I Am Iron Man Snap Scene - AVENGERS 4: Endgame (2019)

  • Published on Jul 20, 2019
  • Full official "I Am Iron Man Snap" Avengers 4: Endgame Movie Clip & Trailer 2019 | Subscribe ➤ abo.yt/ki | Robert Downey Jr. Movie Trailer | Release: 31 Jul 2019 on Digital, 13 Aug 2019 on Blu-Ray | More KinoCheck.com/film/ly4/avengers-4-2019
    After Thanos wiped out half of the universe, the Avengers still standing are doing what they promised to do, avenge.
    Avengers 4: Endgame (2019) is the new action movie starring Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth.
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  • Dwells446 youtube
    Dwells446 youtube 6 hours ago +1

    Rip iron man

  • Bow Hunter
    Bow Hunter Day ago

    Even though I didn't like the movie overall, that last battle and the 'I am Ironman' scene was awesome

  • John Petrinolis
    John Petrinolis 2 days ago

    This really is the pivotal moment in Endgame. At this moment, the Avengers and their allies had thrown everything they could at Thanos and it just wasn’t enough, there was no one else left to stop him. Without Iron Man’s sacrifice, Thanos would’ve gotten his second and far more deadly victory. That’s something I really love about this film, the way it portrays how a single instance can so greatly affect and determine the world’s future.

  • Flarbargason
    Flarbargason 4 days ago

    Ironman would definitely die from using the infinity stones

  • Nick
    Nick 5 days ago

    What I always liked about this line is that all of the other Avengers heard Thanos say “I am inevitable” before. So even in his last moments, Tony completely outwits someone, straight from the hip.

  • -R C-
    -R C- 5 days ago

    I am sabalero

  • LynkTheGamer
    LynkTheGamer 11 days ago

    Guys i'm going to build a time machine and if i manage to make it to the past ill come back

  • יהודה
    יהודה 11 days ago

    What a movie. How the hell they gonna top this

  • madian saleem
    madian saleem 12 days ago +1

    It feels like it's Robert Downey Jr who died

  • McCoy 01 t.r.m
    McCoy 01 t.r.m 13 days ago

    It's my birthday🎂🎂🎂🍰🍰🍰🍰

  • Craig Wortham
    Craig Wortham 16 days ago

    I'd do anything to erase my memory and watch this again for the first time.

  • Daniel Zelada
    Daniel Zelada 17 days ago

    Thanos vs profesor m (from mclaren animation: Tooned)
    Thanos yo soy inevitable
    Profesor m and i am profesor m

  • Sora
    Sora 17 days ago +1

    I Am Iron Man Snap Scene

    Cuts out the snap scene

  • 후렁리
    후렁리 17 days ago


  • Ethan Peterson
    Ethan Peterson 18 days ago

    0:06 - There can be only one

  • Kanani Alvara
    Kanani Alvara 18 days ago

    Infinity war: I’m sorry mr stark
    Endgame: I’m sorry too kid
    If that happened I would’ve died

  • Zynsiyme Jake2005
    Zynsiyme Jake2005 19 days ago

    Anyone watch this at the end of the decade???

  • Andrei Roman
    Andrei Roman 19 days ago

    0:34 PERFECT WAY TO START 2020!

  • Leonardo R
    Leonardo R 19 days ago

    Fucking amazing what Marvel Studios has accomplished

  • Railen Herman
    Railen Herman 23 days ago

    Stolen video

  • Jokers Stimme
    Jokers Stimme 24 days ago +1

    Fucking Endgame ❤️

  • McDowell 14PCHD
    McDowell 14PCHD 24 days ago

    0:53 it was at this moment that thanos knew that he fucked up.

  • Lukimus Prime
    Lukimus Prime 25 days ago

    Came here after Rise of Skywalker after seeing this phenomenal scene ripped off in it.

  • Isaiah Leon
    Isaiah Leon 28 days ago +17

    Rey: "Can I copy your homework?"
    Tony Stark: "Sure, just change it up a little so it doesn't look like you copied."
    Rey: "Thanks fam."

    • ĀTx •{ᏩHᎾŠᎢ}•
      ĀTx •{ᏩHᎾŠᎢ}• 18 days ago

      Espeon N208 ok thank you fam

    • Espeon N208
      Espeon N208 19 days ago +1

      @ĀTx •{ᏩHᎾŠᎢ}• in the newwest movie, Palpatine says "I am all Sith" then it cuts to Rey and she says "And I... am all Jedi" then she uses two lightsabers to redirect his lightining back to him and kills him.
      It's almost as stupid as The Last Jedi

    • ĀTx •{ᏩHᎾŠᎢ}•
      ĀTx •{ᏩHᎾŠᎢ}• 27 days ago

      Isaiah Leon i don’t get it explain

  • Samir Ribera
    Samir Ribera 28 days ago +3

    When marvel beats the “Im Batman”

  • Benjamin Fouché
    Benjamin Fouché Month ago +1


  • IAmNotANugget BlackHart

    Oh bullshit! literally is just an ad for the movie? FUCK THAT NOISE AND FUCK YOU KINOCHECK!!!

  • MePeTeR91
    MePeTeR91 Month ago +2

    "And.. I...I am all the jed.... i mean iron man"

  • Starscream
    Starscream Month ago

    Whait so the stones let you do anything you want right

    VEXTREX Month ago +12

    Thanos : sacrifices daughter for a better life for himself
    Tony : sacrifices himself for a better life for his daughter

  • joshua jones
    joshua jones Month ago

    I could have swore the line was -“I am iron man bitch”

  • SirAlpaca
    SirAlpaca Month ago


  • C. Ray
    C. Ray Month ago

    The trump team obviously didn’t watch this scene to the end! 🤣

  • SandboxArrow
    SandboxArrow Month ago +1

    One of the most powerful movies of all time

  • jown hever
    jown hever Month ago

    The two words going through thanos mind: OH SHIT!

  • Allan mayorga cordon Rafael

    0:13 he realizes he has to sacrafice himself

  • Lorenzo Paraphernalia

    @0:28 you can see the mind stone fall out

  • K S
    K S Month ago +1

    Iron man: And I am....
    Trailer interrupts: This is the fight of our lives!
    Me: Yeah. No shit. Now wheres my Snap?!

  • Virginia Culpepper
    Virginia Culpepper Month ago

    Top 2 best kill one liners

    1.And i am iron man
    2.smile you son of a boom

  • Jack Salvin
    Jack Salvin Month ago +2

    0:44 Is this what you looking for, Thanos? 😠 Mmm?

  • Christian Jasper Gabitan

    And why dr strange didn't turn back tony stark time?so he can live right?or did he do it?and he's in the S.H.I.E.L.D now ?????

  • Alex Hopper
    Alex Hopper Month ago

    0:12 Only top class actor like RDJ can deliver this expression. I give him that

  • TheCrimsonFckr
    TheCrimsonFckr Month ago +1

    ...and THAT is how you send out Tony Stark.

  • Cody Patton
    Cody Patton Month ago

    I just one ONE VIDEO that doesn't cut just before the snap. JUST ONE!

  • Rithy
    Rithy Month ago

    Boi I’m still sad

  • Eduardo Urquiza
    Eduardo Urquiza Month ago +1

    Vamonos a la verga porque lla llego endgame

  • Geneah 88
    Geneah 88 Month ago +1

    “I am Iron Man”😭😭

    I love you 3000😭😭😭 that part hit me hard😭

  • Jesse Rodriguez
    Jesse Rodriguez Month ago

    Thanos “I know what I must do.”
    Tony “I know what I must do too.”

  • LynkTheGamer
    LynkTheGamer Month ago

    after this i think Tony would be able to lift the Mjolnir too

  • Alexander The Snivy
    Alexander The Snivy 2 months ago +3

    Imagine if Tony Stark didn't know how to snap his fingers

    • The Gamers Club
      The Gamers Club Month ago

      Actually, Idk how to snap my fingers lol. I’ve tried a lot but I still don’t know how to...

  • Knotty Buds
    Knotty Buds 2 months ago

    Best ending ever.

  • Vladimir Manosalvas
    Vladimir Manosalvas 2 months ago +1

    Almost everybody cried when Iron Man died. He was killed off in his 10th MCU appearance after years of being the face of the franchise.
    Almost nobody cried when Superman died. He was killed off in his second DCEU appearance with little to no character development.

  • Anirudh Gupta
    Anirudh Gupta 2 months ago

    Can someone please explain this to me. How come when Thanos snaps, random people disintegrate. But when Tony Stark snaps, only bad people disintegrate. How? Do stones have some moral conscience?

  • D0MD0R
    D0MD0R 2 months ago

    cap should have wielded the stones

  • Binh Tư vlogs
    Binh Tư vlogs 2 months ago

    I am love you 3000

  • SupahStar247
    SupahStar247 2 months ago

    Iron Man snap at 1:59

  • Yinsen_ATL
    Yinsen_ATL 2 months ago

    Thanos is like me, I grind my game for 3 years and lost all of my progress totally relatable

  • Zlazh
    Zlazh 2 months ago

    In that moment a legend born.

  • Master MoJo
    Master MoJo 2 months ago

    0:53 The Director of Avatar's Reaction to it not being #1

  • ImBalucas
    ImBalucas 2 months ago

    Fun Fact: Robert Downey Jr. was actually close in getting the role as Daniel LaRusso in Karate Kid.
    Thankfully everybody enjoyed Robert Downey in this role as expected because, if we were to see Robert Downey playing as a kid who learned Karate from Mr. Miyagi, it would’ve been hard to see Ralph Macchio as a billionaire, playboy, philanthropist.