Detroit's dangerous relationship with Cartier glasses

  • Published on Dec 5, 2019
  • Defenders explore Detroit's dangerous relationship with Cartier glasses. For more information on Cartier sunglasses crimes in Detroit, go here:

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  • NoLuv Wop
    NoLuv Wop 4 days ago

    wearing them yo better be ready to kill a mf over em

  • Joy Joy
    Joy Joy 12 days ago


  • KRONOS 1957
    KRONOS 1957 28 days ago

    Every pair glasses sold should come with a free gun.

  • jamesbulldogmiller
    jamesbulldogmiller Month ago

    don’t buy the Cartiers.
    Save $2500 .
    Save your life.

  • Ruby Redd
    Ruby Redd Month ago +1

    You can't wear expensive garb and accessories while in the hood, no matter how much money you have.

  • Tiger Steele
    Tiger Steele Month ago

    ONLY....LOSERS....ROB ....AND KILL!!!

  • Hypestyle
    Hypestyle Month ago

    The Metro Times had a lengthy exploration of this last year. I don't relate to buying these things myself. But then again, I simply can't afford them.

  • Gary R
    Gary R Month ago +1

    Isn't just glasses. It's a culture based on getting ripped off on all sorts of heavily over priced things whether it be shoes, glasses, clothes, jewerly, you name it. Kids grow up not even knowing whats really important in life, and they have no one to look up to that does it any other way.

  • Lee Hall
    Lee Hall Month ago +4

    👌NOW DO a story on all the people that DIED behind jorden's gym shoes⏳

  • TheMoparsrule
    TheMoparsrule Month ago +4

    Only wear them if you want to use your gun.

    • Jon Wick
      Jon Wick Month ago

      TheMoparsrule It sounds crazy but there are def neighborhoods in the D where I never have one without the other. Period.

  • L Rowe
    L Rowe Month ago +3

    No item is worth loosing your life.

  • Bigolbeardog
    Bigolbeardog Month ago


  • Rev Laird
    Rev Laird Month ago +3

    You should be able to buy whatever you work hard for with your own labor but at the same time you shouldn't have to die in a raggedy worthless City just because you like the Finer Things in life and you have worked hard for it it's just totally ridiculous🎄🎄🖤💜💙🖤💖🖤💛🖤💚💙🖤🥇🏆🎉🥉💘🖤💜🎋

    • Omari Styles
      Omari Styles Month ago

      Agree 💯

    • L Rowe
      L Rowe Month ago +1

      True but thugs and punks dont think that have to work hard all do is rob hard working people .

    • Chris Macks
      Chris Macks Month ago


  • armand tamzarian
    armand tamzarian Month ago +6

    blacks will act on impulse when it comes to shiny objects, it's like that Ball kid who tried to steal a pair of sunglasses off a vendors table in china, in his mind, he didn't steal them, he snatched them, once the impulse hits them, there's no turning back.

  • Carlos Planas, Jr.
    Carlos Planas, Jr. Month ago +4

    In other words, avoid Cartiers like the plague!!! #LifeOverCartier #DontWearCartiers #CartierFreeZone

  • SevenDeuce
    SevenDeuce Month ago +13

    Glasses???? Wow, we are the only race that value material over life. Sick....

    • Michael Hanna
      Michael Hanna Month ago

      Bigolbeardog cuz u ain’t from the D my baby

    • Michael Hanna
      Michael Hanna Month ago +1

      Gaines Don y’all chillllll doe, it’s a Detroit thang ok be cool to yo people and yo hood and neva get touched. Detroit family man

    • Gaines Don
      Gaines Don Month ago

      @Angee Nix Other races? why you worried about other races when theres internal problems? if anything blacks don't take themselves serious that's the root of the issue before you start talking about what other races think!

    • Aaron Dukes
      Aaron Dukes Month ago +1


  • Jay Reed
    Jay Reed Month ago +2

    That’s because they don’t no if they fake or real