• Published on Aug 22, 2019
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  • Cherry Animates
    Cherry Animates Day ago

    What the hell is harry wearing 😂

  • Blake Solo god
    Blake Solo god 2 days ago


  • Timtam
    Timtam 2 days ago

    "what's this blue shit" - KSI 2K19

  • 3llawo
    3llawo 2 days ago

    JJ: What's this blue Sh*t
    Rest of team: oh that's diamond
    JJ:Did we win?

  • Daniel Whelan
    Daniel Whelan 3 days ago

    25:37 I can’t tell properly but did Simon walk past diamonds on his right side ?😂😂

  • Saabir
    Saabir 3 days ago

    When they pressed f3 and you see how op their pcs are.

  • Andrzej Arszulowicz
    Andrzej Arszulowicz 5 days ago

    Every minecraft player: aww hell yeah, diamonds.
    Jj: oi wats this blue shit

  • Matty Brewer
    Matty Brewer 7 days ago

    ‘If you could get some sugar cane that would be sweet’ joke 1000

  • Eric Aleman
    Eric Aleman 8 days ago

    Does anyone noticed that Vikk is the real cheater

  • pam furman
    pam furman 8 days ago

    okay but that was sad asf when tobi died in the lava

  • Lana
    Lana 9 days ago

    Harry such a cutie 😌🥺

  • Quincy Hunter
    Quincy Hunter 10 days ago

    How does vik do that lighting thing without any torches

  • Shahida [X]
    Shahida [X] 10 days ago

    I love both teams and their dynamic, great episode and team work with mining and finding diamonds 😊❤ Simon's right people take it way too seriously in the comments.

  • _ SecretFish007 _
    _ SecretFish007 _ 11 days ago

    Like = Team B
    Comment = Team A

  • ExodusArcadia
    ExodusArcadia 11 days ago +1

    "If you could get some sugar cane, that would be sweet tobi."

  • Tom Mccarthy
    Tom Mccarthy 12 days ago

    JJ-“Wait what’s this blue stuff”
    Everybody Else on the


  • Ayana White!!!
    Ayana White!!! 12 days ago

    Vik is the worst sidemen

  • sexy vegetarian
    sexy vegetarian 12 days ago +2


  • sexy vegetarian
    sexy vegetarian 12 days ago


  • Nutty
    Nutty 13 days ago +1

    Why does JJ have a RTX Titan when he doesnt game this is mad

  • 1MinuteMemeMan
    1MinuteMemeMan 13 days ago +1

    *Josh is a Nonce*

  • helloimtiaaxox
    helloimtiaaxox 13 days ago +1

    jj: “yo whats that blue shit”

  • Lucid forehead
    Lucid forehead 13 days ago +2

    JJ: **finds diamonds** DID I WIN.

  • IKeepMyIDeals
    IKeepMyIDeals 13 days ago

    Modded side craft plz

  • Emiel De wilde
    Emiel De wilde 13 days ago

    JJ's pov...

  • Žak Brunšek
    Žak Brunšek 14 days ago

    Um harry put 2 t's in the 'josh is a cheating nonce'

  • Sue Marron
    Sue Marron 14 days ago

    Everyone running round in the dark
    Vik with some hack to have night vision

  • Morgan Wineyard
    Morgan Wineyard 15 days ago

    Can I be in your next video

  • CIANG707
    CIANG707 15 days ago +1

    If someone knows how vik can see in the dark reply thanks so much

  • Psychooo
    Psychooo 15 days ago

    Ethan: "Oi there's a fox infront of me, hahaha"
    That Had me.

  • Agent P
    Agent P 15 days ago

    Vikk:Alright how badly do we want to kill them boys
    Harry:Oh can we please finish them
    Vikk:Alright lets get to work the-
    Tobi:wAit wHeRe hAve yOu gUyS gOnE

  • Teak Meteor
    Teak Meteor 15 days ago

    TF do Team B have xray Hacks?

  • James 1916
    James 1916 15 days ago

    Tobi - EnderDUDE

  • Safyan Hussain
    Safyan Hussain 15 days ago

    Why is vikks game so bright compared to everyone else’s

  • Nick S
    Nick S 15 days ago

    07:56 "If you could get us some sugar cane, that would be sweet." Quality pun gone unnoticed:(

  • MattPopsBloons
    MattPopsBloons 16 days ago

    At 14:00 Ethan went past diamonds

  • Can we get 69.000 subs without anywork ?

    Josh: "you can make computers with redstone"
    - Biggest lie of 2019, by the cheating nonce

  • Can we get 69.000 subs without anywork ?

    Vik : holds sugar cane*
    also Vik: "do we have sugar cane ?"

  • Can we get 69.000 subs without anywork ?

    Why Vik keeps messing with the settings its annoying..

  • Miranda Hammond
    Miranda Hammond 16 days ago

    Who’s team do you like better?
    Like: Team A
    Comment: Team B

  • Kaylee LovesMusic
    Kaylee LovesMusic 16 days ago +1

    Vik - peace has been restored
    Also Vik - JJ u will kill you

  • Surgeon Of Death Law
    Surgeon Of Death Law 16 days ago

    jj`s laugh killed me 16:35

  • Pig Shit
    Pig Shit 16 days ago

    Vik you fucking grinder fuck your nerdness

  • Rock Lay
    Rock Lay 16 days ago

    This series has arcs and it's amazing

  • karanpreet Singh
    karanpreet Singh 16 days ago +3

    harry:*builds like fortnite*
    creeper:you came to the wrong game fool

  • NolimitBen
    NolimitBen 16 days ago

    i beg make this a series

  • Matthew Parker
    Matthew Parker 16 days ago

    Aw geez I thought it was talking about Freya n I got stressed

  • RT OT3
    RT OT3 17 days ago

    This is worthy of the main channel

  • Haseeb Choudhry Year 8

    Why does vik have night vision

  • Sam !!
    Sam !! 17 days ago

    Who else likes team b parts more than team a cause of vik

  • Tom Seymour Scoots
    Tom Seymour Scoots 17 days ago

    Petition for team A to stop being so sweaty

  • Nick Quintiliano
    Nick Quintiliano 17 days ago


  • Jamie Mount
    Jamie Mount 17 days ago

    fuck sake vik dig at level 10

  • Luke Storey
    Luke Storey 17 days ago +1

    Nice glasses Harry

  • Tod Sloan
    Tod Sloan 17 days ago

    16:55 what’s this blue shit

  • Taj Hooper
    Taj Hooper 17 days ago

    place a torch under gravel as soon as you break it and it destroys all the gravel above it

  • Joshua Hamilton
    Joshua Hamilton 17 days ago +1

    Im in love with harry lmao

    JOEBRO THUG 17 days ago

    What texture pack does vikk use?

  • Manimala Balakumar
    Manimala Balakumar 17 days ago


  • Jaryd Viljoen
    Jaryd Viljoen 17 days ago +1

    Team B