i guarantee you can hear this picture

  • Published on Sep 15, 2019
  • a trip down memory lane
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  • Wdwlimelight
    Wdwlimelight 5 hours ago +1

    HI! HELLO!

  • J4K - FIFA
    J4K - FIFA Day ago

    Hi hello, SHOVEL

  • Team Exodus
    Team Exodus 2 days ago


  • Ghost
    Ghost 6 days ago +2

    You know...I’m starting to think Will might be a little tired of the square head jokes...? Probably just my imagination

  • Genhu
    Genhu 10 days ago +1

    Only 90s kids can hear the thumbnail

  • sonic speed gaming
    sonic speed gaming 10 days ago

    Rip I’m never gunna hit 100k but I’m gunna keep on trying

  • Odgey nV
    Odgey nV 10 days ago

    9:30 was when buddy franklin kicked his 100th goal in a season

  • SubZer0Panda
    SubZer0Panda 11 days ago

    he should collab with Flame Blazer Dude, like if u agree

  • RW Yahya
    RW Yahya 20 days ago


  • Lucy loves the tube 105

    I can hear it it’s making me feel sick

  • TheGamingRuby
    TheGamingRuby 22 days ago

    WillNE is funny he should have a youtube channel

  • The Great and Powerful WonderKitty

    will without eyebrows just looks like matt smith

  • Faded Savage
    Faded Savage 23 days ago

    What does this read backwards s2w

  • up the tags
    up the tags 24 days ago

    Theflameblazerdude has merch

  • Lewi Rog
    Lewi Rog 24 days ago

    Thought a clicked on W2S vid, not S2W

  • TheyCallMe QTED
    TheyCallMe QTED 25 days ago +1

    Yo yer slight the bifta

  • Mega Sharkblox and spinel fan

    Do you know Harry from sidemen his channel is W2S and this is called S2W. It’s backwards. Has anyone noticed this?

  • Sweetheart edits
    Sweetheart edits 25 days ago

    The flame blazer dudes sister is in my class in school 😂

  • Aviation Boys
    Aviation Boys 25 days ago


  • Bob The Builder
    Bob The Builder 27 days ago

    I thought this was a troll acc on w2s, your TheXvid acc is w2s the wrong way around

  • Judge Judy
    Judge Judy 27 days ago +1

    I'm having KFC today.

  • KayKay Keller
    KayKay Keller 27 days ago

    What a strange click bait

  • RebelMinxyRozu
    RebelMinxyRozu 27 days ago

    George between the legs...I personally would rather Alex...AND ama shut up now because I forgot about the children here.

  • 1010100101 101010110
    1010100101 101010110 28 days ago

    Hey wrote to Shaw

  • Anca Mihaela Mandrilas

    ur name is W2S BACK WARDS!!!!!

  • Kflips 12
    Kflips 12 28 days ago

    Weee t

  • Faith Esports
    Faith Esports 28 days ago

    Its 2019 Will

  • Nevaeh Skye
    Nevaeh Skye 28 days ago +1

    RIGHT HELLO UH....i love that

  • Mundane Astronaut
    Mundane Astronaut 29 days ago


  • Zak Tempo
    Zak Tempo 29 days ago


  • Devy Edwards
    Devy Edwards 29 days ago +1

    Any1 featuring imalexxx will .lose subs

    • Rob Compton
      Rob Compton 24 days ago

      Unless it features Alex being punched in the face, then it goes viral lol

  • Lucy Matilda
    Lucy Matilda 29 days ago

    Alex is such a dad

  • Ellie Charlotte Mackintosh

    mate seen the guys face and got fucking gassed been wanting this for 3 years 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • Always High
    Always High 29 days ago

    Nah that thumbnails cheating fr

  • Cjordan Vlogs
    Cjordan Vlogs 29 days ago

    All I could hear from the thumpnail is Sophie we know who you are

  • Not Wavey
    Not Wavey 29 days ago

    Only OGs will know that this is a re-upload

  • an
    an 29 days ago

    alex cute

  • Coopsmaster06
    Coopsmaster06 29 days ago

    Looked at it all I heard was "Yo Yeh start the bifta"

  • mike mettlach
    mike mettlach 29 days ago

    ALEX!!!!!!!!! LOVE

  • hydrated pelican
    hydrated pelican 29 days ago

    Fuck off memeulous looks nice under the mask

  • DeathlyCrunch
    DeathlyCrunch Month ago +1

    Whys this guy making videos with leafy?

  • The Chat Shack
    The Chat Shack Month ago

    Can you make us the next Flame Blazer please :(

  • Demönaz Dööm Occulta

    Why does alex looked so confused by willne at the beginning

  • Boydy XD
    Boydy XD Month ago

    Love how people responding to sarcastic comments get called nonces. Pure class

  • Mk McKnight
    Mk McKnight Month ago

    Why does it look like Alex tried to shave his mustache with a butter knife??

  • BenJa3455 /
    BenJa3455 / Month ago

    My volume is too quiet to hear Alex

  • impr0visati0n
    impr0visati0n Month ago

    Shaper Box is actually quite good thanks for the tips!

  • Angus Morris
    Angus Morris Month ago

    Bring back the of willneee

  • 1000 Subs with no content?

    I nearly got expelled on my third day for sending roadrage to over 50 ppl 7 of which's parents reported me to the school

  • molly may
    molly may Month ago

    im doing second hand september n watching you n james promoting merch is killing me

  • diamondminer69
    diamondminer69 Month ago

    It used to something special when WillNE starts off with "Right, hello" but now it's just the start of every video

  • Justin Thomas
    Justin Thomas Month ago

    Anyone ever noticed s2w is w2s backwards

  • 3 chloë
    3 chloë Month ago +1

    no one asked but he follows me on instagram ✋🏼😌😌🕺🏻 my instas _chloetsao if u don’t believe me

  • Elsie Rose
    Elsie Rose Month ago

    When ever I see Little T I just think


  • Sonny Gym
    Sonny Gym Month ago

    I’m deaf

  • cheap as chips
    cheap as chips Month ago

    i have top shagger all over my leaving shirt

  • Ramenfriend
    Ramenfriend Month ago +1

    There was a kid walking round town holding up a "SUB TO WILLNE" sign and I'm scared

  • Lyst
    Lyst Month ago

    i still hear the picture

  • Pets life Xx
    Pets life Xx Month ago +1

    Why do all the comments look fake

  • Ryan
    Ryan Month ago

    Without eyebrows, I thought he looked a bit like Jacob Sartorius.