Russell Brand and David Lynch In Conversation

  • Published on Jun 8, 2019
    David Lynch and Russell Brand answer questions submitted by the audience about consciousness, meditation, comedy, creativity, film, art, life, etc.
    The event took place Sunday, June 9th, 2019 from the sold out Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles. Proceeds help to teach Transcendental Meditation, at no charge, to women in recovery at the Friendly House LA.
    To join in support, text your donation to 20222
    Text MEDITATE to donate $50
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    Special thanks to our presenting sponsor ALEX AND ANI!

Comments • 969

    BIANCA 8 months ago +80

    I am secretly in love with Russel Brand. The fluidity, coherence and velocity of speech enchants me. His logic, sense of humor and emotional intelligence 😌…

    • Luanda Magere
      Luanda Magere 2 months ago

      @Cindy Spiess Guten Morgen Frau Spiess, alle Sprachen und Wörter sind erfunden aber basierend auf gemeinsamen Verständnis und nicht die Behauptung einer Person. Emotional Intelligence kam ohne jegliche Studie bzw. fachliche Belegegung, von einer Person.
      This is what I consider bogus with the term "Emotional Intelligence".

    • Cindy Spiess
      Cindy Spiess 2 months ago

      @Jebidiah Newkedkracker interesting 🤔 he does have a very alluring presence ... I am very carried away by Russell , in a positive way . It's all good mate

    • Cindy Spiess
      Cindy Spiess 2 months ago +1

      @Luanda Magere aren't all words and language " made up " ?

    • Cindy Spiess
      Cindy Spiess 2 months ago

      @LLlap you may not be tuned in enough to get it bloke

    • Cindy Spiess
      Cindy Spiess 2 months ago

      @Brian Maiden remember what we see in others we have in our selves. 😑

  • Diogo Adrega
    Diogo Adrega Year ago +215

    It is incredible... and marvelous. Whenever Russell speaks, we are projected on a high speed train (i say train cause, even though it is high speed, it´s very still and understandable), the moment Lynch starts speaking, the train becomes one of those vintage, beautiful, sweet trains from past eras, that used go to slow, but smooth, while riding through some gorgeous mountains.

    • Cindy Spiess
      Cindy Spiess 2 months ago

      Well said , yes I agree

    • Evan Hodge
      Evan Hodge 4 months ago

      Russell will leave hot air, David will leave Art.

    • Angie Bold
      Angie Bold 5 months ago +2

      @Cabbage Fart
      I can appreciate that. What a number aging can do to a woman. Prayer is my only meditation. I get peace when I hand it all over to the Lord. And it frees me up to realize and benefit from that energy it brings and confidence. Love Russell.

    • Cabbage Fart
      Cabbage Fart 6 months ago

      It's verbal incontinence, but in a good way...

  • Been There
    Been There 9 months ago +41

    I feel a sorrow for Brand, he's a brilliant human being who's been devoured by an aberration, his battle in public demonstrates his great strength fighting through, he's literally saving his life in full view.
    Man has balls!!

    • Trent Trent
      Trent Trent 8 months ago +4

      @vanda Mikoloski narrr that was just ridiculous and not funny kept interrupting at crucial times. Russell russel russel me me me he just couldn’t stand still how can you be a advocate for mediation and not have the basic skill of stillness. Even David was thinking your not funny and shut up. He even hinted when he sarcastically said exhausting. Even though he knows the host is a spokesmen and has talked to him before he has the audacity to call him out saying he doesn’t believe in mediation when his dedicated his life to promoting. Then he starts blabbering about his women’s retreat when know one asked him.

    • vanda Mikoloski
      vanda Mikoloski 8 months ago +4

      @Trent Trent Oh come on, dude. As a comic I know he feels some pressure to lighten up these dry guys. Always lighten up shit before you teach, I think !

    • Trent Trent
      Trent Trent 8 months ago +3

      @Kenton Joseph yeah I did but russell kept interrupting. Because his a massive attention seeker.

    • Kenton Joseph
      Kenton Joseph 8 months ago +6

      @Trent Trent You have some hate there bro. Try watching and LISTENING to the video.

  • Joseph Bastidas
    Joseph Bastidas Year ago +201

    Good god imagine a podcast episode that included Russell Brand, David Lynch, and Duncan Trussell.

    • Jem de Jager
      Jem de Jager 5 months ago

      Haha damn

    • Christine Muga
      Christine Muga 5 months ago

      Add ..Jordan Peterson. And Dr Joe DispenZa

    • Juno Legend
      Juno Legend 8 months ago +1

      @manchesterblue2007 Gabor would've definitely fit in a few times on this convo

    • Jack Miller
      Jack Miller 9 months ago +1

      Plus Alex Jones

  • Luck
    Luck 2 years ago +72

    David Lynch and Russell Brand in one room. Gives me faith in humanity

    • Luna Toons
      Luna Toons 2 months ago

      @Astrid JayeNot sure I thought he says it in the video. If he was joking or clarified why I must have missed it.

    • Astrid Jaye
      Astrid Jaye 2 months ago

      @Luna Toons Did he say why?

    • Luna Toons
      Luna Toons 4 months ago

      Sad david said he wouldn't work w Russel. Like ts hurt a Lil.

    • Le Annie
      Le Annie 4 months ago


    • Le Annie
      Le Annie 4 months ago

      @Jebidiah Newkedkracker 💫💫💫

  • The Third Eye
    The Third Eye 9 months ago +11

    wonderful conversation - watching whilst stoned and I have some observations:
    1. I love how respectful RB is to David, often redirecting the conversation to him and making sure he gets proper time to talk and the audience to listen to him.
    2. Found it quite funny that whenever David got too esoteric Bobby had to chime in with a “science alert” to reign it in a little bit 😂

  • Rundark
    Rundark 6 months ago +4

    So much of this mans work has permeated my life without me even knowing about it. I watched Dune in theaters, and what stood out to me in all the epic cinematography and deep storyline was what Muad'Dib kept telling himself, "Fear is the mind killer". I incorporated that into my life's purpose and exercised it in every situation that was bigger than or outside myself. It kept me alive in some of those situations, and when i see those suffering fear, I tell them, "Fear will kill you before injury will, fear is the real killer, fear is False Evidence appearing Real"
    I never seen David Lynch until I watched an episode of Ancient Knowledge where it featured a clip of him speaking to an audience about consciousness and where it resides and the amount one has is a direct influence in how much awareness one has. By expanding my awareness through studying a great many things that I found interest in, I unintentionally increased my intelligence as well. Prior to this journey I embarked on, I tested out at a respectable 138, but I became aware that I was taking in more information at a noticeable increase in volume.
    I tested again and was 31 points higher than before, that is an unheard of rate of increase for intelligence. So not only does consciousness expand one's awareness, it would seem that awareness increases intelligence. Those words David Lynch said changed my life, I attach no strings to material objects as everything is made of the same thing. So matter doesn't matter, consciousness, pure consciousness is the only thing that deserves our pursuit of. Attaining it is the only goal worthy of achieving as it will make everyone who does a better, more fulfilled, more contributing to life's purpose human being.
    The creator of all things gave this man a significant gift to give all mankind, all mankind has to do is accept it.

    • Evan Ray
      Evan Ray Month ago

      Cnat be that smart if he believes in God tbh.

    • suumcuique
      suumcuique 6 months ago +1

      Your IQ does not say anything about you as a human being. But yes, it is interesting how you increased it. Can you elaborate what you you studied?

    VOLCANIA DREAD 2 years ago +79

    David Lynch is my favorite artist, i started meditating because of him✨

    • Juzu Juzu
      Juzu Juzu 3 months ago

      @Edo Blaauw I assume you are more scientific type, so you can think if of like an experiment. But try to get away from that experiment mentality as much as possible when you wouldn't need to use that anymore. I'm a physicist and have found out through my own experimentation things that essentially prove how consciousness and symbols that represent ideas have power. It was really hard for me to do these experiments because I was sure it's scam and I just end up feeling like crap.

    • Iván Vega
      Iván Vega Year ago +2

      @Edo Blaauw Just give it a try and do not go back, keep doing it; you will see the benefits and you will have experiences of joy, beauty, content, intelligence, insights into your behavior, and the nature of us as humans, man, I just think if people did it this earth would be a paradise. My goodness, meditation is the best thing that I could have ever gotten across in my entire life.

    • Edo Blaauw
      Edo Blaauw Year ago +1

      @VOLCANIA DREAD not yet. I like David Lynch a lot, and I would like to believe it works. But the sceptic in me keeps preventing me from doing it.

      VOLCANIA DREAD Year ago +1

      @Edo Blaauw are u meditating?

  • Kim Gelvin
    Kim Gelvin 9 months ago +12

    Beautiful. Congratulations to Russell, Monica, and David for all your amazing creativity to make the world a better place. ✌Peace

  • Mark Thibodeau
    Mark Thibodeau 2 years ago +5

    These two guys, they're both very special people in their own beautiful ways. Russell started out as a bit of a hyperactive drug goof, but he's really become a positive force in our global culture of late. And Lynch, of course, is responsible for some of our era's most important, incredible works of art. I am grateful for both of them. Also, those criticizing Bob Roth probably don't know the role he plays behind the scenes. I'll tell you who appreciates what Bob does... Lynch and Brand!

  • JohnnyNoPockets aka Who Dat Gamecat

    That opening statement from Mr. Lynch. Amazing.

  • Deidre Keating
    Deidre Keating 2 years ago +19

    Brilliant, each man! David is a humble spirit, and Russell is pure vibrancy. And the eloquence of that man! And the grounded generosity of Mr Lynch. Brilliance!

    • RP
      RP 2 years ago +1

      Deidre Keating but Roth is a commercial vampire..

  • Mama Allie
    Mama Allie 11 months ago +5

    Meditation is what’s saved me from my ex & past trauma. I practice meditation three time a day!

  • Brave New Girl
    Brave New Girl 2 years ago +7

    Thank you for supporting The Friendly House, LA. I led a weekly women's recovery group there many years ago. We all appreciate what you do, Russell Brand and love you always, David Lynch!

  • Sigrid Buchanan
    Sigrid Buchanan Month ago

    Russell answering that question about love was hilarious I love his flavor of humor XD

  • Keith DiGiorgio
    Keith DiGiorgio 3 years ago +40

    So honored to have been able to bring my 17 year old (aspiring film maker) son to this - simply amazing!

    • Sam N
      Sam N 2 months ago

      @Alison Chavarría 8i

    • Alison Chavarría
      Alison Chavarría 3 years ago +4

      That's awesome! What would you have liked to ask David Lynch? What did your son think of the experience?

  • knp77
    knp77 2 years ago +173

    Before I watch this as someone who practiced TM and found major benefits I still have nod idea why TM is being pushed in such a financially motivated way. I learned TM. I paid for it. the cost was reduced due to my low income. I get emailed regularly about TM courses, retreats ALL of which are incredibly costly which I could never afford. So back to my question. I cannot understand why the Lynch Foundation needs to exist really. TM should and COULD be a voluntary free program (as in 12 step programs) working through donations and the like. The feeling I get. Well its more than a feeling..... is that TM has become big business. Which is a terrble shame.

    • heliozoa1
      heliozoa1 17 days ago

      Absolutely... that has always made me stay away from TM as being taught by that foundation. It can be done with donations as evidenced by the Vipassana community which is donation based and so incredibly successful that they have several centers in many,many countries all over the world and have had a massive part in spreading mindfulness and meditation to everyone

    • Cindy Spiess
      Cindy Spiess 2 months ago

      @The Electrician 🤔

    • Cindy Spiess
      Cindy Spiess 2 months ago

      @Changing world thank you for putting it so well , I was scramble headedly thinking the same way , but couldn't quite come up with the words 👍

    • Cindy Spiess
      Cindy Spiess 2 months ago

      I'm not sure if you're correct or not , but I think you could be , on the one hand it would be shameful if done improperly , for sure , but on the other hand , the money gives him flexibility to have time to spread it to the masses , 🤔 we will see how it pans out.

  • Stanislaw Marek
    Stanislaw Marek 2 years ago +2

    After so many years of being big fan of mr David's movies I just found out he is such great meditatior. (I must admit I was just watching movies and never read or watch anything about their background or mr Davids background). I was "taking" movies as I understand them. Not how others explain in books or articles. I practice transcendental meditation for two years now and can't believe experiences I have in meditation are so similar to what you describe ( I watched also your other lecture last night where you describe feeling of bliss). I felt bit alone with this, cant talk to anyone really about it ( to not sound " crazy" ). Dont know any people at higher lever who share experiences and use that "power" for art. Thank you for this. Please make more lectures or please share links to ones that are available online. Best of luck with your foundation. See you in the "feild".

  • Shiri Zinn
    Shiri Zinn 9 months ago +5

    This is really true! I did it without a break for 4 years / 40 min a day (except for once in 4 years when I was travelling). I used to even do it on the toilet floor of every airport covered by a dustbin bag so I didn't miss a session). Then.... I took a year off from it and ALL hell broke out. So, I started again. It really works!

  • Cellar Door
    Cellar Door Year ago +8

    I love to see David’s reactions to Russell’s intelligence, so sweet, absolutely wonderful 🙏💗

  • EJ_57
    EJ_57 Year ago +14

    Don't give Russell any more espresso... the more I learn about David, the more I appreciate his authenticity...

    • PETER HH
      PETER HH Year ago

      I think we did not see Russell here it was somebody else... maybe he will just come back to us one day for his side: fame is a monster for some and blessing for others!

  • Jeed92
    Jeed92 6 months ago +1

    David Lynch is a legend

  • Edixa SanchezPacheco
    Edixa SanchezPacheco 6 months ago +1

    Russell is amazing, he is an example of a man who has his feminine side well developed that’s why his thinking and speech is very comprehensive and eloquent and his wisdom is incredible!

  • 0vrStart
    0vrStart 2 years ago +12

    Russel Brand talking about self harm instantly made me a fan of him. Great advice. Fantastic

  • M. S.
    M. S. 3 years ago +14

    I love David Lynch so much. What a Genius.

  • #name_not...found#
    #name_not...found# Year ago +2

    David lynch is a wonderful mastermind. Love it!

  • Christine Sowards
    Christine Sowards 5 months ago +1

    I'm in love with the diverse brilliance that is Russell Brand.

  • Jeanne DeSilver
    Jeanne DeSilver 2 years ago +17

    I like watching how much Russell Brand enjoys listening to David Lynch!

  • Tang Chi Lin
    Tang Chi Lin 10 months ago +6

    I discovered the same "field" Mr. Lynch speaks of, in 1988. I thought of it as a doorway within each heart that opens into the Infinite. That much I was certain of.

  • James Brown
    James Brown 5 months ago +1

    Thank you for this content. Very enlightening.

  • Cellar Door
    Cellar Door Year ago +2

    Russell is absolutely wonderful 🙏💗

  • life_of_billy
    life_of_billy Year ago +2

    We love david cuz he is more himself then he actually is

  • steve brindle
    steve brindle 2 years ago +5

    I have always liked and admired Mr Lynch as a great film director who first came to my notice when I first watched "Eraserhead", it blew my fucking head up! Now I know that he is also a very intelligent and spiritual man. Personally, I suffer from being drawn into politics but I lived for 20yrs in India where I was taught Hatha Yoga, I have done martial arts since I was 18yrs old, giving up the practice during the decade I was doing Yoga. I still do an hour every morning and I have started to learn Shotokan Karate as a white belt at 66yrs old. Previously I had done 5yrs of Wing Chun and 13 yrs of TKD were I ended up with a third dan just before I left for India. I now realise that at root true martial arts and yoga share many core values and practice of one improves the other. My point I guess is that life is a gift and its never too late to start a new venture. Meditation is as good as anything! Russell also comes across as a caring, intelligent man who is obviously trying to be a good man as I myself am attempting to be

  • Christine Hart
    Christine Hart 5 months ago +2

    Am listening to this now the live David Lynch & Russell conversation with Bob Roth. David just said that with 9,000 meditators you could change the world… so Russell… why don’t you organise a day & time when all of your subscribers meditate together! We really need to give this world (and all of us in it) a healing boost!!

  • shady lady
    shady lady Year ago +8

    I have always felt a deep connection to David Lynch. I just adore him.
    ☕🚬 🕉 🎬🏞

  • MDM
    MDM 2 years ago +68

    Brand is larger than life really he can't help himself. Delightful. His mind is always going 80 miles an hour and way ahead of everyone. He needs a lot of intellectual and emotional stimulation or he probably gets bored. It's a blessing and a curse no doubt. But also somewhat childlike, in a good way, open.
    Lynch of course is brilliant and a sweet man.
    Love Brand's understanding of Job, agree with him. I feel like my thoughts are on the right track when I listen to him and happy for the world too.
    Love changes everything, glad these two and the room apparently are part of this sacred goal!!! Yay.

    • Kay Em
      Kay Em 2 years ago +1

      But he's a has been actor of bad films.

    • Robert Melia
      Robert Melia 2 years ago

      magdalyn great review. ✌🏼️

    • Paul A
      Paul A 2 years ago +4

      He just talks faster with big words.

  • Miss Mannah
    Miss Mannah Year ago +3

    is it possible to see this with no cuts? Russel Brand I think is sometimes cut off a bit? Thank you so much for airing this wonderful wonderful conversation

  • David Oxner
    David Oxner 6 months ago +2

    When David asked Russell about humming birds, it's because Russell is a hummingbird.

  • Miramystic
    Miramystic Year ago +5

    Russells greatness is in his willingness to humble himself enough to candidly disclose his futile egoic materialistic pursuits and what helped him to transcend all those things, making it easier for other celebrities and any one to do the same and NOT be ashamed of it.

  • Philip Rowney
    Philip Rowney 6 months ago +4

    This is much better than getting the free soundbites Russ posts on YT as an ad for his paid full length 'casts.

  • mona k
    mona k 11 months ago +1

    I love you Dear Russell Brand. You're the air for us and the biggest inspiration for many nations. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  • Claudia Bothner
    Claudia Bothner 8 months ago +9

    What a fine old man with a young soul. Hasn't missed a meditation session for 46 years. I feel stupid for not having got stably started yet, despite knowing about the good of it for many years.Time to change that! Thanks .

    • John Digsby
      John Digsby 6 months ago

      and hes still giving us a bunch of questions and no real answers.

    • Roxsta 111
      Roxsta 111 8 months ago

      I feel the exact same way! I’m watching and thinking my goodness I need to start tonight 😆🙏🏼🤍

  • Susana Fernandes
    Susana Fernandes 8 months ago

    I love Russel Brand !

  • Rado-san
    Rado-san 10 months ago +24

    David: The world will be a much better place in 2020 and beyond…
    Well that didn’t age well

    • GreatUther
      GreatUther 6 months ago

      @damarh What are you on about.

    • GreatUther
      GreatUther 6 months ago

      @damarh what are you on about.

    • Chloe Majlinda
      Chloe Majlinda 7 months ago

      @weyoo bigman I was definitely thinking the combination. But yesss

    • weyoo bigman
      weyoo bigman 7 months ago +2

      @Chloe Majlinda we were way more harmonious before establishing farming as our primary method of getting food, but yeah if you look at the combination of human wellbeing + harmony then I agree 100%

    • Chloe Majlinda
      Chloe Majlinda 7 months ago +1

      @Infinity Reaper except for if you look over history, technically we are more harmonious now. It’s incremental change. Sure right now is tumultuous, but in the greater timeline we are all better off, more understanding of others and more harmonious than ever before.

  • Vanessa Wilkerson
    Vanessa Wilkerson 8 months ago

    And if they have all 5? Luckily I'm a survivor who chose to find opportunity in my struggle, eventually! Meditation has been one of my saving graces to bring really peace and trust. Love your work!

  • Sierra Adams
    Sierra Adams 6 months ago +2

    "it never had a beginning"
    Epically profound

  • Ryan
    Ryan 3 months ago

    I love David Lynch

  • Objects in Looking Glass

    I used to self harm and have addiction and now my life is a completely different world. Now I'm so grateful and full of great emotion and yet I feel safe in a way I never have before as a result of presence and meditation. My eyes fill with love and joy and gratitude constantly and the one thing that is different is that I don't have to be my thoughts anymore. I am the sleeping beauty within myself that got awoken by Self (the prince). Our thoughts are internalized external negativities and patterns that we have to choose to activate and identify with to strengthen. We should feel our feelings and witness our thoughts but we have to choose to activate them and give them that extra power. It was gradual in some ways and then hugely cataclysmic in some ways.
    David is so right about the automatic nature of it.
    I read The Deepest Well about ACE scores and mine is 8 which recommended meditation, when I watched Russell Brand who promoted meditation and led me to so many other wonderful things that pushed me to my tipping point of presence.
    It's so amazing.

    • Be Happy
      Be Happy Year ago

      Thanks so much for sharing. Hugs

  • Robert Melia
    Robert Melia 2 years ago +4

    Really enjoyed RB's podcast with the great Mr Lynch...ima gonna enjoy this.
    Meditation and particularly Mindfulness have changed my life. Peace to all those who suffer. X

  • Raymond Johansen
    Raymond Johansen 2 years ago +3

    This is great! Thank you very much for sharing!

  • Tuck Kamin
    Tuck Kamin 2 years ago +5

    It is not easy thing to do to meditate. But I've given a run at it and after years of attempts it's always rewarding.

  • creeikuko
    creeikuko 10 months ago +1

    Haha once I was meditating at the self realization temple and a red hummingbird was right in my face when I opened my eyes hahaa adorable

  • Tracy Federman
    Tracy Federman 8 months ago +4

    I was listening to you guys and then there was mention of Angelo Badalamenti and I went to Spotify and listened to his and a variety of other soundtracks and that for me was true transcendence.

    • Sam Nicholson
      Sam Nicholson 7 months ago +1

      Thanks for this recommendation may you have a blessed day 🙏 😇

  • Andrew Smalley
    Andrew Smalley 5 months ago

    AMEN! Russel Grant knows the truth!

  • Iris Gudrun
    Iris Gudrun 2 years ago +3

    never missed a meditation twice a day... what a cook!

  • SuperDflower
    SuperDflower Year ago +6

    Salute Lee love what David said about reaching for the transcendent I regard to dealing w problems in life. Connecting with the transcendent allows us to have the awareness that we are not our problems and there is something much much larger than us that we can connect with

  • Diane Gaudet
    Diane Gaudet Year ago +1

    Thank You Mr. Lynch... my Heart is with you

  • Quyen Tran
    Quyen Tran 2 years ago +14

    27:34 I think the fact that David's prediction for 2020 came short sighted only proven the fact that we should pay attention to what's happening now, to the consciousness right here, to what's in front of us, because that's all we have.

    • Love Life
      Love Life Year ago

      I love your cat

    • Marcia Tofer
      Marcia Tofer Year ago +2

      @Terence Shannon i agree with you. for the (willing|aware), there are huge, huge shifts

    • Terence Shannon
      Terence Shannon Year ago +5

      I am not sure his prediction is shortsighted, the old world is dying so that the new can become.

  • Jumping Spider
    Jumping Spider 5 months ago +1

    Yes . Instant click. crazy times . Love from my heart to all. Stay strong and don’t fall victim to misinformation.

  • rachaelsas
    rachaelsas 2 years ago +3

    Russell looking more and more like Jesus :) Love him, such a lovely person and on his path. I really enjoyed this, thank you for uploading and thank you to the panel, this was a brilliant balance of views and experiences, and I loved the fact that they all wanted to be there - they weren't trying to sell anything or convince anyone of anything.

    • nanee8leo
      nanee8leo 2 years ago

      wHa ?? Pleeez !! Jesus was blond with blue Eyes and a golden HaLo !

  • Justin Potts
    Justin Potts Year ago +4

    God bless David Lynch for allowing this to be uploaded

    • Veronica Spence Locke
      Veronica Spence Locke 10 months ago +1

      I love Russell, and DL's "Twin Peaks" was one of my favorite shows - it stands the test of time as well! 🤔

    • David Huber
      David Huber 10 months ago +1

      David Lynch is very gifted

  • Ethan Davis
    Ethan Davis 9 months ago +6

    Practicing bass with this in the background and its like a metaphysical late night talk show

  • Carlo
    Carlo 2 years ago +10

    Russell Brand talks too much, like a preacher. David Lynch is perfect!

  • electrik circus
    electrik circus 8 months ago

    Thank you so much sir! Namaste.

  • JG Alegria
    JG Alegria 10 months ago +20

    emotional neglect and psycological and/or physical abuse are not confined to the children of low socio-economic families, its just more visible when there's material welfare issues, housing stress etc. but don't imagine the expensive houses of professional or middle class families can protect children from adverse childhood experiences

    • alasdair niven
      alasdair niven 9 months ago +1

      It can be worse. The neighbours don't hear the screams through sandstone, across an orchard. When a kid turns up at school ,well washed and on time, pronounces all his h's and his t's, then ups the class average with all his grades, his home life will never be questioned, however strange or withdrawn his behaviour at school. Socially successfull parents can hoodwink the social services and even intimidate junior police; these then go on to bully the next disadvantaged people they encounter.

  • all lowercase
    all lowercase 3 years ago +7

    Love Russell. Is a linguistic genius, and undoubtedly understands THIS. His ego is outrageous though, can't bear it when the attention isn't on him. He's got a way to go yet. Much Love.

    • Joe Cassius
      Joe Cassius 2 years ago

      @daviddeida Beautiful grammar.

    • daviddeida
      daviddeida 2 years ago

      @all lowercase Nah...Simple..Those who know dont speak you kinda BS..

    • all lowercase
      all lowercase 2 years ago

      @daviddeida I could be some kind of authority, I mean how do you know I'm not? There's no way of knowing.

    • all lowercase
      all lowercase 2 years ago

      @Videos5197 I often am.

  • Brooke Coleman
    Brooke Coleman Year ago +8

    I went to an intro to TM course in Phoenix, AZ held by the couple that runs the program there around 10 years ago. I was going through quite a lot at the time and thought it could really help. At the end I needed to apply for a “hardship”, as the coats were very high to learn the meditation technique. I think around 1500$... anyway I was denied the “hardship” by the TM organization and could not learn TM. I guess I wasn’t needy enough or rich enough? Kind of changed my views, to put it nicely.

    • Brooke Coleman
      Brooke Coleman Year ago

      A seminar is indeed needed for TM. That’s the point. I have learned to meditate on my own, just like anyone else. Thanks for your insight though - mapping and researching your way to transcendence. Maybe you should give seminars.

    • David Reese
      David Reese Year ago +2

      A seminar is not needed to pursue transcendence. Do some reading & researching and outline ur pathway towards transcendence. Everyone is at different places using different pathways operating at their own pace arriving to various destinations at different times.

  • So interesting !
    So interesting ! 8 months ago

    I think it is brilliant how David Lynch describes awareness (pure consciousness) and that Russell brand is connected with God, felt the drive to speak about the humming bird. Now God? Ok! Personal and friendly with God. That is beautiful. That is my reality too. This video is interesting but it reduces consciousness to a technique required. I experienced such a state, consciousness, awareness, bliss, in searching for God and truth, not through a group or religion, just one-on-one, looking for God. And then I found Him, so happy me, and bliss I experienced, pure euphoria. And funny enough I was in sciences at the time, and so they called it mad. They even offered me a pill. A technique can bring you there, but search for and want for God is the best way there! Thank you God, way more than a man You Are... And thank you for Russell too. And for your insight and openness dear David, I thank you. All of your hearts are just beautiful! I may not practice transcendental meditation and have no ill against it. It is but a technique. In the end, it's the destination that matters, not the path taken. Thank You God! I love You! And let's please let YOU SHINE! :o) I send you a great big smile and a kiss, from the heart!

  • Jess Klay
    Jess Klay 11 months ago

    This was incredible

  • Erik Markgren
    Erik Markgren Year ago +2

    I'd love to see Russell Brand in a Lynch movie, there's definitely something Lynchian about him, and if he continues to grow his beard he could easily play Maharesh Yogi! :)

  • J M
    J M 5 months ago

    Russel's statement that drug users are trying to dismantle the amazing

  • Daze of Heaven
    Daze of Heaven 2 years ago +4

    Bob was correct about the podcast not being released fully (in video form at least). For some reason Russell has stopped (or been slow to) upload the full version of his video podcasts, but the audio podcast with David is released and great!

    • RP
      RP 2 years ago

      Art P I wonder whether it’s because Russell is now signed up to Luminere platform and wants people to subscribe to get the full podcast...

  • DethronerX
    DethronerX 2 years ago

    Good job! Ive always wanted to start TM, but i am not sure if we have proper institutes in Pakistan, so if you could open one here, that would be great!

  • T mc
    T mc 7 months ago

    Thank you david lynch for teaching me, and my kids, TM. They support battered women, kids at risk. Thank you, thank you.

  • Dave McKay
    Dave McKay 2 years ago +434

    I believe that our work weeks are killing us. We have no time to just be....

    • Cindy Spiess
      Cindy Spiess 2 months ago

      I think so too 😏

    • G G
      G G 6 months ago

      Yes...relate with this.

    • Adan Kohnhorst
      Adan Kohnhorst 6 months ago

      @Dom C that's actually not true. we have less free time even than the previous generation did in the 50s

    • City_Of_Logic
      City_Of_Logic 6 months ago

      You are right. The elemental part of human being is erased. If neglected on a personal level it manifests as a crisis on a societal level. With the technology given, the 4 hour work week should be more than enough to survive and the companies should adapt to that, not the other way around. (they optimizing their workforce and yeild.) But that's just what i think, what do YOU think? :D :D Cheers!

    • Jess
      Jess 6 months ago

      Too much time in my head is a trap. For me it is not the work week. It's all the shoulds and woulds and worries that hook me. Just "being " is what I do all the time but when I disconnect from my body and dwell in my head, it's a slow agonizing existence.

  • L
    L 11 months ago +1

    haa! Russel like how you basically got to the point because we need do it now! everyone meditate be happy so we can fix the world now

  • Mahuna Loha
    Mahuna Loha Year ago

    I saw during one off my meditattion , the collors off the sound , was very overwelming , the moment I did start to cry , sudelnly , I did get back to my body and all was over , but I am glad to had this oportunity , after 13 years off medittation thanyou for reading this!

  • Steven Convine
    Steven Convine Year ago +12

    2020 and beyond we'll see a beautiful world appearing lmao I suppose beautiful things always come out of hardship

    • Lilas faves
      Lilas faves 10 months ago

      Always?? Serious question..

    • Vini
      Vini Year ago +1

      Potential for a revolution has never been bigger in the recent past.
      ....Especially if the governments continue pulling this insanity for longer.

    • GrandmasterofWin
      GrandmasterofWin Year ago +1

      I mean... David is on record explaining the beauty of decay and death... So I don't see any conflict lol

    • Cian Furlong
      Cian Furlong Year ago +1

      I thought the same. Maybe we'll look back on it as a learning experience.

  • that guy down the street
    that guy down the street 8 months ago +1

    I love Jane Lynch, I'm not sure of her as a person. Her face in so many movies and shows since I was a child, seeing her now for some reason brings comfort.

  • Jennifer Arndt
    Jennifer Arndt Year ago +11

    Russell Brand: turns slowly into Ram Dass
    David Lynch: just launches infinite Davids full of bliss onto Alpha Centauri

  • jthadcast
    jthadcast 2 years ago +15

    Lynch the king of psychotic negativity in film defining transcendence is priceless.

    • AerisVahnEphelia
      AerisVahnEphelia 2 years ago

      transcendence on what ?
      there is nothing to transcend; it was all in your head

  • James Feather
    James Feather 6 months ago +2

    this is such a good thing

  • Susan Cunningham
    Susan Cunningham Year ago +1

    Brilliant, meditation for all.

    • damarh
      damarh 9 months ago

      correction * meditation for all (who can pay).

  • Nathaniel Bravo
    Nathaniel Bravo 9 months ago

    We can all just be still for one minute!!! That will be one minute of World Peace!!!

    PHILIP LAVERTY Month ago

    two geniuses

  • RLS
    RLS 7 months ago

    Off subject, I love Jane Lynch in the film Best in Show!

  • Janar Breakdown
    Janar Breakdown 2 years ago +5

    24:00 it sounds like Russell is doing a poetry slam haha

  • ObscuraPrima
    ObscuraPrima Year ago +4

    It's funny how David and Russell are almost polar opposites in their body language, yet compatible. Lynch looks uptight and introverted, and Brand is loose and extrovert.

  • DandyGuy
    DandyGuy 3 years ago +5

    1:07:19 - 1:10:35
    I love this bit

  • TwiPrime
    TwiPrime Year ago

    What a lovely video!

  • Robert B.
    Robert B. 2 years ago +43

    The problem with this is it’s not a conversation between David and Russell which would have been great. The incompetent, unaware moderator ruined that.

    • RP
      RP 2 years ago +11

      Robert Bullock 100% agree. Bob Roth is a commercial vampire in this interaction between Lynch and Brand... sucking the life out of the conversation, curious that Brand jokingly said that he doesn’t think Roth believes in TM...

  • FeloniousPunk
    FeloniousPunk Year ago +4

    I liked this conversation except for the fact that Russell Brand's comments were edited. This is rude and a theft of our information, to my outlook. Edit: I can't keep watching if one of the people I tuned in for is consistently erased. Made me change my vote to dislike and discontinue watching. Please release unedited conversation! It is useful for many!

  • Heyy Quinn
    Heyy Quinn Year ago

    I wonder if TM can help the people of imperialist nations to stop their dependence on (and looting of) the natural resources of non-imperialist nations and to return to living a balanced, sustainable, localized lifestyle...
    Luckily, I believe Russell Brand sees this issue and can bridge the gap between spiritual solutions and material solutions.

  • Persnickety
    Persnickety 5 months ago

    Genuinely curious… what is the rationale behind charging thousands of dollars/pounds to learn the secrets of doing TM? It’s been a while since I checked into it but the expense of it left me quite skeptical. But I’m open to hearing the rationale behind the secrecy and expense.
    And TM vs common meditation?

  • Eliot Morrissey
    Eliot Morrissey 9 months ago +2

    I’m Curious as to why Russell keeps getting cut short. It seems the recording has been edited. Or is this just me?

  • Marc Charbonneau
    Marc Charbonneau 9 months ago

    Lynch is simply wonderful.

  • Craig Phillips
    Craig Phillips Year ago +41

    Which is exactly why people should learn it for free, which is possible with a little research.

    • Neil Gilfillan
      Neil Gilfillan 7 months ago +1

      @laburgy Learn for free. If of enough means then pay a donation for others to be informed of and inspired to TM. That's what the fee is about. What the donation gives you access to might be of help and might not but you have done good.

    • laburgy
      laburgy 10 months ago +1

      @JG Alegria and there are programs through the David Lynch Foundation for many groups eg troubled teens, service men with PTSD, women subjected to violence, schools with teenage problems, jail inmates.These are some of many areas that are supported by those who can afford to pay for their training. TM teachers, are entitled to an income etc they pay to train, it takes years. TM is incredible , it does simple do what they claim. It is effortless and changed my life two years ago! I am early 70s!

    • JG Alegria
      JG Alegria 10 months ago +1

      @laburgy "people" are all different when it comes to whether they are able or likely to be able to pay for TM meditation training. open access programs can be funded through sponsorship or go fund me etc.

    • Monika Vikić
      Monika Vikić 10 months ago

      @laburgy Typical American point of view!

    • TyroneCLove
      TyroneCLove 11 months ago +3

      Exactly, those prices makes it a racket.

  • Q9D
    Q9D Year ago +9

    And at the end of my 2020.. we could not be more divided both physically and ideologically. Media controls our realities more than ever. We are further from transcendence than ever before

  • Jebidiah Newkedkracker
    Jebidiah Newkedkracker 6 months ago +1

    I'm not going to lie: David Lynch as an artist/movie maker actually scares me. I don't know why, but I sometimes think he may be plugged into something "spooky". Another artist that made me nervous was H.R. Giger. I have not listened to this conversation ^^^ yet, as I make this comment, but it no doubt should be interesting none the less, once I listen to it in it's entirety.

  • Brittany Inman
    Brittany Inman 7 months ago +1

    Is Russell Brand aware he's a preacher?