Fox Kids - Nostalgia Critic

  • Published on Jun 27, 2018
  • Saturday Mornings were never more awesome! From Tiny Toons and Batman to X-Men and Animaniacs, the Nostalgia Critic is taking a look at the best (and worst) Fox Kids had to offer!
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    Fox Kids (originally known as Fox Children's Network and later as the Fox Kids Network) was an American children's programming block and branding for a slate of international children's television channels.
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Comments • 13 669

  • Channel Awesome
    Channel Awesome  9 months ago +1672

    With so many shows we had to make this the longest Nostalgia Critic yet. What was your favorite cartoon from Fox Kids?
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    • Nicolas Ridiculous 716
      Nicolas Ridiculous 716 2 days ago

      Animaniacs! Those are the facts!

    • Mo Flow
      Mo Flow Month ago

      Channel Awesome *None* I don’t watch it.
      Well if Batman TAS was on there, then that one.

    • tjaz031
      tjaz031 2 months ago

      You fix the audio in the eek part

    • Soma Cruz
      Soma Cruz 2 months ago

      Life with Louie, The Kids from Room 402, Spider Man, A.T.O.M., W.I.T.C.H., Galactik Football and my favorite Fox Kids/Jetix show - Oban Star-Racers.

    • DEE LYNN
      DEE LYNN 3 months ago

      The super hero shows

  • Super Galaxy cosmo
    Super Galaxy cosmo 12 hours ago

    I had Saturday morning cartoons because beyblade and Pokémon were only on during the morning

  • Tortanus The MegaCarrier

    I still like Power Rangers. I’m currently in the middle of Jungle Fury and it’s AMAZING!!!!!!! R.J. is a great mentor and Dom is super enjoyable. Casey is also pretty likeable and Jarrod is shockingly horrifying.

  • Warbound Cerberus

    How about the other anime shows?

  • Sloshy
    Sloshy Day ago

    Shut up Batman is what I whatched at age 2 but I learned a lot through Batman like dc is more realistic and was possible and made every thing feel like it can be real unlike marvel and robins story makes me so intrigued

  • John Doe
    John Doe Day ago +1

    A show I’ve never seen about Peter Pan. “First perfect thought!” Me smugly thinking Tim Curry. “TIM CURRY” So ive been thoroughly wrecked today.

  • Mr. Springio
    Mr. Springio Day ago

    25:34 Why did Jim Henson create a puppy that looks like Fievel? I'm not mad I'm curious.😂😂

  • PrehistoricPlayz

    *watches video
    Oh ok cool
    *talks crap about Godzilla the series

  • Allison Harrelson
    Allison Harrelson 2 days ago

    Hellooooooooooo Nurse

  • No photos please.
    No photos please. 2 days ago

    This is nostalgic even I was born 2005 ahhhhhhhh shitty two channel tv.

  • Sam Harnish
    Sam Harnish 2 days ago

    "There's nothing like a paper in a recliner craft chair for a man after a tough day of doing whatever it is I do for a living."

  • brandon mason
    brandon mason 2 days ago

    Did eek the Cat do a fucking Pulp Fiction parody?

  • Dillon Crowe
    Dillon Crowe 3 days ago

    Oh myGod, am I the only one who's terrified the 2020 Animaniacs might suck and ruin the series?

  • Hopey Olguin
    Hopey Olguin 4 days ago

    That undead invisible pool monster still gives nightmares

  • Barry Smith
    Barry Smith 4 days ago

    So, you've done Nicktoons, Fox Kids, and The Disney Afternoon, I imagine you have plans to cover things like Kids' WB, Cartoon Network, Fox Box, etc?

  • i don't deserve subs

    Good thing Australia still has Saturday morning cartoons.

  • Sigma-Skull
    Sigma-Skull 4 days ago

    Regarding EEK!, They shouldn't have fucking cancelled/closed Jetix jsjs

  • Luis Velez
    Luis Velez 4 days ago

    Best times of my life. Fox Kids. Power Rangers, Action Man, Action Man, Los Luchadores, etc. Even the commercials were awesome.

  • Spirit Games
    Spirit Games 4 days ago

    this was definetly before the Pokemon craze

  • Richard Groves
    Richard Groves 5 days ago

    Thank you for stopping when you did

  • Shamrock Sans
    Shamrock Sans 5 days ago

    Is it me or is T.U.F.F puppy the modern dog city

  • Oh Yea Yea
    Oh Yea Yea 5 days ago

    I'll admit that one Catwoman clip from the Plucky Ducky show was pretty hilarious.

  • MouseClicker3000
    MouseClicker3000 5 days ago

    Is it just me or the audio for Eek! The Cat's doesn't play out on mobile?

  • Aaron Kacey
    Aaron Kacey 5 days ago

    One of the best parts of spiderman was the venom arc

  • Arabella Harrison
    Arabella Harrison 6 days ago +1

    I think the audrey character in the Little Shop of Horrors artoon being obsessed with a fridge was a callback to Audrey in the play/movie wanting to be a housewife and always picturing how to furnish the house, "...a grill out on the patio, disposal in the sink, a washer and a dryer and an ironing machine..."- Somewhere Thats Green

  • Lucky Dragon
    Lucky Dragon 6 days ago

    I wonder how many of these shows are owned by Disney now?

  • Nine_Tails137
    Nine_Tails137 6 days ago +1

    OMG! I'm SO GLAD I'm not the only one irritated by that Seinfeld clip!
    Thank You Nostalgia Critic!

  • Rea Kirk
    Rea Kirk 6 days ago

    7:54 Because if you do: You'll start questioning your own sanity, or worse... if yo really like batman the animated series!

  • Robert Stirling
    Robert Stirling 7 days ago

    Dad Walker in this is easily my favorite part

  • The Emperor
    The Emperor 7 days ago

    I think THE BATMAN was better than BATMAN THE ANIMATED SERIES probably because I grew up with it instead

  • Catherine Robinson
    Catherine Robinson 7 days ago

    11:59 Black Donald Trump?

  • Darren Loy
    Darren Loy 7 days ago

    Critic, do Kids WB

  • Darren Loy
    Darren Loy 7 days ago

    39:02, is that the world trade center I see

  • Hippe
    Hippe 8 days ago

    I hope he pays homage to Jetix soon! (:

  • Joshua Schmidt
    Joshua Schmidt 8 days ago +1

    Do more 1 hour videos!

  • Shiny Hunting Tyrantrum

    Digimon theme is straight bumpi'n

  • The Ghost Gurl Gamer

    I think "Taz-mania" might be where some of my vocabulary came from! I forgot I really enjoyed that show, and oddly enough never questioned what the characters were talking about.

  • Winston Smith
    Winston Smith 9 days ago

    Spider-Man was the best fox kids show.

    TMNWG 9 days ago

    Any chance of covering Jetix?

  • Dahoom ajaji
    Dahoom ajaji 9 days ago

    Rip Saturday morning

    Cause of death:




  • Bradley Shepan
    Bradley Shepan 10 days ago

    Tom and Jerry Kids

  • Kid Torah
    Kid Torah 11 days ago

    Why is the audio cut out for the quiet parts cuz I remember watching this video and the audio was there did you edit it or something

  • Handington
    Handington 13 days ago

    I'm not sure what to comment besides that I loved this episode

  • The Sedaiv
    The Sedaiv 13 days ago

    I remember the "Do you believe in God?" Conversations.
    Also, Doug said it best about Angela Anaconda: it's like being drunk on blinding moonshine while passing out watching Terry Gilliam cartoons and the result is the nightmare Angela Anaconda.

  • Dargio
    Dargio 13 days ago

    38:04 SQUIDWARD!!!

  • Apple TV Apple tv
    Apple TV Apple tv 14 days ago

    25:44 that does not sound like ace

  • aydın demirörs
    aydın demirörs 15 days ago

    10:11 i honestly have never seen a tim curry movie. but the second you started talking about a perfect voice actor, tim curry was the first name to come to my mind. without even watching a single movie he is in, you guys made me love and respect him (probably with home alone 2 - nostalgia critic)

  • Big Body744
    Big Body744 15 days ago

    I remember in the early 2000s there use to be a cartoon show I don't remember the name. But all the characters were like body builder buff. I'm trying to figure out the name. But I need some help.

  • Doom Slayer666
    Doom Slayer666 15 days ago

    Great job, you predicted a Duck Hunt Meta Game in one episode

  • Elijah Scealf
    Elijah Scealf 16 days ago

    Eek you shall be forever missed :(

  • Chris Hansen
    Chris Hansen 17 days ago

    Tim Curry really was the first person that came to my mind

  • Hearth_
    Hearth_ 17 days ago

    Carmen Sandiego is back now

  • Eddy Views
    Eddy Views 17 days ago

    They had good shows, some bad, some ok, some we beg to return, give respect to Fox Kids, and still waiting for NC reviewing the tmnt the next generation....... either on WTR or review the whole thing.

  • Amanda Shortsle
    Amanda Shortsle 17 days ago

    Nothing about the Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog? I loved that show

  • duellegend71
    duellegend71 17 days ago

    90s Spider-Man and power rangers are a national treasure !

  • Martin Landström
    Martin Landström 18 days ago

    spider man is great

  • Philippa Brimicombe
    Philippa Brimicombe 18 days ago

    An hour jesus's

  • shirophoenix01
    shirophoenix01 20 days ago

    I loved Carmen San Diego, I just loved the info and educational bits of it. I also loved X-Men, Power Rangers and The Tick (SPOON!!).

  • Francisco Salinas
    Francisco Salinas 21 day ago

    God damn!! The english Intro for Digimon sucks!!!

  • Stephen Stone
    Stephen Stone 21 day ago +1

    What about vr troopers and superhuman Samurai syber-squad

  • Ryan Kimber
    Ryan Kimber 21 day ago

    53:50, don't worry Malcolm I shall finish your work :-), Life is like a hurricane here in Duck - burg
    Race cars, lasers, aeroplanes it's a, duck - blur!
    Might solve a mystery, or rewrite hist'ry!
    Duck Tales! oo woo oo
    Every day they're out there making
    Duck Tales! oo woo oo
    Tales of daring do bad and good luck tales! whooh ooh
    When it seems they're heading for the final curtain
    Cool deduction never fails that's for certain
    The worst of messes become successes

    Duck Tales! whooh ooh
    Every day they're out there making
    Duck Tales! whooh ooh
    Tales of daring do bad and good luck tales! whooh ooh

    D - D - D - Danger! Watch behind you!
    There's a stranger, out to find you!
    What to do? Just grab on to some Duck Tales

    Duck Tales! oo woo oo
    Every day they're out there making
    Duck Tales! oo woo oo
    Tales of daring do bad and good luck tales! oo woo oo

    D - D - D - Danger! Watch behind you!
    There's a stranger, out to find you!
    What to do? Just grab on to some
    Duck Tales! oo woo oo
    Every day they're out there making

    Duck Tales! oo woo oo
    Tales of daring do bad and good luck tales! whooh ooh
    Everyday they're out there making

    Duck Tales! oo woo oo
    Tales of daring do bad and good luck tales! oo woo oo
    Not pony tales or cotton tales, no
    Duck Tales! oo woo oo

  • Nick Dorenkamp
    Nick Dorenkamp 22 days ago

    Pay attention kids born after 2010 and before this year, this is what those born between December 1989 and December 2000, call good shows. Those born between 2000 and December 2010 well we got some good stuff. Sure some good stuff has come out now but that is a different story.

  • Ulysses Fontaine
    Ulysses Fontaine 22 days ago

    Slappy was the only Goosebumps Character that I thought was actually intimidating.

  • TheGamingProZone19
    TheGamingProZone19 22 days ago

    The Incredible Hulk was awesome too!

  • William Hunter
    William Hunter 23 days ago

    38:04 SQUIDWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Vinícius Ferreira
    Vinícius Ferreira 23 days ago

    I was hoping for Gargoyles, but then it hit me they were never from Fox Kids. Now I'm sad.

  • hippyamp
    hippyamp 23 days ago

    38:03 Is that squidward?

  • Enrique Alvarez
    Enrique Alvarez 23 days ago

    I use to think the mom in Bobby's world was stoned

  • The GuyWhoDoesEverything

    Did anyone notice the cereal boxes in the background of the trio "reviewers?"

  • The GuyWhoDoesEverything

    Malcolm's lines here are the best. Except for one from NC... "Poop!"

  • The Komičar
    The Komičar 24 days ago

    So dumb? Turtles that are mutated into their teenage years and taught martial arts by a rat, who's also mutated, makes sense. Power Rangers made more sense than TMNT, Transformers & Pokémon combined!

  • Benjamin Burkhardt
    Benjamin Burkhardt 24 days ago

    X-Men Animated Series > the Fox movies

  • Benjamin Burkhardt
    Benjamin Burkhardt 24 days ago

    Wolverine as an Australian? How could they! Who would cast an Aussie as Wolverine?

  • Hunter X
    Hunter X 24 days ago

    Here in the UK Fox Kids turned into Jetix (initially as a segment partway through the day, then eventually a full replacement) and much later Disney XD rather than shutting down entirely; was there anything similar over in America?

  • lt.SpookyCarrot 1
    lt.SpookyCarrot 1 25 days ago

    RIP Homeboys in Space

  • Same Rollins
    Same Rollins 25 days ago

    Transformers prime is the Batman the animated series of the transformers franchise.

  • Captain Jakemerica
    Captain Jakemerica 26 days ago

    Tony Jay wasn't the Kingpin

  • This is Otaku!
    This is Otaku! 26 days ago

    You people only picked on a few bad episodes of Spider-Man. It’s much better than you act. X-men had plenty of meh episodes.

  • Andrew Guerra
    Andrew Guerra 27 days ago

    How about an R rated version of the Power Rangers!

  • Andrew Guerra
    Andrew Guerra 27 days ago

    Nostalgia Critic should review Angela Anaconda

  • James The Film Director

    I think bulk and skull where my favorite characters in the Nickelodeon power rangers, the fox kids versions of them just sound so generic

  • daltysmilth
    daltysmilth 28 days ago

    It wasn't Tony Jay as the Kingpin, it was Roscoe Lee Brown.

  • toxic gamer
    toxic gamer 28 days ago

    Rip stan lee (press f to pay respect)

  • Luke Pagano
    Luke Pagano 28 days ago

    someone please congratulate the guy who fucking subtitled this ENTIRE hour long thing, just..... congrats to whoever did it

  • Mark Guerrero
    Mark Guerrero 28 days ago +2

    The new Carmen Sandiego show is pretty great

  • ADragonAmongRoses
    ADragonAmongRoses 28 days ago

    Angela Anaconda ended up on Fox? I knew it from teletoon (canadian kids channel)

  • Bruno Verdugo
    Bruno Verdugo 28 days ago

    Spider was awesome

  • Hehe India
    Hehe India 29 days ago

    Uhhhh is it me or is some of the clips of the video just mute?

  • Jinhunter Slay
    Jinhunter Slay 29 days ago

    Those disgusting English dub voices are physically hurting me

  • Lyte Bulb
    Lyte Bulb Month ago

    First time watching your content and I absolutely love it. Keep up the awesome work. This nostalgia at its finest. 👏🏻

  • I Don't Know What I'm Doing

    Depending on when that clip aired about Tiny Toons he coulda been correct, it got moved to the Nicktoon channel, the secondary Nickelodeon channel. Used to watch it there all the time...actually think i saw the beer episode there.

  • Mark Curtis
    Mark Curtis Month ago

    Power Rangers sucked and Goosebumps sucked. I would rather have Big Bad Beetle Borg's or VR Troopers on in the background than Power Rangers. Don't know why those two weren't mentioned. They sucked, but not nearly as bad as PR.
    Are you afraid of the dark? was an AMAZING show. X-Men was great (Spider-Man was oook), but BTAS was the best. And yeah, Animaniacs really captured the essence of those Merry Melody cartoons I watched when I was younger..but on cocaine.

  • Mark Curtis
    Mark Curtis Month ago +1

    37:48....that's clearly Egon from The Real Ghostbusters. C'mon Doug, you gettin' a bit fuzzy.

  • Twisted Razor
    Twisted Razor Month ago

    “I think I’m an atheist because I have a Dreamcast.”
    😂 😂 😂

  • Ezroid77
    Ezroid77 Month ago

    How many copyright claims did you get for this!? I love the video but I feel bad for what it must have taken

  • Kaung Sett
    Kaung Sett Month ago

    I wish tiny toon had a reboot.

  • Ryan Hillner
    Ryan Hillner Month ago

    34:53 Not forgetting another hit show?! “No other hit shows at that time.”?! “Might have been another teeny-intzy-wincy hit of a show”?! C’mon Doug, how can you not like Mighty Morphin Power Rangers??!! Sure, the show has some corny moments and rewatching the show now as an adult can be a bit embarrassing with its awkward acting sometimes and with its lousy effects. But as a kid, the original MMPR show was awesome! I swear the theme song got me into rock and metal music-it was hardcore! At least Tamara and Malcolm are on my side and get brownie points with me as I see them fully stoked about it, rocking out!

  • Game Freck93
    Game Freck93 Month ago

    Do the old Cartoon Network and old nick cartoons

  • comicozy87
    comicozy87 Month ago

    Love Digimon! taught me a lot of morals in life. And was super fun and funny.

  • Nitro Vision
    Nitro Vision Month ago

    44:00 rant on goosebumps but the reboot was weird