Where is the best fit for Kevin Love? | The Jump

  • Published on Dec 9, 2019
  • Rachel Nichols, Dave McMenamin and Marc J. Spears of The Jump play “Make or Miss” with Brooklyn Nets guard Spencer Dinwiddie flying past a high-five from Kevin Durant, LeBron James’ dunk in the Los Angeles Lakers’ win vs. the Minnesota Timberwolves creating a fantastic response from a child at Staples Center, Kevin Porter Jr. flexing after a dunk while his Cleveland Cavaliers were getting blown out by the Philadelphia 76ers and Vince Carter making PJ Washington look silly despite being double his age. They also discuss how many 3-pointers Ben Simmons will hit the rest of the season and (5:12) where would be the best landing spot for Kevin Love in a trade.
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Comments • 1 646

  • jben jones
    jben jones 17 hours ago

    Love went from playing with LeBron and Kyrie in the finals to playing with the biggest group of scrubs on the planet. Not one legit prospect on that team. So you can’t blame the guy for being disinterested. You gotta remember, when healthy, he can get you 20/10 consistently. There is greatness in consistency. Not a lot of players in the league are consistent. They prefer flashy.

  • Lebron 913
    Lebron 913 6 days ago

    The cavs should just traded Kevin love and two second round picks for Michael porter jr and bol bol

  • Joseph_T
    Joseph_T 8 days ago

    Nobody wants your contract love.

  • Christian Cabrera
    Christian Cabrera 11 days ago

    Kevin love is too expensive and too fragile. His injury history makes him untradable despite his talents

  • Justin Mueller
    Justin Mueller 12 days ago

    Denver Nuggets Give Paul Millsap for Kevin Love

  • Emmanuel Santiago
    Emmanuel Santiago 13 days ago

    He will get better in miami.

  • William Stayduhar
    William Stayduhar 16 days ago

    Working at the land fill because he's trash...

  • jovan matute
    jovan matute 17 days ago

    Im mad he said whiteside tho for kevin love smh

  • summer castillo
    summer castillo 17 days ago

    luka, KP, KLove!

  • Avinash Doulat
    Avinash Doulat 17 days ago

    I say Chicago Bulls. They have future!! great spirit and fantastic coach! next season will be in the finals...believe me guys i know what i am talking about !!

  • Brandon Munro
    Brandon Munro 17 days ago


  • Loui
    Loui 18 days ago +1

    VC makes PG do a 360 on himself, throws the triple and said:

    "I could be your daddy" 😂😂😂😂😂

    Man, i wish VC would say that at the end of the play lol

  • Francisco Rubio
    Francisco Rubio 18 days ago

    Next to lebron

  • Anthony Flores
    Anthony Flores 18 days ago +1

    Retirement, he’s overrated...or he’d be ok in the big 3

  • Jeff Cavanaugh
    Jeff Cavanaugh 18 days ago

    Kevin Love needs to go home

  • raphael pizarro
    raphael pizarro 18 days ago

    Well, Vince Carter is Half Man, Almost Half A century.

  • Relik0414
    Relik0414 19 days ago

    Bucks. But it's funny... we so deep we dont even need em!

  • Brentdon Ford
    Brentdon Ford 19 days ago


  • boy abra
    boy abra 19 days ago

    Suns will be lucky to have him

  • Sarah Poisel
    Sarah Poisel 19 days ago

    He be a good fit on pacers with Vic coming back. Love would add space to the floor at a 3or 4 spot. And his defense is good enough not hurt the over all team defense game.

  • Uwais Motala
    Uwais Motala 19 days ago

    nobody, i repeat, nobody is taking OG from us..nooooobody.

  • RM
    RM 19 days ago


  • Joel Bibit
    Joel Bibit 19 days ago


    ALEXANDER SIGALAS 19 days ago

    Love should go to Brooklyn as a PF so the coach will take advantage of him and let him shoot the 3s that he is capable of doing and throw passes to Durant like with lebron on Cleveland.

  • Ready Perfectly
    Ready Perfectly 19 days ago +3

    Kevin to NYK
    Its about time to end his career.

  • juilaine081323
    juilaine081323 19 days ago

    Salary cap alert!!!

    EASTCOASTGHOST 19 days ago

    Go to the sixers they lots of help😔

  • Tomi Igo
    Tomi Igo 19 days ago


  • Christopher Moody
    Christopher Moody 19 days ago

    Tobias Harris and The kid Zaire from Sixers for Love. Sixers 2020 Eastern Champs!

  • T Money
    T Money 20 days ago

    As a Blazer fan, we need Love, just not Kevin Love.

    • boy abra
      boy abra 19 days ago

      and blazers dont need you

    • Thiccbert Moss
      Thiccbert Moss 19 days ago

      Yall need to accomplish something lol

  • Increase Kru
    Increase Kru 23 days ago

    It's before the All-star game, Simmons will easily make more than 3.5 three pointers, he'll make 2 in one game.

  • B Sherwood
    B Sherwood 24 days ago


  • kristian fowler
    kristian fowler 25 days ago

    For Me i think the La Clippers should Get Kevin Love and offer him 4Years $130M or to Oklahoma city thunder or maybe the best option that suddjest to Kevin Love is go to the Millwaukee Bucks or if the wrost case senerio is to the Lakers :3

  • The Almighty Whitey
    The Almighty Whitey 29 days ago

    Dallas Mavericks with Luca and Porzingus

  • Hehe Gone
    Hehe Gone Month ago

    China...but pronounce it like trump

  • Billy Houle
    Billy Houle Month ago +1

    Oh my lord this dude fr thinks toronto would trade og for Kevin love 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

    • Raf Buddy
      Raf Buddy 17 days ago

      they clearly don't watch a single raps game. OG way better than all those scrubs

  • Nick Stater
    Nick Stater Month ago

    brogdon dipo warren love sabonis.

  • Noah Parnell
    Noah Parnell Month ago

    Love should go to Portland or Memphis him and Ja would low key be scary very scary. that team would be just like college for him

  • Hybrid stomper
    Hybrid stomper Month ago +1

    He should go to the blazers

  • Bence Balazs Buzai
    Bence Balazs Buzai Month ago

    Kevin love should fit go to golden state warriors because Thompson kyla will like play with him

  • 934ist
    934ist Month ago

    Did someone say Toronto? I like it for the right price.

  • Work Horse
    Work Horse Month ago +1

    We (Portland) should sign iguodala. He would really help our defense and would be a better replacement for Moe Harkless since he was one of our best defenders last year.

  • Blah Blah Co.
    Blah Blah Co. Month ago

    Toronto ?? You're fired.

  • 321shack
    321shack Month ago

    how about we trade Lowery and a pick .

  • Alan Jensen
    Alan Jensen Month ago

    At home haha

  • Carlos Rivera Jr
    Carlos Rivera Jr Month ago

    Lakers they should get Love. He gonna need to take a pay cut of 9 to 11.3m a year. His contract is funny. Make the Cavs buyout this year. So yeah with getting cash now. Rings. Hopfully him and Bron got along and I dont think they did. Yeah he getting like 29-32m a year this year next and the following year 2022 it drops to 28.9m. So yeah I'd tell him getting at the trade the rest of this year paychecks. Bron, rings, location, Might even come off the bench if he wants or starting role w/e he wants, More endorsements deals we need you to come down to 18-20m a year.

  • Parth Patel
    Parth Patel Month ago

    lebron james needs to be drug tested

  • Steven Kunzer
    Steven Kunzer Month ago

    VC is shooting 35% fg’s and people are mad at Melo

    • daft tassia
      daft tassia Month ago

      @Steven Kunzer yeah i agree with that

    • Steven Kunzer
      Steven Kunzer Month ago

      Yes but there was a large portion of fans thinking Melo was washed up and his play style would not help a team when Portland signed him. Basically he needs the ball too much ect. My problem with that is VC has not been an effective player for years, but he gets a pass. Melo is in good shape he is not lazy and if someone wants an old HOFer on their team it is what it is. Mad was too simple of way explain it. Their is enough room in the NBA for an old Kobe to get to play out his last years, and MJ play like an All Star on a bad team in Washington. I don’t believe it hurts their legacy, it is what they lived their life to do.

    • daft tassia
      daft tassia Month ago

      @Steven Kunzer honestly i dont think that people are mad at melo now. Most of the critism is for who melo was in NY

    • Steven Kunzer
      Steven Kunzer Month ago

      All I am saying is let the players stay in the league if someone will have them. If VC is valuable to young players, who is close enough to the game to say Melo isn’t. Portland wasn’t setting the league on fire before he got there either.

    • daft tassia
      daft tassia Month ago

      He takes fewer shots, doesn't slow down the offence as much and is on a bad team.

  • jabrel karshe
    jabrel karshe Month ago

    If the Raptors get him they can easily make another run in the east.

  • OccCeeno1
    OccCeeno1 Month ago

    If I’m the Raptors y wudd I trade for Kevin Love who has a horrible health history & plays no defense. Nba Analysts are always horrible wen it comes to trades & wat team shoulda player go to.

  • King of Games
    King of Games Month ago

    Dallas Mavericks but he too expensive

  • Kay K
    Kay K Month ago

    Who TF cares!? Kevin Love is Trash

  • DarkNate Lo
    DarkNate Lo Month ago

    Rockets or Celtics

  • Wacka Flacka
    Wacka Flacka Month ago

    I think Utah would be a good fit.

  • Keith Newland
    Keith Newland Month ago

    Kevin Love, go to the Dallas Mavericks!

  • James Matthews
    James Matthews Month ago

    If he stayed rebounded and played actual defense I'd say Miami. But he does none of that. We already big slow guys who shoot 3s but are defensive liabilities. Duncan Robinson Meyers Leonard I'm looking at you.

  • Torrie Diggs
    Torrie Diggs Month ago

    He should go to Houston

  • Tony L
    Tony L Month ago

    all i know is his talent is wasting away at the cavs, sorry cavs fans

  • Randall Marcum
    Randall Marcum Month ago

    Watched Kevin Porter Jr in high school back in WA dude need to work on that 😂