11 Types of People During a Fire

  • Published on Feb 3, 2019
  • During a fire emergency, who will give up and who will survive till the end?
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  • ComedyComedy

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  • JianHao Tan
    JianHao Tan  11 months ago +7683

    What would YOU do during a fire?

  • Home 52 Base
    Home 52 Base 8 minutes ago

    i watched dis when it was mah bday when kevin sang happy bday i said thx

  • Mohamed Jihad
    Mohamed Jihad 8 hours ago

    Eww Kevin that thing why you put in the but are you crazy

  • Shirina Mishra
    Shirina Mishra Day ago

    Are those inqusitormaster headphones?

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  • Nurul Aisyah Abdul Rahim

    I would run my legs outt😅😅🤣🤣

  • Wind Between My Wolf Ears

    Who saw the "no passenger allowed" sign?
    I mean that is just
    So wrong
    Can't even
    Yeah 😕🤔

  • A B B Y
    A B B Y 3 days ago +5

    How schools want a fire drill to be: **Everyone walking camly in a straight line NO TALKING**
    How an actuall fire would be: **Everyone running and screaming in chaos trying to find the exit asap**

    • Scarlett
      Scarlett 2 hours ago +1

      A B B Y ikr like I would run and they expect us to walk slow and steady I would rather run the BURN 😂😂

  • ruchi das
    ruchi das 3 days ago

    8 02-theres a exit behind that black girls head!!!!!?!?!?!???!?USE THAT STUPIDS!

  • Snorlax Online
    Snorlax Online 4 days ago

    WikiHow has ALL the answers to *YOUR PROBLEMS*

  • ST372 Mark III
    ST372 Mark III 4 days ago

    That fat bitch always care only about her work. Nothing else. Just her work. What a bitch

  • Sour Cream and Onion Pringle’s

    This was one of my first videos I watched

  • Itzme_at_youtube 552

    Do you have a TaMpOn?
    No...no tampons, just PADS

  • Lidyano Bossers
    Lidyano Bossers 5 days ago +1

    I thought when someone gets fired

  • Lay_Low
    Lay_Low 5 days ago

    The one dude who just continues to play video games

  • Cheryl Diva Hambali
    Cheryl Diva Hambali 5 days ago

    i will not have a birthday in that place

  • aphrodita avicenna
    aphrodita avicenna 5 days ago

    Itu Kan Ada pemadam API (yang merah)

  • haads play syed
    haads play syed 5 days ago

    I would ecaspe

  • Shanthini Subramanian
    Shanthini Subramanian 6 days ago +1

    How does the matchstick burn the paper when its thrown away in air so fast it must have got flied away the fire😂

  • Zerø Animations
    Zerø Animations 6 days ago

    19 Types of people during a birthday

  • Frank Li
    Frank Li 6 days ago

    2:02 probably the most sense I have seen this decade

  • yat4577
    yat4577 6 days ago


  • Creeper479 GT
    Creeper479 GT 6 days ago

    The clapping is out of time at the camera change for the happy birthday.

  • hero dragon
    hero dragon 7 days ago


  • Stefan Hermans
    Stefan Hermans 7 days ago +1

    Some STUDENTS are stil In THE FIRE

  • Stefan Hermans
    Stefan Hermans 7 days ago +1

    The teachers ARE STIl IN THE FIRE

  • Stefan Hermans
    Stefan Hermans 7 days ago +1

    KEV why did u throw it the thehum

  • Robo night fury
    Robo night fury 7 days ago

    0:03 now this is just sad

  • Trudis Vang
    Trudis Vang 7 days ago

    I got cracked up when he said you shut up throws toilet paper roll on floor🤣🤣

  • TheMismyle
    TheMismyle 8 days ago

    I would cover my mouth with tissue then run to the fire exit.

  • [Řína Gácha]
    [Řína Gácha] 8 days ago +2

    Legends has it ...Kevin still didn't blow off his wish candle...

  • Stefan Hermans
    Stefan Hermans 8 days ago +1


  • Stefan Hermans
    Stefan Hermans 8 days ago +6

    I would get the fire extinguisher as well

  • Henry Mogafi
    Henry Mogafi 8 days ago


  • Secret Gaming
    Secret Gaming 8 days ago

    Trev there is a bidet behind you

  • 안상욱
    안상욱 9 days ago


  • Latresha Gardnr Gardner

    When I grow up will date Jian hao tan

  • Mohak Gautam
    Mohak Gautam 9 days ago

    Constructive criticism: your animation could be better

  • Mebin Rox12
    Mebin Rox12 9 days ago


  • precious love
    precious love 9 days ago +1

    *JianHao and others* : *Talks about eggs*
    Jianhao : *Says exactly*
    Me : yOu MeAn EgGxAcTlY

  • Tanishi Winfer
    Tanishi Winfer 10 days ago

    Vincent left his phone inside me only hack your phone while you go to the free wi-Fi place that is not home

  • M HL
    M HL 10 days ago

    4:51 it was funny when Vincent said he needs a new phone and he pretendes he is talking on his phone when he doesent have one

  • Lamara Zizova
    Lamara Zizova 10 days ago

    Everybody : WHERES THE FIRE EXIT
    The guy in the bathroom : WHERES MY TOILET PAPER

  • Kathleen Tang
    Kathleen Tang 10 days ago

    No no no! I rader go back to da fire and burn burn burn!

  • Aᴡᴇsᴏᴍᴇɴᴇss 

    Me when there’s a fire:
    Fire? You mean Free fire? Freeee fireeeew

  • Daniella Padios
    Daniella Padios 11 days ago

    Do the elevator has a door behide them...

  • MmeganN E.
    MmeganN E. 11 days ago

    Is there anyone in 2020 that actually feels kind of bad for Kevin?

  • Tanishi Winfer
    Tanishi Winfer 12 days ago +2

    Kevin: stuck in the elevator teacher: the elevator did not move because you did not press any button

  • Tanishi Winfer
    Tanishi Winfer 12 days ago

    When a phone gets destroyed impossible to be hacked

  • phyllis gaming
    phyllis gaming 12 days ago

    is Dan's sister jasmine? I mean Kevin is dating jasmine right?

  • Mini0912 3
    Mini0912 3 13 days ago


  • ZeXy_Banterrr
    ZeXy_Banterrr 14 days ago

    4:52 why is Vincent doing the call.. sign language when he is saying "Buy me a new phone dad my phone got caught in a fire"

  • Imad Deriouche
    Imad Deriouche 15 days ago

    It's a fak fire stupif

  • कलावती पांडेय

    My sis like ' burn the frickin fire!! '

  • GeometryDash Boi
    GeometryDash Boi 15 days ago

    No Kevin! Not on your birthday!