnight
    RecluseAllKnight 7 months ago

    Upgrade was killer, my movie of the year

  • Kathryn Hansen
    Kathryn Hansen 7 months ago

    The thing about the second Strangers movie wasn't the 80's aesthetic, but the TERRIBLE choices the characters made. My brother and I watched it and continuously screamed at the TV in anger and bewilderment. I would recommend that any horror fan watch the first movie, but for the love of god don't pay to see the second one.

  • Kubomi
    Kubomi 7 months ago

    "Comedy doesn't push any boundaries anymore... it really doesn't." damn, you're right.

  • JoshNificent
    JoshNificent 8 months ago

    Unsane was not a correct assesment. especially the ending and its not as straight forward. then again, you guys are experts ans i was stoned.

  • Nayden
    Nayden 8 months ago


  • Austin Woods
    Austin Woods 8 months ago

    Do Retro Puppet Master!

  • Takeshi Kitano
    Takeshi Kitano 8 months ago

    I really enjoyed Game Night. Rachel McAdams in tight jeans drives me nuts

  • Crob Inson
    Crob Inson 8 months ago

    I enjoy your reviews, and respect your opinions. I'll be upfront about being a big Summer of 84 fan since Sundance. This review of it (23:12) was pretty frustrating to watch because I got the feeling that Mike might have actually quite liked the film, but almost every time he was about to say something supportive, Jay just bulldozed over him interrupting him to repeat something about stranger things and 'done with nostalgia in general' . The film qualities, its ending, its potential deeper meaning, was barely discussed at all, and really only attempted by Mike. Also from reviews I've read, I am not alone in disagreeing with Jay about this: I thought the kids' chemistry and excellent portrayals of the reality of neighborhood summer friendships, and their acting in general, was one of the best parts of the first half of the film. By not even being able to distinguish the kids, this review came across like Jay had dismissed it before he really watched it. Will look forward to more reviews, but had to comment here -I felt like only one opinion was heard.

  • Phil Ingrouille
    Phil Ingrouille 8 months ago

    "Fabio Frizzi, he sounds like a muppet" fuckin lol.

  • Marma
    Marma 8 months ago +1

    Timestamp for Bone Tomahawk? Please?

  • Benjamin mole
    Benjamin mole 8 months ago

    I wanna see a review of Bone Tomahawk

  • Langnek Tweeduizend
    Langnek Tweeduizend 8 months ago

    I’m beginning to believe that mike is a New Girl fan

  • Stickman History
    Stickman History 8 months ago

    They didn't see BlacKkKlansman?

  • Tanner Lockett
    Tanner Lockett 8 months ago

    Hoping for a re:View of Bone Tomahawk 🀞🏻🀞🏻

  • Mark Zuckerberg
    Mark Zuckerberg 8 months ago +1


  • Justin 'the gamecat' Turgeson in Hi-Fi

    Haha, great Rich impression jay @33:10

  • FireWithFire
    FireWithFire 8 months ago

    Aw, no "Gotti"?

  • MrFlipperInvader792
    MrFlipperInvader792 8 months ago

    16:55 really..that movie fucking flopped
    29:10 funny cause jay was excited for that

  • Parker Stanfield
    Parker Stanfield 8 months ago +1

    So essentially, Jay wanted Unsane to be exactly like every mental hospital movie ever made. I personally thought that Soderbergh was tapping into some really important themes. Mental hospitals can in fact be prone to manipulation. Money is involved more so than actual help or science. Between this and his tweets about My Friend Dahmer, he can be kind of unimaginative sometimes.

    • John Doe
      John Doe 6 months ago

      @Parker Stanfield Yes I admit all that stuff was really well done, for about the first 20-25 minutes. But then it descends into schlock movie terroritory as soon as that stupid and unnecessary stalker character is introduced. He was so bad I was hoping he was just going to end up being a figment of her imagination for some kind of past childhood trauma or something. And yes I know that sounds a bit trite and cliched but that would've been much more preferable than the ridiculous horror slasher movie it becomes.

    • Parker Stanfield
      Parker Stanfield 6 months ago

      @John Doe How many mental hospital thrillers are willing to portray mental health as pure business at the expense of their patients? Honestly, they don't go in the direction that Unsane goes in. Most of them default to the "lead character was crazy and the doctors were right." The End.

    • John Doe
      John Doe 6 months ago

      No, sounds to me he wanted it to be something more than a forgettably bland, moronic and dopey slasher flick.

  • Brent M.
    Brent M. 8 months ago

    How the hell has Jay not seen Breaking Bad? That doesn't even seem possible.

  • slayertakim1
    slayertakim1 8 months ago

    I was trying to watch upgrade...but i couldnt find a single theater showing it

  • Trowa71
    Trowa71 8 months ago

    Watched Upgrade cause this video. Was real good, I enjoyed probably too much. I thought having the AI be so limited and dependent was a neat view of things.

  • trueharm
    trueharm 8 months ago

    "not Tom Hardy" hahaha felt the same way

  • Blowing Up
    Blowing Up 8 months ago

    How does Frito-Lay expect to turn a profit?

  • Michael
    Michael 9 months ago

    Jay has never seen Breaking Bad?!? The best show in the history of television??!!?? Oh, Jay... I am disappoint.

  • Brandon Cook
    Brandon Cook 9 months ago

    Not Tom Hardy in Upgrade Trailer
    Tom Hardy in Venom Trailer
    Both are shockingly similar.

  • Steve Pisano
    Steve Pisano 9 months ago

    I totally agree with Stranger Things. Season 2 ruined something great.

  • Dan Skyder
    Dan Skyder 9 months ago

    Mike looked so disappointed when Jay was talking about Puppet Master

  • Anthony Kelly
    Anthony Kelly 9 months ago

    ?? Why is Jay saying it was clear early in the movie whether or not the stalker thing was real or wasn't? It wasn't confirmed until maybe the last 20 minutes. Before that it does a great job of keeping you guessing, IMO

  • Jason Todd
    Jason Todd 9 months ago +1

    Mandy review?

  • nd4spd
    nd4spd 9 months ago +1

    Bone Tomahawk & Brawl in Cell Block 99 are both boring trash and S. Craig Zahler is a complete hack who writes like an edgy child.

    • nd4spd
      nd4spd 8 months ago +1

      Much of the time they're not even laughably bad, although they do have a couple moments. Mostly tedious.

    • LordRezo
      LordRezo 8 months ago

      Nah, your taste is though.

    • nd4spd
      nd4spd 8 months ago +1

      Sorry, but those movies are embarrassing.

    • LordRezo
      LordRezo 9 months ago

      Shit taste confirmed.

  • Gillbawk
    Gillbawk 9 months ago

    I'm amazed you guys didn't see Sorry to Bother You. It was great.

  • Garrett Everett
    Garrett Everett 9 months ago

    Thanks for mentioning Bone Tomahawk, it was a fucking amazing slow-burn western and you need to see it. When it came out on Netflix it was rated PG13 due to either an error or just someone not watching the last ten minutes of it, so the ending had extra punch when I viewed it.

  • Bullettube
    Bullettube 9 months ago

    It's really sad when the only movies Red Letter review are either "B" movies or horror stories. I mean , what else can they review? Reboots of the Marvel universe?. How about another Star Wars movie? There's nothing good to review!

  • Callum Bithell
    Callum Bithell 9 months ago +1

    RedLetterMedia, i believe you should review Mandy, directed by Panos Cosmatos for a future half in the bag episode.

  • Sherry
    Sherry 9 months ago

    Stop the hissing in the background you fucks

  • vcrbetamax
    vcrbetamax 9 months ago

    Woof washing. I immediately slammed that mother fucking like button.

  • BartReedMusic
    BartReedMusic 9 months ago

    Haha, that dude and the music sting in the unsane trailer are the opposite of scary, that was downright comical.

  • Ed B
    Ed B 9 months ago

    love yall, but dont talk shit bout TROMA

  • Stuart Talbott
    Stuart Talbott 9 months ago +1

    I'll love if you guys devote an entire episode to "Mandy." I saw it today, and I experienced an amazing gamut of emotional and physical reactions, including dread, fear, excitement, sadness, bliss, anger, sickness and revulsion, and surprisingly even hilarity and joy. I never thought I'd see the Nicolas Cage of Vampire's Kiss, Raising Arizona and Wild at Heart on screen again, but the thirty year wait was worth it. I predict it will be on the short list of Jay's favorite films of 2018. (Mike, maybe not so much, though I suspect he'll at least like it.)

  • Hyperion9997
    Hyperion9997 9 months ago +2

    HOLY CRAP you need to see Mandy.

  • Billy Studholme
    Billy Studholme 9 months ago

    I think they raised a really great point with the comment about comedy films not pushing boundaries anymore. Is that because of the outrage culture we currently find ourselves in? In order to make jokes that are truly out there, you mostly have to risk offending someone along the way, because comedians often take a situation or state and frame it in a way that others wouldn't usually see, thus challenging people's views .. Interesting.
    Genuinely can't think of a funny film I saw recently. Superbad is an all-time favourite, Hot Fuzz too. 40-year-old virgin is great too. I'm struggling to think of one that was released in the last year or two that I found hilarious. If anyone reading this fancies a good laugh by a genuinely brilliant and creative comic, watch James Acaster's stand ups on Netflix. Belly laughs throughout.

  • Sam Hall
    Sam Hall 9 months ago

    I don't actually remember them saying they really liked any of these films.

  • M S2
    M S2 9 months ago

    Bone Tomahawk for me, was overhyped. I fell asleep watching it the first time. When I rewatched it seemed less clunky. In regards to the "scene" everyone talks about. It was jarring but not that great in it's execution. It looked like a wax figure. They needed more time to perfect that prop. Just one man's opinion.

  • Mike Brayack
    Mike Brayack 9 months ago

    Need to hear about Sorry to Bother You.

  • Lino
    Lino 9 months ago

    I wish Rich hadn't of died.

  • help4343
    help4343 9 months ago

    Speaking of Unsane you should do a re:View of Tenebrae

  • sualocin
    sualocin 9 months ago

    Hey, Jay likes Synthwave. At least his taste in music is better than his taste in movies.

  • Laethaka
    Laethaka 9 months ago

    what movie did Jay say made his jaw drop?

    • Laethaka
      Laethaka 9 months ago

      Bone Tomahawk, nm

  • stryker1121
    stryker1121 9 months ago

    Summer of 84 is literally interesting for five minutes and that's at the end of the movie. The "thing" that happens could have been set earlier and played out for the rest of the film.

  • Sexhaie
    Sexhaie 9 months ago

    i would've loved to see you guys talk about Happytime Murders

  • Mike Smith
    Mike Smith 9 months ago

    I like synthwave too. IT BROKE NEW GROUND

  • Jared Pearce
    Jared Pearce 9 months ago

    You should check out Sweet Country. Independent Aussie film that came out late last year and is really well made.

  • IAndy
    IAndy 9 months ago


  • SeethinGreenin
    SeethinGreenin 9 months ago

    I liked the strangers 2 a lot actually . its entire purpose was for the killers to see justice from the first movie, an aspect they didnt mention. the movie was very satisfying and as mike said visceral

  • David Helmer
    David Helmer 9 months ago

    How many *bags of popcorn* would you give Director's Cut?

  • Fat Window Maker
    Fat Window Maker 9 months ago

    I'm kind of surprised they didn't watch The Death of Stalin

  • David
    David 9 months ago

    I don't understand the Star Wars Jillette connection. Can someone give me a quick rundown? I seem to care for a reason I don't know.

  • topburger 239
    topburger 239 9 months ago

    20:20 what is mike talking about here? Theres literally a part where the robot asks Grey what to do after the fight with the dude with the mustache because "all tactical options have been relieved" or somwthing. I feel like mike was half paying attention to the movie lol. He said you could predict what was gonna happen but at the same time the twist saved it? And I get what he means by the guy is back and forth with being confident and being stressed but I've seen many people irl who are like that who THINK they have a situation handled but they realize the situation is not as easy as it seems.

  • Forrest Blankenship
    Forrest Blankenship 9 months ago

    What did you guys think of "Sorry to Bother You"?

  • biertrang
    biertrang 9 months ago

    meet the feebles

  • Remember Navarro
    Remember Navarro 9 months ago

    Jay likes Synthwave? My music tastes are now validated!

  • Stephen Eaton
    Stephen Eaton 9 months ago +1

    >Looking forward to the classy reboot of fucking Puppet Master
    It's time to put Jay out to pasture.

  • MakerInMotion
    MakerInMotion 9 months ago

    I loved UPGRADE. One thing I thought was silly was at the end when stem takes over his body after breaking his mind, he moves super stiff and robotic. The thing is we've already seen stem control the body a bunch of times at that point and it didn't look like that. I know they were just trying to visually drive home the point that Grey is gone and stem is triumphant, but it wasn't necessary.