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  • Published on May 17, 2018
  • Lots of dope things happening in NYC!! Eyes Closed Photo Challenge ft. CHRIS HAU -
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    *Note about this video*
    I filmed this video last week. I had more footage about casey's 368 thang and John and I did a funny skit about it but it seemed inappropriate to leave the footage in given the video casey posted today about the crazy trespasser. Don't mess with him guys lol. Ok I hope you enjoyed this video and please check out chris he is epic

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  • Chris Hau
    Chris Hau Year ago +248

    Thanks for saving me from that BUS! 🚌 Ok bye always love hanging with you.

    • Nefertiti Montoya
      Nefertiti Montoya Year ago

      HOW DID YOU EDIT THOSE?! 😍😍😍 I feel like that's what I'm missing 😭

    • Anshul Bajaj
      Anshul Bajaj Year ago

      JosΓ©MarΓ­a Solar your phone

    • Rene Lopez
      Rene Lopez Year ago

      You gotta get that ChrisHauHairWhipSquad going

    • Maurice Mercado
      Maurice Mercado Year ago

      How long you in NYC? Would love to hook up and chat.

  • Harry burnett
    Harry burnett 3 months ago

    Rhymes with Peachy πŸ‘

  • Ridon Shishir -Crazy Cafe Studio

    Loved the way all the creative people hangout. Love you All. πŸ€—

  • CRF250R1521
    CRF250R1521 7 months ago

    thought this guy with long hair was the lead mechanical engineer from Boosted lol oh well....bye

  • Aden
    Aden 9 months ago

    How could I get on your podcast?

  • eze creative
    eze creative 10 months ago

    368 is like Artismo Studio Share in southeast Michigan..... It's a kickass place - I shoot my new youtube show from there.

  • Tchela Vih
    Tchela Vih Year ago

    You guys have the same

  • Nasri Chafik
    Nasri Chafik Year ago

    i Love Peaches a LOT

  • Steven Song
    Steven Song Year ago

    6:06 - 6:16

  • Ching G
    Ching G Year ago

    Its the prejudice jerk sarah diechy! hey that is two syllables! DIE - CHY. Wow!

    PETER PALMIOTTI Year ago +1

    1st-time viewer, impressed with your creativity, Sub'd!

  • JuliuszP
    JuliuszP Year ago

    That is one badass intro!!

  • The Enthusiasm Project

    I feel bad that it’s taken me this long, but lately I’ve been gaining a whole new appreciation for what you do. You work really hard and never complain. As a high school digital media teacher, I’m also really excited when female creators succeed. That might sound strange, but I have a lot of students who need positive female role models beyond makeup tutorials (not that there’s anything wrong with those).

  • Diego Oliveira
    Diego Oliveira Year ago +2

    Love Chris's work, but that "no eye" in the photo taking process doesn't really work unless you have a great camera, so that's very segregating which goes totally against the organic way or making art, not natural at all, so not for everybody. But yeah, kudos for the creativity.

  • ABCDyeahyeah
    ABCDyeahyeah Year ago

    You know he's moving to California soon though, right :(

  • Edson
    Edson Year ago

    What's the intro song,? I cant find it anywhere! I need it lol

  • Gosia Malaczek
    Gosia Malaczek Year ago

    Came here from. Chris :) dont know why but i just straight looove your imperfect eyebrows

  • α—·α’ͺα—©α‘•K α‘•α’ͺOα‘Œα—ͺ

    made my day, made me laugh! best vid i watched this month.
    veeeeeeeeeeeery exited my camera ships in a few hours woooooooooha ^^
    (why did i told you that? no one whould care xD... anyways wooooha)

  • Elvis Paul
    Elvis Paul Year ago

    3:57 Chris almost got hit by a bus.

  • Elvis Paul
    Elvis Paul Year ago

    You're a underrated TheXvidr!

  • Blaze Wiradharma
    Blaze Wiradharma Year ago

    Did you guys edit with your eyes closed too?

  • Anna Elizabeth
    Anna Elizabeth Year ago

    I’ve just found my new favorite youtuber

  • chrstiansotnas
    chrstiansotnas Year ago

    You're both musicians, maybe a music-themed collab video? :)

  • taizocss
    taizocss Year ago

    Your portrait was extremely beautiful like honestly.

    BOPINHO JR Year ago


  • Ken Perry
    Ken Perry Year ago

    Blind but not silent

  • Ken Perry
    Ken Perry Year ago

    He is the willy wonka of youtube

  • Γ‡ağdaş Ünal

    The "Film My Life" link was broken in the description.

  • Maclimax
    Maclimax Year ago

    Start creating please stop idolize show off

  • Jared Tweed
    Jared Tweed Year ago


  • Emily Mast
    Emily Mast Year ago

    6:00 omg Sara pls, the camera's angle is photography 101. I would recommend taking a photography class because if you think mixing up the camera angle is innovative, you're sure to learn a lot.
    Love from WI, keep it up.

  • Emily Mast
    Emily Mast Year ago

    You and John just make me smile. You're the kind of people I'd want to be friends with.

  • Gadget Review Videos

    You should try this camera thing again with Molly Burk.

  • anurag swain
    anurag swain Year ago

    Love your smile

  • kripssy
    kripssy Year ago

    Didn't know Amy Adams was a creative producer as well. She looks diff with facial hair and men's clothing though...

  • Bokeh Electric
    Bokeh Electric Year ago

    What's up with the gay version of a Nickelodeon show?? and what's with Fabio's sister. I seriously didn't know Fabio had a sister that was blind and had mustache.

  • LaMisto
    LaMisto Year ago

    Hey! Have you ever collaborared on TheXvid with a creator from Romania? :) Just a random question, I'm very curious though!

  • Max Zodiac
    Max Zodiac Year ago

    Your videos have a minimum on editing No creativity during the talks. or whatsoever. I fall asleep. no inspiration. after 2 years I had to say it. it explains the low number of subscribers. It should have make you think a long time ago . Or this is what you want , or what you can. At least think about it.

  • Year ago

    wow, did not know you've been at Casey's building

  • John MDM
    John MDM Year ago

    Awko Taco

  • Sanjeev Aher
    Sanjeev Aher Year ago

    stop begging for subscribers lol

    • Sanjeev Aher
      Sanjeev Aher Year ago

      everyone ? lol
      only beggars do that

    • blue sky
      blue sky Year ago

      Sanjeev Aher shut up, everyone does that, that would you suppose to do. punk -_-

  • Penny Fabian
    Penny Fabian Year ago


  • JokerCirca66
    JokerCirca66 Year ago

    5:38 that part though 10:12 5:38 10:12 5:38 10:12

  • Stella Q
    Stella Q Year ago

    Counter challenge… listen to the podcast with earplugs inserted 😜

  • Sebastian Gonzalez

    Seriously you guys are so freaking amazing. Sara you are an inspiration for me. Your energy is just so contagious.

  • Mimo Reque
    Mimo Reque Year ago

    "Hip firing". Cool technique. I use it a lot for street portraiture around not-so-friendly crowds. Cheers.

  • jonrty007
    jonrty007 Year ago

    Good thing Chris's eyes are better than his hearing

  • Marcus M
    Marcus M Year ago

    Are you related to Jack Conte? Vlogging/editing seems on point.

  • hiasfq
    hiasfq Year ago

    You guys are such show-offs

  • Maya
    Maya Year ago


  • The Grumpy Vlogger

    Really enjoyable video. My first time to see any of your videos but this was great.

  • DeedrΓ© Cousins

    Why does Chris Hau’s hair always look glorious? His hair needs it’s own Instagram account!

  • S OB
    S OB Year ago


  • Vinnie Chu
    Vinnie Chu Year ago

    Just subbed to you. Keep up the great content and I hope one day to grow my channel as big as yours!

  • Nico Andrei Sta Ana


  • Bradly Franco
    Bradly Franco Year ago

    My question is ... what kind of conditioner does Chris use?

    BCRE8IV3 BGR8 Year ago

    Really good. Great video.

  • tom go
    tom go Year ago

    Great collab guys !!

  • Javier Pacheco
    Javier Pacheco Year ago

    that intro tho

  • TheWatchingEye0099

    I'm certainly going to try with eyes closed and see what comes of it, sounds a very unique way of taking photos.