Richard Hammond Parallel Parks The *French* Way 🇫🇷

  • Published on Jan 3, 2022
  • We don't recommend using this parking method anywhere in the UK...or in any countries really 😬
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  • The Grand Tour
    The Grand Tour  4 months ago +8774

    Have you seen Carnage A Trois? What was your favourite moment? 🧐

    • Max Swift
      Max Swift Month ago

      When they dropped the car off the helicopter.

    • Tech And Gaming
      Tech And Gaming Month ago

      It's amazing but my content will definitely blow you away!

    • The Candid
      The Candid Month ago +1

      Thank you Mr. al pacino

    • IN1VISIBLE3.-
      IN1VISIBLE3.- 2 months ago

      Plane car

    • xen
      xen 3 months ago


  • Ambre Weisse
    Ambre Weisse 4 months ago +35198

    I'm French and I was like, "no that's not how we park, what the ?" and then he said "in Paris" and well. That's accurate

    • peter CN
      peter CN 20 days ago

      @Annelise it is not, just saw a video of lady park like this

    • val dir
      val dir 22 days ago

      @Annelise it is exaggerated. we use a lighter touch when pushing the bumper so there's no damage.

    • Chess Flower
      Chess Flower Month ago

      @Lounirs there driver's license does. In the US .How many parking tickets do you have. In Paris . How many fender benders have you had. I seem to have loss count after the first 50.

    • Chess Flower
      Chess Flower Month ago

      Well when in Paris do as the French do. Assistant parallel parking button. Only in America.

    • Arming Gaming
      Arming Gaming Month ago

      @M_117 🌍 I wouldn't shoot someone over ramming Into my car but they sure as hell catching these hands !

  • Wildboy Entertainment, Inc.
    Wildboy Entertainment, Inc. 3 months ago +16436

    The fact that people who have ACTUALLY lived in Paris are confirming this in the comments makes this 100000 times more funny

    • Ryk Son
      Ryk Son Month ago

      It’s absolutely true ! Not always this drastic but it’s very common

      EL TROOPER Month ago

      Can you say "more funny?"

    • Emirhan Akyil
      Emirhan Akyil 2 months ago +1


  • Tempest Blaze
    Tempest Blaze 4 months ago +12175

    I literally can't tell if this dude's making a comedy or if this dude's been legit whatever it is it's very entertaining and I find it funny

    • Nintendo News
      Nintendo News Month ago

      @MooseTash cool

    • MooseTash
      MooseTash Month ago +1

      @Nintendo News
      It is indeed good. And funny.
      They go on fun adventures around the world.

    • Nintendo News
      Nintendo News Month ago

      @MooseTash i live in china but before I lived in France and never saw his show is it good?

    • Connor
      Connor Month ago

      @Dan Banfield was legit gonna say, is this guy for real and don’t know the ultimate trio 🤦‍♂️😂

    • MooseTash
      MooseTash Month ago

      @Nintendo News
      He is from a funny British TV about cars and engineering.
      The show was called Top Gear.
      It was extremely popular and is in the Guinness World Record book for being the only show that is watched in 200 different countries.
      This is why I am surprised when people have not heard of him.
      Even here in South Africa I heard of him.

  • Melissa Jetzt Languages
    Melissa Jetzt Languages 3 months ago +5985

    To be fair… they are called bumpers. So technically… the French are the only ones using them properly.

    • Ariel Dunn
      Ariel Dunn Month ago

      @Mike Guerrero LMAO no they dont dude. Hows that bootleather taste?

    • Safe
      Safe Month ago

      would you feel right use the bumpers of your 100k german car properly ?

    • mannyfestoINS
      mannyfestoINS Month ago


    • Micmix
      Micmix Month ago

      It actually makes sense 😂🤣

    • Michael Hodge
      Michael Hodge Month ago

      One of the many many reasons I hate the French. I hate Paris. I hate most of France. I do love South France. I love the people down there and the geography.

  • Eboyer19
    Eboyer19 3 months ago +1675

    One of my earliest memories of Paris was watching a local park their car outside of a restaurant I was at with my family, and he very clearly rammed both bordering cars for several minutes to open up his spot, and then walked off without a second thought. We thought it was hilarious and shocking.

  • Matthew Joynt
    Matthew Joynt 2 months ago +124

    I remember being in Paris and seeing 100 cars parked on the street bumper-to-bumper with only about an inch of space between each bumper. I was amazed like it was the 8th wonder of the world, like how the hell does everyone parallel park in a spot with only 2 inches of room? My question was finally answered.

    • WhiteWolfos
      WhiteWolfos Month ago +6

      It's the same here in long beach CA except you can't touch the other cars. It could take minutes to park in inch by inch but atleast you found parking. There's many buildings causing a shortage of parking space and finding parking after 6pm is hell lol

  • Anon Legion
    Anon Legion 2 months ago +1100

    This one of the things that shocked me when I lived in Paris. I told a guy entering an Audi that the guy parked behind him bumped him, he looked at the bump for one second, shrugged, and then went on with his life just like that

    • val dir
      val dir 22 days ago +1

      it's because there was nothing and you completely overreacted.

    • V4riab1lity
      V4riab1lity Month ago

      i want to move to europe so fucking bad holy shit

    • Big Ploppa
      Big Ploppa Month ago +1

      @Dragbob if this was my first car then yeah. but my shits leased now those dents are all coming out of my pocket

    • chieftf2
      chieftf2 Month ago +7

      @sheepdestroyer are you for real ahahaha

    • Seamless Gaming
      Seamless Gaming Month ago +2

      I broke your 666 likes because I’m a fiend

    SHANNAX 3 months ago +616

    I’m Parisian and I’m kind: I always decelerate to the minimum before pushing… so that I don’t damage MY car too much 😂

    • val dir
      val dir 22 days ago

      @Tomasz Michalski hitting is a strong word there. gently pushing is more appropriate, contrary to the video. there would not be any damage of course.

    • Bretagne jean
      Bretagne jean 26 days ago +1

      @Tomasz Michalski i m french and if u want a car with no damage a garage.
      All my back have been destoyed and nobody see nothing and person go whiout say nothing.
      Bumpers against bumpers generally people look and say nothing if have no big damage.

    • Tomasz Michalski
      Tomasz Michalski Month ago +1

      @Tiamat I'm from Poland, but what the difference?

    • Tiamat
      Tiamat Month ago

      @Tomasz Michalski you American?

    • qbanz
      qbanz Month ago +1

      Wow lol in America you would be sued by an insurance company for thousands of dollars in damage over a scratch on the other car 😂

  • Jason
    Jason 3 months ago +401

    Me as a kid: I wish I can drive bumper cars everyday.
    French: We live it.

  • Dented Trumpet
    Dented Trumpet 4 months ago +13615

    Love how most of the world would throw a tantrum if you looked at their car wrong and Parisians are just like "It's called a bumper for a reason."

    • Dan D
      Dan D 22 days ago

      @val dir
      As I’ve said already, I was deliberately making up a fake French word for comedic effect.

    • val dir
      val dir 22 days ago

      @Dan D un pare-choc ("shock preventer")

    • Disturbed Pyro
      Disturbed Pyro Month ago

      I know most of them are joking. But it’s like saying “ well the guardrail is there for a reason you might as well slam into on purpose!”

    • Allie G
      Allie G 3 months ago

      It’s a bumper for a reason had me rolling laughing lol

  • The Observer
    The Observer Month ago +3

    We should name parallel parking French parking.... Make this a new trend... 😂 😛

  • asioe kiou
    asioe kiou 3 months ago +77

    I’ve seen the full episode of this and I couldn’t stop laughing the entire time

    • Comfy
      Comfy Month ago +2

      Which episode bro?

  • Sergio
    Sergio Day ago

    Fun and unknown fact: in some European countries, including France, they call this "Spanish parking". As a spaniard, I can confirm that we also park this way (or worse) and it really feels good that the French take the blame. We call it "al toque". Anyway, I think this can happen in any city with small parking spaces.

  • spazz
    spazz Month ago +14

    “Reverse until you hear a loud sound” - My grandpa

  • Marián Ružička
    Marián Ružička 3 months ago +5

    i've been in Paris and yes, this is 100% accurate. I've seen like 3 people smashing into luxury cars while trying to park in like a 1m long parking space

    • Bretagne jean
      Bretagne jean Month ago

      If u are parisian with a car... all is do for u dont keep it. Politic is for public transport, bycycle bus metro.
      U car ll be damaged fastly. So 2 solutions , u accept the game or you stop keep a car.

  • Raz
    Raz 3 months ago

    I tried this once at my friends place. The owners of the two cars went mental, I just shouted in a French accent “Do not worry, I am French!”
    They were still mad, though it may have had something to do with the shopping cart I was in

  • Silver
    Silver 2 months ago

    I remember when me and my family were in Paris and the first time we saw this we all dropped our jaws. At the end of the week we “just” heavily stared.

  • Mr. Superstar
    Mr. Superstar 4 months ago

    I was on a holiday in Italy 2 years ago, when I saw a dude parallel parking his car exactly like showed in the video. At first I wanted to call the police but then I found out it's the way they park. I was very surprised 😀

  • J F
    J F 4 months ago +7379

    Imagine parking in front of the building then later on when you leave finding your car 2 blocks down shoved in an alleyway and just being like “awe there it is!”

    • qbanz
      qbanz Month ago

      Damn I laughed so hard at this 😂😂

    • madelynia
      madelynia 2 months ago +1


    • Vinoth Kumar
      Vinoth Kumar 2 months ago

      Wtf 😂👌🏻

    • Shadoallcaps
      Shadoallcaps 2 months ago

      @Yanie L that got me too. It's low-key the most distinguishing trait of our populace

    • Oswald
      Oswald 2 months ago

      Mec, où est ma voiture ?

  • eioshen boboi
    eioshen boboi 3 months ago +1

    This is actually really clever, i mean, if cars were designed more sturdy for bumps, and this were legal parking would be so much easier

  • enri hess
    enri hess 23 days ago

    When I still had a car, I did the same. My little Citroën had extra bumpers to park like that, because they took light knocks without damage. Certainly, they were scratched over time, but not broken.

  • The Blockchain Bastard
    The Blockchain Bastard 2 months ago +29

    I spent some time in Paris and saw this dozens of times. Now It finally makes sense

  • Cloak G
    Cloak G Month ago +2

    “Has my car stoped moving? Yes. am i close to where i want to be? Yes. well then im parked”🤣🤣

  • Malfaro Angel
    Malfaro Angel Month ago +41

    When I was in Paris, my Lyft driver literally did this

  • Timbo Jones
    Timbo Jones 3 months ago +32

    Judging from my one trip to France a few years back and looking at the cars driving about, this has to be accurate

  • Anders Morille
    Anders Morille 2 months ago +1

    I was in Paris today, and saw a car do exactly this. Made me laugh my ass off 😂😂

  • J M Decorating
    J M Decorating 3 months ago +15

    I was in Paris about 15 years ago or so, and I saw someone doing this. I thought it was a one off! Love it

  • White G
    White G Month ago

    I unintentionally used this maneuver on my driving test when I was 16, except it was in America. Apparently the person grading my test was French, because I still passed even though I hit another car.

  • Universal Kush
    Universal Kush Month ago +3

    Random lady down the street “WTF’s HE DOING TO MY CAR” 🤣🤣🤣

  • sebastiannalfredoo
    sebastiannalfredoo 2 months ago

    As a foreign student living in france I can confirm this is true🤣 I couldn’t believe my eyes the first couple times I saw it happen

  • Christophe Paitrault
    Christophe Paitrault 2 months ago

    As a Frenchman, yes pretty accurate.
    Also we often can't be bothered with the time it takes.. So we tends to just park next to the parked car and get on with our lives.

  • Trashboat
    Trashboat 4 months ago +7101

    This isn't a joke by the way, it's completely accurate when it comes to parisians. They keep their cars in neutral so it's easier to move without damaging it.

    • YEET
      YEET 4 months ago

      @Johnny Gunz yeah it differs from one Vehicle to another

    • Johnny Gunz
      Johnny Gunz 4 months ago

      @YEET In my manual truck my hand brake will roll on a slight hill .. In gear it won't budge. Granted my hand brake is not great but putting it in gear is highly secure/harder to move.

    • Édouard Flaubert
      Édouard Flaubert 4 months ago

      Menteur lol, this is not true haha

    • Cyn Hicks
      Cyn Hicks 4 months ago

      @Vana Ri Actually parking in neutral is very easy in a manual. I do it all the time. Have to when leaving the car running. The parking brake is a must in a manual.

  • LucidGhost94
    LucidGhost94 3 months ago

    I’ve always thought of doing this move I never thought people did it on the regular 🤣🤣

  • Austin Hernandez
    Austin Hernandez 2 months ago

    I've been to Paris before and I do remember seeing cars parked in tight spots and wondering how it happened

  • Johnny Appleseed
    Johnny Appleseed Month ago

    Driving in France made me feel like I was home in the US 😂

  • Mariexoxo
    Mariexoxo 3 months ago

    I love this guy!! I watched him in his show where he was in a grocery store and made over the finish line on the side of his car, like literally on his driver's door! 🤣🤣

    • Bedroxz
      Bedroxz 3 months ago

      You should watch the grand tour

  • KuroHebi
    KuroHebi 4 months ago +26513

    You have to realize that everytime they mention "French people", they actually mean to say "Parisians".

    • SlamScum
      SlamScum 2 months ago

      @Dans rod Sure, generally French people are snobby. My French wife from France agrees.

    • SlamScum
      SlamScum 2 months ago

      @Dans rod Sure, generally French are snobby. My wife who was born in France agrees.

    • Dans rod
      Dans rod 2 months ago

      @SlamScum you have mastered the art of generalization

    • SlamScum
      SlamScum 2 months ago

      @KuroHebi My wife is French and her entire family has their nose in the air the whole time they visit the states. They love to talk about how barbaric a language English is. Especially American English. Don't remember where they are from in France but it was not Paris.

    • SlamScum
      SlamScum 2 months ago

      @ameunier41 Quebec has been crying about English for decades. They literally cried and threatened to form their own country if the rest of Canada didn't start teaching their kids French in school. And they whine and cry if a major Canadian company has a ceo that doesn't speak French.

  • M M
    M M 2 months ago

    I had my steel bumper Tacoma driving thru France 😂 when I found out that bumping bumpers to park was legal… I parked a lot 😂

  • Claudia Bolaños
    Claudia Bolaños 3 months ago

    When I went on vacation to Paris it was absolutely shocking how the drivers have no regard for traffic lights, other cars, signs or human life.

  • Rusty King
    Rusty King Month ago +1

    France has a car that is just over seven ft long, goes a max 28 mph, and can be driven without a license by anyone 14 years or older, to help with the parking nightmare.

  • Helena Teixeira
    Helena Teixeira 2 months ago

    I can confirm as someone who lives in Paris. I call it "the pinball method of parking". I think that's why there's so many old cars here, if you can't keep it in a garage and have to park outside, your new car won't look new for long.

  • E Rico
    E Rico 4 months ago +17298

    I’d like to imagine that every car’s bumpers in Paris are all crushed and everyone is fine with it.

    • Fred Wells
      Fred Wells Month ago

      You just described reality in Paris.

    • Bretagne jean
      Bretagne jean Month ago

      If u want a car not damaged in paris...dont buy a car..

    • E Rico
      E Rico 2 months ago

      @sebastiannalfredoo you need to upload those videos man😭

  • Jemand
    Jemand 2 months ago

    I was visiting Paris a couple of years ago and sat in a café with my girlfriend watching people parking, they ACTUALLY did this - but with less force to be honest. They did touch the other cars and pushed them a little nontheless. It was so interesting to watch.

  • Marc ristau
    Marc ristau 3 months ago

    Having been in Paris a couple times, this sounds about right. Not a single time without seeing something like this or cars that have gone through this 😂

  • Rebecca Cook
    Rebecca Cook 2 months ago

    My French teacher told a story of her living in Paris, and her host mother did this next to a line of bikes (or scooters can't remember clearly). After she was done she very kindly picked up the bike she hit and knocked over, leaving the other dominoed bikes toppled where they were lol

  • Sn0wboarder2390
    Sn0wboarder2390 2 months ago

    This is how me and my brother make sure we are parked tight enough I front of the house. Did it for years without a scratch.

  • Michael spat
    Michael spat 4 months ago +11156

    I live in Paris and even if it's exaggerated, it's still quite true, you can easily spend 30min to 1h looking for a place to park so as soon as you see a place which is exactly the size of your car with like 10cm more, you go for it by slightly pushing the cars with the bumpers, but not to literally push the cars away but just to fit in the space
    Edit: Yep for those who ask it's true, I did it few hours ago after coming back from work. It's not every day like that but it happens one or twice a month.

    • Randomstudent
      Randomstudent 2 months ago

      @Hysterical_Turf Gaming failed Minecraft TheXvidr has conservative takes about gender, go figure

    • Ekstasia
      Ekstasia 2 months ago

      @Ben Cri I've definitely experienced this differently in Rome and Milano 😂
      To be fair that was over a decade ago, but there was a whole parking area where everyone kept their gear and hand break out and cars would just be moved around by gently pushing them out of the way.

    • Chan Marr
      Chan Marr 2 months ago

      @zak I’m from NYC and we have buses and trains to go throughout the five boroughs. Once you leave and go upstate, it’s scarce on public transit and people drive more. Especially teens.

    • Little Jackalo
      Little Jackalo 2 months ago

      That's why they're called bumpers. A little tap won't hurt anything.

    • Thomas
      Thomas 2 months ago

      Sounds like a great place to live.

  • Shannon Naccarati
    Shannon Naccarati 3 months ago

    I have French great grand parents and they live in Paris and now I understand why they just walk everywhere. Keeps them healthy also!

  • Trulius Julius
    Trulius Julius 2 months ago +40

    I was like, "WTF is he doing?!" Then read the comments. Lol, gotta love the French.

  • Philip
    Philip 3 months ago

    I love this.
    In the US you so much as touch a car and you’re paying $2400 to replace they’re god damn bumper. But if someone did that to my car, I wouldn’t care, as long as it still moves.

  • Dank Dex
    Dank Dex Month ago

    "has my car stopped moving, am I close to where I want to be? Well then in parked," lmfaoo elite qualifications, I love how he's not wrong in the slightest 😅

  • TheLittleGenius soFly
    TheLittleGenius soFly 4 months ago +7186

    One thing wrong: never use the handbrake unless you are on a hill, so that the car can be moved more easily. This is also very common in some Italian cities like Naples. People care a lot less about their car and see it as means of transportation only. Have a nice day :)

    • Guy Webster
      Guy Webster 4 months ago

      @Alvin Thomas woa.. Calm down bro 😆 a bit high strung, this one..

    • HesZedJim
      HesZedJim 4 months ago

      @Angry Bonobro it's a Paris thing, not a France thing

    • Caden Gilewski
      Caden Gilewski 4 months ago

      @iamgavin well if it’s a fender bender u don’t have to but if the front of your car is pushed in it’s not to hard just by taking a peak at it u should have a good idea if it’s expensive or not.
      that’s also if the other person agrees or u come to an agreement between each other

    • iamgavin
      iamgavin 4 months ago

      @Caden Gilewski well i mean how would u even know its worth 1,000? u gotta take into account labor costs and parts.

    • Leonardo Cervantes
      Leonardo Cervantes 4 months ago +1

      Italians seeing cars as only means of transportation. Really? 🤔

  • Jay B
    Jay B 2 months ago

    If I saw someone doing this to my
    Car in the US I would flip unbelievably 😭

  • Hagop Awedikian
    Hagop Awedikian Month ago

    I’ve been in france for 2 years now, this is very normal for these people. Drives me insane

  • Sierra B
    Sierra B 2 months ago

    I don’t doubt him, I’ve seen a vid of a roundabout in Paris and it was absolute insanity

  • opinionatedbitch
    opinionatedbitch 3 months ago

    Omg..I've not laughed this hard in quite a while... 🤣 LMAO

  • JoeDurobot
    JoeDurobot 4 months ago +21660

    *As a French person I must say it's absolutely hilarious AND true!*
    *However it's not how a French person parks, it's how PARISIANS park.*
    *Parisians can't draw for shit and a look at their bumper is the best way to know they drive in Paris.*

    • evasty
      evasty 4 months ago

      @Charles A no it isn’t

    • Charles A
      Charles A 4 months ago

      It’s actually rude to leave your parking break on

    • evasty
      evasty 4 months ago

      NO WE DON’T!!

    • Poe Rava
      Poe Rava 4 months ago +1

      I live in Versailles that’s how women drive here XD only women hahaaa

  • Baddest Bees
    Baddest Bees 3 months ago

    This was funny ,I actually laughed out loud

  • outdoornoobie
    outdoornoobie 3 months ago +23

    Seriously, one of the first things I noticed when I visited Paris xD I was like, this would not fly in the US

  • Nekola
    Nekola 3 months ago

    I saw this first in Milan. Then in Paris, saw my taxi driver hit the break hard in the middle of a roundabout and back up in front of 5 cops, then in Athens I saw my taxi driver drive on a one-way tram-only street the OPPOSITE way and I thought to myself I'm living in the wrong country, I'm from Canada btw

  • Chris Bernard
    Chris Bernard Month ago

    I am French and I approve this message!

  • currenlysad
    currenlysad 4 months ago +2894

    I'm Parisian and this is just how we make our fashionably careless entrances.

    • currenlysad
      currenlysad Month ago +1

      @Never that serious I just translated "Parisien" to english. I literally live there and "Parisien" is how we call someone who lives in paris, and often also people who live in the nearest suburbs.
      Parisien -> Parisian

    • LaCress
      LaCress 2 months ago

      @L sixty 30 thats not thé same thing

  • chillylizerd
    chillylizerd 4 months ago

    Perfectly well done. 10/100 approved.

  • Witold Schwenke
    Witold Schwenke 4 months ago

    As some who has visited Paris and the area around it many times, yes this is accurate and yes if you try you'll find that you easily can count a hundred cars with noticeable bumps and damages from various accidents and including parking, within less than 10 minutes.

  • Frank Myers
    Frank Myers 2 months ago

    Imagine sitting in your car and somebody goes to park behind you like this 🤣

  • JoyRide Shorts
    JoyRide Shorts Month ago

    If it's satire it's a great one, if it's real then it's even better 😂

  • Anonymous Videos
    Anonymous Videos 2 months ago +1

    It's true that we part in very tight spaces but we aren't extreme enough to hit other cars

  • EM-JAY
    EM-JAY 2 months ago

    lived in Belgium and visited Paris hundreds of times during the summer. i can confirm. our bumpers also had scratches and dents after we left it.

  • SURA
    SURA 2 months ago

    As an American in France, I’ve seen this with my own eyes. Still shocked by it.

  • Lola Briggada
    Lola Briggada Month ago

    So funny. Our 1st car when we got married was a Renault. In fact I learned to drive a stick in that dark blue stock, with my ex taking credit . Really, my sister was the more effective teacher though

  • JuicyJoey
    JuicyJoey 4 months ago +16665

    I love how Parisians are looking at this video and not saying it’s exaggerated at least a little bit lmao

    • val dir
      val dir 22 days ago

      of course it's exaggerated. you can touch bumpers that doesn't mean you've got to ram into them. it's all about finesse

    • Toop Loopers
      Toop Loopers 4 months ago

      @Singe Deguerre how do you get to places fly ?

    • John Jiang
      John Jiang 4 months ago

      It is totally , we don’t bump into others car like that , because it cost money to repair the car you got , if you are living in Paris you have the money to afford a nice car , so the parking spot , you at the very least park on the side walk , but bumping into cars that hard , is so untrue

    • A D
      A D 4 months ago

      Eu...i'm parisian and this totally fake

    • Fuzzy Duo
      Fuzzy Duo 4 months ago

      @w4gw9n yeah I've driven through Paris, the part that make the joke funny is that its completely true.
      Driving in France made me say "the germans wanting to stomp this place is starting to make a lot of sense"

  • Luci W
    Luci W 2 months ago

    Yeah I’m American and I went to Paris and saw this and I was absolutely flabbergasted!! I was suddenly SUPER glad I parked in the parking garage. I drive a dodge magnum lol

  • Arlen
    Arlen 3 months ago +1

    In my country, you dont even need a parking spot. Everyone just parks on the side of the road

  • Necromanteion
    Necromanteion 18 days ago +1

    I'm Parisian and even though bumping is common, people usually do it slowly. Also many bumpers think that Anne Hildalgo (the mayor) is guiltier than they are, so they do not really care.

  • thegerrybear
    thegerrybear 3 months ago

    Are you kidding me? I travelled for holiday to the UK for a week and i saw drivers doing this several times.

  • Mathias Vandaele
    Mathias Vandaele 2 months ago

    As a French, this happens, but it’s not that extreme. Just when you go very slowly and you bump, it’s ok

  • C Barnes
    C Barnes 4 months ago

    Lmfao 🤣 🤣 I give a foot and a half easy front and back when I park... this video may have changed my mind 🤣🤣🤣 them tires spinning and burning rubber then your whole explanation had me crying!!!

  • Nicholus Mounts
    Nicholus Mounts 2 months ago

    I lost it when he started burning the tires off 😂😂

  • JGAL
    JGAL Month ago

    Imagine if that applies in UK? Maybe people will be very aware and precise on parking. It’s getting normal now some people don’t think of sharing space to others.

  • roses.forsaken
    roses.forsaken 4 months ago +1097

    Finding out they literally bump their way into a space is blowing my mind rn

  • Alexis All In One
    Alexis All In One 2 months ago +12

    I was just waiting for the car owners to come out swinging 🤣

  • Adan Iba
    Adan Iba 2 months ago +1

    “You would see this any day of the week “ that part when he hits it looks all goofy 😂

  • Discover3D
    Discover3D 2 months ago

    I was eating in a restaurant in Paris once and looked out the window to see just this. She just got out and walked away like she parked just like a normal human being.

  • inc
    inc 2 months ago

    i'm french and i never saw anyone park even close to this way, but fair enough for the memes i guess

  • Jean-Karim Bockstael
    Jean-Karim Bockstael 4 months ago +2816

    This is entertainment so of course there's a bit of artistic license:
    - as many have pointed out it's not really the *French* way, it's the *Parisian* way, parking in Paris is a nightmare (well, driving in Paris is a nightmare too)
    - it's not done by slamming the way he does it here, usually it's done very slowly until you touch bumpers and you gently push your way in
    - people leave their cars in neutral and with no handbrake on, so they will move when pushed

    • val dir
      val dir 22 days ago

      @FoxHound SF people drive manual here

    • val dir
      val dir 22 days ago

      "people leave their cars in neutral and with no handbrake on, so they will move when pushed" never seen this, live in a french big city. guess I'm not a parisian.

    • L.FROST
      L.FROST 2 months ago

      Yet parking in NYC is a nightmare, but If you do this here, you're probably gonna be shot for destroying someone else's car.

    • Marah Judith tribe of Zebulon
      Marah Judith tribe of Zebulon 3 months ago


    • ytmndan
      ytmndan 3 months ago

      @Blanco Fascinating, isnt it? What an unusual city!

    CHOTE SARKAAR Month ago

    As a French i confirm he's right

  • CalebTheCashew
    CalebTheCashew 3 months ago

    Absolutely loved this special

  • Vincent Myers
    Vincent Myers 2 months ago

    Had an exchange student from Paris do this and was shocked he got ticketed for hitting the car and fined for illegal parking and went on a rant in the middle of class about it, so watching this, makes a whole lot of sense now and makes me chuckle a bit too

  • Hades Dogs
    Hades Dogs 3 months ago

    Too true and I’ve seen it actually happen on a school trip to dance hell the French would park everywhere and anywhere, for example under a tree which is on the pavement because it was hot or in the entrances to someone’s field and worst of all was when someone parked in a place similar to this where it was only a cars width apart and so parked it VERTICALLY where only half of it was parked and the rest was parked in the middle of the road and that is the french

  • Un Phoque
    Un Phoque 4 months ago +1111

    This is awkwardly accurate… I’m a Frenchman living in Paris and I can relate !
    Edit : this only applies to Parisians, not the rest of France haha

    • Le libertin
      Le libertin 4 months ago +1

      Ive seen that many times at Toulouse too, and its countryside were parkings are empty 😂

    • Un Phoque
      Un Phoque 4 months ago +1

      @BillyMadisonsShampoo you’re welcomed 😌 I didn’t even mention the alps and the pyrenees !

    • BillyMadisonsShampoo
      BillyMadisonsShampoo 4 months ago +1

      @Un Phoque thank you for that!!!! Just the way you explain it has me wanting to hop on a plane and high-tail it out of here!!!! I hope you have a good morning or whenever you are reading this. Thank you for all the suggestions.

    • Un Phoque
      Un Phoque 4 months ago +3

      @BillyMadisonsShampoo no offense taken don’t worry, I’m from the North of France haha
      Paris is still worth visiting though it’s getting dirtier year after year, but it is a very beautiful city, its architecture is something to see, plus there are a lot of museums to visit
      Outside Paris there are a lot of places to visit when you do your research, in fact France has a very old history and culture so there’s a looot of things to do, I can give you a few examples: the Loire surroundings with its many castles and great wine, the beautiful valley of Auvergne and Aveyron (and its delicious food 🤤), the Gorges du Verdon, the French Riviera, old fortified castles in Occitanie (Carcassonne for instance), and a lot of other things ! Local cuisine is very diversified in France, so you’ll be able to eat a lot of delicious things !
      There you go I gave you (very) few examples of places that make me proud of my country 🇫🇷

    • BillyMadisonsShampoo
      BillyMadisonsShampoo 4 months ago

      @Un Phoque where would you recommend to go in France? I've heard Paris is overrated, no disrespect to you of course. Have a great day!

  • Andrea Fleet
    Andrea Fleet Month ago

    I musta been French in a past life. I used to do this in Toronto alot. Especially when Id come outta a place to see my car stuck in between two cars parked way too close.

  • Chris Emerson
    Chris Emerson 3 months ago

    This is normal at a mall anywhere in the US! Probably where they learned it! 😂😂

  • Sem
    Sem Month ago +2

    This is litterly true.i saw this on my vacation in paris several times. Crazy is it not?

    • YourAverageJoe
      YourAverageJoe Month ago +1

      Me too. Couldn’t believe it especially the first time

  • Mr Wolf
    Mr Wolf 2 months ago

    I went there on trip with my car..
    You see cars parked bumper to bumper everywhere! I cried so hard being worried about my car..

  • Artemisflame
    Artemisflame 4 months ago +5305

    The burnout to nowhere was everything in this clip.

    • Vicky Vkusnyatina
      Vicky Vkusnyatina 4 months ago

      I was literally scrolling this whole time just to find this comment so I didnt have to say something that has already been said!! 😂😂😂

    • Joshua Winslett
      Joshua Winslett 4 months ago +3

      @T A obviously it's fake bro we're not stupid. However we do enjoy funny content with our sense of humor. Please go annoy someone else.

    • Majin Buu
      Majin Buu 4 months ago

      @T A????????????????

    • T A
      T A 4 months ago +2

      It was fake. They turned the wheel of the other car towards the kerb because it kept moving. You can see in other footage that the wheel is straight.
      Fake is very off-putting.

    • Dubz
      Dubz 4 months ago +1


  • Abdel-wahid Mélinat
    Abdel-wahid Mélinat 2 months ago

    I m french and i lived for 10 years in Paris and never saw this happening 😂😂😂

  • 42luke
    42luke 3 months ago

    I love it. And in france it looks like they drive on the left side. Meanwhile he is on the typical right side!

  • Ahron
    Ahron 2 months ago

    Those last two questions are the epitome of French logic 🤣🤣

  • wuoi zuiu
    wuoi zuiu 3 months ago

    Imagine walking outside taking a sip off coffee in the morning, and when you look at the street ahead of you, and see this dude doing that to your car