Honest Trailers Commentary - Black Panther

  • Published on May 15, 2018
  • The writers of Honest Trailers talk about the Black Panther before showing deleted jokes and behind the scenes moments from their latest trailer! (Stay until the end for a clue about next week's movie) - It's The Honest Trailers Commentary for Black Panther!
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    Featuring: Spencer Gilbert, Joe Starr, and Dan Murrell
    Produced by Max Dionne and Billy Patterson
    Production Engineer: Josh Tapia
    Supervising Producer: Warren Tessler
    Production Coordinator: Tina Choi
    Post-Production Supervisor: Gracie Hartmann
    Post-Production Coordinator: Carolyn Croce
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  • Fandom Entertainment
    Fandom Entertainment  11 months ago +48

    Where does Black Panther rank amongst your favorite superhero movies? What do you hope to see happen in the sequel? What do YOU think next week's HT will be? Let us know in the comments below and thanks for watching!

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    Three: “Be nice.” - Dalton from Roadhouse

    • mleedeau
      mleedeau 9 months ago

      ScreenJunkies News mmm,,, like #5 or #6

    • TheMandalic
      TheMandalic 9 months ago

      Hi guys!
      This is not directly related to the topic off video, but I noticed that many "comment/reaction" videos tend to not alter the volume of the trailer (or whatever they're commenting/reacting on). It's kinda unfortunate 'cause it makes it hard to hear what you guys are saying, which I doubt is the point.
      I hope this changes in the future and that the audio track of the videos you comment/react to take the backseat when you guys are talking, so we can actually hear what you're saying.
      Keep up the good work, nonetheless!

    • Ivan Avila
      Ivan Avila 10 months ago

      I hope shuri suits up to become the white tiger. if you noticed the white tiger suit in the back round when shuri introduced T'challa to his new black panther suit

    • Nunya Business
      Nunya Business 11 months ago

      ScreenJunkies News you do know that surgeons put people "on ice" to prevent brain death while people are healing. My dad had a seizure and inhaled his vomit and choked to death. They revived him after he was dead for a long time and lowered his body temperature severely in an attempt to preserve his brain but he had been dead too long he was already brain dead but it does work on a lot of people. So some tribe of "savages" putting someone on the brink of death in snow to keep his temperature low enough to survive is genius and relevant. I don't know what else ice can do in medical situations I only know of my dad's because I am not a doctor but I believe there are other reasons to why they use lowering the body temperature severely in comatose people. So please before you crack jokes and insult things writing it off as ridiculous please remember that Ryan Coogler had a heavy influence over the entire movie not just directing, also remember that he is a genius and there is always a method to what you see as madness. Like M'baku saying glory to Hanuman (spelling) in the comics M'baku was a villain names Man-Ape who was a Wakandan cult leader who worshipped a great WHITE gorilla. Coogler felt uncomfortable with all of it. He felt it was racist to call a black man Man-Ape so he changed that (instead of racist lets say dated because he is an old character and at the time of his creation those comparisons of Africans and Blacks to apes was the norm and society accepted it as accurate... just to appease the people who cry racism doesn't exist as they call the last President we had an antichrist monkey married to an ugly gorilla in heels 😡 its ironic that the racists are the ones who claim racism is an imaginary concept thought up by minorities to play the victim🖕🏿u racists... im off track it was racist as hell to call a black African man Man Ape) so he made him an anti-hero bad ass leader with a heart of Gold and in continuance of the distancing him from that racist persona they distanced him from the comics where he worshipped the polarizing WHITE gorilla to the Black Panther's goddess Bast. This is a black excellence movie point black so rather than have the Jabari worship a White Gorilla they researched simian gods of other cultures and Hanuman like Bast both happen to be actual real life deities. What some called cultural appropriation (which is ridiculous to be honest African/Black culture is constantly appropriated by every single country in the world life originated in Africa so every culture on earth is an offshoot of African culture and you cannot appropriate what essentially came from your own loins ijs anyhoo) was actually honoring Hanuman while showing the Jabari worshipping the god of people of color not some white ape that some comic book writer on acid in the 70s invented. Hanuman stands for very similar Jabari themes like heroic valor, martial arts, and self control, the Jabari are even vegetarians like many Hindus. Iy was never meant to offend. You guys keep saying decades and maybe centuries but you completely missed the beginning of the movie where Vibranium is said to be the strongest SUBSTANCE IN THE UNIVERSE (not metal) if you saw it in its raw form its not a metal but a glowing anomaly that can be formed and tampered into a metal but used for many different things. Ultron said its the most versatile substance in the world and they use it to make a frisbee. Back to N'jobu and his story he said that it happened *LONG BEFORE THE TIME OF MAN* and it affected the plant life and animals around it AND THEN CAME MAN and 5 tribes settled on it. They had Vibranium long before slavery happened if you paid attention. Also Bilbo saying "we taught him that" how to destabilize a country showed he wasnt a bad person he wasnt born one at least but "the white man" made him one. Just like his father. Did bad things to protect people from "the white man". The movie was brilliant. The only downfall was cgi but when they sunk their budget into casting and set design costumes and make-up you cant be mad at that. There are so many levels to this movie I've seen it 27 times and its still not old yet. I love the movie. But i feel like some white people are afraid of saying that they hated it bc it will "make them racist" no it wont. If you didn't like it you didn't like it. But the ones saying white panther are racist. They don't like it bc its black. If you dont like it bc of bad cgi and predictable storyline you aren't racist so chill lol. Or because you don't like any super hero movie whatever. Its only racist if you didn't like it because it was a mostly black movie depicting black excellence ok? So stop calling people in the comments listing valid reasons for disliking the movie racist thats childish. I didn't like the incredible hulk movie im not racist. My kids are half white and i love 100% if both of them. They look white people think im their nanny. See how ridiculous that is? I personally love the movie but ive seen every mcu movie at least 10 times each...many of them even more, every single episode of Shield, the runaways, DD, luke cage iron fist, jj, defenders, punishers, ALL OF FOXS MARVEL MOVIES and every live action DC movie the dceu and all the ones before it starting with superman even episodes of adam west i just love superheroes, ive seen meteor man 20 times and blankman 15 times, Hancock too AND I ENJOYED IT, superhero high like honestly 25 times, you name a superhero movie i saw it. I actually liked Elektra. But i read Marvel comics as a kid ive only watched DC things. Hell I've seen animated hero movies. Thats me. There are only 2 superhero movies i ever HATED and it was BvS and Justice League. Ive seen wonder woman 15 times and suicide squad 7 times. So its hard VERY HARD to make me hate a superhero movie.

    • Easter Fools
      Easter Fools 11 months ago

      "3 for 1 special as seen on TV"
      ...That's a tough hint, but my guess (and hope) is *A Series of Unfortunate Events* Season 1? Because it stars 3 orphans with 1 huge fortune and...you watch it as a Netflix show = TV?
      I'm probably wrong, but that's my best guess. 🤔

  • Thomas
    Thomas 13 days ago

    It was the prior king's fault, the training to be a weapon was part of the course his life was set by being orphaned.

  • bashenga the black manta

    The m'barku part had me dying for like 10mins😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Maymuna Kabir
    Maymuna Kabir 25 days ago

    The reason Tony Stark is ok with magic is because he knows Thor. (And Spiderman and
    I mean, if you're cool with an alien demi-God, and you're cool with a kid having spidey senses or a man turning into a green giant, just how far out of the realm of possibility is magic at that point?

  • TajimaMunenori
    TajimaMunenori 29 days ago

    Nothing better than 3 white guys explaining BP to me.

  • Anna Hagen
    Anna Hagen Month ago +1

    Oh man, “My Dinner With Killmonger” was my working pitch title...

  • dus65
    dus65 2 months ago

    Why is a shield a weird thing to make? I think it’s pretty conventional for someone’s first thought for a near invincible material would be something defensive, and what more basic than a flat disc?

  • Dean McGyver
    Dean McGyver 2 months ago

    "An antagonist in the sense that he's antagonizing the hero."
    So... Anti-villain?

  • Pennyguy3
    Pennyguy3 2 months ago

    For everyone who think Vibranium is too convenient, look into all the things we do with petroleum. We use petroleum for energy, plastics, and medicine, among other things. Without petroleum we have no modern world.

  • Corey Delaforce
    Corey Delaforce 3 months ago

    spencer has a point about tony adjusting to magic quickly iron man 3 was all about how he could barely handle aliens yet straight up humans using magic is all g

  • Brandon Caridi
    Brandon Caridi 3 months ago

    Should've called M'Baku's tribe "The Baha Men" or led with "Who let the dogs out?..."

  • Noah Olson
    Noah Olson 4 months ago

    Tony stark met Thor he’s magic so I guess he’s over it now I don’t think anything would surprise me if one of my friends was the Norse God of thunder

  • Ladykyra101
    Ladykyra101 5 months ago +1

    "Along with the breakup note that Steve wrote him..." 😂😂😂

  • Micah Simpson
    Micah Simpson 5 months ago

    @MurrellDan while it would've been nice to see the T'Challa and Killmonger sit down and talk it out at the end, the ending we got was TWO CONFLICTING IDEOLOGIES FIGHTING IT OUT ON AN UNDERGROUND RAILROAD.

  • Vitor Dias
    Vitor Dias 5 months ago

    Calling Black Panther Simba but failing to call Killmonger Scar... Lost opportunity

  • Alex Riptide
    Alex Riptide 5 months ago

    I'm sure you could get Michael and Chadwick to sit around a table and argue with a camera pointed at them.

  • Aj Rivera
    Aj Rivera 6 months ago

    Every time I hear John go “DMX” I can’t help but smile

  • Kristine Ng Foon
    Kristine Ng Foon 6 months ago

    To be fair, it doesn't snow in Tobago. As far as we're concerned, snow is ice, ice preserves... so yeah, pack him in some snow & hope for the best. 😀

  • DNTwtch THSchnnl
    DNTwtch THSchnnl 6 months ago

    I wonder what Ryan Coogler thinks about this.

  • bobby roberts
    bobby roberts 6 months ago

    i predict that Tony returning the Shield to Steve will be a moment in the next Adventures. Like the symbolic gesture that reunites them.

  • Shawn Wilson
    Shawn Wilson 6 months ago

    I like to think Killmonger survived. After all, we didn't see him die (fall unconscious maybe), and T'Challa could simply have ordered- "keep him alive, put him in suspended animation until I figure out what to do with him." After all, killing his father was a bad thing. So... no more killing.

  • Ankit Das
    Ankit Das 7 months ago

    killmonger just collapsed watching the sunset.. we didnt see his burial.. which means its highly probable theyll pull a steve trevor and bring him back for the sequel with some vibranium implants or something... cant waste such a fan favourite villain like that.

  • Cactus Jones 2.0
    Cactus Jones 2.0 7 months ago

    I thought Point Break was my favourite commentary, but I realised this is my new favourite.

  • HR
    HR 7 months ago

    Screen junkie's, just ball tonguing Marvel. Lol

  • David Griffin
    David Griffin 8 months ago

    Killmonger's dad wasn't murdered. He was about to murder someone and T'Challa's dad killed him first. That's not murder. It was messed up that they left him behind tho. Still, that's a messy situation no matter what.
    Killmonger had been wronged but he clearly wasn't a good guy.

  • Loretta
    Loretta 8 months ago

    Shuri is my fav Disney Princess EVER!

  • nomack000
    nomack000 8 months ago +1

    One of my least favorite mcu movies. Ranks around 15ish.

  • Krishay Agarwal
    Krishay Agarwal 9 months ago

    I'd say Nebula is less suited than T'Challa to make a joke in the MCU

  • The Lucas
    The Lucas 9 months ago

    Kill Monger was half right. He was right about Wakanda needing to be involved in the world. He was wrong about Wakanda needing to start a black supremest empire. Because (as BP says) the way to respond to European racism and imperialism is to be racially inclusive and free.

  • Ctown 073
    Ctown 073 9 months ago +1

    No pink panther starring joke

  • Danielle Hall
    Danielle Hall 9 months ago

    the actors in black panther represent every part of the African diaspora except south america.

  • k deez
    k deez 9 months ago

    very funny

  • AJ Dragon
    AJ Dragon 10 months ago

    No chance he'll see it, but I'm sorry Dan feels like so many people miss the jokes in the Honest Trailers! You guys are awesome, and I know lots of people feel the same way and don't comment. I especially love when you guys tackle well done movies, like this one and Winter Solider, because the humor in the trailers is even better. It feels like a nitpicking of love or something- like we're all in the joke and enjoying picking at something we all love and know is great because nothing is without flaws and it's hilarious when you notice the smaller nitpick-y details. I mean Honest Trailers to great movies is in some ways like how Stranger Things is considered a love letter to the '80's and yet purposely subverts characters and tropes typical of the films it is influenced by- playing with something you love and questioning whether things could/should be changed and why they are the way you are and then sharing that back with fellow fans is awesome.
    Anyway, I'm sure this'll be buried, but you guys are the best! I don't know if I'm precisely your target audience (mid 20's woman) but I've seen all your trailers and love to watch them with my friends (particularly the MCU ones because we're all huge fans).
    On the off chance the team or anyone really is reading this still, thanks so much for all the hard work; I can't really stress how much I appreciate the time and effort that clearly goes into each of the Honest Trailers, and how evident the love for nuanced films/tv shows is in each of the trailers.

  • Faith Ann
    Faith Ann 10 months ago

    How about "Thunder Cats are go!" for Black Panther 2.

  • Charlie Dawson
    Charlie Dawson 10 months ago

    This should of been two movies.

  • JDaddy Bizzlewap
    JDaddy Bizzlewap 10 months ago

    Where is the black guest honest trailer panelist?

  • Chezza Outta Nowhere
    Chezza Outta Nowhere 10 months ago

    Black Widow never jokes! Don't forget my girl, shit I haven't seen Scarlet Witch joke yet either that I can think of.

  • Quang Nguyen
    Quang Nguyen 10 months ago

    False! Cap is not lame

  • greenquartz
    greenquartz 10 months ago

    The snow is probably laced with vibranium too. Lol

  • Andrew Reeves
    Andrew Reeves 10 months ago

    "Coulson 2.0"
    I never noticed it before but yes.

  • atia anzalchi
    atia anzalchi 11 months ago

    Spencer. I've never partied with you.

  • MrJohnson20xx
    MrJohnson20xx 11 months ago

    The only complaint that I have was that for all of Michael B. Jordan Starring names, You couldn't have used "Creed: The Assassin" ?
    Outside of that, this was a good Honest Trailer

  • Will Schultheis
    Will Schultheis 11 months ago

    Lol all the ads in this vid are for black panther on blu Ray

  • Aaron Gardner
    Aaron Gardner 11 months ago

    Didn’t love this movie, it was okay. Probably ranked around 9th or 10th on my MCU list. Good but not great. Overrated.

  • Team Cap
    Team Cap 11 months ago

    This movie was OK, but it was not "great". It's a B+ at best. If Black Panther hadn't been attached to the MCU (for example if it had been made by Fox), it would have been lucky to make half the box-office and it would have been bashed pretty hard by the critics. The faith and goodwill that the MCU has earned over the course of the previous movies and the fear of being called racist for not sucking-up to this movie are what make people claim that it is "great". The only reasons it went over 1 billion are because it is attached to the MCU and because of the SJWs going to see the "only black superhero movie that has ever been made" (if you ignore all of the other black superhero movies that have been made).

  • Paula Steinker
    Paula Steinker 11 months ago

    Please do an
    Honest Trailer for The Expanse!

  • Daryn Voss
    Daryn Voss 11 months ago

    Did they do "Ryan Cougar"?

  • Claire Vinyard
    Claire Vinyard 11 months ago

    You know Grumpy Cat is a girl right?

  • God Tier Lucas
    God Tier Lucas 11 months ago

    i feel like y’all are just scared to take this movie apart

  • Purple Epic Icon
    Purple Epic Icon 11 months ago

    You should do a 'runner up' list of comments that you were thinking of using but didn't quite make the cut for his awesome voice at the end.

  • Jonida Sanço
    Jonida Sanço 11 months ago

    His ideology wasn't correct. He was still for an empire, only that in this case it wouldn't be the whites super powers like US on top, but Wakanda. Nakia had the correct ideology.

  • Brayden Fitzsimmons
    Brayden Fitzsimmons 11 months ago

    What’s the honest trailer for next week ??

  • TheCrazyfighter19
    TheCrazyfighter19 11 months ago

    Nah I’d rather the big end fight rather then them talking

  • GraceK00
    GraceK00 11 months ago +1

    Also I feel like the sequence when they fall whilst fighting down to the train tracks was a call-back to Spider-Man 2 (Rami) when he and Doc Oc are fighting in the air (After he takes Aunt May) that was the first thing I thought when that part began.
    There's also another one between Spider-Man and Venom in 3 but I prefer the one with Doc Oc ...Sp.M2 is my fave superhero movie so I thought it was freaking awesome!! : )

  • GraceK00
    GraceK00 11 months ago

    1. Winter Soldier
    2. Black Panther
    3. Avengers
    4. Infinity War
    5. Ragnarok
    6. Civil War
    7. Ant Man
    8. Spiderman Homecoming
    9. Iron Man
    10. Guardians of the Galaxy
    11. CA: First Avenger
    12. Age of Ultron
    13. Dr Strange
    14. Thor: The Dark World
    15. Hulk
    16. Guardians of the Galaxy 2
    17. Iron Man 2
    18. Iron Man 3
    19. Thor

  • Thomas Bell
    Thomas Bell 11 months ago

    The special effects get worse every time I see them

  • Erik Schlegel
    Erik Schlegel 11 months ago

    I am with Spencer. I think the boarder tribe is sent to the edge of Wakanda to look dirt poor in their traditional garb. That's why they were so quick to turn to Killmonger. They were fed up with kicking dirty around all day watching goats and rhinos

  • theJKA
    theJKA 11 months ago

    Tony demands that Cap give back that shield because Howard Stark made it. Cap drops it, signaling that he’s giving it back to Tony and dropping the Captain America identity. So Tony had it, presumably so he can give it back to Cap in Avengers 4

  • TheFacelessMajority
    TheFacelessMajority 11 months ago

    Are people afraid to say this is a bad movie or what? I don't get it, this movie was not good at all.

    • TheFacelessMajority
      TheFacelessMajority 11 months ago

      Aaand it's still a bad movie.

    • zelvanyan
      zelvanyan 11 months ago

      TheFacelessMajority and that's still your opinion.

    • TheFacelessMajority
      TheFacelessMajority 11 months ago

      That's cool and all, but it's still a bad movie.

    • zelvanyan
      zelvanyan 11 months ago

      TheFacelessMajority no they're not afraid. They just don't subscribe to your opinion. Just because you didn't like a movie for whatever reason that doesn't mean the rest of the world is going to dislike it as well. This is really basic shit that people shouldn't have to tell you.

  • Ji Johan Svartklint
    Ji Johan Svartklint 11 months ago

    killmonger v. t'challa is quite a lot like trotsky v. stalin. when it comes to foreign policy, that is. not so much in any other way. feels a bit weird to call Black Panther Stalin though haha

  • prince apoopoo
    prince apoopoo 11 months ago

    As someone who loves Steve/Bucky, but doesn't care for John/Sherlock, I feel like ScreenJunkies has been on my side.

  • André Yuri Vicente de Pádua

    "Black Panther: Actual Civil War"

  • Utku Hasan
    Utku Hasan 11 months ago

    Next week: The Godfather Trilogy??

  • The Phantazm
    The Phantazm 11 months ago +1

    3rd act wasdefinitly not forgettable

  • Richard Hetrick
    Richard Hetrick 11 months ago

    I get a kick out of Dan defending satire.

  • Nat H.
    Nat H. 11 months ago

    Mr. Pisstoffeles would have been great

  • Pedro Cruz
    Pedro Cruz 11 months ago

    I hate how you have to apologize for criticizing the movie :/
    I mean, I'm not bringing this video down. I get it. I'm just pointing it out. See what I did there?

  • The Jaysus Network
    The Jaysus Network 11 months ago +1

    Killmonger is more of an anti-hero than a villain. He's basically to Black Panther what The Punisher was to Daredevil - just willing to go to more exteme lengths.

  • The Jaysus Network
    The Jaysus Network 11 months ago

    But maybe Wakanda shared their tech with Stark, allowing him to upgrade his suit to nanotech.

  • Corey Carnes
    Corey Carnes 11 months ago

    "I would love the My Dinner with Killmonger movie" Achkchoouhleee... Killmonger did eat The Heart Shaped Herb and would now reside inside that Soul Realm. There is honestly nothing stopping him from talking ti T'Challa in the future. Seriously. Well, except for the fact that none of the Heart Shaped Herb exists.

  • soulwarrior
    soulwarrior 11 months ago

    I think one thing that should have been addressed is that the Black Panther we see in his own movie is somewhat different compared to the Black Panther we were introduced to in Civil War.
    The Killmonger scene in the throne room is VERY different from him learning about the Winter Soldier "killing" his dad in Civil War. He was determined from the very beginning, there was no hesitation and he tackled the problem head-first. He didn't exactly do that in his own movie, instead prancing around issues.
    You could argue that it's because he's learned from Civil War, but I think that's a bit of a stretch considering it felt like he *just* returned home after Civil War when the movie starts.

  • Carl Wells
    Carl Wells 11 months ago

    Loved this one- I was 'lapping it up' 🐺

  • Fangs1978
    Fangs1978 11 months ago

    I watched Black Panther for the first time when it came out on blueray. It's fine, but it did not live up to the hype. An above average Marvel movie.

  • Innershine 17
    Innershine 17 11 months ago

    The CGI was not bad whatsoever the movie was amazing. People need to stop saying the putting CGI in a superhero movie is a bad thing those are invalid. Sometimes your “Honest” Trailers for certain movies are not honest it’s just biased criticism and non factual things about curtain movies. But the Thor Ragnorok was pretty good on the DCEU trash joke but it’s true.

  • youngling51
    youngling51 11 months ago +1

    Your obvious discomfort probably indicates a need for diversity in your staff. Enjoy many of your videos/insights.

  • Hayden Carere
    Hayden Carere 11 months ago

    Im just sayin Dan spencer and joe most chill group ever. I pretty much stopped watching movie fights because i hardly see them anymore.

  • Dark Clay
    Dark Clay 11 months ago

    Because, Dan, no one wants to watch a superhero movie with two people talking the whole time. That's why you go to an Indy movie. C'mon son!

  • Dark Clay
    Dark Clay 11 months ago

    You wanted more talking in Black Panther?!?? Hell no! I think they needed to cut some of the talking. The movie was too long. Was the fighting great? No. But it was shot bad/had bad lighting/something else.

  • LucianLegacy
    LucianLegacy 11 months ago

    Killkonger would have worked so much better if they didn't make him so over-the-top.

  • LucianLegacy
    LucianLegacy 11 months ago

    Shuri probably said something like "Ooh, a disc... The most powerful resource in the world and you make it into a child's toy."

  • Jack Shipley
    Jack Shipley 11 months ago

    This trailer is exactly how I've felt about Black Panther. Culturally, it's hugely significant! As a comic book movie its ... fine?

  • James Goobs
    James Goobs 11 months ago

    k, i've heard it mentioned twice now on SJ...the magnets were for trasnportation under the train, they used sonic dampeners to disable the raw vibranium so it could travel that fast. Think...Jetson, except instead of antigravity, it's magnetism. It's possibly the most effecient and quickest way of travel which hasn't really been explored in our history...except here...Which blew my mind.

  • Fann Gurl
    Fann Gurl 11 months ago

    you guys were spot on!

  • Alphasnowbordergirl
    Alphasnowbordergirl 11 months ago

    Don't know why you talk about underdeveloped love stories. The one couple was already married and black panther and his women had dated before and grew up together. It was established prior to the movie. It wasn't like they were trying to really put romance in there or develop it.

  • Alphasnowbordergirl
    Alphasnowbordergirl 11 months ago

    Put up spoiler warnings for anyone who hasn't seen infinity war yet. Geez, it's still in theaters and I haven't seen it yet.

  • Anne
    Anne 11 months ago

    you missed samurai pizza cats

  • mk6rfc1
    mk6rfc1 11 months ago

    i wonder what christmas triolgy is next week

  • Benzaiten
    Benzaiten 11 months ago

    that movie was pretty purrfect.

  • Cenobite Cenobite
    Cenobite Cenobite 11 months ago

    Considering who this movie was pandering to I'm surprised that they made the villain a Black Lives Matter member.

  • Fawkes the Phoenix
    Fawkes the Phoenix 11 months ago

    I though M'baku and friends were making ape noises, not barking? (apparently apes howls are called a gibber according to a random site)

  • Stewart Fletcher
    Stewart Fletcher 11 months ago +1

    I gotta disagree with you, Dan. Killmonger is CLEARLY the villain. Yes, he's relatable. Yes, his back story is compelling. Yes, his argument has validity. But what makes someone a villain is not their ideology but their actions. He's a murderer who planned to wipe out world leaders and create a malicious, international dictatorship. He wasn't planning on creating equality, he just wanted the inequality to be in the other foot. That's villainous to me.

  • Matthew Conrad
    Matthew Conrad 11 months ago

    Between BP and Homecoming did Marvel forget about the Sokovia accords applying to people other than Cap? Stark gives Peter a weaponized suit and Ross doesn't chastise T'Challa in the scene before the interview.

    • Matthew Conrad
      Matthew Conrad 11 months ago +1

      Ryan Kraemer yeah that makes sense

    • Ryan Kraemer
      Ryan Kraemer 11 months ago +2

      Matthew Conrad - Since they were on Iron Man's side in the Civil War conflict, I'm assuming they have signed the accords. Just IMHO.

  • thatking23
    thatking23 11 months ago

    Why did y'all not make the DMX and The Ruff Ryders joke? That would of been AMAZING

  • Akhilesh Bhatt
    Akhilesh Bhatt 11 months ago

    Caption America's shield was given to Howard stark as a gift during world war 2

  • Dankest Media
    Dankest Media 11 months ago +1

    Black Panther was so meh

  • Doron Rose
    Doron Rose 11 months ago

    Vibranium is deactivated (whatever that means) by magnetic fields according to that conversation about the trains. It's undetectable by metal detectors because those create magnetic fields as a way of detecting metals (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metal_detector). I guess, when vibranium passes by a detector, it gets "turned off" by the detectors magnetic fields, and the detector sees nothing. It pretty much makes sense by the vague rules the movie set for itself.

  • Marquise Watts
    Marquise Watts 11 months ago

    Definitely should have used the DMX cut for imbaku

  • Andrew Breitenbach
    Andrew Breitenbach 11 months ago

    I don’t often laugh out loud when I’m sitting by myself, but when I do, it’s from a Mr. Pissedopheles joke.

  • Luny & Milky
    Luny & Milky 11 months ago +8

    Put T'chala and killmonger fighting on a Movie Fight; that's like Dan BlackPanther 3rd act dream turn real into an awesome SJU thing! x'D

  • Darth Brandflakes
    Darth Brandflakes 11 months ago

    Sounds like u guys are stepping on egg shells. The movie was just like every other marvel film yet it gets all this extra praise like its the dark Knight