Types Of People At Parties

  • Published on Jul 20, 2018
  • We've all run into these types of people at parties. A party isn't the same without a few broken things and a few broken hearts.
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  • youtwoTV
    youtwoTV  Year ago +422

    THANKS FOR WATCHING HOMIES! Which type of person are you?
    Can we get this video to 30,000 LIKES?!?!

  • Larry and lala larry

    It chater tow

  • yassin Mohamed
    yassin Mohamed 11 days ago

    I have 1 braincell left

  • Kim Edwards
    Kim Edwards 12 days ago

    I saw dan and riya there

  • Madfa Khan
    Madfa Khan 13 days ago


  • Trisha Monique Valencia

    OMG is Dan and Riya!!!!

  • Adam silver
    Adam silver 14 days ago

    The guy that said go far is from free refills

  • Kay fels
    Kay fels 15 days ago +1

    The pics at 3:14 are blurry

  • Karen aguilar
    Karen aguilar 17 days ago

    jorge y karen😘😘😘😍pleaseeee

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    Ben_The_Myth 17 days ago


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  • Heat Marco_ BEAST
    Heat Marco_ BEAST 23 days ago +1

    Show off🤘🏻🤘🏻☝🏻👌

  • Tristan Chapman
    Tristan Chapman 25 days ago

    I my GI you can go fuck yourself

  • Patrycja Kiszewska
    Patrycja Kiszewska Month ago

    Dan and riya yey

  • Cece Leon
    Cece Leon Month ago +1

    The orange justice justice part had me laughing 😂

  • Moosification
    Moosification Month ago

    Wait a minute. They make collabs with DANIEL AND RIYA?!

  • Strawberry SP
    Strawberry SP Month ago

    Yes you spelled it right it’s vase but when you said it, why does it sounds like you said VAS i don’t think you know how to pronounce that word

  • Patchy Rye
    Patchy Rye Month ago

    The one who just stays by the food not talking just eating

    i.e me

  • InternalDarkt
    InternalDarkt Month ago


  • Asma Farid Isra
    Asma Farid Isra Month ago +1

    I'm miss party virgin at the start of every party

  • Bobby-Jane Holland
    Bobby-Jane Holland 2 months ago +1

    SUBSCRIBE TO DAN AND RIYA (is that how you spell her name)

  • Novae Rog
    Novae Rog 2 months ago

    Wys bro I'll deck the party rn

  • Aniyah Moore
    Aniyah Moore 2 months ago

    officially 1 year ago this was published

  • subhan Hussain
    subhan Hussain 2 months ago

    which song was he playing when he attacked danny after

  • Mohamed Charara
    Mohamed Charara 2 months ago

    Is that girl your sister or girlfriend

  • gAcHa cookie
    gAcHa cookie 2 months ago


  • Babygirl Brooks
    Babygirl Brooks 2 months ago +1

    I literally love when they collab with everybody

  • MeOhMaya Squad
    MeOhMaya Squad 2 months ago

    I couldn't stop laughing when he was screaming "DID YOU THROW THE BALL"

  • Dharini Devarajugettu
    Dharini Devarajugettu 2 months ago +1


  • Flames noah
    Flames noah 2 months ago


  • Robert Morales
    Robert Morales 2 months ago +1

    I really love Janice and I have a TheXvid channel I really love how do you to man you’re my fan my number one

  • Roblox Extreme
    Roblox Extreme 2 months ago


  • Kimberly Noches
    Kimberly Noches 2 months ago

    Ms Andy social is lonely in the wall because nobody talk to her so who invited her

  • Snipe God
    Snipe God 2 months ago

    Is dannys fav word 2 hrs

  • jallexgamer
    jallexgamer 2 months ago

    Soo funny 😂 love ur vids keep up the good work

  • Marina Centeno
    Marina Centeno 2 months ago


  • Diego Cabrera
    Diego Cabrera 2 months ago +1

    Me:*drinking beer* dad: stop drinking berer it’s bad for u >:( dad: *drinks beer* me:dad? Why are you drinking beer when I’m not supposed to, dad: BECAUSE YOUR TOO YOUNG FOR THIS me: DAD IM 19 WDYM IM TO YOUNG??????!!!!!!!!!

  • Diego Cabrera
    Diego Cabrera 2 months ago +1

    Me:*doing the nae nae, mom: *doing the floss*, mom: *gets 100 fans*
    Me:*get 0 fans* me: I’m so ugly :c

  • Peyton Lee
    Peyton Lee 3 months ago

    I can't believe Ria was in here I love their channel #followDanandRia also follow youtwo tv

  • Gabrielle Gamble
    Gabrielle Gamble 3 months ago

    I am the anti social

  • Asif Khan
    Asif Khan 3 months ago

    Miss antisocial me

  • DiamondCrustArmy
    DiamondCrustArmy 3 months ago

    2:43 jaz's asss mmhhmmm im tryna clap

  • Paul Davis
    Paul Davis 3 months ago

    Can y’all break up

  • Aura Gaming
    Aura Gaming 3 months ago

    I am the vigen

  • Hayley James
    Hayley James 3 months ago

    What was that first song called

    And I'm the pda couple without the fighting

    QUEENIE VLOGS 3 months ago +2

    that brown guy is a show-off guy and he does not know how to dance like literally it is Jaz and harjit is better and I'm also good at dancing so I guess you can make a team

  • Luis TheMan12334
    Luis TheMan12334 3 months ago +1

    I'm the show off

  • Lilac Leader1738
    Lilac Leader1738 3 months ago

    What songs are they I want to listen them

  • PeytonM Felix
    PeytonM Felix 3 months ago +2

    Harjit had a woah vicky moment 3:51

    • Blue Ocean
      Blue Ocean 3 months ago

      PeytonM Felix hahahhaha lol 😂

  • Lakeesha Chayer
    Lakeesha Chayer 3 months ago +1

    I’m the anti-social

  • Shreeja CS
    Shreeja CS 4 months ago +1

    Now there's the most annoying one...... Sitting with their phone through out party....

  • gaccha life girl
    gaccha life girl 4 months ago +1

    Carrots and hummas

  • the energy Push
    the energy Push 4 months ago +1

    I'm ms anti social

  • Belinda Alfaro
    Belinda Alfaro 4 months ago

    Omg i saw dan and riya subcribe to there channel

  • Nikhil Manchanda
    Nikhil Manchanda 4 months ago

    Who else noticed DAN and RIYA!!!!!!! I LOVE BOTH OF YOUR CHANNELS SO MUCH

  • Get rektboooy
    Get rektboooy 4 months ago

    Fortnite dances for the homies

  • Tala Bekai
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  • er ic
    er ic 4 months ago

    im the drama starter XD i like fighting

  • marshmello s
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  • MMA Fighter With A Black Belt

    Ms.AntiSocial And The Party Virgin