GIVE IT GREENWOOD! Man United 1 Astana 0 - Andy Tate fancam

  • Published on Sep 19, 2019
  • Manchester United 1 Astana 0 in the Europa League opener at Old Trafford and Andy Tate is happy - with Mason Greenwood! Less so with Nemanja Matic.
    Andy gives his reaction outside Old Trafford for Full Time Devils.

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Comments • 257

  • FullTimeDEVILS
    FullTimeDEVILS  Month ago +4

    Give us a vote in the Northwest Football Awards 2019 - we're up against City and the Scousers!

  • Sam Maiden
    Sam Maiden 29 days ago

    whos the clown with the lego haircut in the background making hand gestures? is he giving us a insight in to how his night after the match is gunna be ha what a tool

    CREETZ Month ago

    Get him on match of the day

  • Bango Abraham
    Bango Abraham Month ago

    Did nobody see angel gomez

  • Cascade L
    Cascade L Month ago

    This is probably the most hate I’ve seen Rashford receive

  • Vaibhav S
    Vaibhav S Month ago

    Last watched Andy during the start of van gaals reign. Takes me back 😊

  • ned barker
    ned barker Month ago +1

    Vermin fans and club

  • ryan black
    ryan black Month ago

    Wilson from Bournemouth will be good for Man U

  • Gary Shepherd
    Gary Shepherd Month ago

    Years of pain ahead

  • federico fox
    federico fox Month ago

    are yu fucking mad ,was it really that bad ,it was fucking shite ,and we are in big trouble unless ole finds a majic formular

  • Big B
    Big B Month ago

    They didn't struggle, they dominated the match & won. They can't win 4-0 every match. Sick of these "supporters" being negative.

  • Samuel Taylor
    Samuel Taylor Month ago

    That geezer on the right got night vision goggles on?

  • Aros San
    Aros San Month ago +7

    Chong needs to be sent back to the U23. He is not ready yet for the senior team. Gomes is ok

  • BeGood 2Me
    BeGood 2Me Month ago

    Everyone needs to stop with the 'play the youth' narrative. They're not good enough. It's not their youth that's the problem. They lack the talent. Most of them would be in the championship or a bottom league team. The sole exception is Greenwood but he's a sub for a few years.

  • Scott Ferguson
    Scott Ferguson Month ago

    Axel Tuanzebe is a rock!

  • Irshad Zamir
    Irshad Zamir Month ago

    Can believe Astana lost to a mid table team. Unlucky.

  • Tosin Adewale
    Tosin Adewale Month ago

    Rashford kept aiming for the keeper

  • Joshua 1
    Joshua 1 Month ago +7

    Rashford is the most inconsistent player I’ve ever seen.
    But he plays worse more than he plays good

  • Velroy Dsouza
    Velroy Dsouza Month ago +1

    We should sign erling haland, great striker could be our future along with Greenwood, Rashford is so poor he shouldn't be starting.

  • Jx
    Jx Month ago

    We been screaming " Play the youth" so much, then after playing the youth, he is saying "We are crying out for some experience". Flip Flop much?

  • Jimmy Taban
    Jimmy Taban Month ago

    Still had more fans than city

    • Mojo K
      Mojo K Month ago +1

      Newcastle have more fans then City

  • Tony Kasyno
    Tony Kasyno Month ago

    Everyone is talking about greenwood because he scored, I really don't know how people watch football. Did you see how good gomes was, did you see his corners but stupid ole removed him and I know he might not play against westham.

  • Tony Kasyno
    Tony Kasyno Month ago

    Gomes should always start


    2 wins in 2
    what is this guy saying?

  • Izzat Danial
    Izzat Danial Month ago +1

    Rashford is the best player in the world when it comes to standing confidently over a free kick. He never hits the target tho

    • Mojo K
      Mojo K Month ago

      Fred took one and had it on target and Trashford has taken fuck knows and probably had a few on target since the Cardiff game. Can't believe commentators were calling his freekick style to Ronaldo. Ronaldo had technique, curl, dip and power. Rashford just blasts it without none of the other.

  • Steady Woodward
    Steady Woodward Month ago

    Poor poor level on display the kids are not alright

  • David Smith
    David Smith Month ago

    Utd are shite

  • Abdulnasser Ali
    Abdulnasser Ali Month ago

    Anybody else who enjoyed Marcos Rojo Game? Man is everything in one.. Crazy and sane, Tackles and Interceptions, Crosses and Rabonas, Shots and Passes... Man made me proud for real. I've always loved him. The time when we signed Bailey, Him and Rojo was rock solid at the back. We need that partnership again. His passes were incredible. And not to forget Fred. He put in man of the match performance for me. Single handedly ran that midfield with matic just doing what he does. Being a deadwood player.

  • Izzat Danial
    Izzat Danial Month ago +4

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH FRAUDIOLA HAHAHAHAHAH. Struggled to score a goal against a shit team until the 73rd minute... while city won 3-0 away at home

  • Callum Anthony
    Callum Anthony Month ago

    Energetic? We were dreadful and if anybody thinks Fred played well 😂 he doesn’t push forward just passes sideways and backwards

    • david bahati
      david bahati Month ago

      Even me with Rashford infront of m with 1000 missed chances I'd better pass sideways and look for Greenwood who will eventually score than someone who can't pass a ball in the net

  • Clement Siby
    Clement Siby Month ago

    Ande Tate is just being negative, the boys played well, Astana's goalkgoalkeeper made some top drawer saves

  • Alvin Anis
    Alvin Anis Month ago +1

    Rashford is not a striker simple as that. He missed like 4 clear cut chances that would have easily put the game to bed. Idk what is going on with him.

  • MajesticClangers
    MajesticClangers Month ago

    Til the end of the season?

  • Tommy Lim
    Tommy Lim Month ago

    Time to sell Rashy to Barcelona since they want him so bad. Rashy is trash. Clone of Danny Wellbeck. So many times wasted chances again. And again for fucks taking free kicks. How can the youth improve and learn anything when there's no leaders there to guide them? They're surrounded by deadwood. The seniors are a disgrace. Rashy is the worse of the lot alongside Matic.

  • Imy Khan
    Imy Khan Month ago

    Big big shoutout to L stand I was watching on TV and they were loud and singing proud! Shame the L stand is for the away fans tho. Loved the flags!
    Also thoughts go out to everyone who was in the serious horrific accident on the M56 which caused hours and hours of delay which also resulted in some United fans missing out on the game. Hope they are all okay!
    Rojo and Fred in for Young and Matic, they deserve a chance against West Ham on Sunday yes it was Astana but those 2 were very good especially Rojo. Chong is obviously a kid whos still learning, Greenwood was good and Gomes was decent so was Axel. Shame Garner didnt get his chance but plenty of games for them no need to worry. Matic was average Rashford needs to really finish his chances off. The Europa league should be dedicated to the youth.
    Hope Pogba Martial DJ are back? Anyone know if there back or..?

  • Subash Grg
    Subash Grg Month ago +5

    Rashford should be loaned out!

  • Superman J
    Superman J Month ago

    Rashford should've been running riot n terrorising those Window cleaners. But He couldn't n didn't take on a fucking slug. (Forget man like Zaha), Andros Townsend would've made Astana look Silly n terrorised them. Rashford is ABSOLUTELY FUCKING SHIT. PERIOD,

  • Superman J
    Superman J Month ago

    "Was we really actually that bad today" he says, 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😱. This guys is CLUELESS.

  • Nathan Cannaway
    Nathan Cannaway Month ago

    Yes mckola yes it was that bad wee have no final ball why do people not just be honest

  • G-unit
    G-unit Month ago

    u pretty much forced him to say the title of the vid lool

  • Ethan Ticehurst
    Ethan Ticehurst Month ago

    Was to be expected. I’ve said before throwing in an 11 that hasn’t played together will not result in a 5-0, I’m happy we won. End of the day away this season in Europe we will lose it’s an inadequate second 11 thrown in at the deep end, youngsters + second rate players will not thrash teams...forget that anyway Greenwood and Gomes are the real deal, Chong needs work... but with these three and Fred there’s
    Intensity and urgency they need introducing into the first team matches ASAP. End of the day we are not in position to challenge for top trophies embed youth and optimism’s into the squad and fans you’ll survive try to win things your incapable of wining and you’ll infuriate. Simple as that...

  • SirKnobofCheese
    SirKnobofCheese Month ago

    The first guy sounds like hes doing an impression of someone. I just don't know who. lol

  • MmmHmm
    MmmHmm Month ago

    Someone go and slap that kid in the background

  • Mohamed Ali
    Mohamed Ali Month ago

    My man Andy Tate🤩🤩

  • W H
    W H Month ago

    Andy Tates a type of guy to give it Greenwood

  • Toby Hellewell
    Toby Hellewell Month ago

    Slow and steady, we’re seeing small improvement and that’s all we can ask. We create a lot of chances today, we’re just struggling to finish them off. In January I think we should be looking at an experienced striker to help the team for 18 months and definitely another midfielder if we can - but maybe Garner could be given an opportunity. Overall, we need to keep getting behind these lads and supporting them and focus on the positives.

  • Shaiam
    Shaiam Month ago

    How are people saying Fred was good??? He was poor, taking too many touches, slipping half the time and playing side to side

    • Shaiam
      Shaiam Month ago

      david bahati what did fred even do? Hit the bar? The whole game he had heavy touches and side to side passes. As for English players Rashford lacks an end product Jones is just shit

    • david bahati
      david bahati Month ago

      Why protecting the English players on this team. Fred's job was perfectly done. Take piss at Rashford's poor footballing brain that will never improve and him being so overrated

  • Mr Aaron Fitzgerald

    Till the end of the season 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Ahmed Mohammed
    Ahmed Mohammed Month ago

    We won because greenwood scored but should score more

  • Willem Chastity
    Willem Chastity Month ago +1

    Lucky goal against a bunch of amateurs.

  • Peter Hampton
    Peter Hampton Month ago

    Best mates with fergie

  • Blade X
    Blade X Month ago

    Gomes was awesome

  • Like it or leave it SNM

    Fred man of the match 💯

  • Robert Gouldman
    Robert Gouldman Month ago +1

    Empty seats always seems a popular subject. .any thoughts on struggling to get the stadium even half full? 50000 will probably get announced but anyone with eyes could see it was nowhere near that. ..that'll be due to the bent ticketing system where the Glazers empty the fans pockets even when you don't turn up. .

    • Imy Khan
      Imy Khan Month ago

      Tier 2 of East Stand and tier 3 off Sir Alex stand were closed

  • Amro Arafa
    Amro Arafa Month ago +2

    andy tate spot on again. Why Fred and Pogba haven't played together so far this season is beyond me. Plus Rojo, offensively speaking, is a proper left back that can cross the ball. Why Ashley Young is Ole's number 2 leftback is also beyond me.

    • gerry mitchell
      gerry mitchell Month ago

      Rojo may be all that, and love his passion, but he is also a liability with his 2 footed challenges, and with VAR watching his every move, you can be sure he will be red carded in most of the games he plays in...

  • Nat Rambo
    Nat Rambo Month ago +1

    Chong horrible, fred average, dalot poor delivery

    • david bahati
      david bahati Month ago

      Dyu watch football or yr Betting app told u so

  • Baldev Sanghera
    Baldev Sanghera Month ago

    Cant you sell your ground out on European nights. What a waste

  • Que3n-
    Que3n- Month ago

    What's this Lindelof hate all of a sudden? Spoiled spoiled fans.

    • Ryan Wright
      Ryan Wright Month ago

      Literally no one hates lindelof.. are you okay?

  • Daniel H
    Daniel H Month ago

    This channels dead 💀

  • Dan T.
    Dan T. Month ago +1

    Boring... Absolutely boring football

    • Dan T.
      Dan T. Month ago

      @Wooyoung Park been fan since SAF.

    • Wooyoung Park
      Wooyoung Park Month ago

      Then ur lucky u weren't here during the LVG Long ball era, plastic