• Published on Aug 22, 2019
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  • eeihsoj Joshua•조슈아

    big up harry for spending 4hrs making efforts to write “josh is a cheating nonce” lmao

  • Finn Coleman
    Finn Coleman 4 days ago

    Simon:We NeEd tO gO BUilD A HOuSe!!!!!!!!!!

  • SLotus 7
    SLotus 7 5 days ago

    10:30 “feed him to the lions” 😂

  • Flaming Bros
    Flaming Bros 5 days ago

    I respect tobi after falling into lava and knowing everything he had is gone and not raging just laughing it off. Mad respect for tobi

  • Lwazi Nxumalo
    Lwazi Nxumalo 6 days ago


  • Lwazi Nxumalo
    Lwazi Nxumalo 6 days ago

    Play side craft 7

  • Janeru
    Janeru 7 days ago

    Harry breaking gravel with a diamond picaxe was making me MAD.

  • James Charles
    James Charles 9 days ago

    More minecraft pls

  • Benicio Flores
    Benicio Flores 10 days ago +1

    Sidmen plese continue the side craft I injoy it so much

  • Franklin studio
    Franklin studio 11 days ago

    Vikk only cares about what will happen in Sidecraft 6

  • Billsfan 2002
    Billsfan 2002 12 days ago

    Jj: what’s this blue shit
    Everyone: DIAMONDS

  • Jacob David
    Jacob David 13 days ago

    Josh is a cheating nonce

  • Ahmed Izzeldin
    Ahmed Izzeldin 13 days ago

    it dabed bofore it died 22:00

  • kahn2960 kahn2960
    kahn2960 kahn2960 15 days ago

    im in 2020 and make more sidecraft video cuz when you guys stopped making sidecrraft videos i got hella sad

  • DJ
    DJ 16 days ago

    vik is so cheesy awe

  • jasmine g
    jasmine g 16 days ago

    silver fish are now hedgehogs

  • Chucky Sanchez
    Chucky Sanchez 16 days ago

    Try to Collaborate with vanoss and his crew

  • JPN Games
    JPN Games 17 days ago

    Mad respect for harry bro
    Edit:JJ presses F and changes the pickaxe to his left hand
    Also JJ:My MiNeCrAfT iS bRoKeN

  • Paige Clark
    Paige Clark 17 days ago +1

    Sidecraft ep 5:
    JJ: So how do I minecraft?

  • Eva Marling
    Eva Marling 20 days ago

    when Tobi fell in the could see the tears form in his eyes, bless him

  • Khalid Hassan
    Khalid Hassan 21 day ago

    JJ: finds diamonds.
    JJ: "Whats this blue shit"

  • Khalid Hassan
    Khalid Hassan 21 day ago

    11:11 JJ: Am i gonna have to read and shit?

  • Tiago Santos
    Tiago Santos 22 days ago

    TEAM A for life

  • Its actually Jay
    Its actually Jay 22 days ago

    When the camera switched to Harry with his glasses I lost it 🤣🤣

  • Sna Yeet
    Sna Yeet 23 days ago

    when simon shouted there passing shroms i died

  • Hop3 X8Reaper8X
    Hop3 X8Reaper8X 24 days ago

    /tp - then you enter the name of the player you can go to them or you can be teleported ethan

  • FjPlayz
    FjPlayz 29 days ago

    Petition to start a minecraft series where theres Josh and Vik vs Ethan, Simon, JJ, Tobi,and Harry.

  • Tanja Jensen
    Tanja Jensen 29 days ago

    JJ is legit me when i'm playing minecraft XD

  • Diana Campos
    Diana Campos Month ago

    4:25 😂😂💀💀💀 i cont

  • Jimi Adams
    Jimi Adams Month ago

    What a coincidence has is doing drugs even in minecraft

  • Gabriel West
    Gabriel West Month ago

    JJ "what is this blue shit"

  • Tajwaar Shafiq
    Tajwaar Shafiq Month ago +2

    11:06 - JJ: "So, how do we Minecraft?"
    You see, Vikk has a series that I think you would find very helpful.

  • fox 72
    fox 72 Month ago

    Can't do maths 3×24=72

  • GalaxyVlogsGamesMemes

    Vik Harry and Toby have no content now that jj left and now the other team has hella content

  • GalaxyVlogsGamesMemes

    Jj is so much Better at Minecraft then he was on episode one

  • Kai Kaufusi
    Kai Kaufusi Month ago

    Ksi : how do we minecraft

    Vikk : .........

  • Gethyaboy
    Gethyaboy Month ago

    I have a theory every time i find redstone and lava im guarrenteed diamonds

  • William Leger
    William Leger Month ago

    Why is viks screen so bright?

  • Connor Wood
    Connor Wood Month ago +1

    Why does josh have such a punchable face

  • Minori morioka
    Minori morioka Month ago +2

    JJ hits his own teammate

  • Dre Harper
    Dre Harper Month ago +2

    harry Lazy BASTARD but when he sets his mind to something oh boi u better run

  • ꧁Hugh Jass ꧂
    ꧁Hugh Jass ꧂ Month ago +1

    They need to find 80+ diamonds but there’s only 100 diamonds in a server

  • ꧁Hugh Jass ꧂
    ꧁Hugh Jass ꧂ Month ago +1


  • Walkerz _XD
    Walkerz _XD Month ago

    Hey Hey Ethan I was born In 2007

  • Larissa -
    Larissa - Month ago

    I know this was months ago but I’m really annoyed they haven’t just made themselves shields yet

  • Furious Playz
    Furious Playz Month ago

    anyone wondering why Vik uses a axe instead of a sword

  • tiger cat133
    tiger cat133 2 months ago

    How dare you! !!!! I know how to teleport! !!!!>:

  • Mac machine 89
    Mac machine 89 2 months ago +1

    How the fuck can jj see at 37.46

  • Hey it's abi
    Hey it's abi 2 months ago

    How did the sidemen choose there channel names ??

  • So Fly Official
    So Fly Official 2 months ago

    21:50 throws sword at creeper lol

  • Carlitos :v
    Carlitos :v 2 months ago +1

    Bro someone really needs to leak their seed im tryna recreate some stuff

    HHQ GAMES 2 months ago +1

    Who’s gonna tell him he spelt cheating wrong😂

  • Your Nan
    Your Nan 2 months ago

    Harry is such a g fr

  • Alessandro21
    Alessandro21 2 months ago +1

    I thought i saw the josh is a cheating nonce at the start when they built the wall. :P

  • Lion
    Lion 2 months ago +1

    Jj what is this blue shit
    You found diamonds 😂😂😂

  • Danyal Bahar
    Danyal Bahar 2 months ago

    jj my minecraft broken

    KKROWN 2 months ago

    Jj left the diamonds on the ground

  • يوسف العبدالله

    When is the next episode coming

  • Hassan Nadeem
    Hassan Nadeem 3 months ago

    ethan says deman n peak n simon goes u man n pussio. Stay in ur fucking lane u dickheads

  • Hassan Nadeem
    Hassan Nadeem 3 months ago

    Simon n ethan y u trynna act black/brown cos ur both white . u man been watchin too much lv general n chunkz n yung filly n u trynna act like deman. ur just makin urselves look like neeks. Josh doesnt try to speak like it but i saw my man wearin a man pouch w some posh clothes still. Dis is why the only white guy i rate outta u man is harry cos he stays in his lane n hes bare funny still. Ethan n simon stay in ur lane n josh dont wear man poches u dickhead. U man r all paigons trynna act like ur black/ brown. Go suck ya mum pussyboys n stay in ur fucking lane.