England v Sweden | Craig Talks to Fans & a Special Message from Becks! | Lions' Den

  • Published on Jul 7, 2018
  • We're LIVE in Samara ahead of England's World Cup quarter-finals match against Sweden, catching up with some fans and special guests. Plus, we have some very special good luck messages for the lads...
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  • Elie Naddour
    Elie Naddour Year ago

    Gareth Southgate ‘remarkably proud’ but ‘I can’t make the players feel better’ GARETH SOUTHGATE OUT EDDIE HOWE IN Callum Wilson's best years will be with us says Cherries boss Eddie Howe GARETH SOUTHGATE OUT EDDIE HOWE IN

  • Geffo Me
    Geffo Me Year ago

    Toast there Zagrebački!

  • Mauro Gelp Taborda

    A you ready(eeuu

  • Jackson Gill
    Jackson Gill Year ago

    honestly I like the videos before they start because I know they will be good. Craig Mitch>Jimmyfallon

  • mozinho 619
    mozinho 619 Year ago +1

    if it doesn't come home this year than it will never come home in 100 years

  • IAmRedherrings
    IAmRedherrings Year ago

    HUGH WIZZYYYY is dat guy

  • Marcos Foster
    Marcos Foster Year ago

    11:46 No truer words have been spoken. Genuinely proud to be British for once!

  • Marcos Foster
    Marcos Foster Year ago

    10:15 For the Phil Jones face!

  • Declan Nufc
    Declan Nufc Year ago

    Pickford the only man who no how mc tazo is

  • Paul Murphy
    Paul Murphy Year ago

    Wow craig speaks great English,your education system obviously now has gangsta slang as it's priority.well done indeed,how eloquent.

  • Paul Murphy
    Paul Murphy Year ago

    can someone explain raheem (typical brit name) and his gun tat on his leg,fkn wanabee ganster

  • Anonym
    Anonym Year ago


  • therealymn
    therealymn Year ago

    Tell as your special I need it

  • Iazzaboyce
    Iazzaboyce Year ago +3

    Brexit make England a nation again

  • Sulaiman Jabarkhail

    It's coming home baby

  • Declanz World
    Declanz World Year ago

    Click the link for full video :

  • Boxing 321
    Boxing 321 Year ago

    I want to see 1 million subs by the final come on England fans click the damn button

  • Hurried
    Hurried Year ago

    its coming home boys

  • Ned Stark of Winterfell

    Can I have Craig mitches secret dab shake?

  • Andy Webb
    Andy Webb Year ago


  • Asif Rahaman
    Asif Rahaman Year ago +2

    Can’t say anything bad about Sterling’s performance because people will say that I’m abusing him

  • anglo saxon
    anglo saxon Year ago

    pickford has eclipsed hart bigtime. really shone in this world cup, not put a foot wrong.

  • Marlon Fraser
    Marlon Fraser Year ago +3

    Big up England!!!! Impressive game today. Take it home boys! Respect and love from Jamaica W.I.

  • Tom Andrews
    Tom Andrews Year ago

    I don't think I'll ever see the run we're having in my lifetime ever again. I'm so proud of the boys already but if I could be a little selfish I would like us to win our next two :)

  • Ruth Akinradewo
    Ruth Akinradewo Year ago +2

    BRILLIANT game from England today!! Can we have Kieran Trippier next on in the Lions' Den please? :)

  • LGW 2004_15
    LGW 2004_15 Year ago


  • James Myers
    James Myers Year ago

    Gareth has to keep sterling up front despite not scoring today. Scares the death out of the oppositions defence and causes so many problems.

    • Chris Fewtrell
      Chris Fewtrell Year ago

      James Myers agreed, makes the defence thinking about keeping a high line to deal with harry, or dropping deeper to prevent sterling running through! Should’ve had a goal or two but what he brings to the team is invaluable

  • bigboobiessogood
    bigboobiessogood Year ago

    Lets be honest this is the best chance England will ever have as all the other teams are terrible.

  • Ujjwal Khanna
    Ujjwal Khanna Year ago

    Harry kane better than rooney and beckham

  • Craig Gibbons
    Craig Gibbons Year ago

    Well spoken gentleman :)

  • Santino Tupou
    Santino Tupou Year ago

    It coming home go england

  • Hairy John
    Hairy John Year ago

    This is England's time to win the World Cup. It's coming home!

  • Brian Stones
    Brian Stones Year ago

    Way to go my filthy fella!!! Let's do this&bring it home!!!

  • WhiteBoard
    WhiteBoard Year ago

    Watch more from here...thexvid.com/video/Nb9rYcJIono/video.html

  • Angel Heaven
    Angel Heaven Year ago +1

    This world cup England will win for sure.I support England team.

  • egg -fried-crackinplur -reus 2 sync

    Dont ever start sterling again

    • John royal
      John royal Year ago +2

      He played well. He just can't finish.

  • trend setter Inc music and entertainment

    Yes yes we actually did it we're in the world cup semi-final I'm hoping against the Russians. This England team are just getting better and better with every game they are playing like every world cup winning team they are putting to bed all of the demons every game they are playing like they know the game plan and most importantly they are peaking at the very moment we need to be. I just can't see this team not reaching the final and then I think we could achieve anything yes but whatever happens now you've done the country proud. And lay off sterling he may not be putting goals in the net but his game is about so much more. He opens up teams and create chances

  • Hosam A
    Hosam A Year ago

    England is king

  • Kris L
    Kris L Year ago +1

    2-0.. brilliant game, fellas!!

  • hessah
    hessah Year ago


  • KSI
    KSI Year ago

    2 . 0 to England

    • KSI
      KSI Year ago

      We won

  • Paul Murphy
    Paul Murphy Year ago

    Use to be signs all over England,No Blacks,No Irish,yet your team is full of them,the plastic traitor paddys are scoring your goals,Kane,McGuire, and what a BRILLIANT OG from Trippier,go fly your racist EDL flags with the SCAR OF DAVID in the corner,Maradona was right,and his goal the hand of god was brilliant ya loosers.

    • John royal
      John royal Year ago

      The royal famiy brings in around £600 million pounds per year to the economy.
      They do pay taxes.

    • Paul Murphy
      Paul Murphy Year ago

      What amazing fans you are indeed,you trash Ikea,fkn shower of pricks,NO wonder your hated the world over,your country is over run with the juice trojan horse into europe,the muslim. there all you care about,how much does the buckingham palace tramp give? nothing cos it's your taxes she lives on,fkn scroungers all of the royals.

    • John royal
      John royal Year ago

      We are, we give huge amounts to those less fortunate.

    • Paul Murphy
      Paul Murphy Year ago

      Go worship the tramp that sits in a palace whilst your fellow English homeless starve,but watch goyball it makes it all better,pity you lot were not as passionate about saving the poor,

  • Steve Austin
    Steve Austin Year ago

    But who can stop the likes of Mbappe, Guizman, Girou 🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷 or Lakuku, De Breuyne and Hazard 🇹🇩🇹🇩🇹🇩 😄😄 Real players⚽️⚽️😃😃😃 of World Cup ⚽️⚽️⚽️😄😄😄😄

    • Huge Lad
      Huge Lad Year ago

      Steve Austin Gotta watch out for guizman and lakuku

  • pablokillsyou
    pablokillsyou Year ago


  • Barca Pundit
    Barca Pundit Year ago

    This is my first time coming across this channel.

  • KSI
    KSI Year ago


    TOON FLEET Year ago

    let's do this for Sir Bobby Robson and Gazzas Tears and the team of 1990

  • Adrian Trott
    Adrian Trott Year ago +12

    I think this is our time...England are young, fit and skilled...can Sweden deal with us...NO WAY! Come on England...2-0

    • IDC Anymore
      IDC Anymore Year ago

      You called it!

    • Adrian Trott
      Adrian Trott Year ago

      Adrian Chovenski
      I hope your right mate, I still think we will beat Croatia 2-1

    • Adrian Trott
      Adrian Trott Year ago +1

      Just another BTS fangirl
      Agreed...LOL....we will beat Croatia 2-1

    • Adrian Chovenski
      Adrian Chovenski Year ago +2

      Adrian Trott its eng v croatia. I reckon at least 2-0 eng another solid result

    • Angel Jimin
      Angel Jimin Year ago +2

      Adrian Trott lol you predicted the first one right, let's hope you predict this one right too

  • Shua Glenn
    Shua Glenn Year ago


  • EnglandN01
    EnglandN01 Year ago +2

    southgate has restored the faith in the England team , long may it continue , we love you England COME ON !!!

  • TheModCrew
    TheModCrew Year ago +1

    3-0 maguire hat trick

  • Malcolm Barrett
    Malcolm Barrett Year ago

    England all the. Way to the final today will end 3 0 england Kane to get us there

  • Jack Mcglinchey
    Jack Mcglinchey Year ago

    1:0 England

  • nathan russell
    nathan russell Year ago +3

    That last statement from Craig gave me goosebumps ITS COMING HOME

  • Japple
    Japple Year ago

    21:43 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Isak Gulid
    Isak Gulid Year ago

    It's come home

  • Hannah Xx
    Hannah Xx Year ago

    Its coming home

  • timmy c
    timmy c Year ago

    Come on England!!

  • Jonathan Woodside
    Jonathan Woodside Year ago +1


  • bascet1
    bascet1 Year ago +1

    Just couldn't imagine people like Rio, Becks, Frank Lampard, Gerrard etc going out for an hour after the game mixing with the fans? Just think these young lads are closer to the fans than any team I remember and the first World Cup I saw was 1982!!. Come on you Young Lions just do your best and leave it all out there lads. Good luck. C'mon England 🦁🦁🦁