02. Waking Up - Lone Survivor Soundtrack

  • Published on Dec 23, 2013
  • Lone Survivor Soundtrack
    Music by Explosions In The Sky
  • MusicMusic

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  • Mukumbuta Nalukui

    Never out of the fight.

  • A-BombProductions
    A-BombProductions 8 days ago

    Makes a good alarm too

  • Вася Васин
    Вася Васин 10 days ago

    Наши парни с 3- го месяца проыи были , и самые наименьшие потери!!! Но это никого не волнует! Без злорадства - настоящим воинам Слава!!@

  • EddVladd
    EddVladd 11 days ago

    Que nostalgia angustiante me traen estos soundtrack

  • Xx_GILLO_xX 925
    Xx_GILLO_xX 925 12 days ago +1

    Brings a tear to my eye😢 R.I.P boys💪🏻💪🏻🙏🏻

  • Dj Zalgo Gamer.
    Dj Zalgo Gamer. 13 days ago

    Like si quieres ir a los Estados Unidos, es un lugar realmente hermoso 😍

  • Richard Bryant
    Richard Bryant 22 days ago +1

    As a Marine Corps vet this song and movie make me bawl like a baby every time without hesitation. I'll see my brothers in Valhalla one day.

  • philipb
    philipb 22 days ago

    the opening scene of this movie got the atmosphere of military camp in Afghanistan spot on. it brings me back in time

  • James Reese
    James Reese 23 days ago

    Scout Dog guys from 68-69 Hope your life is good !

  • Comrade Jay
    Comrade Jay 24 days ago +1

    *hey your finally awake*

  • venkat_ TUV
    venkat_ TUV 25 days ago

    The guy in the poster looks like Benedict cumberbatch

  • Speedy Pedo
    Speedy Pedo 29 days ago

    I’m inspired to go in the navy seals or the marines... God bless these men, they fight for the weak people of America so shall I

  • 100.000 Subs With No Videos, Please Me!

    *11/10* For This Movie

  • Anthony Hutchins
    Anthony Hutchins Month ago

    Explosions in the sky is the most unique music listening experience ever...

  • Richard Wiking
    Richard Wiking Month ago +1

    The most motivational soundtrack ever

  • 이성현
    이성현 Month ago

    I was korea udt/seal i shall never forget them

  • Oscar Aguilera
    Oscar Aguilera Month ago

    Dedicado a ellos. Red Wings

  • 남자조민혁
    남자조민혁 Month ago

    I'm a Marine that lost 46 brothers and 2 Navy Corpsman in Iraq in 2005, the same time that this operation went down, I broke down in tears practically the whole movie, very well done, too real for me, brought back painful memories, worst part was at the end, seeing them happy with loved ones like they deserved.


    This song speak louder than words, but only after you watch the film, I did download this song so many times

  • lord 26
    lord 26 Month ago +1

    Run time

  • Tegan forster
    Tegan forster Month ago

    Troy, if you ever come by this comment. thank you for showing me this song all the way back in the 9th grade. I’m glad to know that your doing what you’ve always wanted to do. You’ve followed in your brothers footsteps, and are serving for our country now, and i’m so unbelievably proud of you. If by chance you see this at any point, know that i love you and i’m always here for you pal. good luck in your future endeavours. may god be with you, my friend.


    Emozioni a non finire.....colonna sonora stupenda...film fantastico...


    This is my commandment: Love each other in the same way I have loved you. There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.
    John 15:12‭-‬13 NLT

  • Isak Mattsson
    Isak Mattsson Month ago


  • Mack Jacobs
    Mack Jacobs Month ago

    Oh my God. Insane.

  • Rio Vivo
    Rio Vivo Month ago

    2019?? Here!!

  • Miguel Grunert
    Miguel Grunert Month ago

    Fucking war


    To all my peers that lost the good fight, Semper Fi. Rest easy.

  • I O
    I O Month ago

    I used to run to this after my shift at night around the wire back on deployment in '15...... 4:11 was when I sprinted :P Miss it.

  • mitchell jackson
    mitchell jackson 2 months ago

    Shit ain't just a movie... people don't realize these are real people and families, not just actors on a film.

  • Alpha & Omega
    Alpha & Omega 2 months ago

    The war The soldiers The honor...

    MOBROOKS 2 months ago

    What an amazing song.

  • sunshine schafer
    sunshine schafer 2 months ago

    goosebump type of song. I think every active past or present can escape to this song and have some sort of at peace moment. Thank you to everyone who has served or is currently. You guys always hold a special place in my heart.

  • Mehtab Alam
    Mehtab Alam 2 months ago

    i speed up when when this track reach at 3:00. best inspiration music.

  • Mehtab Alam
    Mehtab Alam 2 months ago

    this is where men cry .

  • Friisky TC
    Friisky TC 2 months ago

    Watched this film over 200 times, I suffer with a lot of mental health problems and I get stressed out a lot, but as soon as I watch this film it brings out the bright side of me and I get the best tiggly feeling I can’t explain it, I’m so fascinated with the whole concept of what went on, so I got the book, I’ve never read a book in my life and this book makes me realise how lucky I am to be where I am, I would love to serve my country on the frontline but unfortunately I hav asthma and severe allergies, I am so happy I stumbled across this film, it’s helped me through some dark times amazing film, amazing acting, RIP to these young men❤️

  • David Rashkovsky
    David Rashkovsky 2 months ago +1

    for some reason this song plays on the hurting parts of the soul.

  • Luis Trejo
    Luis Trejo 2 months ago

    PO2C: Shane Patton ,22
    Lt. CMDR: Erik Kristensen ,33
    PO2C: Danny Dietz ,25
    PO2C: Matthew 'Axe' Axelson ,29
    And LT. Michael 'Mike' Murphy ,29.
    He who made the 1st call and last stand and to the men of operation Red wings
    'You're Never out of the fight'
    -Marcus Luttrell, PO1C
    Navy SEALs Forever. Thank you for your services 😢😭🎗♱💖🎖🇺🇸

  • SuperEvilnine *
    SuperEvilnine * 2 months ago

    Perfect song for the movie

  • kulkarni Singh
    kulkarni Singh 2 months ago

    Loved the movie and sound track Rip to martyrs of operation red wings

  • Martin moto
    Martin moto 2 months ago

    I dont no why but this is motivation song for me.

  • Hdeny Parcerito
    Hdeny Parcerito 3 months ago


  • Darek Hareza
    Darek Hareza 3 months ago

    Good Bless in the name of freedom not. War war bring tears for families wife's mother's daughters sons ✋ sending inosence soldier's for money oil land

  • khalid shehri
    khalid shehri 3 months ago

    This is the so - called not to leave your brother in the war .... America always defends humanity ... Thank you America

  • khalid shehri
    khalid shehri 3 months ago

    من عربي هذا ما يسمى ان لاتترك اخوك في الحرب....امريكا دائما تدافع عن الانسانية...شكرا امريكا

  • Stef Roguez
    Stef Roguez 3 months ago

    Lone Survivor 2019

  • Harsh Raj
    Harsh Raj 3 months ago

    This movie inspired me to join armed forces.Watched this movie 5 months ago and now I'm preparing to join armed forces. Loved this movie...
    Salute to these heroes.Lot's of Love and sympathy to the families of those warriors..
    From India

  • Lasse Jensen
    Lasse Jensen 3 months ago

    i have never cryed so mutch of watchin a movie .. wahu ! that hits hard ..........

  • Marilyn Marquiss
    Marilyn Marquiss 3 months ago

    Watch hurt locker

  • Marilyn Marquiss
    Marilyn Marquiss 3 months ago

    I served in us army ied specialist found 678

  • Tarren Reynolds
    Tarren Reynolds 3 months ago

    I listened to this song when I was on the plane leaving for basic training. I’ve just said goodbye to all my family and friends and I walked down the terminal to start my new life. Listening to this song while looking out the window watching the plane take off is a moment I will never forget.

  • Mimidomido zx
    Mimidomido zx 3 months ago +1

    taliban disslike this

  • yaツ
    yaツ 3 months ago

    This movie is so inspiring

  • yaツ
    yaツ 3 months ago

    I lost one of my friends cause of something that happened

  • The True Apache Chief Patriot

    Where the bad things live, where the bad things fight.

  • john trollas
    john trollas 3 months ago

    I would take a bullet for my country anytime

  • Alexandre Gonçalves de Almeida

    Que música linda. Obrigado.

  • Vincent Dillieu
    Vincent Dillieu 4 months ago +1


  • Googel Googel
    Googel Googel 4 months ago +1

    First the CIA created the mujahedin to fought the soviet invasion because America want to become powerful and gain more land and then started war in Afghanistan to put the shit marines in combat . The America killed million of civilian totally innocent and their marines .

  • JJC
    JJC 4 months ago