I Flew with Birds with my FPV Drone | My Year 2019

  • Song : ODESZA - It’s Only Feat. Zyra
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  • Theocrate_FPV
    Theocrate_FPV 3 days ago

    Où peut t-on trouver t'es rates ?

  • Peter Nemeth
    Peter Nemeth 11 days ago

    Wow. That was great. This video deserves definitely more views. It's one of the best fpv videos that I saw. It's on the level of Johnny if you ask me. Maybe you should change the title to get more views. Something that persuades people to click to a greater propability. Something like: Beautiful landscapes and breathtaking views. Something like that. You will have the right idea. My idea was just a hint. When I clicked I was surprised because your video was so much more than the title lets suggest. I give you the advice. Change the title because this video is one of the best and deserves much more views.

  • Giovanni Di Gennaro


  • YaZzRodd
    YaZzRodd Month ago

    I recognize so many places in Switzerland, are you Swiss?

  • Lucius Kiirus
    Lucius Kiirus Month ago

    You need to make lots more vids because you are Johnny FPV good.

  • Tropy Edits
    Tropy Edits Month ago

    Tu as pas eu peur de toucher un oiseau ? Magnifique vidéo au passage, pilotage impressionnant 🤩

    • Alexandre FPV
      Alexandre FPV  Month ago

      Je fais très attention quand je fais ce genre de plans, et les oiseaux s'écartent dû au bruit donc tout ce passe bien :)

    N0GRAVITY FPV Month ago

    Grande claque dans la tronche.
    Bravo 😉👍

  • korzhfpv KORZHFPV
    korzhfpv KORZHFPV Month ago

    make more of these videos. very beautiful . well done🔥🔥🔥

    NEGROSAM Month ago

    Your a beast for making this, motivating me to go back

  • Quadrotes
    Quadrotes Month ago

    Great job, why just 13k views?!

  • Atanas Kovachev
    Atanas Kovachev 2 months ago

    Here i give you quick guide how to subscribe to this channel without thinking it to much. 1st Open this dude's channel watch 10 seconds of his awesome videos and your mouse pointer is already above the "Subscribe" button and you pointer finger is clicking without even forcing you hand to go. Awesome work dude keep it up!

  • Swiss Drone
    Swiss Drone 2 months ago


  • Vito Pulverenti
    Vito Pulverenti 2 months ago

    this gave me chills, amazing job brother!

  • drone racer
    drone racer 2 months ago +7

    Birds will fly until they die from exhaustion when trying to escape a predator, leave them well alone.

    • Red October RC
      Red October RC Month ago

      He can only chase them for a couple of minutes if he wanted to - which he didn't - which would hardly kill the birds. Birds are also extremely smart in identifying other birds, and as such predators, and in this case it's simply an alien to them - not something they know will hunt them down to kill them. If you think that this is the worst thing that humans can do to birds, there's literally a shotgun shell named and built to kill them.

    • AdventureOnTWOwheels *
      AdventureOnTWOwheels * Month ago

      chill. he ain't predator that's the first, secondly he filmed them for 10 sec and left most likely.

  • Its all Good!!
    Its all Good!! 2 months ago

    I now want to buy a FPV Drone , awesome editing !!!

  • MostlyGeniusRC
    MostlyGeniusRC 2 months ago

    That slow roll transition at 1:03 is just incredible- I had to pause the video and go watch it again several times lol. Beautiful flying and editing all around.

  • Riccardo Moracchiato
    Riccardo Moracchiato 2 months ago

    What a beautiful video maaan! Great job, keep growing. And what plugin do you have used for the effect at 0:58?

  • Floatwithme
    Floatwithme 2 months ago

    Hi Alexandre, i am Ray (Floatwithme) a Dutch composer. I like your channel a lot and glad I have subscribed. Keep up that amazing work in all you do. Cheers Ray

  • Jort de Gans
    Jort de Gans 2 months ago +1

    Whut this video only has 11K views?
    This is like a 1M views video!!

  • Nicolás
    Nicolás 2 months ago

    Simplemente WOW
    Saludos de Costa Rica

  • LongIslandRyan_FPV
    LongIslandRyan_FPV 2 months ago

    WOW you got really good at editing bro. Good job

  • Team Crash Trash FPV
    Team Crash Trash FPV 2 months ago

    Wow! Great footage

  • Cinematicx
    Cinematicx 2 months ago

    One of the best videos I’ve ever seen ❤️🌍

  • bill gates
    bill gates 2 months ago

    this needs more views

  • stevensteven
    stevensteven 2 months ago +1

    I'm not sure its very right to put a fast and noisy drone in the middle of a flock of bird. You should be a little more responsible..

    LYA FPV 2 months ago

    top la vidéo, un énorme un progrès sur le montage c'est beau !
    la petite musique de Sam Kolder - Hey Tim qui passe bien aussi
    mérité pour tout ! que tout continu !

  • Forck-In Quad FPV
    Forck-In Quad FPV 2 months ago

    Downright beautiful. Thanks for the share.

    KEMAL DEVECİ 2 months ago

    very beautiful video

  • StaticMotion
    StaticMotion 2 months ago

    damm man . that was cinematic epicness love it

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    WOW a very Nice Video. Great Work !!!

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    Gaming Hunter 2 months ago

    This is stunning!

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    rustandgrain 2 months ago

    @@botgrinder sent me. Glad he did, awesome edit 🍻

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    noedi719 2 months ago

    absoloutly WOW !!!

  • Vincent Henriod
    Vincent Henriod 2 months ago

    trop bien !

  • AstroEd's Astrophotography Channel

    Awesome!! How long did this take you to edit? Assume adobe premiere pro?

    • Alexandre FPV
      Alexandre FPV  2 months ago

      Thank you ! About 35 hours on Final Cut Pro

  • nik.scherer
    nik.scherer 2 months ago

    First class editing man. Great Job!

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    Vova Video 2 months ago

    Очень очень очень круто !

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    Kari. FPV 2 months ago

    Beautiful video~!!!

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    RC Matthey Hubert 2 months ago

    trop magnifique 10/10 le top ! super travail !merci de nous faire vivre un telle moment !

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    Cette folie bordel

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    Magic 😍 ♥️

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    FullCT 2 months ago


    JDOG FPV 2 months ago

    Awesome video, very cinematic!! Keep up the good work. The flight barely above the water is very nice

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    North Star FPV 2 months ago

    Awesome video. Great flying 👍👍🖤

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    Blake Walker 2 months ago

    Great edit. Beautiful locations. Amazing smooth flying. Videos like this are what attract me to the sport. I hope your videos gain more traction. Keep up the good work.

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    woow :) a damn good year!

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    This is the greatest drone video reel ever!

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    Brandon Ruetsche 2 months ago

    great video! What is the reason for the mask around the lens at 00:50 ?

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    Zoraax 2 months ago +1

    I'm calling now that the TheXvid algorithm will make this viral in a year or two! Amazing flying and footage

  • Barus B
    Barus B 2 months ago

    Awesome vid :D

  • Franck Krzyczkowski polackFPV

    Jolie Travail , manifique un plaisir à regarder

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    Amazing video man!!!!! LOVE IT!

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    Junior Fontaine 2 months ago

    Super beau 👌🏽🔥 une idée du prix de ton setup ? ^^

    • Alexandre FPV
      Alexandre FPV  2 months ago

      Merci ! Le drone coûte environ 450.- chf. après le toute ( télécommande, batterie etc... ) il faut compter entre 1000 - 2000.- chf suivant ce que tu prends

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    Artimus Prime 2 months ago

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