Learning a language? Speak it like you’re playing a video game | Marianna Pascal | TEDxPenangRoad

  • Published on May 11, 2017
  • Marianna Pascal shows how the secret to speaking a new language with confidence is all about attitude, not ability.
    Marianna Pascal helps professionals achieve greater success in life by communicating effectively in English. Marianna began her career as an actor and performed across her native Canada in film television and on stage for 15 years. Today, Marianna improves the way employees relate to their bosses, clients, colleagues and other key stakeholders. Marianna is also the Official Communication Trainer for Miss Malaysia World.
    An award-wining speaker, Marianna is known for her humorous speech on TheXvid titled "Local English or Standard English" which has been seen by over a million people worldwide. Marianna is also the author of the best-selling book series English Fast & Easy. The most recent was #2 on Borders' Best-Selling List for non-fiction.

    This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at ted.com/tedx

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  • Lord Tripathy
    Lord Tripathy 11 minutes ago

    Stop teaching our language to everyone. Its crazy. We dont need them, if we did we would learn their language.

  • bahiga saad
    bahiga saad Day ago

    Fantastic speech

  • rick y
    rick y Day ago

    What I noticed is that it's easier to learn a language when ur small than when you get older.

    • Ammar Radi
      Ammar Radi Hour ago

      Well that's scientifically true because when you are still growing your mind is just starting to work strongly like it memorizes most things you hear so if you hear british accents then you grow to have a british accent etc which means if you ever have a child and think about teaching him multiple languages you have to start doing before it's too late about 7 years or older

  • Gary A. Lee
    Gary A. Lee Day ago

    Yes, just as how we can actually enjoy phrases like, "All your base are belong to us."

    Note: I'm from the country this TED Talk is at. I face this issue every single day, but so long as the point is brought across I'm actually totally fine with it no matter what medium is being used. Yes, it's not just English, this is applicable to every language. We do NOT need to master the language. So long as one is able to get the point across, it's already good enough. Issue is when this happens in writing, not spoken. The chances of it becoming misunderstood or incomprehensible becomes much higher (but not all the time).

  • 额得
    额得 Day ago +1

    oh no,When I have conversation with someone,I am not scare to express my feelings. But,if the third person next to me,I will be nervous. Especially that person is a native speaker hahaha😂😂. I should change my attitude and never afraid of speaking foreign language with anyone.😖😖😖

  • Learning English By Song

    i'm here to study english, and you??

  • Karen Anya
    Karen Anya 2 days ago

    yes but if you need english to work or to write papers, you cannot speak like the French engeneer! ok I don’t have to be afraid about judge but I have to improve my english in a correct way!

  • 최인선
    최인선 3 days ago

    I think this is right. It is so impressive.

  • Владимир Тарантино

    Интересно, но ни фига не понятно.

  • Гульназ Габдулхакова

    Guys, help me improve my english

  • Shifaa Khalid
    Shifaa Khalid 4 days ago


  • Ramin Rahnema
    Ramin Rahnema 5 days ago

    She called Dota a violent game?

  • Zbynek Bazanowski
    Zbynek Bazanowski 5 days ago

    The sound is distorted due to clipping in the signal chain. Shame on the sound man. An excellent talk was compromised just because of an incompetent person sitting behind the mixing desk. And shame on the organisers. According to the manual you have to care for good sound.

  • - Overdooo -
    - Overdooo - 5 days ago

    I'm a piano player, and I'm offended.

  • Alaa Ghaith
    Alaa Ghaith 5 days ago +1

    She is amazing 👍🏻

  • Legendary Derp duck
    Legendary Derp duck 5 days ago

    This is very educational lah

  • Dalul Ibrahim
    Dalul Ibrahim 5 days ago

    Now what’s (integrator) supposed to mean here 11:43 cause clearly google translate isn’t doing the job for me 🙂

    • Karla Chavarria
      Karla Chavarria 4 days ago

      That the cheese is integrated in the hot dog, The hot dog contains cheese

  • Ruw Jayasuriya
    Ruw Jayasuriya 5 days ago

    I was preparing for a B1 English course when youtube kept on playing and this was the next video in line, I was busy preparing but didn't switch off. Eventually, I found myself drawn into to what she was saying and smiling frequently. Its people like this that help you rethink the most obvious. As an English Teacher, I have decided to kick off my course tomorrow with her barbecue story, as a second language French speaker, I'm doing my best to integrate what she said!

  • f.j _fatima
    f.j _fatima 5 days ago


  • Brokennnn
    Brokennnn 6 days ago +1

    You are right,we dont need to be perfect..language is a tool for conversation.thanks for this useful video...

  • Dooby cook
    Dooby cook 6 days ago +2

    In other words speak broken English. Who cares, get the point across and move on.

    • Basri Hasan
      Basri Hasan 4 days ago

      Sir can you teach me english? Its my whattshap +6281242381794

  • FedinaIT
    FedinaIT 6 days ago

    One of my favourite talks!

  • FacePalmNetwork
    FacePalmNetwork 7 days ago

    I will use this to speak better Japanese. thanks a lot.

  • alessandro maniscalco


  • Soulburst
    Soulburst 8 days ago

    Lol, the funny things is that I learnt English by playing video games. Dragon Age series, Mass Effect series, The Elder Scrolls games, Diablo and many more. Those kind of games put you in an atmosphere which is very similar to real life and you have to understand the what characters in the game tell you to complete the quests. But you have to play these games with a dictionary, or the better install dictionary apps on your phone and look at dictionary whenever you see a word which you don't know.

  • Darío Sotto
    Darío Sotto 8 days ago +1

    Not sure if this applies for translation studies but I absolutely loved the clarity in her message!

    • Basri Hasan
      Basri Hasan 4 days ago

      Sir can you teach me english? Its my whattshap +6281242381794.

  • youngky yusuf
    youngky yusuf 9 days ago

    this videos really help me to sleep tonight, tomorrow is my interview with native person, all izzz weell

  • Noorul Aadhila
    Noorul Aadhila 9 days ago

    nice video by s.navaneetha krishnan

  • Jussara Oliveira
    Jussara Oliveira 10 days ago

    This has to do a lot to do with the change in the concept of "proficiency". It is not achieving a high level or grade in a proficiency test anymore. It´s being able to reach the target speaker/listener with your message. Too bad many teachers, nor exams take that into account.

  • Avinash V Hugar
    Avinash V Hugar 10 days ago +1

    Must recommend for the people who s scared of English

    • Basri Hasan
      Basri Hasan 4 days ago

      can you teach me english? Its my whattshap +6281242381794

  • 이나탈리
    이나탈리 10 days ago +4

    I will use her advices to learn Korean with more confidence.

    • Bjei
      Bjei 7 days ago


    • stacey kim
      stacey kim 8 days ago

      may be I can help u :) I'm a native korean and I would like to speak English well..

  • Mohamed Amer
    Mohamed Amer 10 days ago

    You are an inspirational person. Thank you

  • Srah Lisabeth
    Srah Lisabeth 11 days ago +1

    So on tumblr I’m following French language blogs so I can learn more French, and when I read posts in French I’m focusing on seeing what they’re saying! I didn’t even notice I did that until I watched this! I’m not focused on how many words I can recognize, I’m focused on the words I know being strung in an order with words I don’t know to infer the meaning, and that I the coolest thing I’ve realized all day

  • Giah Vy Lương
    Giah Vy Lương 11 days ago +52

    Unfortunately, the IELTS examiners dont feel that way

  • Thuận Nguyễn Thị
    Thuận Nguyễn Thị 12 days ago +2

    thanks so much, I come from Vietnam. This video changed my mind about study English. Ago, I anxious to communicate with native but now I will try confidence in communication.

  • Raihan Aditya
    Raihan Aditya 12 days ago

    Me after toefl ibt test :\

  • miao li
    miao li 12 days ago

    Actually, if you can't speak 100h, it is impossible to express yourselves fluently. Some Ted talks so idealistic.practice solve everything by practising again and again.

  • Fabrizio Vigni
    Fabrizio Vigni 12 days ago

    Amazing and true!

  • Andrei Sosnin
    Andrei Sosnin 12 days ago

    Thank you very much !!!

  • Suleyman Bozkurt
    Suleyman Bozkurt 13 days ago +9

    this video is a life-changer. You can apply this technique to everywhere.

  • kushal jain
    kushal jain 14 days ago

    beautiful!loved it!

  • Thy Monikeo
    Thy Monikeo 14 days ago +3

    TEDx talk make me more improved and I wanna to learning English language faster. thanks you

  • Anoody 97
    Anoody 97 14 days ago

    I don’t know how does this video comes to me but thank God I watched it her words from gold.

  • Maryam Sediqi
    Maryam Sediqi 14 days ago

    Niceee advice

  • Aitana's Book Nook
    Aitana's Book Nook 14 days ago

    This works for English, but not for other languages like French who demand near-perfection. If not, they will switch to English when speaking with you, or not take you very seriously.

    • Ersen Kemal
      Ersen Kemal 13 days ago

      Hi. How are you. I am from Turkey, know live in Russia. Me 35. Know 3 language and would like to improve my English. Can we speak with you for practise? Also I can teach you Russian or Turkish if you want

  • pxxch
    pxxch 14 days ago +22

    I watched from Japan.
    I hated English because learned academic English.
    I will learn conversation English from now.
    Thank you grate video!

  • Ayşegül G.
    Ayşegül G. 14 days ago


  • Zhor Zozita
    Zhor Zozita 14 days ago

    I disagree a bit.. In some situations you do have to master English and make yourself as clear as possible.. People are obviously not learning English to use it in their own countries as they can communicate using their mother tongues.. But they're in fact learning it for a particular purpose such as working, studying or maybe immigrating to a country where English happens to be the first language.. The reason why mastering the language becomes their first interest.. Besides the more you master the language the more comfortable and confident you feel while speaking it.. Further more you can't learn something you don't truely love (just like your daughter) and when you love something so much such as a language you'll make sure you learn it perfectly and knowing just a little bit about it will never seem to be enough for you.. I'm Algerian, my first language is Arabic my second language is French.. And I learnt English because I loved it (no professional reason) yet I spent years striving to make it as fluent as possible.. And this really helped me and boosted my confidence.. I think people should stand up for their goals work hard towards achieving them and should never accept the broken cookie..

  • Yaren Atatüre
    Yaren Atatüre 14 days ago

    I’m Turkish, I studied prep scool for one year it was really good we spoke native teachers ı learned a lot Of things ı feel self confidence with speaking English however 2 years later My english went down ı dont remember lots Of ı dont know what to do

    • Ecenin Öylesine Videoları
      Ecenin Öylesine Videoları 13 days ago

      Yaren Atatüre ben yazılı ingilizce anlıyorum ama dinlemem kötü o yüzden böyle ted talkları altyazısız dinliyorum😊

  • future star
    future star 14 days ago +1

    Hey where is subtitles 😟,,I'm learner and subtitles help me to understand that words ,which pronunciation is little difficult ...

  • guoliang yan
    guoliang yan 14 days ago

    👍👍👍it's just a tool

  • 岡崎慶太
    岡崎慶太 15 days ago

    Those who come to TED and talk about learning foreign languages,why don't they do so in a foreign language?

    • Nguyên Kỷ
      Nguyên Kỷ 13 days ago


    • Nguyên Kỷ
      Nguyên Kỷ 13 days ago

      Cuz most ted events are organized for English speakers including the non-native ones

  • Mukesh Pal
    Mukesh Pal 15 days ago

    Wow, changed my veiw towards spoken English. I am hindi native.

  • Yi Zhou
    Yi Zhou 15 days ago

    But how about the IELTs speaking exam? We cannot expect what the examiner is going to response, right? I totally agree with the confidence thing you mentioned.

  • Martin Cosgrove
    Martin Cosgrove 15 days ago

    Sorry, but all I could think when she was describing the conversation in the pharmacy was: why is she expecting to be spoken to in English if she's been living in Malaysia for a long time? How arrogant not to bother learning the Malay.

  • 사라Sarah
    사라Sarah 15 days ago


  • Maryana Gold
    Maryana Gold 15 days ago

    Sooo good ,thank you very much !

  • Ridouane Bouhjar
    Ridouane Bouhjar 16 days ago

    This video has choosed to be an exemple to talk about and to learn from it how to speak with confidence

  • Laure ctn
    Laure ctn 16 days ago

    Why am I not surprised that it's the french engineer who is not able to communicate?

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