• Published on Sep 10, 2017
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  • Jordan Denford
    Jordan Denford Day ago

    You are only supost to eat a little bit of vegemite

  • Imogen Astruc
    Imogen Astruc Day ago

    For vegemite your meant to put it on toast with butter

  • Ellse W
    Ellse W Day ago

    Just so you know Vegemite is not a lolly ( candy) and it is a spread you put on your Sandwich.

  • paige cox
    paige cox Day ago

    I'm Australian and you eat vegemite on toast with butter

  • Captain_Corgi 445

    I’m from Australia and I don’t like vegemite

  • // Kippu \\
    // Kippu \\ 2 days ago


  • Jacinta-lei Evans
    Jacinta-lei Evans 2 days ago

    Your only meant to have a little bit of vegimite and it is best on toast.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂,

  • Mia Tonkovic
    Mia Tonkovic 2 days ago

    P.s. you eat vegemite with butter

  • Mia Tonkovic
    Mia Tonkovic 2 days ago

    I live is australia

  • Pathryn Becker-Colls
    Pathryn Becker-Colls 3 days ago +2

    I’m from Australia and the food is amazing 😉

  • Meg Smith
    Meg Smith 3 days ago

    I’m from Australia and you but vegimite on toast and butter

  • Nevada Taylor
    Nevada Taylor 3 days ago

    Omg these foods are so good i know because im Australian i dont like how you said u almost liked our contry and vegimite your ment to have on toast and you only need a tiny but on toast just saying

  • lil lia
    lil lia 3 days ago

    Okay, we all know at this point that's not how you eat that brown stuff. (Don't correct me.) She knows at this point

  • Ruby Bloch
    Ruby Bloch 4 days ago

    its called veggie might and u put it on toast w/ butter

  • Savannah Jade
    Savannah Jade 4 days ago

    Gabbie it’s a biscuit

  • Teliah Ann
    Teliah Ann 4 days ago

    A am Australian

  • Kaylee Robertson
    Kaylee Robertson 4 days ago

    i am Australian and Australia is the biggest island in the world

  • Elise Echevarria
    Elise Echevarria 4 days ago

    Ya should do a songs in real life

  • Trees are The best
    Trees are The best 5 days ago

    Ya'll probably don't know this but the original vegemite is marmite ok baiiiiiii

  • lifewith mark
    lifewith mark 5 days ago

    not ament to eat vegemite like that lol love ya liza all the way from Australia

  • Izabel Hill
    Izabel Hill 5 days ago +1

    I am from Australia 🇭🇲🇭🇲🇭🇲

  • Renee Decini
    Renee Decini 5 days ago

    I'm happy that you like my country's food well most of it well now wonder you didn't like the vegemite your sopste to have it on a piece of toast just a thin spread that's it not a hole mouthful

  • Georgia Nichols
    Georgia Nichols 5 days ago

    we have all that candy in New Zealand ecsept the french fries and the thing liza spat out into the bin

  • Mv Foxy
    Mv Foxy 5 days ago

    I’m Australian and
    I hate vegimat

  • Liana Tulissio
    Liana Tulissio 5 days ago +1

    VEGEMITE IS GREAT!!!!!!!!!♥️♥️♥️
    love u both😘

  • Isabel Hockley
    Isabel Hockley 5 days ago

    You vegemite on your toest🍞

  • Alice  Swan
    Alice Swan 5 days ago


  • Yana_bubbies 01
    Yana_bubbies 01 5 days ago

    im from new zealand

  • squishyX squishxo
    squishyX squishxo 6 days ago

    You should get a tiny bit of vegimite and a lot of butter on some toast and it will taste good

  • The GamingLife
    The GamingLife 6 days ago

    I an Australian, the vegemite tastes bad because you ate it wrong😂 spread it lightly on a bit of toast and you're good!

  • Mia Swinden
    Mia Swinden 6 days ago

    I’m Australian and this is so funny 🤣 and that is not how u eat vegemite

  • Mitty Lilac
    Mitty Lilac 6 days ago

    Australia is a continent and I am from Australia

  • Mitty Lilac
    Mitty Lilac 6 days ago

    I’m from Australian but I hate vegemite!

  • Greta Productions
    Greta Productions 6 days ago

    I’m from Australia and you only use a little bit of vegimite

  • cc watermelon
    cc watermelon 7 days ago +1

    Im auzzie andcNo one knows how to eat vegemite

  • Lily Johnson-ruddock

    Wow I’m assie and you did well
    Give this a thumbs up if you assie too

  • Acid Rose
    Acid Rose 7 days ago


  • Coco Hoyle
    Coco Hoyle 7 days ago


  • Sophia Moulton
    Sophia Moulton 7 days ago

    Why does everyone eat it like that and then say its disgusting

  • Comfy_ Angel
    Comfy_ Angel 7 days ago +1

    That’s NAWIT how you eaT thAt oOf.

  • Comfy_ Angel
    Comfy_ Angel 7 days ago +1

    lizA yOu hAve BetRaYeD mE!

  • Innie Binnie STUDIOS

    Hum Liza you put the vegemite on toast ... ;-;

  • miranda white
    miranda white 7 days ago

    *phone rings*

  • Milly Cowan
    Milly Cowan 7 days ago

    I live in australia so none of those foods were strange

  • gay ass content
    gay ass content 8 days ago

    No one in Australia eats vegemite like that seriously 😂😂

  • BruizerNewser
    BruizerNewser 8 days ago

    You put vegimite on wrong

  • Anita Greensill
    Anita Greensill 8 days ago

    I'm from Australia and some things you said was mean but love you 😘

  • KooKoo Cookie
    KooKoo Cookie 8 days ago

    No no no that’s not how you eat vegemite (I’m Australian ) you DROWN some bread in butter and then lightly put some vegemite on top at least that’s the best way to eat it for your first time lol

  • Elyzza Mikeahla Jefferson

    Aussies where u at?

  • Charlotte De Ruygt
    Charlotte De Ruygt 8 days ago +1

    You are supposed to lightly spread it on toast not do eat a whole spoonful (About the vegemite)

  • Sienna Davies
    Sienna Davies 8 days ago


  • IZ—grace YT
    IZ—grace YT 8 days ago

    i hate vegemite

  • Kealey Oliver
    Kealey Oliver 8 days ago

    I’m Australian and we spread vegimite on toast not straight into our mouths lol

  • Emily Deakin
    Emily Deakin 8 days ago

    IM FROM AUSTRALIAAA also; how have you not tried Tim tams they are da bessssttttt!

  • Noa Rembach
    Noa Rembach 8 days ago

    G’day mate

  • Raven Moran
    Raven Moran 8 days ago

    These are my fav foods because i Australian

  • Martavia Martin
    Martavia Martin 8 days ago


  • Elizabeth Hunter
    Elizabeth Hunter 9 days ago

    I'm from Australia and I always see Americans squirting vegemite into there mouth or eating spoon fulls your supposed to spread a thick layer of butter and a thin layer of vegemite onto bread and that's how you enjoy vegemite. Vegemite is the best, in my opinion 🙂

    ALANA HEALY 9 days ago

    i am an aussie mate

  • DopestDogLover 21
    DopestDogLover 21 9 days ago

    I'm from Australia I wish Liza and gabbie lived in Australia

  • Hollie Warren
    Hollie Warren 9 days ago

    I'm from Australia, you spread Vegemite on bread. LOL

  • Year 9 English SAT
    Year 9 English SAT 9 days ago +1


  • ClarkeeGaming.__
    ClarkeeGaming.__ 9 days ago

    Wait you don’t have wagon wheels in America cuz we have em in canafa

  • billie eye-lash
    billie eye-lash 9 days ago

    im from australia amd this was uploaded 2 das before my bday! 🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺
    edit: you have to put a *bit* of vegimite on *toast* its not *chocolate* :)

  • nika Gresel
    nika Gresel 9 days ago

    I love all the songs in this video

  • Ultra Pancakes
    Ultra Pancakes 9 days ago +4

    The description says “Stalk Gobby here” 🤣🤣🤣

  • its chelsea
    its chelsea 10 days ago +1

    im from australia and you eat a small portion of vegimite

  • Tanaha Kelly
    Tanaha Kelly 10 days ago

    Vegemite is definitely not eaten like that!! even we don't eat it like that! hahaha but the reaction was magnificent! #australiansstilllovevegemite

  • Antonia Adams
    Antonia Adams 11 days ago +1

    How to eat vegemite:
    Make toast
    But some butter on it/or not
    But A LITTLE vegemite

  • Audrey LM
    Audrey LM 11 days ago +1

    Vegimite is da bomb
    Like if your aussie 🇦🇺

  • D E S T I N Y'S P L A C E

    I am from Austraila like if you are from Austraila

  • Midnight Wolf
    Midnight Wolf 11 days ago


  • peachybabs xox
    peachybabs xox 11 days ago

    Okay, aussies if you are proving that u r Australian don’t say ‘mate’ or ‘gday’ or anything like that, cuz most of us don’t even say it ._. Omg if u do that then I think u r American....

  • Peyton Greig
    Peyton Greig 11 days ago +5

    UR SUPPOSE TO SPREAD VEGEMITE ON TOAST btw I’m an Australian mate

  • Emily Dudley
    Emily Dudley 11 days ago

    Og Tim tam= penguin biscuit

  • itsawesome24
    itsawesome24 12 days ago +1

    Gabbie: I am not eating that
    Also Gabbie: * eats it anyways*

  • Georgia D'Monte
    Georgia D'Monte 12 days ago

    Im from WA Australia🇦🇺

  • Olivia Cosentino
    Olivia Cosentino 12 days ago

    I’m from Australia

  • Brydie Steel
    Brydie Steel 12 days ago

    I’m from Australia and your only meant to have a little bit on bread with butter

  • Minnow Smith
    Minnow Smith 12 days ago

    IM AUSTRALIAN! like if you are to! I’ll add a 🇦🇺 every like :)

  • Olwyn Parker-farren
    Olwyn Parker-farren 13 days ago

    Omg, you need shirt white bread and butter with your vegemite

  • Amby Bamby
    Amby Bamby 13 days ago

    Why does no one know how to eat Vegemite, also they don't have Cherry Ripe their lol didn't know that.. Hahaha

  • Mimzie Robinson
    Mimzie Robinson 13 days ago

    Put it on toast

  • tayja08
    tayja08 13 days ago

    I am Australian and we eat vegimite with a spoon bc it comes in those weird containers

  • tayja08
    tayja08 13 days ago

    U Americans need to learn how do eat our vegemite

  • Sunkiss Sk
    Sunkiss Sk 13 days ago

    Oof I hate Vegemite

  • Sunkiss Sk
    Sunkiss Sk 13 days ago

    I'm Aussie, Like if you are too

  • malanna herr
    malanna herr 13 days ago

    I'm from Australia adelaide

  • Jazzy Simpson
    Jazzy Simpson 13 days ago

    I am

  • rainbow daff
    rainbow daff 14 days ago

    hey do u want me to tell u how to eat vegemite #1 get the vegemit #2 then get a little bit #3 then spread it on toast aslo u can have butter

  • Addstar 201
    Addstar 201 14 days ago +3

    I live in Australia and some of the food is good and bad

  • Matilda Kavanagh
    Matilda Kavanagh 15 days ago

    I am Aussi and no Americans know how to have vegemite right

  • Ace Girl
    Ace Girl 15 days ago

    Ok I’m from Australia and I hate vegimite

  • Makaylah White
    Makaylah White 15 days ago

    Your need to put Vegemite on bread oml

  • Kyah Green
    Kyah Green 16 days ago

    I'm from australia

  • BigfluffyPONNY 123
    BigfluffyPONNY 123 16 days ago

    I am Australian and yes we do have States

  • pastel angel wolf 64
    pastel angel wolf 64 16 days ago

    I'm Australian why do American's not know how to eat vegemite

  • Mint Cream
    Mint Cream 16 days ago

    Lol ik I'm like years late but 1 you take a little bit of vegiemite on bread 2 vegiemite SUCKS and yes I'm from Australia thank you for coming to my Ted talk

  • Abby Lyons
    Abby Lyons 16 days ago

    Only Aussie will know how to reply

  • cookie monster
    cookie monster 17 days ago

    Im from Australia