AYCE Halloween Candy Challenge (100+ pieces of Candy)

  • Published on Nov 1, 2019
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    It's been 6 years since my last Halloween Themed video, figured it's bout time to get down w/ the Candy and attempt a Trick-or-Treat Challenge...
    A 30min All-You-Can-Eat Candy Challenge!
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Comments • 12 629

  • Yaseen Kardar
    Yaseen Kardar 2 hours ago

    This man is the reason for world hunger

  • Yaseen Kardar
    Yaseen Kardar 2 hours ago

    This guy has a blackhole in his stomach

    DEVL SLYR 5 hours ago

    I dont have money to buy food.... Please send me some candies

  • eu mesmo
    eu mesmo 8 hours ago +1

    Come um toletão te bosta

  • TheYouTube Warriors
    TheYouTube Warriors 9 hours ago

    I know who’s getting a headache...

  • Memes Я' Us
    Memes Я' Us 10 hours ago

    Imagine being this dudes toilet

  • Mike Burns
    Mike Burns 11 hours ago

    If this was my brother I’d hide his toothbrush 😂

  • Siesjii
    Siesjii 13 hours ago

    my throat instantly gets swollen right after eating a piece of candy 🤣

  • 《LeKy》
    《LeKy》 17 hours ago

    Diabetes 🔜

  • Fay kacem
    Fay kacem 17 hours ago

    Crise de foi direct mon ami

  • Lua
    Lua 19 hours ago

    is there a wormhole in his stomach or sumn? 🤣🤣

  • Mary Rose Naron
    Mary Rose Naron 21 hour ago

    Fortune and that

  • Shamara 24
    Shamara 24 Day ago +1

    Matt doesn’t fear diabetes
    Diabetes fear him

  • Samuel Rosa
    Samuel Rosa Day ago

    Why he didn’t peel them before hand

  • ChaGivTV YT
    ChaGivTV YT Day ago

    Matt stonie became the Diabetes Man. Ahahahahaha

  • ChaGivTV YT
    ChaGivTV YT Day ago

    Your sponsor was compatible with your challenge, "Honey". And the "RIP" suites with your video. Ahahahahha

  • Dvent_ 84
    Dvent_ 84 Day ago

    Ladies and gentleman we never thought it would be accomplished but we managed to put Diabetes in a bag due to Matt stonie and this guy does not have Diabetes if you are wondering what a miracle he’s still alive 🙏

  • fear me
    fear me Day ago

    Eat 200 Milano’s.

  • Mochi
    Mochi Day ago

    8:53 💥💥💥

  • Danyal Saleem
    Danyal Saleem Day ago +2

    Teacher:Its not good to waste food as it harms the environment
    Me: Why dont we give the waste to Matt Stonie then?

  • Najla Fadel
    Najla Fadel Day ago

    Matt isn’t scared of diabetes


  • Najla Fadel
    Najla Fadel Day ago


  • my kitty
    my kitty 2 days ago


  • mango slug
    mango slug 2 days ago

    This guy is an absolute unit

  • bailey sharp
    bailey sharp 2 days ago

    Did u throw up after this

  • Hasnat Ali
    Hasnat Ali 2 days ago

    One day he will finish the world

  • Sr.Facundex
    Sr.Facundex 2 days ago

    make a giant bowl of chinese rice

  • Saubaan Tayyab
    Saubaan Tayyab 2 days ago +1

    His belly is a blackhole

  • The Explorer
    The Explorer 2 days ago +2

    That challenge is not fair. You should have unwrapped all of these first.

  • Laetitia Allagapen
    Laetitia Allagapen 2 days ago

    Another challenge drink 10 l of water in ten minutes

  • Ansh Dwivedi Videos
    Ansh Dwivedi Videos 2 days ago +7

    Nobody literally
    Nobody thought

    If she forgot to turn on the recording button

  • Naildes Andrade
    Naildes Andrade 2 days ago

    Hello, i sou gringa, mas falo a língua do "BRAZIl"!
    OMG! No sei como ele ainda não (RIP)! Bye

  • Sunus Holloway
    Sunus Holloway 3 days ago

    Wats your secret man how you stay so slim ????🤔

    • Zain M
      Zain M 2 days ago

      Sunus Holloway the way all humans stay fit. Go to the gym and only do like this once in 1 or 2 weeks but don’t forget your gym scheme

  • tinydough
    tinydough 3 days ago +1

    He's got health insurance right..? I fear that he may have a heart attack at any moment.

  • tinydough
    tinydough 3 days ago +1

    He really should've unwrapped the candies before starting the challenge

  • tinydough
    tinydough 3 days ago

    3:37, me lowkey thinking that he'll just grab a handful of candy and eat the wrappers too...

  • Chaos10110
    Chaos10110 3 days ago

    Try a giant bowl of Chef Boyardee!

  • Cece Boo
    Cece Boo 3 days ago


  • Michelle Davies
    Michelle Davies 3 days ago

    YOU have 30 minutes before I throw away all your halloween candy.
    Matt Stonie:

  • Fahim
    Fahim 3 days ago

    No offense

  • Fahim
    Fahim 3 days ago

    Did u get diabetis

  • Hong Zhang
    Hong Zhang 3 days ago +2

    Matt Stonie: eats all this gains nothing
    Me: walks inside a restaurant for a second
    My organs: *NOW THATS A LOT OF DAMAGE*

  • Hello It'sMe
    Hello It'sMe 4 days ago

    You're not normal I swear

  • Bangtan Banters!
    Bangtan Banters! 4 days ago +19

    Matt: “My MoUtH iS rEaLlY fUlL”
    Me: “No don’t do i-“
    My brother: “THATS WHAT SHE SAID”

  • Jhon Arnel Baguisi
    Jhon Arnel Baguisi 4 days ago

    Please do a jollibee full menu challenge😍

  • gaurav maini
    gaurav maini 4 days ago +1

    Man i worry about you, its going to kill you these stunts really shouldn't been try at home

  • Darkizer
    Darkizer 4 days ago +1

    bruh i got headeache just watching him eating those candies..

  • Kyle McAfee
    Kyle McAfee 4 days ago

    Do a challenge with bagel bites

  • DX Goellner
    DX Goellner 4 days ago

    Rip toilet

  • lrfjv
    lrfjv 4 days ago

    the dentist: what happen to your teeths?
    matt: i did it for views to get money

  • Elijah the Millionaire
    Elijah the Millionaire 4 days ago +10

    If he says he didn’t vomit after recording this he’s lying

  • Pkmlrsm With Johnny and kazia

    Happy diabetes

  • Tom Tucker
    Tom Tucker 4 days ago

    Caries likes that

  • Phillsopher Slav
    Phillsopher Slav 5 days ago

    When diabetes comes to Matt stonie. He traps it in the pentagram.

  • Pro Gamer james
    Pro Gamer james 5 days ago

    Wow that was absolutely insane that is more than a one hundred!

  • Makame mahmud Prangon

    He eats every thing out of limits

  • maple pancake '_'
    maple pancake '_' 5 days ago +1

    Teeth:aight ima head out
    *Diabetes has entered the chat*
    Matt:hell yea

  • Te Furtado
    Te Furtado 5 days ago

    Diabetes runs against Matt
    Matt: get away from here, leave me alone
    Diabetes: “RUN BITCH, RUNNNNN”

  • rubber duckez
    rubber duckez 5 days ago

    It would tack me 1 minute to eat a nu

  • Abdul Baset
    Abdul Baset 5 days ago +1

    Surprised he does not have diabetes!!!!!