RazörFist Arcade: KINGDOM COME: Deliverance

  • Published on Feb 17, 2018
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  • Jaysus777Live
    Jaysus777Live 23 days ago

    2:28:30 funniest fucking joke lmao

  • DIEGhostfish
    DIEGhostfish 3 months ago +1

    Apparently a decent chunk of the "Christ be praised, go with god" stuff is just literal translations of Czech turns of phrase for greetings and goodbyes that despite Czechia being one of the most Athiestic countries in europe are still part of the language.

  • Brennan Hearn
    Brennan Hearn 4 months ago

    Super late comment, but finally watched this, and laughed like a dang fool at 1:21:ish. "Two on one is a losing proposition in this game." Le me, about thirty hours ago, which was about sixty hours in and twenty hours after starting to use maces because I finally READ the Skullcracker perk and what it DOES: PILES of dead bandits and Cumins at Runt's camp before the battle, during that quest that was supposed to be stealthy sneaky scouting. Just...Straight murdered EVERYONE there. A few with stealth kills, but the rest, I found a good choke point and just let them come at me. Didn't get injured or take any direct health damage. yeah, like in real life, maces are the Desert Eagle of the medieval period :D

  • Greg E
    Greg E 5 months ago

    Razor has never drawn back a bow north of 50 lbs draw weight then because your arms will shake like that if you are unaccustomed to it. Compound bows have a draw assist that will counteract the weight at a certain pull making it easy to hold. Now take into account most bows back then were at least 80 lbs and most bows for war were over 100 lbs draw weight.

  • Lieutenant Dude
    Lieutenant Dude 11 months ago

    Reminded today that Razorfist dunked on Michael Bay TO HIS FUCKING FACE!!!

  • rpm297
    rpm297 11 months ago

    Are you yanking my pizzle? Here's $50!

  • KampfWurst
    KampfWurst Year ago

    That was/is a great game! I have the shitty thing, where I can not play a game again, when I finished it. This is one game I'd like to forget and replay.

  • Jab5460
    Jab5460 Year ago

    Thanks guys, your remarks about LibDems did an old mans heart a lot of good to know you young guys haven't fallen for their total bullshit AND I enjoyed the vid!!

  • Iron Hands Terminator

    Lol I didn’t take that approach in Skyrim. I went heavy armor and two handed weapons

  • maziku
    maziku Year ago

    and im wondering when razor is going to do a metal mythos on king diamond

  • Basement Philosopher

    4:30 Favorite deeper singers?
    6:00 How to unfuck Ireland?
    20:10 Which country do you prefer? Niger or Nigeria?
    21:06 Thoughts on the 1982 Conan movie?
    26:50 What leftists would you do?
    28:11 Do you have a girlfriend? Or a boyfriend?
    30:10 Is the western game industry dead?
    30:58 Thoughts on Microsoft bringing back the Fable series?
    35:06 Thoughts on the return of the XFL?
    37:04 In terms of bass beritome, what does Cobain classify as?
    41:15 Where's the horse armor DLC?
    45:38 Thoughts on the band Grand Magnus?
    47:26 Will you add World on Fire to your Yngwie Malmsteen mythos soon?
    47:50 For Terran, what is your favorite sci-fi fantasy series and author and why?
    52:08 Do you see Nintendo having success with the Switch?
    54:08 Opinions on Screamin' Jay Hawkins?
    55:54 Can I sell my girlfriend in this game?
    56:37 Thoughts on the Half Life and Portal series?
    58:33 Thoughts on Pillars of Eternity?
    59:45 Thoughts on Portal?
    1:03:20 Any worship of Lucifer in this game?
    1:04:50 Have you seen Boardwalk Empire?
    1:05:24 Examples of why Boom Studios Elric is so awful?
    1:09:10 What happened with the West Memphis 3?
    1:18:35 Thoughts on the 13 russian bots the FBI found out about?
    1:19:57 Any good pulp recommendations?
    1:22:53 Have you ever played the Battletech CCG?
    1:23:32 Thoughts on the combat in this game?
    1:24:38 Thoughts on Watain? Have you listened to the first three Bathory albums on vinyl?
    1:28:48 Is this the dark souls of slav simulators?
    1:29:50 Thoughts on Beretta pistols?
    1:31:41 What kind of vehicles do you own?
    1:32:33 Any recommended Sabaton albums?
    1:41:25 Thoughts on streaming any of the Legacy of Kain series?
    1:43:00 Thoughts on the Sly Cooper games?
    1:47:50 Favorite space warship?
    1:50:20 How many traps have you banged and would you bang me?
    1:52:56 Should I move to Phoenix?
    1:55:58 Thoughts on the Black Panther media circus?
    1:58:50 Any interest in trying out Warframe?
    2:00:06 Thoughts on the JFK conspiracies, and thoughts on the band Stratovarius?
    2:03:40 What kind of motorcycle do you ride?
    2:05:00 Thoughts on the band Beast in Black?
    2:06:20 Thoughts on Twilight Zone?
    2:06:45 Thoughts on The Expanse?
    2:07:16 Thoughts on Divinity Original Sin streams?
    2:07:35 Thoughts on Buckethead?
    2:08:06 Thoughts on the new TMNT cartoon?
    2:10:20 Thoughts on Mount and Blade 2? What would make a decent Star Wars RPG?
    2:16:00 Where will WWE go? Metal mythos on Show-ya?
    2:16:30 Did you play Gothic or Gothic 2?
    2:20:00 Favorite metal album cover?
    2:20:20 How did The Shadow and Elric lose their popularity?
    2:22:38 Thoughts on the The Venture Bros?
    2:24:10 Have you seen the recent Elric comic?
    2:26:55 You ever play MegaMek?
    2:28:48 Thoughts on early 80's action stars? Why do you think they never caught on?
    2:35:40 Any recent bands or performers you can recommend?
    2:37:18 Thoughts on Neuromancer?
    2:37:55 Thoughts on Andy Sneap?
    2:44:30 Thoughts on the band Overkill?
    2:45:18 Thoughts on Ann Nocenti's Daredevil run?
    2:45:56 Thoughts on Winger?
    2:47:16 Is Phoenix becoming a shithole?
    2:49:10 Music mythos on David Bowie?
    2:50:26 Thoughts on a new Fallout game location?
    2:52:00 Thoughts on the Tenchu Stealth Assassin series?
    2:54:55 Thoughts on the PS2 Punisher game?
    2:56:58 You have the power to erase three gaming franchises from the world. What would they be?
    2:59:10 Dark Horse comic recommendations?
    3:00:40 Retell your Michael Bay story?
    3:06:12 Thoughts on Disney looking to other gaming studios for Star Wars games?
    3:08:22 Can Song of Ice and Fire hold a torch to Elric?
    3:09:14 How does your stealth build work in combat?
    3:11:10 Thoughts on Monster Hunter World?
    3:12:50 Thoughts on games becoming a service?
    3:18:16 Budgie band mythos?
    3:20:30 Worst fanbase, Juggalos or Pantera fans?
    3:23:50 What should happen with the price of games?
    3:25:12 Thoughts on The Incredible Hulk show?

    • Kolajer
      Kolajer 5 months ago

      Comment saint! How come this comment is so buried

  • Asum Jessen
    Asum Jessen Year ago

    The fact that this game did so well and showed that historical sims are viable makes me very happy.

  • Axel Milan
    Axel Milan Year ago +1

    1:46:28 New custom alarm.

  • vortexecho72
    vortexecho72 Year ago

    How Many times did you think of "back in the village" by Iron Maiden while playing this one? ;)

  • mad9172
    mad9172 Year ago

    wh_pl_showfirecursor 1
    every time you load the game up

  • Fa Kenews
    Fa Kenews Year ago

    Lol, I found the archery in this game easy from the beginning.
    Although, aiming felt uncomfortably close to aiming in real life archery. So I might have had a slight advantage. Lol.
    At level 0 archery skill, I tied with the winner in the archery tournament. I found the bow was consistantly effective up to a range of about 20 meters.
    Aka: longer than a sword. Cheating in a duel is wonderful

  • Adolf Stalin
    Adolf Stalin Year ago

    those fucking side comments though. MY SIDES. also nice dig at Todd Howard at the 2 hr mark. don't get me wrong, love me some Elder Scrolls and Fallout but I heard he's pretty much a dick.

  • Adolf Stalin
    Adolf Stalin Year ago

    other than the sneaking suspicion this may have microtransactions, if the price goes down eventually I think I might actually get this. will sit nicely alongside EU4 and Medieval II Total War. DEUS VULT.

  • ArCSelkie37
    ArCSelkie37 Year ago

    Not done it on PC, but i can imagine the lockpicking is infinitely easier on PC than it is on PS4. I'd rather i only had to hold down a button to rotate the lock rather than having to rotate both sticks at the same time at different rates while your controller constantly shakes.

  • Sean Grayburn
    Sean Grayburn Year ago

    Im glad to hear my love for The Expanse isnt seriously unfounded lol. Its been a while since Ive been into a scifi show

  • Return of the Son of Nothing

    I'm a leftist who enjoys listening to your channel. I believe society is far too polarised along party lines at this stage, and if we'd just cast aside some of our preconceptions we'd actually find a lot more common ground than is often believed.

  • RorytheRomulan
    RorytheRomulan Year ago

    I hate the combat. It's realistic, I'll give them props for really making it, but I really hate the timing exercise with the ripostes. They do give you options to sandman bandit camps before having to beat any of them in a straight up fight, so I've been looking for every opportunity to get my Stealth up. I have a review up that I'm hiding right now until I've given the game a proper play through to give that review 100%, but let's just say I've had to backpedal on my initial reaction.
    People who say this game is empty or whatever have no idea what they're talking about. This setting is so alive that it breathes.
    The Skalitz refugees are shoring up Rattay. Besides begging, the unemployed have little beyond petty theft to sustain themselves, and they stink to high heaven without the groshens for a proper bath. It's plain to see where the hate comes from.

  • Elric of Melniboné

    My fucking Gpu got fucked just when I started playing it now i have cough up 200 bucks just to scratch this itch. It will be worth it though.

  • Ted Koch
    Ted Koch Year ago

    Not big on Star Wars warships? ... how can anyone not love the Star Destroyer?.. the multilevel triangular wedges of beauty...

  • Spencer Leava
    Spencer Leava Year ago

    On the topic of the bow, did you use an archery bow or a war bow?

  • The Gods Right-Hand Man

    Elevator music . . .
    That has to be the BEST description of Kiss I've ever heard.

  • M92 QUAD
    M92 QUAD Year ago +1

    wtf happened to part 2

  • BearCup
    BearCup Year ago

    Hahaha field of bears represent!

  • Hindsight
    Hindsight Year ago +2

    1:02:16 The problem is you are not shooting a recurve bow like you will in "real life" you are shooting a longbow or warbow.
    I love giving my longbow to recurve shooters and watch them struggle to try and aim down the arrow. Thats not how it works, Longbow shooting is instinctive and your sight picture looks exactly like it does in this game, minis the depth of field from 2 eyes.
    As for the wobble, yeah you may be correct on that, but that goes away after 15-30 minutes of shooting some rabbits which you do anyway as a part of a quest.

  • Josh True
    Josh True Year ago +1

    Press "F" to tackle.

  • Josh True
    Josh True Year ago

    Hadn't even connected the faces on the town nameplate with reputation. 15 min in and already learning things.

  • Forever Undying
    Forever Undying Year ago

    No black men/10

  • SuperRayW
    SuperRayW Year ago

    I always get a semi-chub when Razor talks Elric. Blood and souls for my Lord Arioch!


    yes yes yes

  • Dorian Winston
    Dorian Winston Year ago +1

    Maybe the reason they don't like this game being accurate is because the game might accurately depict exactly why middle ages Europeans don't like smelly sand-merchants...

  • Jay Damalley
    Jay Damalley Year ago +1

    _"Should I lockpick the priest?"_
    Is that Phoenician slang for something?

  • domehammer
    domehammer Year ago +4

    A star wars game where you play a moisture farmer on tatooine would be amazing. Having to haggle the jawas for trade. going into market to sell water, and having to defend against tusken raids.

  • Fa Kenews
    Fa Kenews Year ago

    Somebody make a mod that turns the swords into sporks. Now.

  • Pennalty
    Pennalty Year ago

    This game any good on xbone?

  • Beelzibubbles
    Beelzibubbles Year ago

    The intro reminds me of Machines by Giorgio Moroder.
    Are they wearing actual gambesons? With buttons?

  • Zelousmarineinspace
    Zelousmarineinspace Year ago +5

    Best moment in the entire stream.

  • Goolog
    Goolog Year ago

    Games like these are the ones we need to support. I'm loving all the quality shit coming out of Uncucked (Eastern) Europe.

  • Brennan Hearn
    Brennan Hearn Year ago

    Also, Razorfist, Altered Carbon is nothing like how you said, in this video, you've heard it described.

  • Southern Fried Media

    I can't get the hang of lockpicking in this game, I understand it and I see how its done. but my motor skills with a mouse and keyboard are not steady enough to accomplish this. I am failure at stealing

  • Jack.Paarthurnax
    Jack.Paarthurnax Year ago +1

    ++ Entertaining, Beautifully rendered, terrific cut scenes and acting, great story line. -- Slow, slow moving game, Clumsy combat, Don't ever be put in jail, you will slash your own wrists. Can't easily quick-save. Brutal.

  • John Ski
    John Ski Year ago

    I have no trouble with the save system,; at level 6 I have over 4k groeshen (money) and buy the save drinks 2-3 at a time. It's a way to get rid of your excess wealth and it works well in game.

  • John Ski
    John Ski Year ago

    To aim a bow, use you top out-pointed thumb holding the bow as a guide. Your point of aim lines up with the in-line direction of your left hand thumb while shooting.

  • Zach hill
    Zach hill Year ago

    I was mad at ge archery at first aswell but here is a trick to it. It sways left, right, up and down. Make sure your stamina is full when you draw the bow, then wait for it to cross over your target. I also noticed the arrow pulls a little to the left when you shoot usually. It gets much easier once you use it a bit. I thought the same as you at first. But after a few tries at betting Hans at archery you learn and then beat him even with a shit archery skill lvl.

  • Brennan Hearn
    Brennan Hearn Year ago

    ESO is pretty damn good at the archery in this game.

  • Pantherex 1
    Pantherex 1 Year ago


  • Brennan Hearn
    Brennan Hearn Year ago +1

    I would take minor issue with the Savior Schnapps, but you can make it yourself from easy to find/cheap to purchase ingredients.

  • Nick the Italian Mick

    I'm new to PC gaming, just had someone help me get one. Anyone know if I can run this game?
    Video Card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti
    CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-7500 CPU @ 3.40GHz
    RAM: 8 GB
    System Requirements Lab says I have the minimum requirements to run but not the recommended.
    Coming from a PS4 background so I don't need "ULTRA 4K" Quality or anything, but I don't want to put down the money and have it run like shit.
    Any help is appreciated!

  • Char Aznable
    Char Aznable Year ago +12

    '.......King Wenceslas was pretty much the Bill Clinton of Bohemia'
    Excepting that he didn't sell his nation's economy out to a Far Eastern power. ;D

  • John Mirra
    John Mirra Year ago

    I love this fucking game. And I went with thief and the lockpicking is satisfying as fuck. Also the reasons those guard were after you in rattay was just because they didn't like you. If you have a low rep with them they stop and search you randomly.
    I think the reason this destroys elder scrolls is that it's tonally consistent and it treats it's characters like real people. It takes itself seriously, in elder scrolls games all the characters are walking punchlines, they look silly and have silly voices but it has this whimsical charm like in oblivion but then they tried to be gritty and serious in skyrim and it just felt bland and kind of fell flat. It lost some of the magic and didn't come close to the realism Kingdom come pulls off so effortlessly.
    Like compare how you felt when your wife dies after two minutes of meeting her in fallout 4 and then you're supposed to pretend to care about your kid to watching Henry's mother get turned into a kebab right in front of you and having his whole village burnt to the ground in total visceral realism. They're not even close, I care about the characters and they have depth. Like Capon for instance, he comes off as this standard two dimensional douche but his character gets much deeper later on and he basically becomes your best friend.

  • GamingOlympian 42

    I liked one of the chat's responses to how to unfuck Ireland. Get a 1st and 2nd Amendment. Immediate reaction from me is No shit!

  • Redleaf Boomer
    Redleaf Boomer Year ago

    the miller is a ninja who knew

  • Sean Ashmead
    Sean Ashmead Year ago

    Kings were dicks, huh?

  • Joe M
    Joe M Year ago

    You can use the console command to put back in the targeting reticle for archery. Otherwise, nice to see someone that spend twenty minutes failing at the lockpicking.

  • Disciple of Khorne

    I child can not draw a longbow back, the draw weight for a longbow was around 130 pounds in the medieval period as to actually kill people in armour.

  • M92 QUAD
    M92 QUAD Year ago