LaMelo Ball Spire Fight Breaks Out after CRAZY DUNKS in Baltimore

  • Published on Feb 19, 2019
  • LaMelo Ball returned for Spire tonight in Baltimore in a game vs Springdale Prep that got heated in the second half. Melo had some of his best dunks of the season in this game against a tough Sprindale squad. Rocket and Isaiah put on a show as usual with Myron Gardner adding to the aerial attack.
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  • Good Sheep
    Good Sheep Hour ago

    2:27 travel

  • Jr
    Jr 2 hours ago

    What a punk at the end shams the other team for kicking there ass and sprans his ankle what a bitch

  • Emmanuel Flores
    Emmanuel Flores 6 hours ago

    Lamelo had to get the beter view

  • Tarry Birdshark
    Tarry Birdshark 8 hours ago

    Ahead by 30 and you classless turds are alley-ooping dunks. I'd say you were looking to get punched out. Have some class next time and maybe somebody won't slap the shit out of you.

  • Matthew Joseph
    Matthew Joseph 9 hours ago

    Now these kids can f***in play ball

  • Felipe Melchor
    Felipe Melchor 15 hours ago

    Yo i dont see robs big ass on the bench

  • Dennis Nguyen
    Dennis Nguyen Day ago

    LaMelo stood around and just watched lol.

  • Jay Beegz
    Jay Beegz Day ago

    They really aint b calling travels anymore lmao. .

  • James King
    James King Day ago

    I can't stand sore losers. Just take your whooping like a man👎👎👎👎👎

  • Joseph Burton
    Joseph Burton Day ago

    6:50 you're 6'7 good job lol

  • Æ Rip n Dįp
    Æ Rip n Dįp 3 days ago

    Why lamelo push his teammate 13:28 ??

  • Bill Ratekin
    Bill Ratekin 3 days ago

    looks like a great game.

  • Egg With 10000 Subscribers

    When the music started playing😂

  • Egg With 10000 Subscribers

    Thank me later:8:55

  • ivan roshka
    ivan roshka 3 days ago

    Лютая игра

  • Lonnie Martinez
    Lonnie Martinez 3 days ago

    Melo is the 3rd best on his team.

    ROME REREV 3 days ago

    We are FAMILY🎶🎶😂

  • Muhammad Zulfikar
    Muhammad Zulfikar 4 days ago

    His body muscles is bigger

  • Dante Ramirez
    Dante Ramirez 4 days ago

    0:23 song?

  • Brian Bangayan
    Brian Bangayan 5 days ago

    Bruh they played the family song😂😂😂😂

  • Isaiah Martin
    Isaiah Martin 5 days ago +2

    Camera man the mvp flat out!!!!

  • Ugly Retard729
    Ugly Retard729 6 days ago

    oh damn theyre in towson

  • Anonymous Viewer
    Anonymous Viewer 7 days ago

    From 9:58 Melo starts to walk on the beat of the song.

  • Ron'Donavis Bardclay

    That’s what his ass gets.
    He’s young he’ll be ok.

  • Animal Lovers
    Animal Lovers 9 days ago

    Lamelo is not humble, i dont like his atitude

  • Ducklips s
    Ducklips s 9 days ago +3

    9:45,My boy lamelo looking like a orangutan😂

  • ramces resto
    ramces resto 12 days ago

    That Melo kid has s chance to be great but his arrogance is going to be his down fall he needs to humble himself down to much attention will tear your shit down before you even start flourishing

  • Wilson Cherry
    Wilson Cherry 12 days ago +1

    Btw I subscribed

  • Wilson Cherry
    Wilson Cherry 12 days ago +1

    Camera work is 🔥🔥🔥

  • KiddMax
    KiddMax 12 days ago


  • Furious Felix
    Furious Felix 13 days ago

    11:42 Lamelo 🙌🙌🙌

  • C Su
    C Su 14 days ago +1

    There goes the NBA Melo. Clowning around I high school......smh

  • Dream Box
    Dream Box 15 days ago

    Melo droppin dimes

  • Dream Box
    Dream Box 15 days ago

    Where is the 7,7 kid at? 👀

  • Lazy Whited
    Lazy Whited 15 days ago

    Wait till OSN sees this😂

  • Smo0thCriminal4
    Smo0thCriminal4 16 days ago

    13:10 the coach was like what the hell was you thinking

  • v Tony
    v Tony 16 days ago

    12:52 😂😂😂 when u start doin shit like that you know u havin fun .... Melo on another level

  • Jamariz and Amare Hagler

    9:14 Lamelo just standing there like wtf is going on 💀💀

  • Elijah Taylor
    Elijah Taylor 16 days ago

    Who saw that little ass boy try to square up wit #16 from Spire? 🤣😭💀

  • Kdat
    Kdat 16 days ago

    Niggas in Baltimore looking for a fight. Spire ain’t hip

  • Jeff George
    Jeff George 16 days ago

    Dindu Nuffin...

  • Luis Moran
    Luis Moran 17 days ago

    That's supposed to be an organized basketball league. And LeVar thinks he's NBA material. Get the fuck out of here. It's rec ball basketball at best.

    • J. Linzy
      J. Linzy 2 days ago

      this is a high school game

  • Rejie Abejo
    Rejie Abejo 17 days ago

    He looks like a special child

  • Robert McCreary
    Robert McCreary 17 days ago

    Melos too pretty to fight

  • Antawn Shaw
    Antawn Shaw 17 days ago

    Ok why was melo still in the game when they were up by that much

  • Big B!!
    Big B!! 17 days ago

    This boy #3 got his soul shoved out of him 😂😂

  • ryan brumley
    ryan brumley 17 days ago

    At my school whenever you dunk in warmups it’s a tech

  • dr d
    dr d 17 days ago

    Lamelo sucks. He doesn't play d, pussys out of the fight, travels everytime he touches the ball... He will never make it in the NBA. He's not even that great playing high school ball.

  • Ricardo Velez
    Ricardo Velez 17 days ago

    I would be mad too if I’m down 19 points 🤣🤣

  • ScrillaX _
    ScrillaX _ 17 days ago

    U in Baltimore md wat u think was gon happen😂 im from around there

  • Surjeet Kachella
    Surjeet Kachella 17 days ago

    Number 1 on the red and white team need to be suspended for sum games why he pushing people cuz his fouls not getting called and he tried to punch myron and that’s when he got his teammate punched in the face by myron

  • Luke V
    Luke V 17 days ago

    Melo always such a lil bitch whenever there’s a fight

  • Gunnar Knutson
    Gunnar Knutson 17 days ago

    Someone needs to make 12:47-12:54 into a GIF 😂

  • ejones9924
    ejones9924 17 days ago

    They bringing the short shorts backs

  • J Dub
    J Dub 18 days ago

    When ur up 19 points still have your starters in and just trying to embarrass people u can expect teams to take issue with the way the spire head coach allows his players to play undisciplined, street ball, and by the way pamelo instigates most of these skirmishes but he is the first to dip when the real stuff to down and after it's all settled down then he waltz up wanting to be hard smh

  • J Dub
    J Dub 18 days ago +1

    Pamelo ball is definitely not TOP TEN in high school, matter as a fact pamelo isn't even the best on his own team, just being real he is probably third or fourth on his (semi-pro) "high school team"! I feel bad for #16, #22, and ,#0 they are LEGIT players who DON'T deserve to be drug down by the pamelo ball side show and all the antics that go along with the spire circus! Watts is a way better college prospect than ball IMO.

    • v Tony
      v Tony 16 days ago

      J Dub 😂😂😂 stfu get out ur feelings puss

  • Rc K
    Rc K 18 days ago

    Springdale is a horrible basketball team.

  • Jaquil Haywood
    Jaquil Haywood 18 days ago

    Why does this guy keep getting injured 😂😂😂

  • Jed 12
    Jed 12 18 days ago

    8:55 Rarely on worldstar, and it’s sad to say YT posts more fights that worldstar 2019

  • txkillersnow
    txkillersnow 18 days ago

    Spire has the worst attitude their coach needs to start stepping up also lamelo has the most punchable face in basketball

  • Carmell 897tysloc
    Carmell 897tysloc 18 days ago

    Number 16 I can see you from the dirt baby you came along way keep it Goin your dreams will come true soon

  • Carmell 897tysloc
    Carmell 897tysloc 18 days ago

    Fuck that flight number 22 I’m checking out your game baby keep it going 💯💯
    You are awesome Domonique Wilkins shit

  • android lg
    android lg 18 days ago

    malice at the plaice??? without the fans😂

  • android lg
    android lg 18 days ago

    everybody after spire, for what though?

  • Excellence_ 85
    Excellence_ 85 18 days ago

    Dudes always wanna fight when they getting smoked

  • Mr A
    Mr A 18 days ago +4

    Forget about the fight, forget about laMelo' s 20/20 court vision, and the song"We are family" played after the fight. Just seeing how awesome the camera work is, I'm SUBSCRIBING😊

  • Emmanuel Guzman
    Emmanuel Guzman 19 days ago

    Lamelo is awesome 😱

  • nashty 13
    nashty 13 19 days ago

    Melo made a SMART business decision to not get involved, props to him

    • Reggie Robinson
      Reggie Robinson 17 days ago

      Plus he remembers his dad getting on that ass for fighting In the JBA

  • YBG Malachi
    YBG Malachi 19 days ago

    Am I the only one who thinks melo should be a football player

  • Marcus Ikeda
    Marcus Ikeda 19 days ago

    damn give melo some pickle juice for them cramps dawg😂

  • La Flame
    La Flame 19 days ago


  • Ray Calonzo
    Ray Calonzo 19 days ago

    I aint see #1 on white do anything but talk shit all damn game. Talkin like they fuckin winnin, bench his ass coach. He's trash

  • Rodrigo Martinez
    Rodrigo Martinez 19 days ago

    The crazy thing about this video is it wasnt a crazy fight lol

  • M. Johnson
    M. Johnson 19 days ago

    dunks the ball then dies afterward lol love this kid.

  • Corey Heyward
    Corey Heyward 19 days ago

    Yo look at little boy in the black hoodie......LMAO

  • Wetback waves
    Wetback waves 19 days ago

    Can’t do nuffin wit Baltimore niggas😂😭

  • Aja King
    Aja King 19 days ago

    Melo was just walking around the entire time during the fight, smh

  • Sean Harreld
    Sean Harreld 19 days ago

    Why melo even playing up 30+ if he just gunna keep cramping and laying on the court ?

  • T0RA FLExX
    T0RA FLExX 19 days ago

    Melo didn't want no smoke during the fight🤙🤣

  • Misuse 21
    Misuse 21 20 days ago +4

    This game film tho best camera man I’ve ever seen

  • Connor Harrod
    Connor Harrod 20 days ago

    Lamelo fakes his injuries

  • Aquira Nixon
    Aquira Nixon 20 days ago

    Spires whole bench should've gotten tossed

  • abbott360
    abbott360 20 days ago

    Basketball is soft as hell now...hard to watch wvery game is like globetrotter game

  • Paul GeeTv
    Paul GeeTv 20 days ago

    when people get BLITZ out they always wanna fight at the end of the game lololol

  • Aarrow Chase-Mitchell
    Aarrow Chase-Mitchell 20 days ago

    young melo gotta drink more water, stay hydrated so he won't cramp up

  • xYvngJoeJoe
    xYvngJoeJoe 20 days ago

    Why did he run we he punched him

  • Ilham Sucang
    Ilham Sucang 20 days ago

    Good job lamelo 👏

  • Yãd
    Yãd 20 days ago +3

    Last dunk was the same as Curry's in the all Star game. Lamelo the next curry confirmed

  • B Braithwaite
    B Braithwaite 20 days ago

    ...up by 30 w 5min to go..y lamelo still in the game???

  • Reg Patterson
    Reg Patterson 20 days ago

    Lamelo: *does flashy lay up but misses*
    Me: That’s a highlight wtf 😭

  • chinaman3d
    chinaman3d 20 days ago

    #1 in white a cold bitch! 🤣🤣 pushed dude from behind his man but as soon as 21 in blue come in he push 1 bitchass 3 times 1 dont even look at him 🤣🤣

  • Bunchof Scumbags
    Bunchof Scumbags 21 day ago

    Too busy getting into fights rather than balling...looks like he played the wrong sport the whole time.

  • Vinycius Braz
    Vinycius Braz 21 day ago

    0:30 music ?

  • Grim Reaper
    Grim Reaper 21 day ago

    13:13 "you try that stupid sht again ima bench ur ass" "you said what? My dad can hear you" "oh he the sponsor sponsor, nevermind nigga do yo thang"

  • Anan Bey
    Anan Bey 21 day ago +1

    The dude at 11:07 thought he was nice 😂😂😂😂😂

  • inher tummy
    inher tummy 21 day ago +3

    These dudes are having fun

  • J RosadoVEVO
    J RosadoVEVO 21 day ago

    8:59 Thug Life a bitch for that one. #Cheapshot

  • Hawa Sibblies
    Hawa Sibblies 21 day ago

    playing this song won't help

  • Courtney Bell
    Courtney Bell 21 day ago

    melo should be a Qbe

  • Paul Bennett
    Paul Bennett 21 day ago

    why is Melo still in the game when up 30+ and already hobbled?