Most EXPENSIVE Dogs In The World!

  • Published on Jan 23, 2019
  • Check out the Most EXPENSIVE Dogs In The World! From luxury pets to some of the biggest dogs, this top 10 list of rarest dog breeds has some of the most amazing pets that get sold for a lot of money!
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Comments • 154

  • great info
    great info 16 days ago

    Many expensive dogs are left out of this list

  • Frank Ebtehaj
    Frank Ebtehaj 16 days ago

    This list is highly inaccurate

  • Jack Holland
    Jack Holland 20 days ago

    Some of the accuracy of this is questionable, especially about the Akita (by the way the Japanese Akita is called Akita Inu and the grey crossbreed is the Akita).

  • Jarmila Kulichová
    Jarmila Kulichová 21 day ago

    czechoslovakian wolfdog is slovak national breed becasue czechs was killing them because for them was a bad expeiment....and they are toooooo much csv breeders in slovakia it is not expensive....they are way expensive breeds here....your list sucks my friend....

  • Three best BFFS
    Three best BFFS 22 days ago

    I have a pet Rottweiler who is very big and scary so I rarely play with him and yes, he was pretty expensive

  • Alyssa Rosie
    Alyssa Rosie 22 days ago

    My anty has a rottweiler

  • mj durst
    mj durst 23 days ago

    ITs akita not ackitas learn how to pronouce

  • petter nolloson
    petter nolloson Month ago +1

    wooow, this was super interesting to see

  • Cris Rodriguez
    Cris Rodriguez Month ago

    Do you know what a micro bully cost?

  • Donna Howell
    Donna Howell Month ago

    I don't care what some people say but a lot of the ones in this video are photo shopped. I've had more than one giant breed dog and they sure don't all look like these that they are supposed to represent. I'm talking about in size.

  • breanna hollister
    breanna hollister Month ago

    You forgot German Shepherd

  • Aaron Gilliam
    Aaron Gilliam Month ago

    Pit bulls are the nastiest dog 🐕.

    • Mary B
      Mary B Month ago

      Your nastier 🤪

  • puppy Chan
    puppy Chan Month ago

    I have had a dom Germansheperd

  • puppy Chan
    puppy Chan Month ago

    My old dog was a wolf/ husky and pit bull

  • Michael Hirz
    Michael Hirz 2 months ago

    ə-ˈkē-tə, sə-ˈlü-kē

    MR. MCKETHAN 2 months ago +4

    HEY,WHERE IS THE PANDA DOG??W.T.F...i wanted info on it

  • Patricia Healey
    Patricia Healey 2 months ago


  • Dick Tator
    Dick Tator 2 months ago +2

    0:43 imagine that
    3:03 awesome breed

  • Tina Vuong
    Tina Vuong 2 months ago +10

    A rescue dog is priceless.

  • So Pantarhei
    So Pantarhei 3 months ago

    the price of a dog has nothing to do with the breed but it is the difference between pet quality and show quality and show quality is extremely rare, in every breed.

  • Æron_ szell
    Æron_ szell 3 months ago

    I have a pure white siberian husky with blue eyes. me and my family have always rescued dogs but this would be the first time I have ever bought a puppy and wanted to do it right, plus I was sitting on some extra cash and could afford something like this. I got him from a pretty well respected private breeder in my neck of the woods. he was $1800. not as much as some of these, but for me it was a crazy decision.

  • Ephraim Vital
    Ephraim Vital 3 months ago


  • Brian69frmO'Vale
    Brian69frmO'Vale 4 months ago


  • scott westbrook
    scott westbrook 4 months ago +2

    All dogs are great but go to a shelter . Please .

  • Paulette Rinck
    Paulette Rinck 4 months ago

    That’s not a Japanese Akita it’s a pomeranian.

  • Audrey Young
    Audrey Young 4 months ago +14

    I rather rescue the dogs no one wants or being missed treated

  • Karl Stuart
    Karl Stuart 4 months ago +1

    I'd you are going to put a tutorial video into cyber space don't embarased yourself by not knowing how to pronounce the names of the breads your talking about !!!!

  • Matty Jones
    Matty Jones 5 months ago +2

    I owen a 3 Rottweiler one was free because it was a puppy from my other to and the are very very loual and smart🥰😍😘

  • ExoticGaming
    ExoticGaming 5 months ago +6

    Where i live akitas and rottwielers arent that expensive

  • Dagmar Heinz
    Dagmar Heinz 5 months ago

    ppl. can not even train a "" normal dog breed " and now they want wolf dogs """ and now there are so many wolf dogs out there and ppl. don't want them with 5 -6 month no longer as they have no control over the animal . Everything what comes from Russia is bad !!!!!!

    • Dagmar Heinz
      Dagmar Heinz 5 months ago

      I am German and Lowchen is NOT German

    • Dagmar Heinz
      Dagmar Heinz 5 months ago

      Akitas protect there master , thats why they can get along with other dogs but there hearts are on the right place , they need lots of space and walks , long walks and run space .

  • TheRottyKing
    TheRottyKing 5 months ago +5

    Just walked in on this video, they're talking about Tibetan Mastiff but image is of Caucasian Ovcharka.

  • Mal RW
    Mal RW 5 months ago +3

    THis is clickbait, there is no panda dog!!

  • keala hall Hall
    keala hall Hall 5 months ago

    My dog is about 1000 dollers

  • Naomi Pauca
    Naomi Pauca 5 months ago

    It very frustrating tjat the ones the are said wrong are said the most

  • Naomi Pauca
    Naomi Pauca 5 months ago

    You said some of the names wrong

  • Marvin Calles
    Marvin Calles 5 months ago +2

    I want a J Ap Anese Akita when i move house and live just with my family!

  • Grammar Grandma
    Grammar Grandma 5 months ago +3

    This has to be a robot, because a human would not mispronounce so many words, I'm surprised they can say 'dog' properly.

  • Gifty Appiah
    Gifty Appiah 5 months ago

    I really love the Samoyed and Akita dogs , so beautiful and fluffy

    • Greg Geary
      Greg Geary 5 months ago +1

      I have an Akita Samoyed mix he looks and acts mostly Akita. He is all White and an extremely intelligent dog, he can open doors, his crate, and the most high tech divider gates. He is also a great guard dog, and the most loved member of the family he weighs about 150lbs. This breed is not for a new dog owner as they require a lot of attention and exercise. This breed is also extremely loyal and does not do well changing households or owners very well which is why I said this breed is not for the new dog owner, however this is one of the most greatest breed of dogs I have ever owned this is my family’s 3rd Akita and they are so extremely intelligent like I mentioned but they are also amazing with all kids and a great protector of your home. I could go on and on about the Akita breed so I will stop here.

  • Constance Connie
    Constance Connie 6 months ago

    Dogs in Asia are expensive for no reason. You can get the same breed cheaper in the US.

  • Chris 929RR
    Chris 929RR 6 months ago

    I have a red nose pitbull and a malamute. Best dogs of ive owned. Both are pure breeds and are also rescue dogs from the pound. Cost around $3-400 each. From breeders around here I would have been looking at near $5,000 all up,

  • Richard Hills
    Richard Hills 6 months ago +1


  • Samantha Conaway
    Samantha Conaway 6 months ago

    I have one of those dogs

  • lindsey belk
    lindsey belk 6 months ago +6

    The best dog I have ever had I rescued. He is the most loyal and sweet dog I have ever had! I have had several purebreds

  • Scorpion scoutV2
    Scorpion scoutV2 6 months ago +2

    My dog made the list I have a rottweiler and he is a handful we have to reteach him alot of stuff because the person who had him before was not a good owner.

  • kim kim
    kim kim 6 months ago

    My dog isn't here and he was $1,500 and he wasn't from A shop!

  • Shichi Dan
    Shichi Dan 7 months ago +1

    Your highly selective list contains dogs that some of us wouldn’t even touch anyway. And I agree with howlingmine, in that you should do some research.

  • Rich Remmy
    Rich Remmy 7 months ago

    It's Uh-key-tuh.

  • Yung Deagツ
    Yung Deagツ 7 months ago

    I had a samoyed

  • Gelo Staten
    Gelo Staten 7 months ago

    I have a show dog English Mastiff that I paid $3,000 for and they did not make the list. This is a bull shit list

  • whoa horsey whoa
    whoa horsey whoa 7 months ago

    # 5 u showed a pomeranian pup not an akita pup

  • howlingmine
    howlingmine 7 months ago +1

    I swear if you say Aki-Tah, ONE MORE FREAKING TIME. It's Uh-key-tuh. I've raised them for years. Do some research.

  • gspot mop
    gspot mop 7 months ago

    actually, it's the Lowchen

  • Cayson Stupalski
    Cayson Stupalski 7 months ago +1

    My yorkie poo was 4k

  • Landry Bearden
    Landry Bearden 8 months ago +1

    my dog is 28k

  • carolyn o connor
    carolyn o connor 8 months ago +1

    I have an American Mastiff. He's a great dog. Smart, easily trained, beautiful. There's only 7 breeders in the world. 1 in Canada. 6 in the U.S. We had over $3,000 invested in the first week. He's breed to have a dry mouth. I've had dogs my whole life and he's my #1. Great with kids, elderly, sick. I would recommend this breed for anyone

  • gta san andreas myth hunter

    I have 3 akitas

  • Barbara Nøjd
    Barbara Nøjd 9 months ago +5

    VARNING! It is'nt a panda dog in this video, wich was actually the reason you clikt on it

  • Denise Uhlry
    Denise Uhlry 9 months ago

    I’d rather save a dog,then pay tons of money for one.Chances could find several in your local shelter.Since once that expensive puppy turns into a DOG they tend to end up in a CHEAP shelter.

  • Terry Bardy
    Terry Bardy 9 months ago +41

    If you want a good dog go to the pound or a shelter. You'll get a good companion and you'll be saving a dog's life.

  • Ben Murdoch
    Ben Murdoch 9 months ago

    Learn to say Akita!!! and I had my male Akita with 4 other dogs. and Rots dont cost that much money