TOMMY / Thirty Days - Day Twenty-Eight w/Billy Corgan of The Smashing Pumpkins


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  • ᄋᄋ ᄋᄋ
    ᄋᄋ ᄋᄋ 3 months ago

    Why am I seeing tom cruise in billy?

    • inphanta
      inphanta 2 months ago +1

      ᄋᄋ ᄋᄋ because you should’ve gone to Specsavers.

  • moki
    moki 3 months ago

    that place looks exactly like from the song 'thirty-three'

  • burned oils
    burned oils 4 months ago

    man that tommy guy is real ugly

  • Daniel Sacilotto
    Daniel Sacilotto 4 months ago

    Billy was in a pretty shit mood here.

  • Kimberly Carroll
    Kimberly Carroll 8 months ago

    There is something Gilmourish about WPC. I adore these clips of him.

    • Crusnik Rage
      Crusnik Rage 5 months ago

      Kimberly Carroll very perceptive for you to see so. I wholeheartedly agree. Those who have harnessed "the gift" to catch their own wave of creativity and continue to ride it for so long are just too special to go through life unnoticed.

  • Melvin Leong
    Melvin Leong 11 months ago

    what was the chinese restaurant called?? MR ? Don't leave us hanging!!

  • Lemon Sweets
    Lemon Sweets Year ago

    No Maynard? Why did you edit his name into this? haha

  • Zayzay 123
    Zayzay 123 Year ago

    If he did this in the school year every year I would love school

  • Tyler Piltz
    Tyler Piltz Year ago

    Surprised he didn't go look at all of the junk by the mine, including the abandoned mine shafts???

  • Steamboat Island Recording

    Great! Amazing acoustic guitar work, Billy. Check out the album Willow by Daniel Hecht sometime, I bet you'd dig it. Thanks again for taking us fans on a journey. An honor to meet your friend along the way. Rock on dude! -Sam

  • Jen M
    Jen M Year ago

    Love these videos! Would have been awesome to hear more stories of Billy and Tommy's friendship.

  • A H
    A H Year ago

    Beautiful music which describes the brotherhood and friendship that has withered through their

  • StarlytNite
    StarlytNite Year ago +1

    Route 66 I thought it was a Nat King Cole song why is a big deal
    I learned something, it connects Chicago to Los Angeles
    Perhaps I'll travel that route someday.
    An RV trip to have in mind. I'll be a RV person someday. Went rving to Florida a lot before might as well go another route to somewhere else when I do get one someday

  • StarlytNite
    StarlytNite Year ago

    He has service but only 24% battery power, William hope you have a car charger ta plug in while your lost!

  • StarlytNite
    StarlytNite Year ago

    Lol 😆 contacting drake from drake 👍

  • StarlytNite
    StarlytNite Year ago

    Tool had some interesting music videos,
    when I was a preteen between 9 and 14 the middle school days I watched a lot of MTV which had music videos on all the time. The top 100 countdowns which lasts all day.
    I was too old for cartoons and to play with toys and too young for a job or no after school activities.
    Now days I go on TheXvid to see the music video of that song

  • StarlytNite
    StarlytNite Year ago

    Wow what a crazy spiritual place
    All the, flags or ribbons

  • StarlytNite
    StarlytNite Year ago

    Scientist vs spiritualists
    I have a science friend and I have to explain to people, I'm the sci-fi person not science. The scientist is my buddy over there.

  • Lucas Rivard
    Lucas Rivard Year ago

    HAHA Iha reference Xp

  • Chris Kotra
    Chris Kotra Year ago

    Damn, I want to explore these places Billy has visited.

  • SietsePizza
    SietsePizza Year ago +2

    Friendship... True Friendship... that's priceless. Sorry to hear that Anyone had tried to break that apart. I sincerely wish Your Friendship lasts for as long as You want. Heartwarming to hear about such Loyalty and Solidarity. GOD BLESS YOU BOTH. ✨⚡⭐✌🏽❤⭐⚡✨

    DOGS BOLLOX Year ago

    Billy you gonna do a Joe Rogan podcast? would be fun to watch you go on tangents for a few hrs. love, Jack 💀

  • G M.H
    G M.H Year ago +1

    My girlfriend & I were just there like 2 weeks ago and I was listening to The smashing Pumpkins in my earbuds the whole damn time from Phoenix to there. Fuck I just want to jam with you once. That would make my life Billy. In any case this Park has a very special place in my heart as I'm sure it does for you. If any of you ever go to Sedona make sure to check this place out and savor the silence @ Amitabha Stupa & Peace Park. Cheers Billy

  • sticksman1979
    sticksman1979 Year ago +1

    Tommy is one lucky sonofabitch.

  • Aaron Millican
    Aaron Millican Year ago +1

    that riff he's playing and I imagine, coming up with as well... is one of the riffs he's ever wrote . that's a bold statement considering how many killer $#%@ riffs this guys wrote but that's my comment, that's what I believe and I'm sticking to it 'dad 'gummit.

  • River Kiva
    River Kiva Year ago +1

    love this thanx

  • Guitarists Suck
    Guitarists Suck Year ago +5

    Mindblowing when I see they got to Jerome!
    See how they didn't mention APC... were they calling Maynard to discuss Iha's tour schedule?

  • machinesofgod
    machinesofgod Year ago +2

    I'm sure you're already in LA, and if you haven't already left, I strongly recommend visiting three places. The Hare Krsna temple in Culver City, the Self-realization Foundation on PCH & Sunset Blvd, and the Malibu Hindu Temple. You won't regret it. I'm writing this from India right now.

    MICHELLE DALTON Year ago +1

    Great video, i love watching videos of old towns and route 66, i cant wait to go next year

  • FeRGan fressness
    FeRGan fressness Year ago +3

    Billy has such a thin phone

  • Brian Lane
    Brian Lane Year ago +1

    Thanks Billy and the SPs sweet release is never more than a button away....I wish you had time to make a TheXvid vid about your second to none riffage. Infinirockhan !!

  • Kurt mm99
    Kurt mm99 Year ago +12

    really wanted to see Maynard in a vid XD guess he's busy with his wine

  • Will Chew
    Will Chew Year ago +2

    A very bleak episode ... but not in a bad way lol.

  • Larry Mayo
    Larry Mayo Year ago +24


    • Hells Bells
      Hells Bells Year ago

      Larry Mayo I always saw them as psychedelic rock

    • 2000jago
      2000jago Year ago +2

      +Larry Mayo Why are you shouting?

    • Aaron Millican
      Aaron Millican Year ago +3

      Larry Mayo no shit... I have always said this and ultimately, this is the reason I listen to and keep up with everything Billy's doing to this day (starting back forever ago) and that of course is because everything he does is better than the last thing he did . unbelievable . what's the best Billy Corgan (Smashing Pumpkins, Zwan, solo) of all time ?
      ...whatever he's doing right now .

  • Ling-Ling
    Ling-Ling Year ago +7

    Back in May, I had this whole crack conspiracy theory that Maynard and Billy were secretly brothers lol

  • Larry Mayo
    Larry Mayo Year ago +2


  • Eddie Hippisley-Cox
    Eddie Hippisley-Cox Year ago +3

    So How's that Machina/The Machines of God Reissue coming along?

    ..... :P

  • Ling-Ling
    Ling-Ling Year ago +1

    When I saw this I smiled :)

  • ShogunZIlla
    ShogunZIlla Year ago +2

    Tommy can you hear me?