Pink Floyd - Animals 1977 Full Album HQ

  • Published on Mar 21, 2019
  • Pink Floyd - Animals 1977 Full Album HQ
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  • Tim Duggan
    Tim Duggan 3 hours ago

    "Side B"...(for those of you who know what vinyl is)...BEST part of this my humble opinion.....

  • JR
    JR 6 hours ago

    Gilmours leadwork on Dogs is absolutely astounding.

  • alivewire13
    alivewire13 10 hours ago

    A friend gave me this album & wanted my opinion of it back in the mid / late 70's,...... I was like what is this crap? Just tried it again & gave it another chance & again I don't get it still crap to me.

  • That Guy
    That Guy 14 hours ago

    Just bought an original 1977 vinyl of this, fantastic stuff. One of their best albums, I never quite got what made DSotM so great, I'm more of a guy for Wish you were here and the Wall, but animals is amazing too.

  • Adam Dickson
    Adam Dickson 18 hours ago +1

    Quite simply, the mother of all concept albums.

  • Kevin Agee
    Kevin Agee 20 hours ago

    god dam this album is depressing. holy fuck.

  • Roberto Valencia
    Roberto Valencia 23 hours ago

    Extraordinario álbum! Lo disfrute en su tiempo,...mis tiempos.

  • Attila709
    Attila709 Day ago

    Next time I eat pork chops it will be with tears in my eyes

    VAVA LUKSIC Day ago +1

    People posting unnecesary matters instead of just put the lyrics. Me too, but damn it! Stop of being the core of pink floyd's lyrics issues. You could get Syd mad

  • Lu R
    Lu R Day ago +2

    Oh God
    So much to remember with this awesome music.

  • Misha Chapman
    Misha Chapman Day ago

    Fav album of all time 💚💖

  • Quiet Man
    Quiet Man 3 days ago

    1977 was the year I was turned on to this album. Fabulous.....

  • Agent Anderson
    Agent Anderson 3 days ago

    good memories , 57 now and its interesting to review the music the lyrics the meanings? 40 years just went by? man this rca sound bar is working on my mojoe! rip cancer victims, all americans live in a swamp of carcinogens ruled by the pedovores big pharma and cia heroin international bankers! Jesus is your only hope! just say no to sin, satan remember your future? Jesus come quickly they are eating the babies! ............................................Sci19

  • Eldorado Klondayk
    Eldorado Klondayk 3 days ago

    Реклама заебала.
    ДИЗ!!! Качество, так себе. ЗАВЯЗЫВАЙ с коммерцией. Оно сука, это первое что по поиску выбрасывает. А качество то хуёвое... (((
    Говно, кароч...)))

  • 坂巻洋
    坂巻洋 3 days ago


  • Kelvin130552
    Kelvin130552 4 days ago +1

    I was into PF while still at school in ‘67 now I am 67 and they still blow my mind man! ❤️❤️❤️

  • dragon
    dragon 4 days ago

    Escucho los últimos segundos del álbum y una lagrima rueda por mí mejilla... No es casualidad, me pasa con cada disco de ésta banda... Mí banda favorita... ❤️

  • indy full
    indy full 4 days ago

    There is nothing like this in 2019 , but somehow it's even more relevant . Sheeples and the wolves in sheep's clothing are here !

  • Brian Bingham
    Brian Bingham 6 days ago +4

    I was 25 years old in 1977 when this was issued. Now 42 years later I still rock to it!

    • Brian Bingham
      Brian Bingham Day ago

      @David Jehan I began toking and hotknifing in 1971. My real intro to Pink Floyd was the Meddle album which really enhanced my hashish highs.

    • David Jehan
      David Jehan 2 days ago

      I am not a big Pink Floyd fan.. But there is something just amazing about this album,even without green..

    • David Jehan
      David Jehan 2 days ago

      Brian Bingham Brian I was 15 in 1977.Had my first smoke of green with my music teacher and listened to this album with head phones on..On a pioneer stereo..Nothing was ever the same again..
      2019 and I still turn to this album as a reset..

  • Anna Zaremba
    Anna Zaremba 6 days ago +5

    The Floyd is the best band i've encountered in my lifetime. I'm 32 but I appreciate everything about David and Roger. Not to metion dear Richard (RIP) and best drummer ever NicK Mason. The DVD Live in Pompei changed my life. Was fortunate to see David Gilmour perform there 2 yrs ago. Love 2 all

  • philsaspiezone
    philsaspiezone 6 days ago +2

    This is my girlfriend's favourite Pink Floyd album.

  • Arturo Gabriel Sánchez García

    Mi pitó huele caca

  • Richard Corralez
    Richard Corralez 7 days ago +1

    Why hasn't mentioned anything about Rick Wright's keyboard playing. Awesome. Used to listen to them while doing mind expanding drugs
    Especially their early albums with Syd Barrett
    Had all their albums on 10" reel to reel.

    • David Jehan
      David Jehan 2 days ago

      Richard Corralez fuck manreels....No better sound...

  • rick davis
    rick davis 7 days ago


  • Fraser Tilson
    Fraser Tilson 8 days ago +4

    This is my go-to Pink Floyd album when I can't decide which Pink Floyd album to listen to.

  • GravityFx xD
    GravityFx xD 9 days ago +1

    if furrys want to be treated like animals, we should hunt them down

  • brent young
    brent young 9 days ago

    ... ... ...from a brother off the streets, affiliated with sounds, this is the greatest musical album ; it hits all cords, lyrics, guitars, animals and the creative spirit dualing the sun and moon up and down through time, the teachers did not like this one, he had the meddle of the a hey you guy, running like hell, allways comfortably numb, with the sheep and piggs, standing my own ground, through all the us and thems under the sun, wish you were here too experience my musical geniuse at 55, but it is all well ; born in a house of pain, who was breaking away from the pack,... ... ...who was draged down by the stone...alive after all!
    llove Brother brent! 💘

  • rick davis
    rick davis 9 days ago

    so(?) 517 of 7,700 are mentally ill

  • almendra paz
    almendra paz 10 days ago

    514 horrible people

  • Unholy Alliance
    Unholy Alliance 10 days ago

    See Jackie E. comment!

  • Alejandro Méndez
    Alejandro Méndez 11 days ago +1

    Gracias a este álbum tengo un hijo de 3 años :3

  • aka peachy
    aka peachy 11 days ago

    Get Roger and David to Glastonbury would be the greatest show on Earth..

  • Vetter Burns
    Vetter Burns 11 days ago

    Me and my ol' six-string. We can conquer the world! (Stoopid predators!) D'OH!

  • David Arnett
    David Arnett 11 days ago

    18:36 that's the greatest bass lick ever!

  • pwee507
    pwee507 12 days ago

    6:52 never knew dogs barking could be such a tension buildup and then release by a Gilmour solo.... chills every time

  • Alyster Belmont
    Alyster Belmont 12 days ago

    Weed + animals = perfection

  • Salit 2
    Salit 2 12 days ago +1

    saw this in Miami in 77.. sound great , floor show kinda shot- very windy excellent of course

  • Yasmine Samtana
    Yasmine Samtana 13 days ago +7

    Que disco fantástico!!!.. E saber da história por trás desse disco...como foi a produção, os ensaios a turnê deixou fascinado.. Discaço

  • geeezzzberger
    geeezzzberger 13 days ago +1

    Sadly, Roger eventually became the peevish old lady with the hatpin. Other than that this masterpiece still holds up.

  • Besto Kitten
    Besto Kitten 14 days ago

    8:35 favorite part of the song! :3

  • cmacdhon
    cmacdhon 14 days ago

    I never realized how closely the guitar riff in Dogs, resembles the one in Another Brick in the Wall

  • Barrett Jensen
    Barrett Jensen 14 days ago

    Music from a simpler time in my life. Thanks for the escape

  • Szilárd Lehel Kolumbán


  • doubleclutchingpunk
    doubleclutchingpunk 15 days ago

    FUKIN cunts

  • doubleclutchingpunk
    doubleclutchingpunk 15 days ago

    wow amazing stories about ur hippie days hope you all die tonight

  • Martin Screeton
    Martin Screeton 15 days ago

    Pigs On The Wing (Part One)
    01:25 Dogs
    Pigs (Three Different Ones)
    29:50 Sheep
    40:00 Pigs On The Wing (Part Two)

  • Dave M
    Dave M 15 days ago +1

    One of there best which is hard to say...

  • Carlos Garza
    Carlos Garza 15 days ago


  • 222Lightning
    222Lightning 15 days ago

    I think the "OINK OINK OINK" was some sort of protest against modern humans?

  • James Furness
    James Furness 15 days ago

    Its not just dogs that freek out ..cats too...probily all ANIMALS?

  • TheDigitalPillars
    TheDigitalPillars 15 days ago

    Roger Waters.

  • jabba da hutt
    jabba da hutt 15 days ago

    We were zigzag away from bottom of pain? ( drug reference)? 50 seconds in .

  • jabba da hutt
    jabba da hutt 15 days ago

    If u dont care what happens to me , and I don't care what happens to u.

  • Mugli01
    Mugli01 15 days ago

    Time to Iron after flea market :-)

  • James Newman
    James Newman 15 days ago

    Childhood memories. Such a classic!

  • zachery frye
    zachery frye 15 days ago +3

    I just played this in my neighborhood and all the dogs started raising hell at 6:35

  • Mark Choma
    Mark Choma 16 days ago +1

    My favorite Pink Floyd album. While you're at it check out Bloodrock's first three albums and the debut release by Lucifer's Friend.

  • scott johnson
    scott johnson 16 days ago +1

    this is similar to technical ecstacy by black sabbath in which i mean the forgotten album,

    ANIBAL LITVIN 16 days ago +4

    Escondida detrás de "The Dark Side of the Moon" y "Wish you were here", he aquí una obra extraordinaria.

  • Mark Valentino
    Mark Valentino 16 days ago +3

    Animals is so masterful. Roger Waters composing at his best. I can still crank Sheep and reminisce the 1977 concert at the old Cleveland stadium.

    • Richard Raborn
      Richard Raborn 13 days ago

      saw the same tour, Quadrophonic!!!

    • Richard Raborn
      Richard Raborn 13 days ago

      mmmm don't underestimate Gilmore's role on this album, but yea Waters is a fantastic writer..

  • Glen  Mitchell
    Glen Mitchell 16 days ago +16

    Was way ahead of the times. Timless epic.
    Been listening to their music since I was 16 wow time flys 60 now still rocking hard. LOL

    • Mike Patterson
      Mike Patterson 14 days ago

      They said it was going to get hotter as we get older. They were right about that. The music is still as hot if not hotter than anything new out there. Wish You Were Here, Animals and Dark Side of the Moon have stood the test of time!!

    • 222Lightning
      222Lightning 15 days ago

      what exactly does being "ahead of their time" mean...…...they were exactly what they were...when they were. Unless maybe they were part of some gov experiment and were shot back in time and know figured it out.

  • John McCarthy
    John McCarthy 16 days ago +2

    Roger Waters just died from TDS may he sew socks in hell

    • jahguide1122
      jahguide1122 16 days ago

      Fuck you johnny, I'll see you there first you fascist brute.

    • LOC USTE
      LOC USTE 16 days ago

      another Fake news like trump!

  • Leigh Snaith
    Leigh Snaith 16 days ago +1

    What a ckraing lot of music

  • Marc Richards
    Marc Richards 17 days ago +4

    In 1978 I worked in a factory in southern Illinois that produced shaft seals. It was as interesting as it sounds. This album was my soundtrack.

  • Marcelo Onesto
    Marcelo Onesto 17 days ago +1

    Ciertamente el mejor album del mejor grupo de rock.

  • Philip Young
    Philip Young 17 days ago +4

    First concert ever was Pink Floyd. No concert since has ever compared.

    • professormancaptain
      professormancaptain 17 days ago

      Could you please share a story summary? Floyd concert stories are awesome.

  • SledgehammerTruth OrStfu
    SledgehammerTruth OrStfu 17 days ago +1

    I hate sheeple...

  • jamie keepin
    jamie keepin 17 days ago +7

    Dogs fading in like that always feels so good. This album doesn't age// seamless- timeless what a masterpiece Roger Waters is an Icon.. the others can go jump

    • Glen Hayward
      Glen Hayward 16 days ago +2

      "The Whole is Greater Than a Sum of its Parts"

    • jamie keepin
      jamie keepin 17 days ago

      The Irony isn't lost on me..

  • not you
    not you 17 days ago +1

    Poptarts are tarts first and foremost

  • Heinz Arpagaus
    Heinz Arpagaus 17 days ago +1

    immer noch bestes Stück auf dem Album

  • Frank Landry
    Frank Landry 18 days ago +4

    Pink Floyd awesome band brings back memories

  • James Green
    James Green 18 days ago +3

    PINK FLOYD...….You love them or you hate them.....I LOVE THEM.

  • Сергей Баранов

    since 1979 cant help listening to the masterpiece .....Moscow

  • Peggy Porch
    Peggy Porch 19 days ago

    Love Pigs!!!

  • Tony Lopiparo
    Tony Lopiparo 19 days ago

    Orgasm in my ears....

  • Chef Jeff
    Chef Jeff 19 days ago +3

    This is timeless. Ooooo the feels.

  • Skank Hunter
    Skank Hunter 19 days ago +2

    Mixing LSD and this album, as well as Dark Side of the Moon, have been some of the most beautifull life experiences i've had.

    • Skank Hunter
      Skank Hunter 14 days ago

      @Kaptain Skid.. Thats a bit of a harsh judgement, luckily my life has been full of beautifull moments, i search for them. From the birth moments of three beautifull children, to swimming in the best beaches of North America, to climbing the most amazing mountains of Argentina (not the highest ones, im not thaaat crazy about mountains). Getting eFin high, with Pink Floyd, is definitely also one of those many beautifull, life enrichening moments, perhaps you don't know their music too well. Let me recommend something for you, Metallica, Some Kind of Mormon. 😜

    • Besto Kitten
      Besto Kitten 14 days ago

      @Kaptain Kid A loser just for having a beautiful moment when experiencing the best music in the world?

    • Kaptain Kid
      Kaptain Kid 19 days ago +1

      @Skank Hunter . . . . I pity you, man . . . if those are the highlights of your life, you're a real loser.

  • Jason and the robots
    Jason and the robots 19 days ago +2

    Still the best floyd album IMHO

  • Nino di stefano
    Nino di stefano 19 days ago

    Awesome album

  • maks886
    maks886 19 days ago +10

    These 5 songs are more powerful than the 5 infinity stones....

  • Rômulo Cesar
    Rômulo Cesar 19 days ago

    Sozinho em casa, madrugada linda e adorável, som agradável, vinho e um cigarro de uma boa maconha. Animals, PF.

  • A Good Rogering
    A Good Rogering 20 days ago

    I like that this album came up after our new video

  • Alex Ander
    Alex Ander 20 days ago +1

    Me born in Pink Floyd
    Live like Pink Floyd
    Die as Pink Floyd

  • Christopher Freed
    Christopher Freed 20 days ago

    I never forget hearing this on WKRP and realizing I had heard this song many years before I had any inkling of it's magnitude.

    • Kaptain Kid
      Kaptain Kid 19 days ago

      @Christopher Freed . . . . "inkling of it's magnitude" . . . . I like that.

  • William Gibson
    William Gibson 20 days ago +2

    Waters tried his best here but was held back by the rest of the band. He still kept trying though otherwise we would have never had the magnificence that was The Wall. The Final Cut was superb but a death knell for what was by then a band in name only. I don't know why he left it so long to get shot of the dead wood.

    • Mr P
      Mr P 19 days ago

      I tend to agree. However, I'm not a huge fan of The Wall or The Final Cut. The latter was called 'Spare Bricks' for a reason. I think without some application of the brakes by Gilmour, The Wall would probably have descended into something of a gratuitous operatic monster.
      I think Waters hit a peak with this album, and was only able to match it with 'Amused to Death' fifteen years later.

  • Alain Flavio Alexander


  • Bontemps François
    Bontemps François 20 days ago

    À Pink Floyd. Une éternité dans une antitée. Cool.

  • Dean Thornby
    Dean Thornby 20 days ago +2

    O no That sad old man that moved down south and us dieing of cancer ....fuck care full what you sing along to when your a kid
    I shouldn't be laughing but that's funny as fuck
    I have sung along to this song so many times over the last thrity years
    And now I'm that man
    Fuck it one more joint !

  • Jackie E.
    Jackie E. 20 days ago +173

    Fifty-seven years old and still listening to this blasting through earbuds, along with their other albums. Makes me feel like I'm in my teens again. Some things really do not change no matter what age you are.

    • Sal DeMarco
      Sal DeMarco 4 days ago

      I'm 77,and been listening to Floyd since Saucer Full Of Secrets!!

    • gerardo medley s
      gerardo medley s 4 days ago

      yo amante de la música,. desde mis 8 años y estudie música clásica y ni eso hace cambiar mi opinión, pink floyd tiene algo que ni lo de antes te da ese equilibrio emocional ni lo moderno tampoco ,una ilucion acústica solo eso ...... tengo 48 años,.. saludos

    • Suzanne Bellamy
      Suzanne Bellamy 5 days ago

      @Glen Hayward well put glen ! :)

    • Suzanne Bellamy
      Suzanne Bellamy 5 days ago

      SHINE ON , i'm 68 in a couple of days , listened to them since , ARNOLD LAYNE & SEE EMILY PLAY ! my granddaugter is 1 year old , i sit her on my knee and sing to her , THE GNOME & THE SCARECROW ! she loves it ! :)

    • MrPenko
      MrPenko 8 days ago

      Top man, good luck to ya

  • VVhipReck
    VVhipReck 20 days ago +3

    Toke some mary jane with me and listen to this jem of a masterpiece...

    • VVhipReck
      VVhipReck 20 days ago

      BTW, I'm smoking Lemon sugar kush while listening, here try some...

  • Kenrgy
    Kenrgy 20 days ago +5

    A life time favorite!!!! So many memories..🙌😁🙌

  • Adam Magloire
    Adam Magloire 21 day ago


  • Matthew Hepworth
    Matthew Hepworth 21 day ago

    Reminds me of some good old friends

  • Uwe B
    Uwe B 21 day ago +6

    "Animals" was my very first progressive rock album. Before, I knew The Beatles, Cat Stevens, Queen, Sweet, and Deep Purple. I had to listen to the album three times and then.... I loved it and this never stopped.

  • David Stopford
    David Stopford 21 day ago +1

    The band didn't like it much. Probably cos Water's was taking more and more control.

    • William Gibson
      William Gibson 20 days ago +1

      He was the only one who had any bollocks! I think this is self evident. Compare his solo albums to the lacklustre eighties abominations credited to the rump Floyd. A triumph of marketing over content. Gilmour should be ashamed. Mason was just glad for the money. One more Ferrari or helicopter.

  • Денис Бриг
    Денис Бриг 22 days ago

  • Scott Forloine
    Scott Forloine 22 days ago +5

    Great Stoner Album.., Alone Dark Basement.., Killer JBL Sound.,1 Big Acapulco Gold...☺️

    • j squires
      j squires 20 days ago +1

      70's weed..I get it..

  • Sebastián Triay Olmos

    Recuerdo cuando salió este disco por primera vez en España, al principio lo interpretaba como muy basto en comparación con los anteriores de PF, con era tiempo ha ganado frescura y admiración por esta composición.