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  • Published on May 17, 2018
  • Lots of dope things happening in NYC!! Eyes Closed Photo Challenge ft. CHRIS HAU -
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    *Note about this video*
    I filmed this video last week. I had more footage about casey's 368 thang and John and I did a funny skit about it but it seemed inappropriate to leave the footage in given the video casey posted today about the crazy trespasser. Don't mess with him guys lol. Ok I hope you enjoyed this video and please check out chris he is epic

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  • Chris Hau
    Chris Hau Year ago +247

    Thanks for saving me from that BUS! 🚌 Ok bye always love hanging with you.

    • Nefertiti Montoya
      Nefertiti Montoya Year ago

      HOW DID YOU EDIT THOSE?! 😍😍😍 I feel like that's what I'm missing 😭

    • Anshul Bajaj
      Anshul Bajaj Year ago

      JosΓ©MarΓ­a Solar your phone

    • Rene Lopez
      Rene Lopez Year ago

      You gotta get that ChrisHauHairWhipSquad going

    • Maurice Mercado
      Maurice Mercado Year ago

      How long you in NYC? Would love to hook up and chat.

  • Harry burnett
    Harry burnett 22 days ago

    Rhymes with Peachy πŸ‘

  • Ridon Shishir
    Ridon Shishir 4 months ago

    Loved the way all the creative people hangout. Love you All. πŸ€—

  • CRF250R1521
    CRF250R1521 4 months ago

    thought this guy with long hair was the lead mechanical engineer from Boosted lol oh well....bye

  • Aden
    Aden 6 months ago

    How could I get on your podcast?

  • eze creative
    eze creative 8 months ago

    368 is like Artismo Studio Share in southeast Michigan..... It's a kickass place - I shoot my new youtube show from there.

  • Tchela Vih
    Tchela Vih 9 months ago

    You guys have the same

  • Nasri Chafik
    Nasri Chafik 9 months ago

    i Love Peaches a LOT

  • Steven Song
    Steven Song 11 months ago

    6:06 - 6:16

  • Ching G
    Ching G 11 months ago

    Its the prejudice jerk sarah diechy! hey that is two syllables! DIE - CHY. Wow!

    PETER PALMIOTTI Year ago +1

    1st-time viewer, impressed with your creativity, Sub'd!

  • JuliuszP
    JuliuszP Year ago

    That is one badass intro!!

  • The Enthusiasm Project

    I feel bad that it’s taken me this long, but lately I’ve been gaining a whole new appreciation for what you do. You work really hard and never complain. As a high school digital media teacher, I’m also really excited when female creators succeed. That might sound strange, but I have a lot of students who need positive female role models beyond makeup tutorials (not that there’s anything wrong with those).

  • Diego Oliveira
    Diego Oliveira Year ago +2

    Love Chris's work, but that "no eye" in the photo taking process doesn't really work unless you have a great camera, so that's very segregating which goes totally against the organic way or making art, not natural at all, so not for everybody. But yeah, kudos for the creativity.

  • ABCDyeahyeah
    ABCDyeahyeah Year ago

    You know he's moving to California soon though, right :(

  • Edson
    Edson Year ago

    What's the intro song,? I cant find it anywhere! I need it lol

  • Gosia Malaczek
    Gosia Malaczek Year ago

    Came here from. Chris :) dont know why but i just straight looove your imperfect eyebrows

  • α—·α’ͺα—©α‘•K α‘•α’ͺOα‘Œα—ͺ

    made my day, made me laugh! best vid i watched this month.
    veeeeeeeeeeeery exited my camera ships in a few hours woooooooooha ^^
    (why did i told you that? no one whould care xD... anyways wooooha)

  • Elvis Paul
    Elvis Paul Year ago

    3:57 Chris almost got hit by a bus.

  • Elvis Paul
    Elvis Paul Year ago

    You're a underrated TheXvidr!

  • Blaze Wiradharma
    Blaze Wiradharma Year ago

    Did you guys edit with your eyes closed too?

  • Anna Elizabeth
    Anna Elizabeth Year ago

    I’ve just found my new favorite youtuber

  • chrstiansotnas
    chrstiansotnas Year ago

    You're both musicians, maybe a music-themed collab video? :)

  • taizocss
    taizocss Year ago

    Your portrait was extremely beautiful like honestly.

    BOPINHO JR Year ago


  • Ken Perry
    Ken Perry Year ago

    Blind but not silent

  • Ken Perry
    Ken Perry Year ago

    He is the willy wonka of youtube

  • Γ‡ağdaş Ünal

    The "Film My Life" link was broken in the description.

  • Maclimax
    Maclimax Year ago

    Start creating please stop idolize show off

  • Jared Tweed
    Jared Tweed Year ago


  • Emily Mast
    Emily Mast Year ago

    6:00 omg Sara pls, the camera's angle is photography 101. I would recommend taking a photography class because if you think mixing up the camera angle is innovative, you're sure to learn a lot.
    Love from WI, keep it up.

  • Emily Mast
    Emily Mast Year ago

    You and John just make me smile. You're the kind of people I'd want to be friends with.

  • Gadget Review Videos

    You should try this camera thing again with Molly Burk.

  • anurag swain
    anurag swain Year ago

    Love your smile

  • kripssy
    kripssy Year ago

    Didn't know Amy Adams was a creative producer as well. She looks diff with facial hair and men's clothing though...

  • Bokeh Electric
    Bokeh Electric Year ago

    What's up with the gay version of a Nickelodeon show?? and what's with Fabio's sister. I seriously didn't know Fabio had a sister that was blind and had mustache.

  • LaMisto
    LaMisto Year ago

    Hey! Have you ever collaborared on TheXvid with a creator from Romania? :) Just a random question, I'm very curious though!

  • dn08Hf1xK0q1
    dn08Hf1xK0q1 Year ago

    Your videos have a minimum on editing No creativity during the talks. or whatsoever. I fall asleep. no inspiration. after 2 years I had to say it. it explains the low number of subscribers. It should have make you think a long time ago . Or this is what you want , or what you can. At least think about it.

  • Year ago

    wow, did not know you've been at Casey's building

  • John MDM
    John MDM Year ago

    Awko Taco

  • Sanjeev Aher
    Sanjeev Aher Year ago

    stop begging for subscribers lol

    • Sanjeev Aher
      Sanjeev Aher 10 months ago

      everyone ? lol
      only beggars do that

    • blue sky
      blue sky 10 months ago

      Sanjeev Aher shut up, everyone does that, that would you suppose to do. punk -_-

  • Penny Fabian
    Penny Fabian Year ago


  • JokerCirca66
    JokerCirca66 Year ago

    5:38 that part though 10:12 5:38 10:12 5:38 10:12

  • Stella Q
    Stella Q Year ago

    Counter challenge… listen to the podcast with earplugs inserted 😜

  • Sebastian Gonzalez

    Seriously you guys are so freaking amazing. Sara you are an inspiration for me. Your energy is just so contagious.

  • Mimo Reque
    Mimo Reque Year ago

    "Hip firing". Cool technique. I use it a lot for street portraiture around not-so-friendly crowds. Cheers.

  • jonrty007
    jonrty007 Year ago

    Good thing Chris's eyes are better than his hearing

  • Marcus M
    Marcus M Year ago

    Are you related to Jack Conte? Vlogging/editing seems on point.

  • hiasfq
    hiasfq Year ago

    You guys are such show-offs

  • Maya
    Maya Year ago


  • The Grumpy Vlogger

    Really enjoyable video. My first time to see any of your videos but this was great.

  • DeedrΓ© Cousins

    Why does Chris Hau’s hair always look glorious? His hair needs it’s own Instagram account!

  • S OB
    S OB Year ago


  • Vinnie Chu
    Vinnie Chu Year ago

    Just subbed to you. Keep up the great content and I hope one day to grow my channel as big as yours!

  • Nico Andrei Sta Ana


  • Bradly Franco
    Bradly Franco Year ago

    My question is ... what kind of conditioner does Chris use?

    BCRE8IV3 BGR8 Year ago

    Really good. Great video.

  • tom go
    tom go Year ago

    Great collab guys !!

  • Javier Pacheco
    Javier Pacheco Year ago

    that intro tho

  • TheWatchingEye0099

    I'm certainly going to try with eyes closed and see what comes of it, sounds a very unique way of taking photos.

  • JEEP 2019
    JEEP 2019 Year ago

    I’m thinking of switching to PC from Mac, do you use your new PC often?

  • None But Myself
    None But Myself Year ago

    Next time you should do a blind photography challenge with instant cameras.

  • Shawn M
    Shawn M Year ago

    mary me sara

  • Chris Wong
    Chris Wong Year ago

    It’s nice to see John-bon again...

  • Julia Ing
    Julia Ing Year ago

    Loved the wetting of my appetite! Good podcast x video mix.

  • Samuel Perez
    Samuel Perez Year ago

    ...guzzling epicsodes of 368 are heading your way ...

  • Pro Driver
    Pro Driver Year ago

    I think it would be better to turn the camera off, and take a picture!. Have a great day

  • Who is KD
    Who is KD Year ago

    Bruh! So damn talented

  • TheWatermelon93
    TheWatermelon93 Year ago

    The β€œblind photo challenge” was really cool. There’s a really inspiring Aussie photographer called Andrew Follows who is a legally blind professional photographer. I really like his work, and he recently shot the commonwealth games over here.

  • KillaKid33
    KillaKid33 Year ago

    tha peach pad ;)

  • Michelle Cox Photography

    I like the idea of a closed eye photo challenge!! 😍

  • The life of Jools

    Spray and pray ..... the sound of the camera hitting the bottom of the metaphorical photography bucket is palpable.....

  • Stefan Modigh
    Stefan Modigh Year ago

    my town feels so boring after watching this

  • Everyday Misfits
    Everyday Misfits Year ago

    Awesome to hear some thoughts on 368, kind of outside of 368! keep up the goos work!

  • Syed
    Syed Year ago

    HAHAHA... the candy trail

  • steve jobs
    steve jobs Year ago +1

    My daughter's name is Sarah I named here after siri her last names Mejia like media with a Jay and she was born the same day as Dr Dre and John Travolta

  • steve jobs
    steve jobs Year ago

    I love your thought process

  • OutSpokenAlert
    OutSpokenAlert Year ago +18

    I never watched your videos before and i dont know who you are.
    You clickbaited me with your thumbnail and pic.
    I will not subscribe because of that.

    SHVWN COOPER Year ago +11

    so 368 is really only for youtubers with a quarter million subs or more ? lol

    • Practice Joy
      Practice Joy 2 months ago

      These days with the world being saturated with feels so amazing being around create people. How about instead of making fun about it.... help support it. It may not be for you but it could be a friend of yours who need more like supported peoples that love 368. lol

      SHVWN COOPER 10 months ago

      let me show you right this way, for just $4500 a month, I can show you this charming little 12 sq ft flat. lol

    • Ms. Green
      Ms. Green 10 months ago +1

      SHVWN COOPER hey, don't hate, somebody gotta pay the high NY billsπŸ˜€..not me!!

  • ALX
    ALX Year ago +1

    Sara, you're a fucking queen!!! Lets go!!

  • Vatsek
    Vatsek Year ago +18

    Sara, go back to school.

  • Trina & Pierre
    Trina & Pierre Year ago

    Awesome! Fun video Sarah and Chris!!! Heyyyy I might take you up on that challenge on the photography channel ;)

  • beny4300
    beny4300 Year ago +2

    I liked this video. Thank you Sara and Chris

  • Dani Barker
    Dani Barker Year ago

    New subscriber! Loving your channel already and always cool to see other girls crushing it on youtube :)

  • P J
    P J Year ago


  • Echo Marie
    Echo Marie Year ago

    I just started photography and I think its crazy how creative people don't get and maybe thats because (I have a few drinks sometimes) but since I started I know its not film, and I go crazy. I set my camera on the ground hold it high set it down and anything else I can think of.... I always thought I was the odd ball out and being stupid, but I can now see that a lot of people don't think outside the box. Really I've shot through the view finder twice, but I'm usually shooting street photography or low to the ground.

  • Marley Streb
    Marley Streb Year ago

    You can't really hear the sunset tho.. right?!

  • Syntax Era
    Syntax Era Year ago

    made it to 1 min 18 seconds

  • Timmy Ham
    Timmy Ham Year ago

    Love this one.

  • Sam Yanelli
    Sam Yanelli Year ago

    nobody else is wondering how the camera just floats there when she moves her hands?

    • Kedar Bhat
      Kedar Bhat Year ago

      Even I was curious about it. I tried doing it with a camera on tripod & move with the tripod & keep it on floor & your hands are free. it worked ... May be a monopod with legs will do the trick. Curious to know how she did it.

  • geetarbube
    geetarbube Year ago

    The photo of Sara was super cute...obviously

  • Cobwebs and Cords

    Great video, loved the podcast with Chris too... I can picture him in the restroom like 🧐! So good πŸ˜‚

  • fake_Future
    fake_Future Year ago

    cameras photos videos images internet .

  • Quick Tech Reviews

    Hallway looks mad roomy

  • Debby
    Debby Year ago

    Liked for Chris....great shoot

  • Hafey Digital
    Hafey Digital Year ago

    So you're saying there's hope for me in photography should I ever go blind? Score. (New sub, BTW.)

  • jason johnson
    jason johnson Year ago

    Sara reminds me of a friend that has that "off ya tits on MDMA" excitement going on.. I feel like I can trust you man

  • Mhd Nishad k.t
    Mhd Nishad k.t Year ago

    See you again your next video

  • Johnny Anton
    Johnny Anton Year ago

    She got a biiigooh Booty πŸ‘ in her wall 🌚 Nice πŸ‘πŸΌ

  • Mufti Hossain
    Mufti Hossain Year ago

    Yeah I bet your neighbors were ecstatic about the candy on the floor