Desperately Trying To Not Touch Our Faces

  • Well, here we are. The first day of Quarantannus. In an effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19, Mark and Ethan attempt to touch their faces as little as possible.
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    ᴛᴡɪᴛᴛᴇʀ ► unusannus
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    This channel, along with every video that has or will ever be uploaded on this channel, will be deleted after our year has ended. This is inevitable. Inescapable. Irreversible.
    Do not archive or re-upload anything. This is our last wish. Our parting gift. Stay true to the purpose of our final year or we shall lay down wrath upon those that attempt to escape the end.
    Memento Mori.
    Unus Annus.

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  • neejoy sola
    neejoy sola 11 hours ago

    them to be. It’s horrible.

  • Maya :3
    Maya :3 12 hours ago

    I have never touched my face more than I did during this video

  • Emma Ward
    Emma Ward 12 hours ago

    My name is Charity

    • Emma Ward
      Emma Ward 11 hours ago

      Yeah that is a really great idea I was making a joke I love your idea

    • neejoy sola
      neejoy sola 11 hours ago

      It would be cool if you donated to charities that help treat people that have diseases like diabetes or asthma or any auto immune diseases that are more likely to be in worse

  • yes i am a majestic fish

    Solution for getting hair out of the way: wear a headband

  • I’m Chris
    I’m Chris 13 hours ago +1

    I’m very happy this got a mil views just to promote awareness good job mark and Ethan

  • Ryley Smith
    Ryley Smith 13 hours ago

    Mark says “corona virus”


  • Boba Bubble
    Boba Bubble 13 hours ago +1

    I wanna give Ethan a hug

  • pingwin
    pingwin 14 hours ago +1

    What if them no touching their face, a joke, actually does keep them from getting corona

  • øøf_itz_ alex
    øøf_itz_ alex 14 hours ago

    nuuu nu virus is gonna stawp me from huggin ppl u_u

  • Kat Jones
    Kat Jones 14 hours ago

    at the end theyre like YOU CAN DO IT WITH US me here playing with my tongue ring😂

  • Spicae Smoothie
    Spicae Smoothie 14 hours ago

    Anyone else tried not to touch their face while watching this video??

  • ravenclaw4seal 9702
    ravenclaw4seal 9702 15 hours ago

    Mark and Ethan: "stay in your house"
    Me: *works in an essential business* I wish I could stay home but y'all need groceries 😭

  • Xbjbean
    Xbjbean 15 hours ago

    Mark: Coronavir-
    TheXvid: *Demonetized*

  • SlushyBrainz
    SlushyBrainz 16 hours ago

    I’m laying down and I’m literally holding my head with my hand oof -1000

  • Felix the BEST THICC BOI

    Take a shot every time either Mark or Ethan said, "Touch your face"

  • Nate Reacts
    Nate Reacts 16 hours ago

    Mark: touch it
    Touch your face.

  • Grim Shadow227
    Grim Shadow227 16 hours ago

    I hope they know that it is six days and not 2 weeks

  • Cassandra Lyon
    Cassandra Lyon 16 hours ago

    mr beast

  • Depressed Waffle
    Depressed Waffle 16 hours ago

    Who else did this with them 😂

  • hannah Tracy
    hannah Tracy 16 hours ago

    It would be cool if you donated to charities that help treat people that have diseases like diabetes or asthma or any auto immune diseases that are more likely to be in worse conditions if they contract covid-19

  • CMT777
    CMT777 16 hours ago

    I always forget how young Ethan is

  • mr. octopus
    mr. octopus 16 hours ago

    Imagine-John Lennon

  • Emus are great
    Emus are great 17 hours ago

    Y'all should donate to the red cross. Their blood donations are stopping with doesn't help during a pandemic

  • woopty cloud
    woopty cloud 17 hours ago

    Mark: Charity smarity that's what Amy always says
    Amy: I'm gonna kill him...

  • Astraea 229
    Astraea 229 17 hours ago

    For charities, try ones that donate medical supplies to the hospitals. Some states have started withholding supplies unless infected have been deemed worth the use due to limited supplies.

  • Jacob Hollowell
    Jacob Hollowell 17 hours ago

    Found three of them

  • Alex Dopp
    Alex Dopp 17 hours ago +1

    everybody else: "oh no, I can't touch my face!"
    me: *using literally any object around me instead of my hands* "amateurs!"

  • Fortnitegirl 32 800
    Fortnitegirl 32 800 17 hours ago

    CDC:don’t touch ur face
    Me:touch’s face

  • Cassie K
    Cassie K 18 hours ago

    me watching this and laughing while touching my face

  • Kayleigh Hall
    Kayleigh Hall 18 hours ago

    I recommend donating to Cult for Good! Elijah Daniel is giving necessary supplies to homeless people/ people in need!

  • HowdyHowdy
    HowdyHowdy 18 hours ago

    COVID-19 will kill Unus Annus

  • Domonique Hicks
    Domonique Hicks 18 hours ago


  • The Sex-Shrimp
    The Sex-Shrimp 18 hours ago

    People who have contact lenses: **nervous sweating**

  • Pred Edicius
    Pred Edicius 18 hours ago

    This is technically your everyday Markiplier and EthanGames video
    Except it's a Collab

  • Zimmy Videos
    Zimmy Videos 18 hours ago +1

    "Don't touch your face"
    That itch on your face: we'll see about that

  • Samson5erb Rocks
    Samson5erb Rocks 19 hours ago

    You guys didn't use your best weapons. You could have said it's a good thing your nose doesn't itch. or you can go to the bathroom and then call the person and then if they pick up the phone and put it to their face they'll likely be touching their face.

  • Dyotton
    Dyotton 19 hours ago

    Unus annus

  • Shiny Melon
    Shiny Melon 20 hours ago

    Any autism awareness charity/foundation please mark and ethan

  • Science Comedian
    Science Comedian 20 hours ago

    God I wish I could just quarantine myself. But SOMEHOW my job is considered essential and is STILL open for business. :(

  • kiribakun
    kiribakun 20 hours ago

    exposure therapy got me to stop being a complete germaphobe and now I’m reverting back so that’s fun

  • PurpleTanzie
    PurpleTanzie 20 hours ago

    It's been a while since I touched my face THIS much...

  • pokemon master
    pokemon master 20 hours ago

    Why do people watch the video and dislike it if u don't like it then go to a different video nobody asked for your two sense

  • Maddy N
    Maddy N 20 hours ago

    i was touching my face as i read the title lol whoops

  • Bluelinkiller211
    Bluelinkiller211 21 hour ago

    The World: stay in your house
    Me: wut about the homeless

  • TriforceGirl770
    TriforceGirl770 21 hour ago

    13:30 - My mother walked into my room and thought I was watching porn (she couldn't see the screen).

  • Peachy
    Peachy 21 hour ago

    I'm doing the challenge with you and I have a freaking itch on my nose, and now it's on my ear. >:(

  • Peachy
    Peachy 21 hour ago

    Me: *can't touch my face.*
    Brain: here, *take an itch.*

  • ShagInTheBag 420
    ShagInTheBag 420 22 hours ago +1

    These two: “NO HANDS ON FACE”
    Me, an intellectual: *uses pavement to scratch my face*

  • Melanie Rose
    Melanie Rose 22 hours ago

    Me: pulling a hair off my tongue as they are struggling

  • Oj Ll
    Oj Ll 22 hours ago

    illinois covid-19 response fund

  • Alex Albano
    Alex Albano 22 hours ago

    Do their personal channels count?

  • Wes Willmering
    Wes Willmering 22 hours ago +1

    Food bank charity

  • Ezic
    Ezic 22 hours ago


  • Elijah Maher
    Elijah Maher 22 hours ago

    Mr beast just announced a charity

  • Aniko Horne
    Aniko Horne 22 hours ago

    Please donate to ALS Association for the charity

  • Layne Boykin
    Layne Boykin 22 hours ago

    Could I like have Ethan's jumper

  • Ivan Horvat
    Ivan Horvat 22 hours ago

    donate to city of Zagreb, capital of Croatia, it was struck by a strong earthquake in the middle of corona crisis :(
    there is an ongoing charity already

  • ava elizabeth
    ava elizabeth 23 hours ago

    the CDC: don’t touch your face or you’ll die
    my adhd: ok boomer

  • JaySundae
    JaySundae 23 hours ago

    Please donate to I Support the Girls. They provide bras and menstrual products to women and girls in need. Due to the covid 19 outbreak and people being quarantined, ISTG supplies are extremely low due to the high increase of people requesting these essential items. When people get quarantined, we think the those important items are food and toilet paper. But we forget menstrual products.

  • Kincaid
    Kincaid 23 hours ago

    I have asthma and my family keeps threatening that I will get it and die

  • Tayspace
    Tayspace 23 hours ago +1

    Me : decides to play along
    My glasses: fall to the tip of my nose
    Me: 😔

  • Mr. Coupe
    Mr. Coupe 23 hours ago

    I’ve literally just got my right hand on my balls the whole time I watch brunis bronis

  • Alex Schrock
    Alex Schrock Day ago

    St. Jude Children Hospital

  • Lisa Mahadeo
    Lisa Mahadeo Day ago


  • Beatrix Stone
    Beatrix Stone Day ago

    Ethan AHahahaaahahahaHahaAaAhHaa
    Mark .................... *whispers TOUCH YOUR FACE

  • Em J
    Em J Day ago

    I swear I've touched my face more since being told not to touch my face then I ever touched my face before

  • Will Beltz
    Will Beltz Day ago

    *it’s me...*


  • Shannon Covington

    Who else had there hand on there face the whole video.

  • Do ya like Jazz
    Do ya like Jazz Day ago

    Idk why but Ethan’s eyes are popping off in this video whoo

  • cale2140 cale2140
    cale2140 cale2140 Day ago +1

    On New Years they should have a live stream

  • Sean Spencer
    Sean Spencer Day ago

    The last major illness was 2008-2009

  • ArsiTheFox
    ArsiTheFox Day ago

    Hard to stay at home when your illegally being evicted....

  • Saiki Boii
    Saiki Boii Day ago

    They touch their face in all the future thumbnails good job

  • Jewels Corner
    Jewels Corner Day ago +1

    I clicked immediatly

  • Billy Bob
    Billy Bob Day ago +1

    Donate to ASPCA

  • Louise S.P
    Louise S.P Day ago

    Mark and Ethan: people r gonna b so germ aware and r gonna take hygiene serious now yay
    Me (lives in the UK) and my big brother (likes in S Korea): I stg if you piss me off one more time I WILL fly to your house for £30 and I WILL cough on you

  • chad newman
    chad newman Day ago +1

    dount get rid of the channel pls

  • Luz Bautista
    Luz Bautista Day ago

    Wait, "This is what it means to go beyond.." Beyond Super Saiyan?

  • Luz Bautista
    Luz Bautista Day ago

    Doggy Shelter because dogs have corona virus too, right?

  • MS A
    MS A Day ago