The Sims 4: Tiny Living (Review)

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  • Danielle Oldfield
    Danielle Oldfield 14 hours ago

    The Murphy bed as well is one of the most expensive beds in the game.

  • tired and hungry

    ever since maxis left the sims is just eh. and it’s not like they can’t do bunk beds they did them in the sims three soooooo idk correct me if i’m wrong

  • othrockzmysockz
    othrockzmysockz Day ago


  • Tony Hilton
    Tony Hilton 2 days ago

    You’re dead right, the only real tiny living element is the tv / bookcase / radio combo. I remember loads of videos being published with the “challenge” of building a 32 tile home with no move objects and no resizing. Everyone was like “yep, done”, proving that a tiny living pack added a lot of not very much to the game (other than the combo tv, new death & lot traits).

  • TheHeroSaver
    TheHeroSaver 4 days ago

    The hair swatches bothered me so much too!

  • Missy
    Missy 4 days ago

    The absolute worst part is the no flat roofs.

  • MolbotUK
    MolbotUK 12 days ago

    I have a really small cramped room but I’m sooo claustrophobic I have to have the door open 24/7 I can’t handle lifts it shuts NO

  • Emmanuel Mortel
    Emmanuel Mortel 16 days ago

    Im ClaustrOphObic DaMmit

  • Hidinginyourcupboard

    Sofa bed would have been better. Or a futon

  • Sebastián Sandoval
    Sebastián Sandoval 24 days ago

    True. The Sims has gotten way too easy, it feels like there are no challenges at all, everything is too perfect.

  • Bovaryser
    Bovaryser 25 days ago

    Omg you casually referencing Dance Moms I laughed so hard

  • Susana
    Susana 26 days ago +1

    “my coffee is here, my acne is back and we’re ready to talk some caroline flack” oh god

  • AbbyGames
    AbbyGames 28 days ago

    I love your honesty. Also idk if anyone’s said this yet but Murphy beds are kind of a thing in the states but also not really?? There was one in an apartment I looked at once but they aren’t common at all. I really wish we’d gotten bunkbeds- I actually wish they’d come with university if I’m being real here

  • Mel Lyttle
    Mel Lyttle Month ago

    That Caroline flack and love island joke is even funnier now.

  • Tobias Fowler
    Tobias Fowler Month ago

    Your channel is the only Simming channel I bother watching. Thank you for your content.

  • Kate Harris
    Kate Harris Month ago +7

    that caroline flack joke did not age well

  • Nyk2ole
    Nyk2ole Month ago

    ngl i feel like EA is bleeding us with some of this stuff and ever notice the worst packs never go on sale lol.

  • Cassi Roberts
    Cassi Roberts Month ago

    i think my profile picture fits nicely with the intro

  • Scoobert Doobert
    Scoobert Doobert Month ago

    Boy she loves traits

  • Rachel Smith
    Rachel Smith Month ago

    Definitely the worst pack. It really didn’t provide anything helpful.

  • Janet Hilton
    Janet Hilton Month ago

    Bunk beds, Bunk beds with a desk underneath with space for a computer set up, Same thing with a sofa even and a double bunk bed with space underneath would have been amazing.
    Ladders, spiral staircases, very small windows would have helped. The combination sink/shower you mentioned with a drain on the floor for a wet room...
    And there are other packs that would have benefitted from more.

  • Janet Hilton
    Janet Hilton Month ago

    I've felt like the way they've been putting packs together recently have been kinda Lazy. Like they have an idea and spend five minutes on researching/how things would work in real life and also what the sims community wants to see.

  • Tristen Ray
    Tristen Ray Month ago

    Wheres the "apolutley beautiful" shirt.

  • Wynter Docherty
    Wynter Docherty Month ago +5

    RIP Caroline

  • Lycha
    Lycha Month ago

    I remember wanting every single expansions of the sims 2 and the sims 3 because they added so much more fun to the game that I thought I couldn't live without them. Now, with sims 4, it doesn't happen to me at all. I just don't see the point of most of them.

  • Stacey G
    Stacey G Month ago +8

    Rip Caroline 💔

  • EDCompositions
    EDCompositions Month ago

    I was waiting to see if anyone would remark on the fact that the murphy beds when folded up, cannot have a coffee table or anything else in front of it. It has a couch implemented but nowhere to place your food or drinks on. Tiny living is about using all the space you got in a smart and efficient way, but having a murphy bed that cannot have anything else in front of it when it's not being used as a bed, isn't very space-utilizing. You may as well, as you said, use a normal bed instead.

  • Ania Sikorska
    Ania Sikorska Month ago

    I love your accent!

  • Madison Sequira
    Madison Sequira Month ago

    They should've gave you like cabin fever moodlet from staying in your tiny house too long. And if your sim gets sick it should last longer/be worse (many people who live in vans or tiny homes say getting sick in a confined space is 10x worse).

  • Erica Cook
    Erica Cook Month ago

    They could have done more research into tiny living IRL objects. Such as a table whose chairs fold into the table when not using them, or made the space in front of the bed usable when closed. This way, objects have to be moved when you want it pulled down.
    Another thing could have been a need to go outsed to maintain that "fine" moodlet. One thing tiny living makes you need is time outside for mental health. Another useful thing would have been a workable patio, or overhaings that don't artificially increase squair footage. New half fridges that fit into the counters like dish washers could have been usedul too.

  • Joshua Jackson
    Joshua Jackson Month ago

    Do you know any tories? 🤔

  • Shannon King
    Shannon King Month ago +1

    My main complaint is that the Murphy beds break. Way. Too. Often.

  • Msfoxpaws89
    Msfoxpaws89 Month ago +1

    Why don’t make packs with collaborations with TheXvid simmers and we get what we want and they get paid so everyone is happy :). Just the way makeup collaborations happen sims should do the same with TheXvid simmers!

  • carissacampbell21
    carissacampbell21 Month ago

    they could have introduced the concept of a loft bed with space for walking under it. they could have even made it a combo like a loft bed with a desk and dresser under it. They could have also brought back the all in one bathroom like they had in the sims 3.

  • Panda Cameron
    Panda Cameron Month ago

    i have seasonal effective disorder also XD

  • Lauryn Watson
    Lauryn Watson Month ago

    We love a Queen who stays true to her subs and gives the honest Tea 💙

  • Splommy
    Splommy Month ago

    I think a really cool idea for a game pack would be an Escape Room game pack. Kind of like ho Bowling stuff works, you could go to escape rooms with your friends and family, and you can create your own escape rooms. Could maybe even work like get to work where your sims could actually own and manage an escape room place, maybe expand it to have more rooms to make more money. Anyone else think that would be really fun?

  • cryptic approach
    cryptic approach Month ago

    Thank you for pointing out no new traits and aspirations!!! This bugs me so much! i love quirky sims and most of the traits we have are... Inconsequential. All sims are starting to act the same

  • Michael Martin
    Michael Martin Month ago +1

    miss kiesha? MISS KIESHA?!?

  • GreyFoxMoon
    GreyFoxMoon Month ago

    Hating the beds!!! Mine breaks every. Single. Time. My sim uses it!!!!

  • Conor Marsh
    Conor Marsh Month ago

    AS IF they haven't added bunk bed in this pack. This is disgraceful! Get with it EA you're joking aren't you!?

  • Seiferboy Gaming
    Seiferboy Gaming Month ago

    They had a Murphy bed in the classic British show, Are You Being Served. Ms. Brahms and Mrs. Slocombe got stuck in it, if I remember lol!

  • elliesroses
    elliesroses Month ago

    I feel like the team who decided on the items in Tiny Living should probably have talked to simmers who regularly make tiny builds in order to understand what would have worked better in the pack

  • Bethany Manson
    Bethany Manson Month ago +1

    11:47 “I don’t want sunshine and rainbows and happiness. Life’s shit and I wanna represent that in the Sims” - Plumbella 2020
    ^I need this on a T-shirt/poster/mug

  • DoeyBap
    DoeyBap Month ago

    I think all sims 4 packs are way over priced. I wish you could buy single items

  • LittleStinkin Greg
    LittleStinkin Greg Month ago

    Jess! should get a REAL meeting with EA and pitch some ideas. I will literally start a religion for her and praise her everyday

  • Alissa D
    Alissa D Month ago

    Honestly I've been using the Murphy Bed more like a sofa bed than an actual bed for my Sims. It's like a spare bed for if someone wants to crash on the couch. Yeah, claustrophobia would have been great trait to add and maybe agoraphobia or something for the reverse people who like tiny houses and are afraid of big houses. Or like trendy trait people who brag about their tiny houses or even an eco friendly trait, people who enjoy living in tiny houses and using the laundry line like in Sims 3. There was so much potential there.

  • Timothy H
    Timothy H Month ago

    Ive watched so many sims reviews and highlights and ive only ever played sims for 5 minutes on the xbox 15 years ago lol

  • Julia
    Julia Month ago

    YES! Someone finally said it! Why didn't we get a bunk bed and a ladder, two things we've been asking for, for ages! No we get another toilet? The murphy bed that nobody asked for. Why???

  • RickyPuf
    RickyPuf Month ago

    i have the pack but for some reason when i try to change the lot type, the tiny hours option isnt there, only residential

  • Warren Agnew
    Warren Agnew Month ago

    I'm suprised they didnt have one of those toilets that have a sink included

  • Laura Parker
    Laura Parker Month ago +1

    WHERE are my bunk beds..... like WHERE???? It actually baffles me that they didn't include them in this pack

  • Bay Buh
    Bay Buh 2 months ago

    g l o a b l 2 4 n e w s

  • chloe
    chloe 2 months ago

    where is your shirt from

  • That Kid
    That Kid 2 months ago +1

    I knew I just met my best friend in Plumbella at:

  • Wolf Tom
    Wolf Tom 2 months ago

    I don't hate the tiny living pack but I do agree with Plumbella that it needs more items such as ladders etc.
    When I made a micro home in the Sims 4 the only way I could fit everything I needed in was to use stuff from other packs, such as the mini fridge so my Sim could have a microwave etc.

  • Serena Martin
    Serena Martin 2 months ago

    You know what would've been a GREAT addition to tiny living?
    The ability to put a 2 person bed up against a wall and for the sims to be able to just crawl to the side that's pressed against the wall instead of having to move the bed away from the wall, which takes up more space, for them to get into the other side.
    I mean, people do it IRL all the dang time! Getting it pressed up against the wall saves a bit of space. That bit of space could be a huge help with the tile limitations.

  • Athenna Stoddard
    Athenna Stoddard 2 months ago

    Why isn’t she the sims CEO, I love every idea she has

  • Jania Carpin
    Jania Carpin 2 months ago

    They need to add a loft function into the game. A lot of tiny houses and micro houses I've seen irl have a lil loft space that holds their beds. And have a desk space or living space under it. I feel like it would be sooooo aesthetically pleasing.

  • Peechaie Sunset
    Peechaie Sunset 2 months ago

    I WANT THIS PACK SO MUCH wallet says I’m saving up robux and i think my wallet will straight up say NO

  • Julia Lilly Moore
    Julia Lilly Moore 2 months ago +1

    So magic can’t kill you, but Murphy beds are deadly?? Hmmm...🤔

  • Rhi Peps
    Rhi Peps 2 months ago

    I downloaded Tiny Living on my laptop, without realising I had the legacy edition! Absolutely gutted that it won't run new stuff packs 😭 it looks so good as well!!

  • Alicia Urie
    Alicia Urie 2 months ago

    I think as far as actual gameplay it does add a challenge if you want to have guest on a holiday or own pets

  • Will Kallao
    Will Kallao 2 months ago


  • Katherine Martin
    Katherine Martin 2 months ago

    Murphy beds could have been good if the also included tables that folded into the walls. Would have over all been better served with loft beds.

  • Carrie Beckwith-Fellows

    Did they just patch the murphey beds? All of mine are electric powered, none pull down manually, which makes them completely useless for off-grid living (which is how many people in tiny homes live). Its made it really tough to build a proper off-grid tiny home. *bought the pack today.

  • Asian Edna
    Asian Edna 2 months ago

    You changed your description

  • BroodMango
    BroodMango 2 months ago +1

    I mean murphy beds.. cool. Bunkbeds.. cool.. But why does everyone forget that one of the most popular things are just couches/sofas that you can open up into a bed..? Wouldn't that be the first thing that'd be missing in Sims, not just for Tiny Living -- in general?

  • Áine Órga
    Áine Órga 2 months ago

    Gotta say, I agree with almost everything here but totally disagree about the murphy bed not giving more space/options - having a sofa is a must for me in my game, and being able to have those six squares of space double as both has been SUPER helpful in making tiny homes. I just built a complex of three townhouses that add up to being a tiny home (64 square total) that comfortably houses 8 adult sims and I used two murphy beds in it. Absolutely could not have done that without the murphy bed.

    • Áine Órga
      Áine Órga 2 months ago

      But for the most part I agree. Especially as the tiny fridge and shower from the university pack have been crucial to my tiny builds and didn't even come with the same pack...

  • Alfie Wilkinson
    Alfie Wilkinson 2 months ago

    The Gemma Collins bits 😭😭💀💀

  • katykat978
    katykat978 2 months ago

    My sim died about 3 times with that bed, which was somewhat of a bummer

  • dc lottz
    dc lottz 2 months ago

    Miss abby Lee would be proud😂😂 those pointed feet are any dancers goals, the dance moms cast would love this pack 👏👌

  • Lalisa BK
    Lalisa BK 2 months ago

    I brought this pack as I live in a tiny home ( a van I renovated 😂) so having stuff crammed in tight spaces (drum sound) is something I’m used to

  • Sunny Day
    Sunny Day 2 months ago

    when i downloaded the pack i immediately went to play it, spent a good hour making my sim, her cat, and her tiny house. Got to play for 2 fucking minutes before she was KILLED by the bed slamming down on her. it was a brand new save and her cat got deleted bc there wasnt anyone else in the household

  • Alexandra Cloud
    Alexandra Cloud 2 months ago +1

    The only benefit I can find for a Murphy bed other then the couch bed mix is that yoga mats will work in the space when the bed is up

  • Mawking Jax
    Mawking Jax 2 months ago

    We do have Murphys here. Mostly used when guest are staying over.

  • UtaJoule
    UtaJoule 2 months ago

    You know what I would've prefered over murphy beds?
    Pull out couches.
    I don't know ANYONE who has a murphy bed! Everyone has a pull out couch tho. Wth??

  • Ally H
    Ally H 2 months ago

    When it says relationships are doubled it’s for positive and negative relationships so that’s a funny thing

  • Sofia H
    Sofia H 2 months ago +1

    the Murphy bed is actually originally from Sims 2 apartment life and you could also die from putting it down! so I guess it's there for the nostalgia really, although I haven't really heard many people talk about it

  • Emma Firth
    Emma Firth 2 months ago

    I’ve watched you for years but I’ve only just realised that you seem like a British Morgan Adams

    Just my opinion